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A Force Of Wills by Gabriella Hunter
Chapter 1 : Half and Half
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A/N: And, hello again! This is my third attempt that I could never get out of my mind and I hope you enjoy it because Draco Malfoy makes his grand appearance in my fanfiction! While I'm not completely a fan of his, I will say that it was fun to write him and I hope you all enjoy this first chapter and leave me a review! Anyway, please give me your thoughts and, as always, much love my friends.

 If there was a pit of hell that would welcome Astoria Greengrass into it with open arms then she would gladly leap into it.

The moment would spare her the agony of being near the horrid people that were going to be tainting her night later on but when no such hole appeared or no unearthly creature offered her the salvation she craved, her heart sank.

It seemed as though she would have to be spending her evening around people that she despised, people she loathed. To make matters worse, she would have to do it while wearing a tight dress that she couldn’t breathe in and feeling her toes pinching against her heels.

Why her parents insisted on treating her so cruelly would never be fully understandable to her. But she found that if she pitched herself out of her window, they would only want the dress back and hope that her blood hadn’t stained the satin material too badly.

These thoughts, while overdramatic and cruel couldn’t change the fact that she was currently trying to loosen the iron comb from stabbing her scalp. It was making her unbearably thick brown hair even more insufferable.

And it also couldn’t change the fact that she was already awaiting her father so that he could inspect her and her sister Emily and their older brother Scorpious to make sure that they were flawless, perfect and bitterly happy.

There was no reason for her not to be happy. The Greengrass family lived in a perfectly nice little home that was separated from any Muggle things and she had a nice garden out back that always bloomed healthy pink roses and gorgeous white ones.

And her parents never denied her much, so long as it was in the budget. Astoria and her siblings got along very well, though Scorpious had an attitude that suggested that if he could murder himself on the spot, he would do it in an instance.

Emily liked this sort of thing, parties and dances and zoos, because that was what this was and Astoria groaned inwardly and tried to salvage the remains of her scalp. “Would you stop fidgeting?” her sister asked sharply.

“I can’t help it, this thing is stabbing me.” Astoria complained and she could barely breathe for the tightness of her emerald satin gown.

It was so deeply green that it in the certain light it was black and she though that it was pretty. But if only her mother hadn’t insisted on her corset being so unbearably tight, she seemed to think that if she passed out over supper that she would land a mate.

Oh, sorry, this wasn’t a zoo. This was a farm and she was going to be passed around like a fresh plump cow to leering old men and their nasty sons until one of them took pity on her and married her.

When she could return to Hogwarts and lock herself in her dorm, her own private dorm in the far east of the school, would be a reprieve from this torture. She would happily drown herself once she got there.

The fact that she had a private dorm wasn’t nearly as luxurious as it sounded. And while she had hated it very much for the most part, it was still necessary for her safety because no one could find out her family’s secrets.

Emily took her long pale fingers to her hair and loosened the comb for her but as she did so, a few tendrils of her hair escaped, creating a wispy cloud around her pale face.

“There. Now that is lovely, simply lovely,” she said happily.

Astoria knew that the only thing lovely about her right now was her eyes, the only things that weren’t pinched or prodded or raw from ceaseless rubbing.

But even they were starting to ache, her eyelashes had been curled and she’d been stabbed in the eye with coal to make the violet tint in them stand out even more, “I’m not lovely.”

“You sure aren’t,” Scorpious suddenly said as he lounged against the wall, his blonde head bowed against his chest. “Take it from me, Stori. Being ugly will spare you.”

Emily glanced at Scorpious and gave him a frown, her own perfect blonde brows shooting up. “You’re not ugly by any means, Scorpious!” she said sternly, “it’s that ugly attitude of yours that’s keeping you from getting married!”

“Married,” Scorpious said with a sneer. “Merlin, I’ll take a knife to my vein before I ever even consider doing something like that with one of those stupid pureblood girls.”

Just then, their parents walked in though and he straightened up and smoothed out his black robes and probably died just as much as Astoria did. “You all look fantastic,” their father said happily while smoothing a hand over his own gleaming black hair.

Astoria watched as her mother placed her hand on his arm and smiled up at him in that way that could reduce any man to butter. When she tried to do it, she appeared constipated, “Wipe that horrible look from your face this instant, Astoria!”

“But Mum, we’re going over that insufferable prat’s mansion and my dress is too tight and I have the most unbearable itch between my—” Astoria trailed off as Scorpious roared with laughter. Emily just gave her a revolted stare. “I’ll try for your sake though, if it’ll please you.”

Dark green eyes narrowed dangerously but her mother noticed a stray lock of blonde hair and tucked it behind her ear. A diamond on her earlobe glittered and made Astoria’s eyes hurt when it hit the lantern light. “That’ll do, Astoria.” She said tightly. “Are we all ready then?”

“Yes, I believe so. We’ll just make it before they start getting seated for dinner and the children can relax and chat,” Astoria’s father said and she rolled her eyes a bit. Emily glared at her before they all clasped hands and Disapparated.

They would have traveled by Floo but Astoria’s mother hadn’t wanted their dresses to get dirty. Their house-elf would be arriving a second or so later with their coats, and hopefully a bottle of poison so Astoria could contemplate the afterlife.

It had been a bit chilly for an August night but Astoria had been planning on hiding underneath her coat and vanishing into a hallway. She’d planned on making herself comfortable in the closet and playing Exploding Snap with Scorpious.

But apparently that wasn’t going to happen tonight. Instead, they came to a sickening stop inside of Malfoy Manor and she felt her soul escaping her body as Lucius Malfoy and his pretty blonde wife crept up from around a corner, chatting in that phony way of theirs.

Astoria felt Scorpious twitch with some biting comment but it failed on his lips because there were a lot of people around. Their parents gave them both warning looks while Emily smiled and giggled a bit.

She was already catching attention from a group of pureblood boys that were loitering in a corner together, looking dark and sickly.

Astoria mentally killed herself and pitched herself from the highest window, imagining what her body would look like right when their father introduced them all. “…and I believe my youngest daughter goes to school with your son Draco, Lucius.” He was saying merrily.

Astoria felt her mother’s eyes boring into her skull and she smiled warmly, or as warmly as she could up at Lucius Malfoy, extending her hand. It was painted and filed and adorned with simple rings and she squirmed inwardly as he took it and pressed his lips to her knuckles.

Astoria had a feeling that he  might be enjoying it far more than she did, as he was a gentleman with the rags of a man on his body. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Ms. Greengrass.”

“Thank you,” Astoria whispered and she hoped that the flush to her cheeks wasn’t making her look as ill as she felt.

Mrs. Malfoy smiled thinly at her and she knew why she was gathering that look from her, out of a household of purebloods, Astoria was the only half-blood in the entire home. “My son Draco has never mentioned you very often. Do you not get on well enough at school?”

To say that they didn’t get along well in school would be saying that Scorpious was enjoying himself and Astoria smiled just as thinly back. “I’m afraid that we have different views while we’re at school. He enjoys his Quidditch and I find myself in the library more often than I’d like.”

This apparently seemed to soothe Mrs. Malfoy but her eyes darted over her figure a bit and then her face as if she found her repulsive.

Astoria felt her eyes narrowing with dislike for the woman and the celebration that they were having, the Dark Lord having resided right under this very roof on more than one occasion as he took his War to the next level.

She abhorred it deeply, as did her brother but Emily’s feelings were always muted. Whatever her feelings were had been shut down deeply as she tried to gather a good match in a marriage and Astoria had never disliked her more for it.

The name Greengrass had been synonymous with wealth and power, almost as much power as the Malfoy’s and the Blacks back in the day. But over time, greed and poor management had left them with a poor fortune. More of a river than the vast ocean it used to be.

Her family longed to worm its way back into the folds of pureblood society. But Astoria herself had never found it in herself to want it or need it, being half blood and therefore unable to really thrive on the advantages of a pureblood match.

The secrets and lies of her family ran very deep and she found being around these pompous fools very stifling and she tried not to flip the woman off under her pretty little nose. “The children are in Draco’s personal lounge if you’d like to get off your feet before supper.” Mrs. Malfoy said kindly, or as kindly as she could.

Astoria raised her upper lip in a grimace of a smile but Scorpious held out his arm for her as Emily floated away to some of her pureblood friends that she couldn’t stand. “I’ll escort you.” Her brother whispered.

They had been here on more than one occasion and Astoria had been in his personal lounge more than once and she had always found herself longing to sink into the floor. Or take the teapot and pour it over her head to bring some life into her numb scalp, “Merlin, thank you. I can’t stand that woman, she’s foul.”

“Indeed she is, but look at the extravagance!” Scorpious said, dripping disdain and foolishness and Astoria laughed a little.

The Manor was very large with three levels of floors and filled to the brim with opulence and grace and many things that she would never be able to afford.

Every inch of the slick marble floors sounded like bones as they walked down a corridor, portraits of past family members angling their heads at them.

The party was filled with many people and the chatter was infectiously nasty and Astoria saw silly women twittering their fans and men puffing out their chests.

It reminded her of those historical romances that she read from Muggle bookshops, against her parent’s wishes and she wondered why the Wizarding world tended to move so slowly, it was as if she were suddenly transported to the eighteenth century.

At someone else’s house, it would have been very entertaining. But she found it rather dull and if she didn’t get this dress off of her soon, she would fall face forward into her bowl of soup, though she doubted if she would drown.

“Will you stay with me and spare me the horror of being alone with Malfoy and his nasty little friends? His ego can grow so big that we’d suffocate.” Astoria said and her older brother laughed and she asked slyly, “or are you going to see your girlfriend?”

Scorpious had a Muggle girlfriend that lived in the city and showed him the wonders of movies and all of those other silly things that Astoria found herself liking. “I will so long as you don’t tell Mother and Father,” he said, adopting Malfoy’s arrogant tone perfectly and she giggled.

The giggle faltered as they came to the end of the hallway and heard laughter coming from a tall, heavy door, bright yellow light spilling out from the crack in the frame, like the entrance to Hell.

Laughter was filtering from it and Astoria felt her upper lip rising as she imagined the imps that were loitering on the inside. “Well at least you’ll be having a fun time.”

Scorpious grinned. “I’ll take you with us to the movies and then to a theme park some other time but you know how mum and dad are gunning for you and Emily to make a good match.” They wanted him to make a good match as well with pretty pureblood girls but he had made his attempt at that very well- known.

Astoria inhaled a bit, which was hard to do in the condition that her ribs were in as her brother pushed the door open to find a large, elegantly wrapped room.

It was packed with Malfoy and his friends, eight of them in all and dressed to perfection in dress robes and expensive gowns. Most of the people here she hated from school.

They were chatting and talking to one another, pompously seated in leather armchairs or other utensils in the room. Parkinson was lying on a chaise with her legs drawn up and a smile on her pug-like face and Astoria groaned, perhaps too loudly because Malfoy angled his head at them.

He had had his back to them as he’d talked to Crabbe and Goyle, two of the biggest, nastiest Death Eater children around and that Zabini boy.

Scorpious sneered around at Theodore Nott as he sat in an armchair, his hands gripping a stem of wine as he eyed some other girl that Astoria didn’t know. And for a moment she studied, her noting her short brown hair and the brilliant sheen of her green eyes.

She looked familiar but there was another girl with very red hair eyeing Zabini with interest and she frowned with distaste.

Astoria didn’t know who she was either, most of the people she hated on sight but she had never bothered to learn many of their names when they were too busy trying to bully her but she had heard rumors about this girl.

Boys had leered that she was a very experienced and pleasing pastime. Astoria shuddered a bit and took in her slinky purple gown and the length of leg that she was showing off, her body seated lazily in a throne-like chair.

Malfoy sneered. “Well, well. I was wondering what that smell was.”

“Might be your natural scent Malfoy.” Scorpious replied kindly and Astoria giggled behind her hand and saw Malfoy’s eyes glance at her, filled with hatred. “Touch one hair on her head and I’ll flay you alive, every last one of you and I’d enjoy wiping that smug grin off your face for a change.”

There was a thick silence because while he smiled, his eyes were as hard as granite and Astoria felt quite safe.

Eventually though, Malfoy angled his head in a way that suggested that she would be in one piece physically when he returned and Scorpious smiled down at her, raised her hand and kissed her knuckles.

 “You know what to do if you need me.” Scorpious whispered and she nodded.

Astoria allowed her fingers to slide from his as he sauntered away.

She watched his gleaming blonde hair shining in the light from the fireplace, which was so large that it seemed to stretch to the ceiling.

It must have gotten chillier outside for it to be lit and she jumped just a little as the door clicked closed. Her brother’s mind was on the girl that he had fallen in love with and she felt a bit of envy, knowing that she would have no such luck.

An ugly silence issued and her scalp was burning, the corset taking what little oxygen she had away. “Sit down then, Half and Half.” Malfoy sneered at her when she simply stood on the elegant Persian carpet and mentally hung herself.

“I wish that you would stop calling me that, Malfoy. It makes your inner evil shine each time,” Astoria murmured delicately and she walked further into the room.

It had an unnerving sense of debauchery and sensuality hanging around it. Everything was cleverly packaged and adorned with expensive objects and materials to cover up the fact that Malfoy probably did very inappropriate things here.

If the rumors were true and Emily had heard quite a few of them, he had had quite a few experiences on that chaise that Parkinson was on. And on the windowsill to that ridiculously large window that was showing the chilly night outside.

And probably on that armchair that Nott was sitting in and most likely on the carpet where their elegant feet rested. Astoria knew that every single wall had his stain on them somehow; she herself had caught him hiking some girl up against one the last time she’d been here.

It had been quite embarrassing.

She’d thought that she’d been escaping the horror of his parents and the leering old men; she’d sought this horrible room out as sanctuary. But she had turned round and saw a lot more of him than she had wanted to and ever since then she had wanted to keep her distance.

Not only had it been mortifying to see, but Malfoy had kept his dirty little eyes on her even more than he did already at school.

Arrogantly, he thought that his charm, wealth and appearance was enough to sway her but passion was his main weapon, thinking that that would be able to get her to talk about her secrets.

Astoria was scared of that sort of thing and she would never find herself wrapped up in the arms of Malfoy so long as she was living and breathing.

The very thought made her want to gag; the type of man that she wanted was so very different. He would most likely be Muggle-born.

Handsome with dark hair to match hers and a nice smile and he would buy her books and take her on long trips over every scrap of the country and spoil her rotten, amazing her with gentle kisses and tender caresses that made her float on a cloud, as the Muggles say.

But Malfoy made her want to strangle herself.

His touch was slimy and his mouth had been on far too many things for her liking. “Are you going to sit down or not?” Malfoy jeered and she glared at him. “My God, you’re gaping and fawning like you’ve never been in a room this large before.”

“I was merely considering strangling myself Malfoy and now you’ve broken my concentration. You should be ashamed of yourself,” Astoria snapped and watched as the other’s raked her dress, her hair, her face and her shape, as if she were a prime piece of steak.

Parkinson sneered and Astoria studied her for a moment, knowing that she was very rich, supposedly an only child of very cruel parents, seeming to think that her wealth gained her a bit of an upper hand on lowly mortals such as herself. “Half and Half,” she said jeeringly.

“Ms. Pug, as charming as ever,” Astoria snarled back and that effectively put her in her place, being known far and wide as no beauty.

The other girl pursed her lips meanly as she settled herself on a little chair near Blaise Zabini, he was tall and dark and handsome but Astoria ignored him, now wondering how it would feel if she slit her wrists.

“I’m surprised that your family was invited.” Nott said smoothly as he angled his dark blonde head at her. Astoria had always found his light brown eyes to be slightly unnerving, as if they were empty of a soul, “I thought they were only inviting wealthy families, Draco.”

That stung but she knew that his own family would be suffering from debt. It would happen as soon as his mother learned that his father was busy gambling their fortune away.

Astoria knew this because her father had told them about it over dinner, sounding quite pitying about their fate. He was very kind that way but she merely pursed her lips now, her head hurting painfully. “I suppose Father has to take a bit of pity where he can.” Malfoy said calmly while running his eyes unnervingly down the length of her throat.

Zabini grunted something and relaxed in the armchair that he was sitting in, his long fingers stroking the material of the arm. Astoria had never spoken to him or had heard him talk much but he changed the topic almost as if she weren’t there at all.

“Before we were interrupted, we were having a conversation, weren’t we?” he asked and she had a feeling that he had found the previous talk rather dull and beyond his control. “Go on, Draco about the Dark Lord,”

Astoria felt revulsion bubbling inside of her and saw Malfoy take his eyes away from her throat before saying pompously. “He’s settled quite nicely in with us, as you know, Blaise.” He said pointedly and Zabini sneered, “Father says that we have to keep a lot of our meetings a secret because we’d never know who’s really a spy and who’s really loyal.”

Parkinson simpered a bit. Astoria loathed stupid women and rolled her eyes, heaved a sigh that made Zabini’s finger cease their stroking of the arm of his chair, a smirk coming across his mouth. “But you have to tell us something Draco. We’re all friends here!” Parkinson said and then her eyes flickered to Astoria, “at least, some of us are.”

“I’m envious of your friendship, my apparent jealousy is written all over my face.” Astoria said calmly while looking at her nails and hoping that the nail polish wouldn’t be too much of a burden to have magically removed later. “Go on, Malfoy, woo me.”

For some reason, the words caused a flush to spread to his cheeks and Nott thumped his hands on his legs and said wearily. “I’ve had enough with business for one night, Draco.” His eyes were on that other pureblood girl as he said loudly, “Let’s play a game!”

Astoria wondered what poison tasted like.

Malfoy looked put out that the attention had been taken from him but a cunning smile formed over his face and he rubbed idly at his chin before suggesting. “Let’s play hide-and-go-seek.” Astoria snorted with a laugh that she hastily covered up when Zabini glanced at her, his dark eyes twinkling just a little.

Apparently though, the game was one that they had played quiet often and Parkinson clapped happily to herself and sat upright on the chaise. The low cut of her gown was displaying far too much in her opinion.

It was a nasty looking pink that reminded her of dead, pink flesh.

Her head was pounding, distracting her and Astoria grappled with the comb in her hair and tried to nudge it looser. She succeeded and her hair came almost undone, heavy locks falling onto her sweaty neck.

“Draco, are you all right?” Parkinson asked and Astoria looked up to see that his eyes had become dark and heavy. The sight of them on her hair made her recoil with terror, “perhaps you’re very eager for the game.”

Malfoy snapped out of his thoughts and smiled a bit and Astoria had a feeling that that was what demons smirked like. “I am, actually. We can play after supper is over and the adults are busy but try not to give us away, Pansy.” He said and Astoria raised her upper lip.

“It wasn’t my fault last time!” Parkinson said fiercely and Nott laughed. “I was too excited you’d catch me and I had no idea that my parents were listening in when I’d made that unladylike comment.”

Astoria didn’t want to know what the comment had been. It made Crabbe and Goyle grunt with laughter and she knew that it couldn’t be anything good.

Zabini didn’t look too interested in playing either and he said, “I’m out this time, Draco. I’d rather hear about it afterward.”

“Scared, Blaise?” Malfoy asked with a superior sneer.

“Scared of what?” Zabini asked threateningly.

Malfoy angled his head at Astoria. “Of getting a match that you don’t want? We can’t have our dirty little intruder tainting that family tree,” he said in a whisper and Astoria glared at him and watched as his eyes flicked to her mouth before he turned away. “I’ve never known you to pass up an opportunity."

“I’ll play then.” Zabini said tightly while the red head in the room moved closer to the group, “you as well, Samantha Travers? Your father isn’t going to be too pleased.” He said to her and she smiled at him promisingly.

Travers…Astoria thought with disgust. That was a name that she had heard quite often from her fathers’ contacts, her father was a Death Eater and had had a nasty habit of murdering his wives shortly after they were married to get his claws on their dowry.

Samantha Travers had that same calculating evil in her and she smiled prettily, her eyes twinkling like faux jewels. “My father doesn’t have to know everything that I do, Blaise. And you’ll see that I can be a very good sport,” she purred and Astoria felt bile in her throat.

Malfoy glanced at the girl with disinterest and Astoria knew that he had a hatred for anyone with red hair. The entire Weasley family sported it nicely and they were known to be blood traitors. “I meant Greengrass,” he said dryly.

Zabini looked away from Travers with barely concealed disgust. “I see,” he said to Malfoy, “we can’t have that happening no matter how much we want it, now can we?” he asked pointedly.

Malfoy flushed a bit pink at this but it was from annoyance. “True,” he said crisply and in a warning tone that caused Crabbe and Goyle to sneer at each other. “Well?” he asked Zabini.

Astoria wondered what the tension between them was all about but she had a feeling that Zabini despised Malfoy and that caused her to smirk a bit, she apparently was not the only one.

She looked at Zabini and saw that his eyes were running over her critically, going to her heaving chest and then back to her face. “Are you in, Greengrass?” he whispered.

If her parents found out that she had stabbed them in the eye with the heels of her shoes, they would disown her so she said, for their sakes. “Yes,” though she intended on being very, very far away.

Malfoy’s lips tilted upwards in a challenging sneer before he stood up and stretched, Astoria wondering why someone had blessed him with such a nice physique that he didn’t deserve. Tall and strapping and she supposed that his father had appeared just so before he had starting sinking his teeth into every vulnerable woman in the area.

 “Let me get the bag.” He said while walking to a large bookshelf and moving aside some novels and reaching into a small hole, “if my parents found out how we spend our evenings, they’ll stop letting me have you all over.”

Astoria looked over warily to see a small bag in his hands that he rattled around, the red fabric appearing like a bloody and bleeding heart, tied off with a gold string.

Malfoy sauntered back over to the eager group and opened it and took out a small, square piece of wood that was colored a deep black, “Now, for those of you who don’t know what the game really is, I’ll waste my time explaining it.”

Every eye turned to her and her brow quirked and she fanned herself a bit, wanting the corset strings to be loosened. The powder room would have house-elves and she could have them take it loose for her so she wouldn’t drown in pea soup, “Go on,” she said dryly.

Malfoy’s eyes were on her for a while longer after everyone else had looked away and she felt as if ghosts were doing a waltz on her spine.

He held up the black piece of wood, “Now, this is just a simple matching tool. Each piece of wood is a different color with a different instruction on the back. This one says, “bite”,” he said cheekily and Parkinson and her other friend giggled. “The mate to it will be blank.”

“Why?” Astoria demanded. “So the other person has to allow some random stranger to sink their teeth into them and not fight back?” she asked hotly.

Nott leaned forward in his chair and she saw his dark eyes going over her, as if taking in her scent and she recoiled. “I smell a virgin in the room. Now it really gets interesting.”

Astoria wondered how quickly she could contact Scorpious.

Emily would be too busy flirting and giggling to save her and she wondered if she had ever played this game before. “That is apparently the object of the game, Greengrass.” Malfoy said calmly, “if you get caught by the person who has the instruction then you have to let them have their way.”

“But that’s wrong!” Astoria cried. Parkinson laughed and Nott gave her a look, “you’re all mental!” it was almost so disgusting that she couldn’t grasp that she was even in the same room with them.

Malfoy rattled the bag. “Scared?” Astoria frowned at him and felt herself blushing. “You said that you were in, so you’re in, Half and Half. And you’d better pray that Goyle doesn’t get you. He likes to chew,” he said and the boy laughed a little, as if he found it very funny.

Astoria would make sure that she was far from the room and turned her nose up at him and tried to say with some dignity. “I’ll play, Malfoy. You don’t scare me.”

Zabini gave her a pitying look as Malfoy rattled the bag again, placing the black piece back inside and shaking it up rather well.

Parkinson and her friend were bouncing in their seats and Astoria hoped that she didn’t get a girl, they were all so mental, all so horribly twisted in the head, “All right,” Malfoy murmured silkily as he opened the bag and held it out to Nott, “you first, mate.”

“Let me get “suck”, I love getting that one.” Nott said as he waggled his brows and Astoria reeled away in her seat, hoping against all that was holy that she wouldn’t match his color. When he reached inside of the bag, he pulled out a pink piece and frowned, ““tickle”?” he read annoyingly.

Malfoy laughed a bit and held out the bag to the unknown girl in the room and said. “C’mon Mary, your sister Millicent is all the way outside chatting it up with Rowle. She can’t save you this time.” he whispered.

Astoria had a feeling that she was younger than they were, explaining somewhat why she hadn’t really recognized her but the name Bulstrode reminded her of pain.

Mary Bulstrode didn’t look at all like her bull-like sister and she recalled that Emily had whispered to her that their mother had had an affair before she had been born, which would explain her shocking appearance.

Regardless, the two girls were daughters of Death Eaters as well and she paled considerably as the girl reached inside and took out a purple piece.

Nott frowned deeply and Mary Bulstrode looked at it and pouted, “It’s blank.  Apparently my fate us up to someone else tonight, Draco,”

Malfoy smiled in a pitying way before holding the bag over to Parkinson and she reached eagerly inside of it and pulled out a pink piece and frowned. “Not again!” she said and Nott rolled his eyes and sank into his seat, not very pleased with this turn of events.

Zabini sighed wearily and Astoria felt his eyes on her hair and she glanced up at him and narrowed her eyes warningly. A grin was playing across his mouth, “Scared?” he whispered.

“Bite me, Zabini.” Astoria hissed back.

“Careful, you may get your wish.” Zabini whispered back with a little wink that caused her to wonder if someone were being tortured several miles away.

Before she could answer him, there was a loud bark of a laugh. “Purple, Crabbe!” Malfoy suddenly crowed and Mary Bulstrode looked very nervous and sickly. “What’s it say?”

““Touch”,” Crabbe said in his surprisingly quiet voice, though it was by no means gentle.

Astoria felt very sorry for Mary Bulstrode.

Malfoy turned to Samantha Travers and she smiled at him a bit before reaching into the bag and taking out the black piece from earlier. “I was hoping to get that one myself,” he murmured and Astoria felt spiders moving under her skin.

Shaking the bag a bit, he turned to Zabini and watched as his eyes glanced warily between Astoria and Travers, a nasty frown on his face.

Astoria watched as Zabini smiled thinly at him before reaching inside and pulling out the matching black piece. “Shit,” he whispered.

“I just noticed that we don’t have enough girls,” Malfoy said, there being only four girls and five boys in the room. He looked thoughtful but just then, the door opened and Millicent Bulstrode strolled in, larger than a normal woman should be and Astoria recoiled in revulsion as she stomped over. “Ah, we were just talking about you.”

“Not that game again,” Bulstrode said dryly.

Malfoy winked at her and held the bag up. “Come on. Try your luck.”

Bulstrode said with a slight smirk that made her wide mouth look like a frog’s smile. “I’ll play just this one time because I’m bored and it seems like Mary’s already gotten into it.” She sounded disapproving before she reached her beefy hand into the bag and pulled out a red blank and frowned a little, “I hope it’s not “nibble” this time.”

Goyle was looking quite nervous and Astoria didn’t really blame him a bit for it and Malfoy held out the bag under his nose and said with a smile. “Test your fate, Greg,”

Astoria watched as Goyle reached inside and pulled out the matching red piece and groaned irritably. “It is “nibble”” he said and Bulstrode kicked at the floor and made herself look all the more mannish.

Malfoy now turned to her.

The bag was rattling around in his hand and she could hear two more pieces and knew that no matter what she got, she would not enjoy it. For a moment she considered taking herself elsewhere and fleeing.  

But there was a nasty look in his eye.

As if he could read her mind and he smiled challengingly and watched as she reached inside the bag, wondering if she would be bitten or struck down before pulling out a simple white piece.

She looked at it, feeling it chipping into her fingers and it looked very well used and she frowned before Malfoy reached inside and pulled out the match. 

Parkinson frowned and then asked curiously, “They change each time. What did you get, Draco?”

Astoria felt her fingers burning  and she found herself getting very dizzy and wondered if she were going to faint.

But Malfoy smiled happily, holding up the white piece and twirling it around in his hands as if he were already stroking her skin and she felt bile rising in her throat as his grey eyes flicked devilishly to her violet ones. “Aren’t you in for a treat, Half and Half?” he purred. “You get to be kissed tonight.”

A/N: And a very helpful reviewer told me to change just a few things and now that I have, I hope you enjoyed the first chapter! It will be a while until the next chapter because I have another story to bless with a fourth chapter so hold in there! Much love, as always.




















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