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Through Dust and Lies by MidnightBlue_x
Chapter 3 : The Ministry
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Disclaimer: Most of the characters and events/plots that are mentioned in this story belong to J.K Rowling; anything you don’t recognize belongs to me. Thank you for reading!

A week passed and Teddy kept himself distant from everyone, even his grandmother who had taken to sending him solemn looks from couch. He knew that she was upset with him, he knew it was hurting her to watch him like this but he couldn’t stop. Instead he had begun to spend most of his time in his bedroom, just sitting there and watching the wall in front of him or sometimes staring at the picture of his parents.

And that was exactly what he was doing at that moment, his bare feet were hovering just above his floor and his had his hands in his hair- his eyes transfixed on the photograph in front of him. He could almost hear their voices, sometimes he was able to hear them when something was wrong, it was like they knew he needed them at that moment.

They were telling him not to worry, telling him that he was worth it and to stop fighting his feelings for Victoire- that was after all what his father had done with his mother, and they both wished they had more time together. More time with Teddy.

He shifted slightly, taking a deep breath before slamming his eyes shut as he tried to block out their voices- he just wanted to be left alone now. If he was going to spend the rest of his life alone he might as well get used to it now.

“Teddy” He could hear his mother scold but he did not acknowledge her, now he wasn’t just alone- he was always going mad. With a sigh, he ran his fingers through his hair again and made his way out of his bedroom and down the stairs. He could hear his grandmother breathing heavily from the bottom of the stairs, it wasn’t until he heard a groan that he realised that something was wrong.

“Grandma” he called, rushing into the kitchen to see his grandmother bent over the kitchen bench- her arms resting on her lips. She looked up at him and tried to smile weakly as if to say that she was fine but another groan of pain came out instead. “Come on, let’s get you to the couch” he said, moving towards her and carefully moving her into the living room.

“Thank you” she whispered once Teddy had gotten her comfortable on the couch- he smiled at her in response before disappearing into the kitchen to get her some water.

“Should I send an owl to Healer Jenkins?” Teddy asked, placing the water on the little glass table beside the couch. He could see how much his grandmother wanted to shake her head and tell him that she was fine- she hated to been seen as weak, but another sharp pain in her wrists caused her to nod. “I’ll just go get some parchment and a quill, I’ll be back down in a minute” He disappeared up the stairs and began to search through his desk for spare parchment; finally he found some, a quill and some ink and headed back down stairs.

Healer Jenkins,
This is Teddy Lupin- My grandmother is suffering from some intense pain again, would you be able to come and visit us to heal her? Thank you

Teddy Lupin

He quickly tied his letter to his grandmother’s owl and watched him fly out in the direction of St Mungo’s. Now all they could do was wait.

“Do you want some tea?” Andromeda nodded in response, squeezing her eyes tightly as if it would help her get rid of the pain. Teddy placed his hand over hers and with a weak smile, went into the kitchen. He grabbed out a teabag- Earl Grey, his grandmother’s favourite and put the kettle on to boil. A few minutes passed before the kettle boiled, he picked it up and poured it into a mug before grabbing some milk out of the fridge. “Here you go” he whispered, placing the mug in front of his grandmother.

“Thank you Teddy” she whispered, Teddy noted in the back of his mind that the pain was starting to fade slightly- he knew Healer Jenkins would want to know every single detail when he arrived. The two of them fell into silence which was broken every now and again as Andromeda sipped her tea or sometimes let out a sigh due to the pain. Eventually the silence was broken as Healer Jenkins floo-ed directly into the living room.

“Mrs Tonks, I came as soon as I possibly could- How are you feeling now?” Teddy could sense the small smile on his grandmother’s face- she had always had a great respect for Healer Jenkins, as his sister had apparently been a great friend to Nymphadora.

“Better, Teddy has looked after me” The healer turned to smile at Teddy, before he looked back over at Andromeda with the usual worry in his eyes. With that, Jenkins pulled out his notebook and began to ask her questions while Teddy found himself zoning out. He excused himself from the living room and headed back upstairs, pausing for a moment when he entered his room. He placed is back against the wall and stared at the pile of letters on his desk, he flinched and tore his eyes away before turning off his light and collapsing onto his bed.

Tomorrow will be better, he told himself.

With an angry grunt, Teddy threw the newspaper in his hand to the floor from there he glared at it for a while before sighing and picking it back up again.

“How’s the job searching going?” Andromeda asked, gracefully gliding into the kitchen- Healer Jenkins had given her a new type of Potion to deal with the pain that seemed to be greatly improving her health- both of them felt incredibly grateful for that.

“It’s useless” Teddy replied truthfully, placing his head in his hands and let out a loud sigh. He had spent the last two days searching everywhere for a reasonable job, preferably one in the Ministry with a good pay, but he was yet to find anything even remotely interesting to him.

“Maybe you should broaden your search. Head over to Diagon Alley- they might have a few more advertisements up or even send an owl to Harry, he’d be able to get you a job within the week” she said, pouring herself a cup of tea before sitting in the seat across from Teddy.

“I don’t want Harry’s help. I want to be able to get a job myself otherwise it’ll seem like I can’t do anything for myself” Teddy frowned, closing his eyes and he ran his fingers through his hair.

“Well then, go to the Ministry yourself and check out the departments you’d like to work in- the receptionists could probably tell you about free spots” With this, Andromeda disappeared back into her bedroom.

“Okay then” Teddy sighed, following her up the stairs before getting changed into a pair of black pants and a nice shirt. He changed himself to have blonde hair, blue eyes- the appearance he usually used whenever he wanted to impress people. “Grandma, I’m heading out to the Ministry now” he called, grabbing his wand and pausing at the fireplace to wait for his grandmother to respond.

“Good luck” she called back, popping her head around the top of the stairs to send him a smile and a wave. Teddy nodded in response, grabbing a handful of Floo powder before throw it into the fire. Seconds later, he appeared in the main atrium of the Ministry of Magic- despite it being ten o’clock and therefore not a break time, it was still packed full of wizards and witches pushing their way through the crowds.

With a sigh, Teddy made his way into the mass of people and started to head for the elevators on the opposite side of the room. After being pushed in all directions he finally reached the elevators and pushed the button he required, before being joined by a middle aged man.

“Where are you heading?” he asked, sending Teddy an inquisitive look.

“I’m not sure yet, I’m looking for a job” Teddy replied truthfully, searching the list of all the departments on the map beside the elevator. The man continued to study Teddy before folding his arms over.

“Ever considered being an auror?” he asked and Teddy couldn’t help but chuckle slightly at this- Oh, how Harry would love him to be an auror. “What’s so funny about that?” The man asked with a tone that suggested he felt slightly insulted.

“Oh, it’s just that my godfather is an Auror, he would love me in his department” The man’s face broke into a smile before he chuckled slightly too.

“Who’s your godfather then?” Teddy smiled at the ground, now it was time for the answer that always blew everyone away.

“Harry Potter” he replied with a confident smirk, the man’s face fell for a second before he chuckled loudly- clasping Teddy on the shoulder.

“He sure would love you up there” he commented, laughter still seeping through his voice. “Say then, what’s your name?”

“Teddy Lupin” Teddy replied with a smile.

“Well then Teddy Lupin, I’m Davey Collins. Come look for me if you end up wanting to join our department” With this, Davey disappeared down the corridor leaving Teddy with a creepy old woman who was shooting him toothy grins. This was going to be a long day.

Finally, Teddy made his way up to the top floor of the Ministry of Magic- The Department of Mysteries was the only department that he had yet to check out. He didn’t know much about what lay inside the department, much like every other wizard. He knew Harry had been in there once, when he was fifteen and that his godfather- Sirius Black, one of Teddy’s father’s best friends had died in there. But Teddy was willing to give it a try.

“May I help you?” A quiet voice squeaked, causing Teddy to lose his footing and fall on his backside. “Oh, are you alright?” The same voice asked, Teddy blinked a few times before a little brown haired girl came into focus in front of him.

“Yeah, Sorry. I was just lost in my thoughts, you surprised me a little” He laughed, picking himself off the floor and dusting off his clothes.

“I’m so sorry!” The girl squeaked again, her eyebrows furrowing tightly together.

“It’s fine, honestly” Teddy said, rubbing his back slightly where he had fallen over. The girl still looked absolutely terrified and so Teddy decided to try and distract her so that she wouldn’t feel as bad. “Do you work in the Department of Mysteries? I’m looking for a job”

“Yes, Yes I do” The girl grinned, grabbing some papers out of a satchel that she was carrying- she handed them to Teddy and he managed to glimpse and them before she began to talk, ’How to become an Unspeakable’ one of them read. “Just read through those and send the head of the department an owl with your resume”

“I hope you’re not giving another reporter dirt on our plan to bring back time turners, I thought I’d told them all to see the Minister about it” A stern voice said and it was then that Teddy noticed a man who looked to be in about his fifties standing by a black door- the entrance, Teddy guessed. Despite this new man, Teddy could only think about the one thing- they were bringing Time Turners back?

Authors Note: And finally, we’re getting into the time travel- sort of. I know time turners probably seem a little cliché but this one will hopefully be a little different and besides the way of travelling doesn’t matter, it’s where Teddy is going to go. Well, you’ll all find that out in the next chapter so I’ll see you then!

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