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The Hugo Intervention by STUCK ON CAPS
Chapter 1 : not so secretive Hugo
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                                                                    Chapter 1


Rose Weasly looked out the windows of the car and groaned. Next to her, her little brother Hugo was blabbing on and on about how he couldn’t wait to try out for Quidditch.


            “ And I’m going to be the first First Year to make the team since Uncle Harry!” he blabbered on.


            “That’s nice Hugo, “ said his mother  “ but remember, and just because James, Louis and Albus are on the team doesn’t mean you will too. And besides you might not be a Gryiffendor, with those brains you could be a Ravenclaw.”


            “More like a Hufflepuff.” Mumbled Rose


            “Alright, everyone out we are at the station. Your Aunt Ginny will have a fit if we miss pictures.”


            They hustled through the station until they found all of their cousins.


            “Arrange by height children”, said Ginny “ Vicky don’t be ridiculous your still a cousin even if you’ve graduated. James no funny business. Leave Al alone this time.”


             The Weasly children grouped themselves into a meager little clump; Victoire and Teddy arm and arm in the back (even though they graduated) next to the gangly 5th year Louis and his slightly shorter cousin 4th year James. In the next row, 3rd year Albus stood next to 7th year Dominique followed by 5th year Molly and 4th year Lucy. In the front was little Fred II sniffling because he was to young, and the three 1st years, Lily Roxy and Hugo, and lastly, petite Rose.


            Rose looked over at her brother wondering how they could look so different, yet have the same parents. She was 2 years older, yet he was a foot taller. He also had vivid red hair like their father, and Rose was a brunette.  Hugo also had a more than generous amount of freckles and overly large teeth. Rose often felt bad, almost like she had picked the best of her parent’s traits, and left the rest for Hugo.  She loved him a lot, but he reminded her of a squirrel. On caffeine.  In fast-forward.


            “All right the sooner you lot get on the train the sooner we can party” said George. “Even though Freddy still is here.”


This caused Fred to burst into more tears.


            “George! Really!” said Angelina


            “Aww come on just having a little fun”


            Rose said goodbye to her parents, then boarded the Hogwarts Express with Hugo, Lily, Roxy, Albus, James and Louis behind her. They managed to find an empty compartment and plopped down together.






“Are you sure it won’t eat me?” Hugo asked for the umpteenth time


            “Yes” Louis said, “ the Womping Willow doesn’t eat people. The squid on the other hand…”


            “Squid?” asked Hugo looking scared “ Rosie is there really a squid?”


            “Oh yeah “ James cut in “ its huge. A boy in my year got eaten.  Its okay though, they normally only go for first years.”


            “But I’m a first year” Hugo cried, close to tears “Rose it’s going to eat me”


            Rose shot Al a “help me please look”.


            “Lou and James are just messing with you,” said Albus “ just watch out for the Slytherins.”



            “SLYTHERINS!!??!!??!!” yelled Hugo who was beginning to hyperventilate. All three boys were cackling with laughter.


            “ You boys are such idiots!” bellowed Rose. “ Hugo, your cousins are complete and total morons. The Womping Willow will leave you alone unless you bother it, the squid is friendly and not all Slytherins are bad.”


            Hugo began to calm down. Lily and Roxy were nodding to what lily had just said. Al looked ashamed for teasing Hugo, but James and Louis were still going strong.


            “Oh yeah? Name one Slytherin that isn’t awful” challenged Louis.


            “Well umm” said Rose blushing “ there is you know umm that one umm ‘’ she looked to Lily and Roxanne for support.


            “ I know Rose,” said Hugo brightly, there is that guy Scorpious that you like. I heard you telling Roxanne and Lily.


            “Scorpious Malfoy?” said all the boys in the carriage, looking disgusted.


            “Hugo!”  Yelled Rose, her eyes filling with tears.


            “Honestly Hugo”, said Lily, “ why would you say that?”


            “I’m sorry,” he said as Rose ran out. “ Rosie I’m really sorry”


            “Save it” she replied. Then she ran out of the compartment followed by Lily and Roxy.


            Hugo looked at his cousins that remained in the compartment as they began to crack up, even Al, who normally was the nicest to Hugo.


            “Dude,” said Louis “ I would not eat or drink anything from Rose for awhile. She holds a wicked grudge and is an amazing potion maker.’’


            “Boy, Did you see her face?” cackled James “ it was priceless”


            “Shut up” said Hugo half to himself, and then he turned his back to look out the window for the remainder of the trip, trying to drown out his cousins recounting the tale.    

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The Hugo Intervention: not so secretive Hugo


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