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The Beginning by Mischief_managed18
Chapter 6 : Lightning
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Well hello there my dears. Hopefully this was fast enough for you, all in all I should be putting a chapter per week up. Or about that. I'm not going to make any promises, so don't hold me to that. :P I will however try my best. :) 

A huge thanks to my lovely reviewers: claudiaandizzy, Starkidgleek, KxxDxx, Lana, DracoM4eva, Lou, Bella_Bug, and of course, my faithful reviewer for all my stories, Gin-gin06. You guys are incredible. It makes me so happy each time I log on and see a review. Keep it up! You all deserve a cookie. And if you don't like cookies, let me know what you want. ;P

Here it is, Chapter 6! 


“Harry Potter.” The boy said. I couldn’t help it, I felt my jaw drop. THE Harry Potter?


“OH MY GOSH!” I nearly screamed at him.  How could be so… so nonchalant about the whole thing? He was bloody Harry Potter! I saw that famous scar poking out from under his shaggy raven-colored hair. He survived the killing curse, at age 1! The curse no other person has EVER survived. He defeated the most powerful dark wizard of all time, Lord Voldemort, and as an infant no less.  The curse had rebounded, but not without giving him that scar, and to this day no one is sure what happened to Voldemort.“I’VE READ ABOUT YOU!” I realized I was still shouting but I couldn’t help it.


“Errm.. have you?” He asked. Well duh, I thought to myself, hasn’t everyone?


“Well of course. You were in 3 or 4 of the books I picked up over the summer. I mean, they were fascinating and I found your story to be incredible. Ever since I read it I wondered how it was possible that you survived such a thing, but alas, I suppose we may never know.” I sighed out loud and stood up.


“I didn’t realize I was in that many books…” He trailed off, looking confused. What did he expect, his story was legend. I seemed to know more about it than he did himself.


“It’s kind of understandable. You, without even trying, defeated the darkest wizard in history. That’s bound to pop up in a few books.” I said. I figured it was time to go, Neville would probably be frantic by now. “You two better be changing into your robes soon, I’m pretty sure we’re almost there. It’s nearly night fall. We can’t be far.” I began to walk out of the compartment when I ran straight into the blond boy. I felt my face grow hot as his smile grew to be, if possible, more smug than before.


“Well, you just keep popping up don’t you?” He asked. “Next time, watch where you’re going.” Before I could answer however he ducked around me and made his way to his compartment. I couldn’t help but stare after him. There was something about him, yet he was so rude. I didn’t understand.


When I made it back to the compartment I found Neville sitting in his seat with his face buried in his hands.


“Neville?” I went over and sat down beside him, putting my hand on his shoulder.


After a minute or so he finally looked at me. His face was beyond red and his eyes were swollen, fresh tears streaming down his face.


“Gran is going to kill me. She’s always thought I was such a failure. Now I’ve managed to lose Trevor. And on the first day…” He trailed off when a noise like a wounded animal escaped his throat.


“It’s okay, we’ll find him. He’ll turn up somewhere I’m sure. There’s no need to panic.”


I said, trying to be as comforting as I could.


“Y-you think so?” He asked between sobs.


“I do. Give it time. You’ll see.” He looked at me and I mustered the best smile I could.


 I returned to my side of the compartment and pulled out my book after he looked comforted enough.


I left the compartment and went to the front of the train to have a word with the conductor. After a brief conversation he informed me we would be arriving shortly. As I was making my way back, I noticed  the blond boy again. This time he had a very large boy standing on either side of him. They were walking about of Harry and Ron’s compartment looking more smug than ever.


I poked my head into Harry and Ron’s compartment.


“The train is coming to a stop soon and you still haven’t changed. I talked to the conductor.” They both gave me a sort of blank look. “Were you fighting with those boys?” I asked, curiosity getting the better of me. Foolish, I know.


“No, of course not.” Ron replied. “Draco and his little cronies are just making trouble.” So, Draco was his name… interesting. Draco meant dragon in Latin. It was part of the Hogwarts slogan, ‘Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus’ which meant ‘Never tickle a sleeping dragon’. Wise words.


“Ahh okay, wouldn’t want to get in trouble BEFORE we even arrive…” I said “Well, I’ll see you two later.”


I turned and walked back to my compartment. Just as I was walking in an announcement sounded over the whole train letting us know we were about 5 minutes away and that we were to leave our luggage on the train, it would be brought to us later. My stomach did a back flip and I was growing more and more nervous and excited by the second.


When the train came to a full stop I nearly bounded off the train. We were in a smaller village that I knew to be Hogsmeade. I looked around and saw it was quite similar to Diagon Alley. Oddly shaped buildings and all sorts of things in shop windows. We weren’t in the village itself but I could make some things out.


“First years, this way!” I heard a booming voice call out. I followed the direction of the voice, carefully making my way through the crowd of mainly returning students, feeling quite short.


When I saw the source of the voice, I felt even shorter, if that were possible. He must be a giant. He had to be. The man who was calling for the first years stood a good 4 or 5 feet taller than the taller students. He looked normal enough, aside from his side. I stood in awe as he continued to call the remaining first years over.


After a few minutes the second through seventh year students seemed to have disappeared elsewhere and all that remained in front of this giant were the other first years and myself.


“Right, well, my name’s Hagrid. I’m the keeper of keys and grounds at Hogwarts. I’m in charge of taking you first years up to the castle. We’ll be traveling by boat. No more than 4 to a boat, follow me.” I didn’t know quite what to think and was quite nervous. He turned to walk away and we all stood frozen in place, unsure of ourselves. “Well,” he said, “follow me!”


We made our way down a path to a lake lined with boats on the shore. Neville followed closely behind me as I followed Harry and Ron onto their boat. We made some small talk as we waited for everyone to load the boats.


“Everyone ready then?” Hagrid asked as he looked around. “FORWARD!” He yelled and all the boats took off at the same pace.


My heart stopped as the castle came into view. It was so much larger than I had expected. All lit up and glistening in the night. Its many towers and turrets glowing and reflecting brightly in the glass-like water. I couldn’t help but be amazed. It was one of the most beautiful sights I had ever seen. It was so grand and so huge; I couldn’t wrap my head around it.


“DUCK!” Hagrid yelled, just as the boats in the front were nearing a cliff. We all ducked immediately as the boats passed under the cliff. After a few more minutes, we made it to the docks and were out of the boats. A flight of stairs stood in front of us and we all waited while Hagrid checked the boats for any left belongings.


“OI!” He shouted, “Anyone lose a toad?”


“TREVOR!” Neville shouted from beside me and ran over, his arms outstretched and hands cupped together. His face lit up considerably as Hagrid placed Trevor in his hands and smiled down at him.


“Right then,” Hagrid said, “Follow me.”


The walk up the stairs left most of us out of breath when we reached the top. We stood in front of the biggest set of double doors I had ever seen.


“Best be ready.” Hagrid said. He knocked on the door and a second later, the doors opened. A slim woman stood there, her black hair in a high bun, a tall witch’s hat on her head. She smiled at us.


“I’m Minerva McGonagall. Welcome, to Hogwarts.”


Sooooo I know it wasn't a super exciting chapter. It was rather uneventful but it was filler. :P On the plus side, she's at Hogwarts now!! YAY! Let me know how you guys felt about this chapter and if there's anything you felt was wrong, anything you think I need to add, what you liked and disliked, favorite part, least favorite part, what you want to see in the following chapters and what you don't want to see. Any of that stuff or anything else, and I'm a happy author! Love you all. :)
Until next time,


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