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Ivory Tea by javct
Chapter 1 : Alice's Kingdom
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This is my first attempt at a non-angst story in a while now so reviews about the feel of the chapter would be greatly appreciated!

The story in italics is my own work 

Also, a few people have already commented on it but - for the purposes of this story - the Malfoy's ran from the battle, so I guess you could say that it was movie canon not book canon.
Also, a HUGE shout out to my more-than-amazing beta: LittleWelshGirl99

Disclaimer! I own nothing except the plot and my OCs.

Read and review lovelies!




When the Malfoys left the Great Battle they left behind their old reputation and gained a new one. They were no longer known as the poised and refined family that devotedly followed Voldemort, but as the family that ran from battle with their tails between their legs. Whenever they went out in public they were ridiculed and belittled. Whispers about the once-great family spread like wildfire.

Draco thought he could stay strong for his family, but in the end, he just got tired. He got tired of holding his head high and not caring. His father was more to glad to see him go, saying, “It’s about time the little whelp left.” His mother, however, was distraught.

“Mother I will be fine. I just need to get away for a while,” he had assured her with a brief hug. Draco knew that he wasn’t going to miss his father, or his life but he was defiantly going to miss his mother. She had been his foundation and his rock throughout an egregious childhood. But with barely a backwards glance, Draco left the Malfoy Manor.

He could taste the freedom.


Sam took one final look around Lucy’s apartment, all the nostalgic memories returning to him. Lucy was going to miss him just as he was going to miss her. Her beauty was resounding; no one could compare but Sam knew that after his encounter with The Demon that had killed his family he knew that if he stayed with Lucy she would never be safe; their children would never have a childhood and they would never live to a ripe old age like he had promised her.

The Demon had already begun to hunt him, and soon it would find him. He was not safe and neither was the Sleeping Beauty. “I will hunt you Samuel, and I will find you. And when I do, I will slaughter everyone who you care about,” The Demon’s premonition rang through his head.

Taking one final look through his could-be home he laid his eyes on Lucy for the last time. Her flowing brunette hair was spread out like a halo among her bed of feathers. Occasionally she would let out a small sniffle as she dreamt. He wanted to tell her that he loved her and that he didn’t want to do this, but if he woke her then he knew he’d lose all resolve and hold onto her and never let go again. Instead he walked over to the pillow, laid his hand on her head and gently kissed her forehead, “Goodbye Lucy,” Sam whispered.

As he left the apartment that night he only wanted one thing. Revenge


Alice scanned over the document, smiling with pride. Her story, which she had started almost a year ago, was finally finished. At first it had just been a dare by one of her friends, “Let's see you finish a story for once in your life!” Then it turned into a hobby – casually writing a sentence or two whenever it pleased her – and then it became her obsession, writing whenever she had a spare minute. She could feel the characters developing within her brain; taunting her with words and ideas. Now that she had finished Alice didn’t know what to do, this story had been her life and now it was all over.

Sighing, Alice closed her laptop and ran her fingers through her curly blonde hair. For a crazy moment she was tempted to write a sequel. Tricks Of Telling, she would call it. But she immediately dismissed the thought.

‘No!’ Alice told herself firmly, she wanted to leave the rest to the readers imagination. Still smiling at her accomplishment Alice listened to the printer and it printed her words from the screen and into hardcopy. She felt an immense satisfaction as she gathered them together into one, very thick pile.


Draco stared around the muggle coffee shop. He wasn’t sure what to think, let alone what to order.

“Just order a coffee,” Draco looked over his shoulder and saw a prepossessing blonde girl standing beside him.

“Excuse me?” he asked, shocked that she had just spoken to him. She obviously hadn’t noticed the back-off aura he was bestowing. That, or she didn’t care. Insolent muggle he thought

“You seemed lost at what to get.” The girl shrugged her shoulders. “You’re new here aren’t you?” she jerked her head towards a table that was free.

“That obvious?” Draco said as he sat down. She giggled and pulled a thick manuscript out of her bag.

“I know how to recognize a new face.” She giggled as she flipped through her manuscript. “I’m Alice by the way.” Draco opened his mouth to introduce himself but a waitress approached them; pen and paper in hand

“Hey Alice! What can I get you, the usual?” she said, Alice smiled at her friend and nodded.

“Yep. Hey Claire guess what?” Alice got to her feet. “I finished my novel!” she squealed, holding up the manuscript. Claire pulled Alice into a hug and celebrated with her.

“That’s great! Told you that you could do it!” Claire said, taking a quick look through the manuscript. “Has it got a title yet?”

Alice shook her head. “Not yet, it still remains anonymous. The annoying thing is I have already got a title for the sequel and no, I’m not writing it,” she added when Claire opened her mouth, “But I can’t seem to find a title for this one.”

“The one story you actually finish and will get published one day, you can’t find a title for. How typical.” Claire laughed, “Just wait there and I’ll get you your coffee. What would your friend like?” Claire turned to Draco and regained her work demeanour.

Draco glanced back up at the board helplessly. “Uh, I’ll have a, uh-”

“Just get him a coffee Claire with no sugar,” Alice offered, flashing a smile at Draco. Claire scribbled on her notepad, gave a swift nod to Alice and scurried off to the Kitchens. “I didn’t catch your name? What was it?” She asked as she sat back down, manuscript in hand.

Draco straightened himself up before answering. “Draco Malfoy from the house of Malfoy and the house of Black,” mentally, he hit himself on the head. She was a muggle! She had no idea about the house of Malfoy or Black! Now he just sounded like an idiot.

“So what happened? Death in the family or did you run away?” Alice asked curiously, leaning forward in her chair.

“Excuse me?” Draco exclaimed, outraged.

Alice shrugged her shoulders. “The way you introduced yourself said, ‘prestigious upbringing’ and the way you have been watching everyone mingle and chat tells me that you haven’t spent much time outside of your little life. There is no way that your parents, if you have any, would let you move into a new town without a valid excuse - that’s always the way with rich, English families. So you either ran away from home or there was a significant event in the family which, in most cases, is a family death.”

Draco let out a sigh and allowed his rich exterior to fall away slightly. “You were close Mugg- Alice. Let’s just say that certain things happened and I made lots of mistakes. Stupid mistakes.” Draco clenched his knuckles until they turned a faint white. Alice shot him a sympathetic look. Draco looked up at the nearby clock and cursed under his breath. “I’ve got to go. Thanks for talking Ally, it was, uh, nice meeting you,” he didn’t realize that he had got her name wrong.

“It’s Alice.” She replied, not fazed by Draco’s sudden change in moods. When Draco gave her a confused look she said again, “It’s Alice, not Ally.” Draco nodded dismissively and snatched his coffee out of Claire’s hand - who had just reappeared.

“Right,” he said, regaining his cool, back-off composure that he seemed to have lost whilst talking to the muggle girl. “Sorry,”

“It’s alright,” she replied dreamily. Draco watched as she buried herself among her paper. She was cute, he had decided, but not cute enough to tempt him.

A muggle and a pureblood, Draco scoffed at the idea.

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