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As Time Goes On by TheBrightestOfHerAge
Chapter 1 : The Big Setup
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Could life had been any perfect for me. That was a question I had to ask myself some days. It was as if my life was a dream and I was just waiting for myself to wake up. I never did though. 

I have the most perfect family you could ever imagine. I had a wonderful husband, Draco. Words cannot describe Draco. He’s perfect. I know a lot of people say their husbands are perfect, but this was true. It was all I ever wanted in a husband. He was kind, affectionate, nice, funny - the list could go on forever. He’s one of the greatest husbands I could have ever asked for. 

As if my life couldn’t get much better! Along came Scorpius to make me live on cloud nine.  Scorpius is the most perfect child I could have asked for. He’s in his sixth year at Hogwarts now and is the prefect of his class! Running in his family, he got sorted into Slytherin (thank god). He gets perfect marks in all of his classes and is planning on becoming a teach at Hogwarts. It’s been torture having him away from home for such a long time. I miss him so much. 

So life is pretty simple for me. It’s as perfect as can be. Nothing could make it much worse. 

I walk into our nice and clean kitchen (cleaned by our house elf, Binky) and begin to make a batch of butterbeer cookies, Scorpius’s favorite. He was coming home for the holidays. Whenever Scorp’s at home, it feels like the house is bursting with warmth and smiles. 

“BINKY!” I shout out the bathroom. 

“Yes Madame Malfoy.” Binky asks walking in. 

“Scoprius is coming home in four days, I need the house to be in tip top shape and the cleanest it’s ever looked.” I say as I begin to brush my hair. 

“Of course Madam Malfoy, anything for Master Malfoy.” Binky says bowing and heading out the room. She stops and turns around. “Wheres Master Malfoy?” She squeaks.

“At work.” I say as I examine my teeth. “He should be home soon. So I would need a dinner then please.” 

“What would you like Madame Malfoy?” Binky asks. 

“You can pick.” I say smiling. Binky sometimes saves my life from cooking. 

I smile and look at myself in the mirror. This was going to be a good Christmas, I just know it! 


“You’re pregnant?” Ron says looking at me in disbelief. I would expect him to be ecstatic about this, but he’s not. 

“Yes!” I say as I run to him and hug him. He doesn’t hug me back. “Aren’t you excited?” I ask him. 

He doesn’t make eye contact with me. Was it something I said? Do I smell bad? What did I do? “Something wrong?”

 “Something wrong?” Ron says laughing. “We’re too young to become parents! We just got married a couple months ago! I thought you said that we were going to wait to have kids?” 

My smile quickly vanished from my face. “What do you mean? You don’t think we’re ready to become parents?” 

“No!” Ron says pacing the room. “Definitely not!” He begins to stutter as if he was going to say something, but never does. 

I begin to regret telling him. He storms out of the room and begins to walk to the front door. “Ron, where are you going?” I ask as I follow him. The door slams in my face. 

Ron was gone for two days. I had no idea where he was. He didn’t leave a note, call me, send me an owl, anything. I didn’t sleep those two days and could barely eat. 

The door opens. I stomp up to the door. There’s Ron, standing there with the stupidest grin. I stare him down and punch him in the chest. “ARE YOU CRAZY!?!?!”  I shout at him. He laughs at me. Laughs! “You didn’t tell me where you were going! No owl? Nothing! Did you not care! I didn’t sleep for TWO DAYS! TWO DAYS! I was worried sick! And you just decide to come home and just smile?!?!” I hit him again. I was in a raging fit. 

“Ow can you bloody stop!” Ron says as he protects himself from my punches. 

“No!” I say as I hit him again. “You had me worried!” 

“Look I’m sorry!” Ron says. I stop in my tracks. I was shocked, Ron usually never opens up about his feelings. 

I had to stand my ground. Just because Ron said sorry to me doesn’t mean he was instantly off the hook. I was still mad at him. 

“You better be sorry!” I say with a death glare on him. I quickly turn around and walk into the kitchen with a sass in my step. 

That was about 17 years ago, before we had Rose or Hugo, when we lived in a cheap apartment, when I had a sucky job.  I had learned from then that Ron definitely wasn’t ready to be come a Daddy. It took some time for me to figure out that Ron was basically running away from his feelings and fear and it took some time for me then to get used to it.  

Everything is about as perfect as you can imagine it. I have a great husband and a steady job working at the Daily Prophet (Ministry life just wasn’t for me), awaiting to find out if I’m going to be head editor of the wizarding newspaper. I have two wonderful kids who are passing all their classes at Hogwarts. 

Rose is  on her sixth year at Hogwarts and is 16 years old. She is basically you’re typical teenager. You got your mood swings, the talk back, the usual things. But this summer, Rose and I somehow got really close. It’s great! We can talk about all the usual mother daughter stuff and it doesn’t get very awkward. We have an honest relationship which was my dream to have with a daughter of mine. 

Hugo is a toughy. He’s going through those I-Hate-My-Parents stage. During the summer, he was locked up in his room the whole time. Ron tries to get through to him, but it isn’t working. He’s going to be a difficult when he comes back for the holidays. 

Ron and I had been planning for our kids to come back for about two weeks now. The house was sparkling clean from top to bottom. The house smells of baked goods and a lot of sugar. All the beds are made and everything is clean and ready for two great kids to come home. Ron and I are both so excited! 



“You excited Weasley?” Harry says to me punching me in the ribs. 

“I would think you would be too!” I say joking with my best friend. “Are we meeting up at the Burrow then for new years?” 

“Yeah, well at least that’s what Ginny said,” Harry said as he rubs his temples. “Seriously, where has the time gone?” He sighs as his mind is blown and he takes a sip of his black coffee. 

“That’s a question you should be asking yourself, mate,” I say to Harry. “I mean you have three kids! All excelling in their school! Wasn’t it just yesterday that we were being sorted into Gryffindor?” 

“Time does fly,” Harry says. “What about your kids then?” 

“What about them?” I say confused. 

“Well, how are they?” Harry says

“Don’t we go over this everyday? They’re great never better!” 

“Is ‘Mione excited for them to come home?” I laugh at Harry. Hermione hates it when she’s called that, even though I called her that through our Hogwarts years. Harry’s been calling her that since we got married. Just to annoy her. 

“It’s the worst!” I complain. “The house is so clean and she’s wanting me to clean the whole house every time I get home! I’m just waiting for the kids to come back so she won’t be so ocd!” 

“Ginny’s been acting the same way,” Harry complains. “I feel for you, mate, I feel for you.” 

I look to my watch. 12:30. Boss said I could leave early to go pick up Rose and Hugo. “Well I better get going, if I’m even 12 minutes late Hermione goes insane,” I say to Harry. I pick up my coat. “We’ll see you there then.” 


Draco - 

se be home by 1 PM so we can get to platform 9 3/4 just in time to pick up Scorpius. Can you also pick up something nice for Scoprius? He deverses something ever since he became a prefect! See you soon Love you! 


I smile at the letter from my beautiful wife and continue working on a plan to get the Death Eaters up and running. We’ve tried so many plans to get it up again, but all efforts have failed. It’s been very stressful since then. 

Astoria’s been a great help in the work area, coming up with so many creative ideas to help. I sometimes believe that she is the reason that I still have this job some days. 

Astoria would always send me cute little notes throughout the day. Some saying “I love you.” or a shopping list I would need to pick up. Any of these notes that she would send me  would make my day. 

When I would come home was the best part. The house smelled so good whenever I would get home. The smell of cookies and flowers would go throughout the house and would put a smile on any ones  face. 

I smile at the letter and put it with the rest of them. There’s a whole drawer in my office dedicated to Astoria’s letters. 

I organize my office and turn off the lights. I was going to go get Scorpius a new owl for him and then head to platform nine and three quarters. Today was going to be a good day. 



I sat on my bed, packing my things to go home. My best friend, Piper, walks in and sits on my bed. “You excited to go home?” 

I snort. “Sure, I guess. Not thrilled with hanging out with my emo brother for two weeks though.” 

“Well there has to be SOMETHING you’re excited about?” Piper says as she brushes through her hair. “It’s not going to be great for me though. I have to stay at my grandmother’s house. She’s crazy on New Year’s eve, last year she took her wig off!” She shudders at the image of that. “Luckily we’re going to Hogsmeade. I’m going to be as far away from her as I possibly can! I might get a kiss at Hogsmeade that night!” 

I laugh at my boycrazy friend. “From who?” 

“I don’t know! New Year’s Eve is magical sometimes!” Piper giggles. 

I laugh with her and begin to think. “Well, I guess its going to Nana and Grandad Weasley’s house. The whole family goes there. There’s never a dull moment there.” 

Piper and I begin to walk out with our trunks in hand. I have my owls cage under my arm and Piper’s cat is following her on her leash. That girl can be so crazy sometimes!

“Have a great Christmas Weasley!” Scorpius passes me. “What do you think you’re going to get this year? A old pair of socks! You’re family not might be able to eat for a week, but it’s worth it for their precious Rosie!” He teases. 

“Shove off Malfoy!” Piper yells at him. “Everyone knows you secretly love Rose!” I could feel my face go red. 

“Careful Piper,” Scorpius threatens. “You’re talking to a prefect remember?” As he rubs his badge clean. 

“Don’t even talk to him Piper,” I say rolling my eyes. “He’s seriously not worth it!” 

“But he’s so dumb!” Piper says. “I mean, I heard him talking about you during Potions class! He fancies you! I swear!” 

“He doesn’t! He loathes me!” I say as I pull out my ticket to get on the train. 

“Are you sure you and I don’t want to stay here? I mean my parents are going to Jamaica with out me!” She sighs as she tugs on her cat, Estelle’s, leash. 

“Sorry Pipe,” I say as I grab a compartment as sit down. “My mum would go worried sick if I stayed here.” 

She sighs as she sits down. “Fine. But you have to write to me everyday! Please! I won’t survive!” She says dramatically. 

“You’re ridiculous,” I say laughing. “Of course I’ll write to you. Lottie will be there everyday. Just feed and water her?” 

“Yes! Yes! Thank you!!!” Piper says as she frantically hugs me. I smile back and look out the window. I had some feeling, in my gut, that this Christmas was going to be interesting. 



“Hugo!” Mum says as she hugs me tightly. She doesn’t let go for some time.  I roll my eyes at her. 

She lets go of me and looks at me in the eyes. “Is there something wrong?” She would always know instantly what was wrong. 

“Nothing,” I mutter as I push away from her. She gives a look to my Dad, I ignore it and plug in my muggle music device. Grandad Weasley gave it to me. He said it called an iPod or something. Whatever it was, I always have it and I’m always listening to music. 

Rose comes off the train and Mum goes ballistic. She runs up to Rose and hugs her. Dad just stands there. He looked awkward throughout Mom’s moment. When Mum let go, Dad went up to her and hugged her. He came up to me and hugged me then too. The four of us walk to the flying car to drive home. 

I went immediately went up to my room and locked the door. I was not looking foreward to coming home for the holidays. I was this close to staying at Hogwarts with my friends for the holidays, but I doubt Mum would handle that too well. 

I blast my iPod to the muggle band Weezer. I sit on my bed and close my eyes and listened to the music. There wasn’t much to do in my room, it would get boring very quickly. After two hours of listening to all of Weezer’s songs, I head downstairs. 

Mum and Dad are sitting there and Rose wasn’t in the room. Dad motions me to sit down at the table. I roll my eyes and sit down. 

“Hugo,” Mum starts. “Did something happen at Hogwarts? Is there something you’re not telling us?” 

Dad looks down at the table. I could tell he was uncomfortable about this conversation. I shake my head. “No. Nothing happened at Hogwarts.” 

“What were you doing in your room them?” Mom asks. 

“Listening to music,” I say looking down at the table. 

“You see?” Mum says to Dad. “There is nothing wrong with him!” 

“You thought there was something wrong with me?” I ask Dad.

“No, sweetheart,” Mum says as she holds my hand. “We were just worried something happened and you were hiding from it.” 

“Well I’m not!” I say standing up. “I was just listening to music on my iPod!” 

“Well this eye-pawd is getting out of control!” Dad says. 

“Ron,” Mum says to him in an attempt to calm him down. Mum hates it when Dad yells at me or Rose. 

“No Hermione!” Dad says to Mum. “He’s been antisocial since Dad gave him that! It’s getting ridiculous!” 

“It’s not getting ridiculous,” Mum says calmly. It still amazes me that she is always calm when Dad is arguing. “He just got home. Let him go.” 

“But stuff like this has been going on since the beginning of the summer! He shuts himself in his room all the time! Tell me that isn’t normal!”

“Ron it’s normal.” 

“No it’s not!” 

“You’re having a child’s temper tantrum. You’re in your fourties.”

“This isn’t about me!” 

“Ron, he’s a teen!” Mum blurts out.  I hate it when the two argue about me when I’m right in front of them. “You acted the same way when you were a teen, I remember.”

I couldn’t take it anymore. I shove the chair in and run up to my room. Mum sighs. “You see what you did?” She says to Dad. 

I slam the door to my room with a sudden urge to punch something. The door knocks quietly. “What?” I shout.

“It’s me,” Mum says. “Can I come in?” 

“Whatever,” I mutter. 

Mum sits on the edge of my bed. She could tell I was upset. “Look, your father is just overreacting.” 

“Doesn’t he always?” I say avoiding eye contact.

Mum chuckles. “Well yes,” she looks at me. “I think he was just trying to get used to being a father again. You know while you two were gone, he wasn’t able to lecture or punish or do anything fatherly while you were gone. He’s just trying to find his ground again.”

I didn’t know what to say. I stand up from my bed. 

“I understand,” Mum says. “I know what it’s like to be a teen. I too wanted to be antisocial all the time. I was always off in wizard land with my friends,” She smiles laughing. “But I missed a lot of family get together because of me being away,” She looks to my iPod which is charging. “I’m not telling you what to do. But I think it would be a good idea to let the iPod go and charge for a bit. Now come on downstairs, I’m making cookies!” 

I smile at my mom as she hugs me. “Okay.” I say smiling as we both walk down to the kitchen. 




“Mom!” I say as I run to her and give her a hug. She has tears in her eyes. 

“Hey!” She says. “My little prefect!” She laughs. “How was school? Your grades still good?” 

“Never better.” I say as I rub my prefect badge. 

“Look what your father got you.” Mother says smiling as Father comes in with a gleaming cage with a young owl, tweeting about. 

I smile. “Thanks Father!” I say as I hug him. 

“Bye Scorpius.” Annette Barker says as she smiles at me. I smile back. 

Mother’s eyebrows are raised at me. “So.” She smirks. “Who’s that?” 

I roll my eyes and laugh. “Just a girl in my class Mom.” 

Dad nudges me in the ribs. “Good choice Scorp, good choice.” 

“Scorpius!” Susanna Green says coming up from behind. “You left your potions book on the train. We have that test when we get back remember?”

I smile weakly. “Yeah, thanks.” I look to my parents again, who are this close to laughing. 

“Scorpius!” Linda Lanks says as she runs up to me. “Have a Happy Christmas!” She hugs me as she hands me a letter. “I’m having a Christmas party soon. Here’s your invitation. Bye!” 

I smile weakly at my parents who are now laughing to each other. “He’s a ladies man! Just like you Draco!” Mother says laughing. 

“Well he has good taste!” Father says as he rubbing imaginary tears of laughter from his eyes. “We should get going before someone gives Scorpius their phone number!” 

“Scorpius!” Irene Glaser says. “Don’t forget to owl me the notes from Divination!” I groan and smile back. 

“You spoke too soon.” Mom says as she grabs my trunk. “Come on Scorpius, I made your favorite cookies!” 

I smile. “Thanks Mom.” It’s official. I have the greatest parents ever. 


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