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When Life Takes Over. by carellio
Chapter 5 : v.
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Lovely Chapter Image by: calypso @ TDA!



Only two thoughts are running through my head right now.


The first being: Holy shit, Aiden Clarke is kissing me!


And the second being: Oh shit, what the fuck do I do?


I mean, I had never been kissed before. My dating history should track back to that. I honestly don’t know if I’m meant to ‘stick my tongue down his throat’ like in Muggle movies, or how wide I’m actually meant to open my mouth, or what the fuck I am supposed to be doing with my bloody hands!


If my lips weren’t currently attached to Aiden’s lips, I probably would have yelled or screamed or cursed.

Or all three.


Right now my hands were just hanging limp beside my frozen body. I probably look like a complete idiot while I just stand there, my whole body inactive from shock, while he kisses the crap out of me.


I feel like the biggest inexperienced freak ever.

Life is a cruel kick in the arse.



“Just relax,” Aiden murmurs against my lips (so softly that I can only hear him) and gently runs his hands down my side, squeezing my stiff arms and hands.


Well, er...okay.


I try and let myself relax, going along on only instinct, as I wrap my arms around his neck and bring him closer to me. I feel him smile against my lips and just like that I forget about everything and just enjoy.


I’ m not afraid to say, but I like kissing Aiden. Maybe that’s my inexperience talking because he is the first guy I’ve ever kissed but...whatever. I don’t even care right now.


That is until I hear the distinctive sound of crying, and the whole previous, ‘let’s kiss Bella just to prove a point thing’ comes back to slap me in the face.



I pull away from Aiden and take several steps back, feeling incredibly awkward as I flatten my mussed hair with my hands. I notice Aiden not even bothering to look embarrassed, he’s freaking smiling!


What the fuck?



Kathryn is standing there looking absolutely broken. But why wouldn’t she be? The guy she stalk– I mean, fancied just kissed someone else in front in of her! I’d probably have collapsed to the floor or gone on a rampage by now.


“Uh...” I choke out.

Bloody hell, the girls standing here crying her eyes out and her body is shaking from the loud sobs that seem to be hacking out of her mouth, I have no idea what to do or say in a situation like this!


“...Kathryn...I know this is probably a bad – “


I shut the hell up when she screams and whips out her wand and thrusts it at me.


I hold up my hands in a surrendering gesture. That seems to work in Muggle movies...


This is the second time someone has pointed their wand at me today. Although I have a feeling it won’t be water shooting out of her wand.


My eyes widen at the fully deranged look on her face. She looks utterly murderous. I’m a little scared for my safety.


She only falters when Aiden rushes to my side and steps in front of me. Ah, my hero.


“Whoa. Hey.” He holds one hand out to stop her from attacking me and the other wraps around me protectively.


This is a whole different sort of ‘protecting’ compared to Albus and Matt. Kathryn could actually seriously hurt me. Albus and Matt were just being gits.


Aiden has his wand out now, but he isn’t pointing it at her menacingly, like I probably would have, if I was able to move. He simply has it out incase she lets a hex fly towards me and he needs to cast a protective charm.




When Aiden continues to speak my feelings immediately switch from ‘adoring’ to ‘seriously wanting to punch him in the face’. “Kathryn, look... it’s not you, okay, it’s me. It’s just that you’re just not the right girl for me.”


Okay, really? Where did this boy get his comforting skills from? A Goldfish?


He just went and made it ten times more awkward. Did he really have to say the most clichéd breakup line in the history of...breakup lines?


What. An. Idiot.



Kathryn doesn’t seem to take his words in at first and just continues glaring around Aiden at me for a good several minutes. Her eyes then flicker to Aiden and she stares dejectedly at him, like her heart just broke all over again. If it weren’t for the situation or the fact that her face clearly shows she wants to murder me, I would have felt sorry for her.



 She eventually sags in what I expect to be defeat and slowly pockets her wand, much to my immense relief.



“Fine.” She spits and moves closer to Aiden with a menacing face that could have chilled fire. She points towards me, “But when this pretty blonde whore,” Aw, she thinks I’m pretty– wait, did she just call me a whore?


Ah, hell no.


“Hey!” I yell, “I am not a whore!” My body had unfrozen as soon as she had put her wand away and I move around Aiden to confront her, but he holds me back, like he thinks I’m going to fight her or something.


Like hell I would, this bitch is insane, and I’m not very good at fighting, no matter if it’s the wizard or Muggle way.


Maybe I should ask Aiden if he’d teach me?



The bitch completely ignores me though. “...dumps you, don’t come crying to me.”


And with that vote of confidence, she walks back down the corridor. But not before whispering to me, “No one steals my man.” I can practically hear the venom rolling off her tongue.


My eyes widen again and Aiden grabs my hand and walks me back to the Gryffindor common room. There is no doubt in my mind that this is not the last time I will hear from Kathryn Penn.



I wasn’t really surprised to find that Matt and Albus aren’t speaking to me. Or looking in my direction, or even acknowledging my existence.


The turds get way too far into their House and Quidditch rivalries with others Houses, especially the Slytherins.


Whatever, I don’t care. Much.


I sigh exasperatedly and shake my head at their immaturity as I walk passed them and head to the Girl’s Dormitory.


As I walk through the dorm door, Rose attacks me. Like physically attacks me. The bint’s insane, I swear.


“Ow Rose! Stop!” I whine as she slaps my arms, head or really anything of me she can touch, which became incredibly awkward when she started slapping my boobs.


The girl needs to be taught a lesson on personal space.



“Why didn’t you tell me?” She practically screams.


Whoa, calm down.


I sit heavily on my bed and scratch my head. What am I meant to say? Do I tell her that I’m only fake dating Aiden?




What would I say?

‘Oh, sorry Rose, I forgot to tell you. I’m only fake dating my boyfriend so I can finally talk to the guy I actually like because I’m just a majorly pathetic loser.’


Yeah...for some reason I don’t really feel like mentioning that...



“You’re supposed to be in love with Albus!” She exclaims accusingly and points a finger at me.


She just killed a fairy. How dare she?



“I am-wait no, yes.” I stammer out and then let out a long scream of aggravation, causing her to flinch, but I don’t care. “I don’t know!” I whine and bury my reddening face in my fluffed up pillow.



“You don’t know?” She walks over and sits next to me on the bed and snatches the pillow away so I have to look at her. “For the past few weeks you’ve been pretty explicit on how you feel about Albus!”


If she widens her eyes anymore they’re going to pop out of her head.



“Well, I’m with Aiden now, okay!?” I scream at her. She was seriously getting on my nerves.


She looks incredibly surprised at my outburst and, if possibly, her eyes go wider. How they haven’t fallen out, I do not know.


I sigh, “I’m sorry. I’ve just been a bit stressed lately.” I smile weakly.


You would be stressed too if you were in love with a guy that doesn’t pay you enough attention, socially awkward, dating a guy you just met just to ‘try’ and get rid of said awkwardness, now have a scary stalker of your ‘boyfriend’ wanting your head for dating ‘her man,’ and now have you bestfriend breathing down your neck trying to rat out why you aren’t in love with her cousin anymore, when you actually are!


I’m gunna have to start looking out for grey hairs.


“I’m sure Aiden would be able to get rid of some of that stress,” Rose says slyly and winks at me seductively.


This only slightly creeps me out, which is saying something.


“Rose!” I exclaim and hit her playfully over her arm, and feeling my cheeks burning, I don’t know why I’m so embarrassed though, it’s not like we have done anything.


Oh, except kiss. But considering how suckish I was this morning, I don’t think that’ll be happening again anytime soon.



She laughs at my face for a long time while I scowl at her openly.


She stops abruptly and gives me a serious look, “But seriously, you are getting some, right?” She puts a hand on my shoulder.


I go to make a snappy retort and tell her off but then I smile slyly back, “Why? You need some tips?”


She snorts and then after a moment she starts laughing and leans back heavily on my bed and it’s not long before I’m laughing again too.


I really do love Rose Weasley.




Aiden had sent me a note in Transfiguration, our last class of the day. It was passed on to atleast half a dozen people (who all took a peak at it, I might add) before it reached me.


It said something along the lines of (and I can’t remember it word for word as I had chucked it out after that lesson):


Meet me on the third floor – 10pm.

Don’t worry about curfew; you need to let loose some more anyway.



No one had even raised an eyebrow at the note, but I wasn’t that surprised. Couples were always sneaking off after hours.


The whole school basically knew we were dating now, aside from a few people who were outside of the gossip turntable. Not many Gryffindors were too happy to find out I was dating a Slytherin and some even told me to stay away from him.


The nerve of them.


I told them to shove off and dislodge the stick from their arse because it was affecting their brain.


This only made them angrier though, so the next time someone came up to me, I simply gave them a disgusted look and stormed away from them.




I gave a quick, simply reply to Aiden’s note saying:


Sure, see you there.



I decided to ignore his last comment; I knew he was only teasing me.



So now I am leaning against a wall on the third floor with my arms crossed against my chest waiting for Aiden to come find me.


It hadn’t occurred to me at the time, but I have no idea how he’s meant to actually find me, seen as he only said to meet on the third floor.


The third floor has many different corridors and I have been standing here for about twenty minutes now and no one has even come passed here.


Joy, I think I’m lost.



I push myself off the wall and start to walk down a different corridor, thinking that maybe Aiden could be in a whole different end of the third floor than I am.


I had only turned one corner when I hear:


“There you are, Bella!” Aiden says relieved. I turn to his voice and see him strolling towards me.


Thank god.


“Hello,” I say politely with a smile. Which he returns.


He begins to walk down the hall and I assume I’m meant to follow so I scurry after him. When I catch up and walk beside him he turns to me, “Did you get lost?” He sounds amused.




“What? No! You told me to meet on the third floor. You never said where!” I exclaim and through my hands up.


Why is it that guys always blame everything on girls and can never do anything wrong?


“Yeah I did. I told you to meet in the classroom up here!” He points towards the direction we are heading.


“Um, no you didn’t,” I argue and scowl.


“Yes, I did.” He argues and scowls back.


“No you didn’t.” I emphasise the last word. We can all tell who’s gunna win here.


“Yes I – Oh wait...” He looks lost in thought for a moment, “I didn’t did I?”


He gives me a apologetic smile that makes him look absolutely adorable.




“Nope,” I look away from him, trying to hide my triumphant grin.


Wait, is this corridor getting really small or is it just me?


The walls feel like they are inching closer and the roof only seems about half a metre above my head.


“Oh, sorry.” He looks ashamedly.


I don’t bother answering.


He leads me into a small room. It looks like a classroom; with a blackboard on one wall and chairs and a few desks, but it is so incredibly small it can only fit three of each.


Aiden has to duck his head to get through the door.


“What is this place,” I ask, truly curious.


Aiden sits down in one of the chairs and shrugs his shoulders, “I honestly have no idea. I found this place a couple of months ago, I suspect it was some kind of classroom.”


“For Goblins?” I ask sarcastically as I sit down.


He laughs loudly.


“So why did you bring me here?” I ask.


“I figured it was my turn to take up on my part of our deal. Seen as you let me kiss you,” I can feel myself blush from the memory and I look away from him.


There was no way I couldn’t have not kissed him. He had grabbed me so fast and he was so incredibly strong...


I started to say something but then realised he was still talking.


“...Sorry ‘bout Kathryn this morning. She was totally out of line.”


I give a small smile, deciding not to mention to him that last comment she had declared to me. “That’s okay. I’m sure she wouldn’t have actually done anything anyway.”


Even my voice doesn’t sound confident, and from the way Aiden is squirming, he obviously doesn’t believe a word of it.


I try not to think about Kathryn though.


I start to talk but he asks quickly, “Was that your first time?” He honestly looks embarrassed.



“Um. Sorry, what?” I have no idea what he is talking about.


First time of what? What would he...


Oh shit, I know what’s he trying to get at.


“This morning? Was that the first time you’ve kissed someone?” He asks a little clearer and looks me in the eye.


My heart jerks, this was what I was regretting, “Was I that bad?” I can’t help but let the hurt echo in my words.


Aiden’s face turns gently, “Of course not! It was pretty good, seen as it was your first time and all...” He trails off looking incredibly embarrassed and awkward.


His cheeks are blushing a pale pink. Aw, cute.


“Oh.” I say lamely and look away awkwardly.


“You know...” He says slyly and I look back up at him only slightly intrigued, “we could always practice...” He trails off suggestively.




I have no idea what to say to that. My mind has gone completely blank.


Is he really suggesting we practice snogging each other?


Before I can even utter a word he has continued talking.


“So anyway,” He says cheerfully, “I figured it’s time.” He straightens up in his seat looking incredibly smug.


What’s new?


When he doesn’t elaborate I prompt nervously, “Time for what?”


He gives a wicked grin, “It time for you to talk to boys.”


My heart expectedly beats faster and my stomach churns.


Oh crap. I was so dreading this.


“Oh?” I say shakily, “And how exactly do you plan for this to happen?” My chew on a fingernail nervously.


He smirks at me, “Well, I’m going to introduce you to some of my friends. They are expecting me to do so soon anyway, considering you are my girlfriend and all...”


I’m too nervous to even make a snide comment about the use of the word ‘girlfriend.’


I think I’m about to faint. Or throw up. Or have a panic attack. Or all of the above.


“You’ll be fine,” Aiden says, sensing my distress, “I’ll basically do all the talking. You just have to say a few words at appropriate times.” He squeezes my shoulder, “It’ll be short, we’ll work our way up to long conversations, okay?” He eyes me.


I’m not ready for this!


I want to tell him this but, like always, my mouth betrays me. “Okay.”


Shit, fuck.


“Okay,” He agrees with a nod and stands up.


Just before he walks out the door he turns back to me, “Meet me at the Great Hall tomorrow at eight. We’ll have breakfast together.”


I give a shaky nod.


“You’ll be fine B, trust me.” He says with a smile.


“Okay...” I whisper but he’s already walked out the door. I can’t help but hear the double meaning in my answer.


Do I trust him?


Ah, hell. What the hell has happened to my life?




Author Note: Hello again! How are you? I hope you liked the chapter! Let me know what you think! Also sorry for any tense mistakes... :(

Also I am going back to school in a couple of days so if my updates get slower it’s probably because I’m getting swamped with school work. Year 11 is gunna suck :’(

Anyway, like always, thanks a ton for reading! And I want to give a warm thank you to those who always take their time to review my chapters. And to those who have favourited this story. It means a lot, thank you!


[Edited: 5/February/2012]

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