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Mondays by chelsizzle
Chapter 20 : Mad Lib
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 I do not own Harry Potter.

Ch. 20 Mad Lib



About two weeks before the wedding, Ginny pops in the store and declares it is Bachelorette night.  I am a little nervous about having a crazy girl’s night at the pub.  First off I can’t drink, and second I am huge.  Ginny is relentless, as she talks me into it.  So I leave the store with Glori in charge, and head to my flat with Ginny to dress.  Apparently Ginny has picked out specific outfits for us for the night, mine is a beautiful dark forest green dress that is completely fitted.  It is a racer back top with ruffles from the waist to half way down my thighs.  Across the bust the word Slytherin is printed in silver and there are matching green knee high socks and Mary Jane’s to go with it. 


“What is this?”  I ask eyeing the outfit, then looking at Ginny who had already changed.  She is wearing a similar outfit only hers says Ravenclaw and is Ravenclaw colours. 


“Tonight is a Hogwarts themed party, these dresses are magiked to either read a Hogwarts house, or to a muggle yours says Bride, and the rest of ours say Bride’s Bitches.” She explains smiling at me, looking thoroughly happy.  “I went shopping for something’s when I was Australia.  You would not believe the amazing shops they have there, especially this particular maternity shop.”  She says.


“Ginny what do you have planned for tonight?”  I ask looking at her warily as I pull the dress off the hanger.


“Oh, you’ll see, wait before you put that dress on I got you something.”  She says then pulls out matching knickers and a bra.  The cups of the bra read ‘Baby Momma’ one word on each cup, and the knickers say Hogwarts across the bum.


“Oh my gosh!”  I exclaim and laugh at how crazy she went about this. “You must be barking to think that this was a good idea.”  I add laughing so much I have to sit on the edge of my bed.


“Each girl that is coming tonight, has an outfit and each bra says something different.”  She says as she throws the underwear at me.  “Come on; change so I can do your hair.”  Then she leaves my room.


“Wonder what yours says.” I call after her and I hear her laugh.


“Maybe I’ll tell you later.”  She singsongs back to me.


I shake my head and change into the outfit then sit patiently while Ginny does up my hair leaving it down and loose, then makeup.


Once we are done, Ginny steps in to the floo and calls out, “Malfoy Manor”.


I step in with raised eyebrows and follow her lead, wondering why we are going there.


As I step out of the floo I look around, Ginny is standing to the side, smiles, and says, “We are meeting everyone here before going to a pub.”  I nod and she leads me into the hallway to another room.


When we walk in there are quite a few people in there, both men and women.  I wonder what exactly is going on. “Ginny I thought you said it was a girls night.”  I say into her ear and she just smiles back.


“Wow, Momma you look hot.”  Draco says as he walks up to me and pulls me into a hug then kisses my mouth softly.  He pulls back and his eyes roam my body, I watch as he smirks at the Slytherin across my chest.


“Whatcha think?”  I ask coyly smirking a little.


He blinks a couple times and then kisses me again, a little rougher and a lot hotter.  I hear some whistles and a few throats clearing, so I reluctantly pull back from Draco.  I lean in to whisper in his ear, “You should see what my knickers say.”  I watch as his eyes go wide and instantly drop to my chest then lower.


I laugh and step back so I can look at who is in the room.  “Hey ‘Mione.”  Harry says and gives me a hug, “You do look great, but why not Gryffindor?”  I just smirk and slide my eyes to Draco.


“You wish, Potter, she should have been in Slytherin with how sneaky she is.”  He says smirking at Harry then looking at my body again.


“I wouldn’t be so sure, Malfoy, though I bet that I could take you.”  I say and raise my eyebrow as he finally meets my eyes.


“What?” He asks clearly having not heard me.


I chuckle at him, I look around and all the other women do have on similar dresses, there are no other Slytherin’s which I find funny considering Narcissa is wearing a Gryffindor dress looking a little disgruntled.


“Let me guess, Ginny made sure each of you wore a specific dress?”  I ask and most of the women glare at Ginny while nodding.  “Well I think we are all cute.”


“Cute?  You females are smokin’” Charlie calls out and the rest of the guys all nod in agreement, most checking out a specific woman.  I laugh and shake my head as I catch Malfoy looking at my chest again.


“Malfoy!  Up top!”  I exclaim and Draco snaps his eyes to my face.


“You’re the one who said your knickers say something, I was just trying to figure out what.”  He says loud enough for everyone to hear then smirks at me as I blush.


“Do all of you have something written on your knickers?”  One of the guys asks, as all the guys glance around.


Most of the women blush, and a few smirk, “That is for us to know and for you to figure out.” Narcissa says while flashing a grin at Lucius who eyes her greedily.


“Ginny, you got the dresses for the ladies, do they all have knickers with writing on them?”  Charlie asks as he slides up to Glori with a gleam in his eye.


“Wouldn’t you all like to know?”  Ginny says slyly, then grabs my hand and pulls me with her.


“So what is going on?”  I ask, while Ginny leads me to a loveseat and makes me sit.  She smiles at me then turns to face the room, where all the guys are looking around trying to figure out if indeed there is hidden writing.


“We will have a group co-ed ice breaker to start then we will go our separate ways.”  Ginny informs the room.  If you all find a seat we will get things going.”  Ginny finishes while the women and men move around Ginny levitates a couple tables around and finally brings over a couple bottles of wine, firewhiskey, and Tequila.  I raise my eyebrows at the selection, but keep quiet.


“We are going to play this game together, we are going to do a Mad Lib.”  Ginny declares almost everyone looks around in confusion.


“A Mad Lib is a muggle game that people play asking for specific words, then place them into an already written story.  Usually they are quite funny, since you don’t know which word goes where.”  I explain and nod at Ginny, “Very clever.”


“It would be easier to just play.  I will ask for a specific word and we will take turns letting first the ladies, then the guys answer.”  Ginny says and sits next to me with a quill and parchment. 


“Okay, Ladies I need a First Name.” Ginny says


“Hermione.”  Narcissa says smiling at me I smile back.


“Guys, I need an emotion.”


“Joy.” Says Lucius, looking straight at Narcissa and eyeing her up and down.


“Okay, Ladies an adjective.”


“Green.”  Says Alicia.


“Guys, a body part.”


“Eyes.”  Harry says then turns red.


“Okay, Ladies an adjective.”


“Steamy.”  Glori says quickly.


“You sure are!”  Charlie says before Ginny can ask for another word, Glori flushes and then winks at him.


“Ah, guys a noun.”  Ginny says getting the attention again.


“Bloke.”  Says Neville and a couple guys groan.


“Okay, Ladies an adjective.”


“Wet.”  Says Cassie smiling, while a couple guys clear their throats.


“Good, Guys an adjective.”


“Slick.”  Jake calls out grinning then high fives Draco who winks at me.


“Okay, Ladies an adjective.”


“Dirty.”  Molly says and everyone laughs.


“Guys, a verb.”


“Run.” Dean responds.


“Okay, Ladies an adjective.”


“Big.”  Says Pansy, winking at me I wink back and some of the guys groan.


“Guys, an Occupation.”


“Professional Seeker.”  Draco says and the guys all nod and make noises in agreement.


“Okay, Ladies an Abstract Noun.” Ginny says shaking her head at the guys.


“Pain.”  Luna provides


“Guys, an Abstract Noun.”


“Hurt.”  Fred says and shrugs, “What pain, hurts?”


“Okay, Ladies a Plural Noun.”


“Dogs.”  Angelina says glancing at her husband.


“Guys I need a number.”


“13” Says George, “I feel good about this number.”


“Okay, Ladies an adjective.”


“Tall.” Says Fleur.


“Guys, a body part.”


“Hair.”  Says Bill.


“Okay, Ladies an adjective.”


“Round.”  Says Katie.


“Guys, another body part.”


“Knockers.”  Says Theodore Nott, grinning while the other guys wolf whistle and nod.


“Okay, Ladies another body part.” Ginny says shaking her head again, though grinning.


“Elbows.”  I say quickly so that nobody calls out something else, Draco shakes his head at me and a few people groan.


“Guys, a verb.”


“Hump.” Calls out Blaise, as the guys all laugh.


“Okay, Ladies a body part.”


“Mouth.”  Says Hannah, while looking at Neville.


“Okay, Lastly I need a first name, but I am going to just put in Draco, since well, I’m just going to.  Ginny finishes, then pulls out her wand and waves it over the parchment.


Before I read the story, we need to get some shots going, so first off if anyone can answer this question, then you are free from taking a shot, if you fail to answer correctly you must take a shot.”  Ginny announces and flicks her wand to fill shot glasses with firewhiskey.


“Okay, has Hermione ever used a timer tuner?”  Ginny asks and most everyone shakes there heads no while a few say no out loud.  Shot glasses were charmed to appear in front of those who answered incorrectly; Harry is the only one who doesn’t have to take a shot.


“What?” Draco exclaims looking at Harry who doesn’t have a shot in front of him.  “Does Potter know everything about you?”


“He doesn’t know what’s written on my knickers.”  I respond easily and shrug while trying to keep a straight face as all the guys’ eyes bug out.  The ladies all laugh and everyone minus Harry downs their shots.


“Next question, Draco has been transfigured into a ferret and what other creature?”  Ginny asks.


“Oi!  That’s not a very nice question to ask.”  Draco exclaims and everyone laughs even Narcissa and Lucius.


About half the group ends up with shot glasses, while the other half look curious to see what the other creature was.  “A slug, if I remember right.”  I say as Draco turns red and everyone laughs.  “Oh, Draco it’s all in a bit of fun, you are still the sexiest bloke in the room.”  I say and watch him smirk.


“Plus, you two have something in common.”  Harry says his eyes laughing.


“Don’t you dare, Harry.”  I warn as I feel my cheeks flush.


“Here’s another question for you, what creature has Hermione been changed into?”  Harry asks and shot glasses start appearing in front of people.


Fred, George, and Harry are the only ones without glasses. “How did you two?  Never mind, I can guess.” I say to the twins.


Everyone else is waiting for an answer, so Harry and the twins all say together, “Millicent Bulstrode’s cat.” Then the room erupts in laughter.


“Alright, everyone calm down.”  Ginny calls out after wiping tears of mirth from her eyes, and every one calms down to listen. “I am going to say a statement and you decide if it is true or false.  Hermione has never been skinny dipping.”


I keep my face clear of emotion, knowing that I would love to hex Ginny.  I watch as Draco looks at me with a gleam in his eye then raise his eyebrow when no shot glass appears in front of him.


“Well, the Gryffindor princess is naughty.”  He smirks then wets his lips as I watch his eyes lower down my body again.


“Ginny, you are going to be hexed later, promise.”  I say sweetly to Ginny and watch as the others who answered incorrectly down their shots after nodding at me in approval.  “Those of you who have also been skinny dipping, should take a shot.” I say and watch as everybody has a shot glass appear in front of him or her.


“Okay, next question, Draco, has secretly had a crush on Hermione since third year.”  Draco lets nothing show, except he looks down at his shoes.


Nobody takes a shot.  “Are you kidding?”  He asks looking around the room.  “You all thought I had a crush on her?”  He asks.


“Well, you are marrying her.”  Theodore says then winks at me.


“Well now that that is settled, well go back to the Mad Lib.  Here is the story, it is called; A letter to my Bride.”  Ginny declares and clears her throat, then begins.


To my Dearest Hermione, 

I cannot contain my joy that today is our wedding day! 
It seems like only yesterday when I first saw your green eyes. I could not believe how steamy you were, and today I am the luckiest bloke alive. You are wet, slick, and dirty, and I couldn't ask for anything more.”  At this point my face is on fire, Draco is smirking, and everyone is laughing, though quietly still trying to hear Ginny.


“The way you run melts my heart. I want you to know that I will do all I can to give you a big life. My job as a Professional Quidditch Player may not seem like much, but we will be rich with pain, hurt, and dogs.” At this point Ginny has to stop to catch her breath and grab her side.  


“One day we will have 13 tall children. I hope that they have my hair and your round knockers and elbows.” Everyone laughs loudly and Ginny has to stop again, this is getting ridiculous, though I’m laughing right along with them. 


Finally Ginny catches her breath and finishes. “When I see you walk down the aisle today I know I will hump with joy! I love you with all my mouth. 



Nobody is able to do anything but laugh after the last sentence, many have tears running from their eyes and others are literally on the floor rolling around. 


“That was so sweet, Malfoy.” Fred teases Draco, while gasping for breath.


Once everyone calms down, Ginny calls out that the house teams all need to come and get a dare list to take to the pub with them. 




During this, mad lib, Hermione is laughing hysterically.  I am watching her, thinking to myself, that I am so happy that she has agreed to marry me.


Suddenly she grabs my arm and turns to me, “I have to go to the loo.”  She says, “Show me where.”


I nod, and then I look at Ginny who nods her head.  “The guys and I will wait until you get back.”  She turns and flicks her wand for glasses of alcohol to be given everyone.


“We have to do these things when we go out?”  I hear Cassie ask someone.


“Yeah, how can I get a chap I don’t know to buy me a drink?”  Angelina asks.


“I know, plus a condom, considering we all know contraception charms, I didn’t realize anyone carried these, I hope we go to a muggle pub.”  Katie adds as Hermione and I walk by.


I turn to Hermione, “You know I don’t know if I like the sound of this Dare game.”  I say glancing down at her.


“Oh, don’ be a party pooper.”  She says and laughs.


“I don’t know what that means,” I respond haughtily, “But I am not one, and I won’t ever be one, I am a Malfoy.”  I finish and smirk at her.


She laughs at me then turns to smile up at me, “Yes, you are a Malfoy, I won’t forget.  Plus, I have seen my dare sheet for tonight, and it isn’t a big deal.”  She finishes and shrugs.


My eyes move themselves to the Slytherin across her chest as she raises and lowers her shoulders, just as we get to the door of the loo, I turn her so her back is against the wall, and lower my face to hers. “What is written on your knickers?” I ask huskily.


She looks up at me through her lashes, and slowly raises her hand to her left breast; she slowly slides the strap off her shoulder and pulls down the top of her dress smiling at me the whole time. The word Momma is written on the cup in silver against the green of the bra.  Her entire outfit matches, I realize and my mouth goes dry.


“Momma.” I whisper then lower my mouth to trail hot kisses along the edge of the bra.  Then I dip my head lower and take her into my mouth through the sheer bra.  She gasps and arches her back pushing closer to me.


I move my mouth up to catch her lips with mine; I tangle my tongue with hers and push against her trying to get closer.  I am painfully hard and I push myself against her lower abdomen, making her groan into my mouth.  I slide my hands into her hair and caress her neck, feeling the kiss all the way to my toes.  Hermione pulls back slightly and moves one of her hands that are in my hair, to her belly.


“Lucas is sitting on my bladder, I’m sorry.”  She says her voice deeper and her face flushed.  I nod and push myself away from the wall.


“I love you.” I whisper, she smiles and whispers it back, then slips into the bathroom.


I can’t wait to marry her.  I think to myself then lean against the wall and close my eyes, as I wait for the most beautiful woman ever.

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*Also note, the last chapter is sort of a preview as to what is going to happen, this chapter and the next take place at the same time as the last chapter from Ron's POV.*

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