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The Madness That is My Life by frini19
Chapter 9 : The Madness of My Alter Ego Candi
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I scanned the library for him. He had to be in here he was always in here. When I didn't see him, I just walked toward the back of the library. Knowing him, he was probably at the very back.

I knew he had to be in here. He was always studying. He was like the male version of Rose, which was why he was perfect.

When I got to the back I didn't see him. But then a suddenly, I saw his head of dark brown, nearly black hair. I ran over to him and slammed my bag onto the table. He looked up, annoyed.

"Hi Ryan!" I said to him, as I sat down.

"Addie," he said seriously. "How can I help you?"

"Now Ryan," I said, copying his serious tone. "Is that anyway to greet your amazing, beautiful and wonderful cousin?" Ryan's serious façade broke and he let out an easy grin. "There's the Ryan Greengrass I know and love."

Ryan Greengrass was Astoria's brother's son. He was a year a head of Scorpius and I and in Ravenclaw. I loved him. He was tied for my favorite cousin with Scorpius. They were my only cousins, so I couldn't pick a favorite.

"And here is the amazing Addie Malfoy I know and love," he said. "And though I love her, she tends to only talk to me when she needs something."

I played mock hurt. "Ryan, I am hurt. How could you think that?" Ryan raised his eyebrows, not believing a word I said. I dropped the act. "Well you're in Ravenclaw for a reason. I need you're help."

"With what?" Ryan said, setting down his quill.

"I need you to flirt with Rose." Ryan opened his mouth to object but I stopped him. "Just flirt with her, take her on a date anything to make Scorpius jealous and finally grow the guts to ask her out."

"Well as much as I would love to see Scorpius and Rose finally get together," Ryan said. "But I think we both know that I can't do this."

"No Ryan, you're perfect for it!" I begged. I needed him to agree. If he didn't agree then the entire plan would go back to square one. "Without you there's no way they'll ever be together and have adorable little babies together."

"As much as I would hate for that not to happen," Ryan said. "Addie we both know why I'm the wrong person." I gave him a blank look, acting like I didn't know. "Addie," he said looking around. "I'm gay."

I knew that. I was the only person who knew, since he came out this summer to me.

"That's why you're perfect!" I exclaimed. I received glares from people near us. "You can flirt with her, you can woe her but you won't fall for her! Scorpius will get jealous but it won't matter because you won't even be falling for her because you like boys!"

"I can't do it," he said, shaking his head. "I don't even know how to woe a girl."

I gave him a look of disbelief. " Between your fourth and your sixth year you had at least 20 girlfriends. I think you can get one more."

Ryan seemed to be thinking of more reasons as to why he couldn't do it. "But Scorpius won't believe it."

"And why wouldn't he?" I said. "Unless you told him your secret then there's no way that he would know."

"Ugh..." Ryan said thinking.

"Please Ryan?" I said giving him the puppy dog eyes. "Pretty, pretty please?"

"Shit not the puppy dog eyes," Ryan said. He tried avoiding my eyes.

"Please Ryan?"

"," Ryan said in defeat.

"Yes!" I yelled and pumped my fist in triumph. This made me receive even more glares and people even got up and left.

Whatever. Clearly their gay cousin had never agreed to help make their other cousin jealous.

Ryan put his face in his hands. "I can't believe I just agreed to that."

I launched myself at him, throwing my arms around his neck and sitting on his lap. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

Ryan put his arms around my waist to hug me back. "What if Scorpius tries to beat me up?" He snuggled into my hair as if it could be used as a protection shied from Scorp. (It probably could too. I have about 50 billion pounds of hair.)

"He won't!" I said. "Thank you so much Ryan!"

"Um Addie?" Said a voice from behind us.

I let go of Ryan and turned on his lap, and saw Caleb standing there. He had an angry and jealous look on his face. Which I didn't understand.

But then I realized how bad this looked. To me, I was just sitting on my gay cousin's lap and hugging him because he agreed to help me. But what Caleb saw was very different. He saw his girlfriend sitting on some guys lap and hugging him as if her life depended on it.

Maybe the look on his face was understandable.

I got up and went to greet my boyfriend with a kiss. "Hi."

"Hi," Caleb said back.

"I have someone I want you to meet," I said and brought him over to where Ryan was sitting. "Caleb, this is my wonderful cousin Ryan Greengrass."

Caleb seemed to relax when I said cousin, probably relieved that I wasn't cheating on him (which was dumb...I could barely get Caleb to like me how could I possibly get another one to?) He stuck his hand out to shake Ryan's. "Caleb Adams."

"So your the boyfriend," Ryan said as he shook Caleb's hand. "I'm surprised Scorpius let you date her. Normally he won't even let boys within a five foot radius of Addie."

Caleb smiled and slipped an arm around my waist. "Yeah, well, I guess he approves."

I put a fake smile on my face, ignoring the huge lie Caleb told. But it was not Caleb's fault, he didn't know that Scorpius absolutely positively did not approve.

When I told Scorpius that Caleb was my boyfriend, he flipped. We were in the Common Room and he scared a bunch of youngins by yelling at me, threatening to beat Caleb up, breaking a vase and throwing a chair (he denied he had anger management issues.) Rose managed to calm him down, after failed attempts by Louis and Albus, and dragged him down to the lake. (She grabbed his hand and pulled him! It was really exciting because she never does that! *Sigh* they're so getting married.) Once at the lake, Scorpius took out his anger and frustrations by punching a tree until it died while Rose read on a nearby rock. Once Scorpius killed the tree (not actually but the tree wasn't in good shape) he sat next to Rose on the rock and she used a spell to get all the splinters out. Then they sat there, talking for a while and once Rose was absolutely sure that Scorpius was not going to go on a killing spree, did she let him come back up to the castle. That night at dinner, Scorpius sat next to Rose and when Caleb came over, he even made small talk with him. This made him receive a smile and pat on the hand from Rose. It was really cute.

Ryan, knowing Scorpius just as well as I did, didn't believe that Scorpius was okay with me having a boyfriend. "Well that's good. Do you mind if I keep your girlfriend until dinner, Caleb?"

"Nope, she's all yours," Caleb said as he turned to me. "See you at dinner?"

"I don't know, I may have a date," I said teasingly. I kissed him. "Bye."

"Bye," Caleb said and as soon as he was out of our section, I sat back down.

"Ads, I must say that you have one nice looking boyfriend there," Ryan said. I laughed at the comment, thinking about how over the summer we would go boy hunting together and he had a lot of trouble saying he found boys attractive. "But there's no way in hell that Scorpius was okay with it."

"He wasn't," I said. "He yelled at me, threatened to beat him up, broke a vase, kicked a chair and nearly killed a tree. Rose was the only person who could calm him down."

"Good ol' Rose. Only she can manage Scorpius' temper," Ryan said. "Although she has quite a temper on her too."

"Yeah, but I think that's why she can handle Scorpius," I said. "Her father is Ron Weasley, practically king of having a temper. In my opinion, it's just more proof that they should be together."

"Makes sense. Now speaking of tempers," Ryan said leaning toward me. "I'm surprised that Caleb is your boyfriend."

"How does that relate to tempers in anyway?" I asked confused.

"Because I always thought that you and that boy over there would get together," he said nodding behind me. I turned around and saw Albus working at a table a little ways away from us.

And damn did he look good.

I tried to act like I didn't find him attractive and turned back to Ryan. "Albus? No. Not happening. Ever."

Ryan raised his eyebrows. "Really?"

"Yes really!" I said, maybe a little too defensively.

"Well someone is a little defensive," Ryan said. Merlin he was annoying. He was no longer tied for first favorite cousin. He was getting bumped down to second aka LAST. Ha. Take that Ryan. "Addie, it's okay to have feelings for the bloke."

"I do not have feelings for Albus!" I said, becoming greatly annoyed with him. "He's the rudest, most arrogant, annoying, mean and dumb jackarse in this entire school!"

"You forgot attractive," Ryan said nonchalantly.

"Yes! He's the most attractive, rudest- Hey!" I said glaring at Ryan. "He's not that attractive."

Ryan raised one eyebrow. "Really Addie? Look at him."

I looked back at Albus and had to agree with Ryan. But he couldn't know that. "I've seen better."

"Addie, you forgot that I spent the entire summer boy scoping with you," he said. "I know when you find a boy attractive."

"You're dumb," I said.

"And you're a liar," Ryan said simply. "I hate to break it to you but Albus is a lot more attractive then your boyfriend. And you know it."

I was tempted to argue with him. To tell him that he must be blind if he thinks that Albus was hotter than Caleb. But I couldn't. Because he was right.

Ryan chuckled. "From the look on your face I'm going to assume you agree with me." I didn't say anything. He got up and started packing his stuff. "When you break Caleb's heart because you realize what everyone is saying about how you and Albus feel about each other is true, let me know. Maybe he'll switch teams." I laughed and watched as he slung his bag over his shoulder. "I'll get started on the plan tomorrow."

I smiled. "Thanks Ryan."

"Anything for you babe," Ryan said, winking at me.

He was perfect for the plan.

I gathered up my stuff and put it all into my bag and got up to leave. However, when I turned around I ran right into someone, knocking their book and paper out of their hands and hitting my head against their chest. (A very toned chest...this boy clearly worked out.)

"Sorry!" I said and bent down to pick everything up. I handed it back to them.

"It's fine," Albus said.

Of course I ran into Albus. Of. Fucking. Course.

"Hey," I said to him.

"Hey," he said back. "Haven't seen you too much lately."

"Uh, yeah I've been busy," I lied. In truth I was avoiding him. I'm not sure why but I think it has to do with the fact that while we were bickering (not arguing!) I wanted to kiss him. Which wasn't a good feeling to have when you were dating someone else.

"Figured," Albus said. "First few days with the new boyfriend are always time consuming."

"Yep," I said. "It's strange having a boyfriend."

"I'm sure," Albus said, seemingly annoyed. "Especially one as awesome as Caleb."

I glared at his sarcastic tone. "What's with you Potter?"

"Nothing," he said. "I'm fine."

"Good," I said. "I mean considering the fact that you and Ericson were looking rather cozy at the Three Broomsticks, I would hate for her boyfriend to be in a bad mood."

"She's not my girlfriend," Albus said. I ignored the wave of happiness that coursed through my body.

"Well you sure send her mixed messages," I said back.

Albus put on his jerk smirk. "Why? You jealous that she was close to me and you weren't?" Albus took a step closer to me.

Dammit I didn't know so many butterflies could be in my stomach.

"You wish," I said. "I have a great boyfriend who is so much better than you."

"Really?" Albus said. "Pretty sure that you and that Hufflepuff have zero sexual tension."

"And you would know all about sexual tension wouldn't you?" I asked Albus. For the heck of it, I grabbed his arm and pulled him to a corner. I grabbed his tie and started playing with it. "I mean Albus Potter can have sexual tension with anyone right?"

"Yeah," he said, his eyes never leaving mine. "There's only one that's constant though."

"The lucky girl," I said and rubbed his arms. I had no idea where any of this was coming from. It must have been my slutty alter ego Candi. I ran my hand down his muscular arms and grabbed his hand and lead it to my waist. "The sexual tension must be amazing. Just imagine the passion that kiss would have."

"Oh I have," Albus said. He brought his other arm around my waist and picked me up and turned us so that now I was the one with my back against the bookshelf and he was the one in control if whatever game we were playing. "But this girl has a boyfriend. And I don't think she likes him that much."

I rubbed my hands against his chest. "Really? What makes you think that?" I opened the first button on his shirt. Ooh nice move Candi, you slut you.

"Because she's here with me and not with her boyfriend."

I looked up and met his eyes. That was the game changer. That was where I could either go with my hormones and kiss him as they were screaming at me to do, ending the game by both of us winning. Or I could do what Candi was telling me to do, which was to win this game.

And I liked winning.

I put one of my hands on the side of his face, the other one resting right on his belt. I pushed myself up onto my tiptoes and kissed his neck. I worked my way around his neck until I reached his ear. Albus' grip on my waist tightened and he pulled me as close to him as possible.

I kissed his earlobe. A small moan came from his lips. I smirked the Malfoy smirk. "Enjoying this aren't you? Well here's a tip," I whispered in his ear. "Sexual tension is best when it's left unresolved. Sorry, sucker. But my boyfriend is waiting for me."

And with that I let go of him, pushed him off me, and walked out of the library. I didn't look back once.

I should've been a Slytherin.

The next week was the first Quidditch game of the season. It was Hufflepuff against Ravenclaw and as the girlfriend of the Hufflepuff keeper, I was obligated to go.

"No, no, no, no!" Rose said from across from me at breakfast that morning. "For the one hundredth time no!"

Unfortunately Rose wasn't.

"Please?" I said, pulling the sleeves of Caleb's old Hufflepuff jacket back. "Please come with me so that I won't be alone."

"Malfoy I doubt she's going to go," Albus said rudely. He hadn't been very nice to me since in the library.

"Please Rosie, please I'll do anythi-"

"Hey Rose," my wonderful cousin came over, much to the annoyance of my other cousin. Scorpius glared at Ryan. For the past few days, Ryan had been doing an excellent job of flirting with Rose and Scorpius was definitely noticing. "You going to the game?"

"No she's not," Scorpius said, growling. I don't really like being next to him when he's growling. It's scary.

"Yeah mate not obvious at all that you like her," Louis mumbled under his breath. Alice giggled and he slung his arm around her shoulders. I think Alice just became a tomato.

"Actually," Rose said, glaring at Scorpius. "I think I will go."

"Good," Ryan said, with a cool smile. "You better be rooting for Ravenclaw. We're the best even though my idiot cousin seems to think otherwise." He eyed my sweatshirt and I could tell he was getting an idea. He took off his Ravenclaw sweatshirt and gave it to Rose. "Here, wear this to show your loyalty."

Rose smiled. "Okay."

"I'll save you and Addie seats in the middle ground," Ryan said. He walked away and Rose slipped on his jacket with a smile.

"Are you fucking kidding me Rose?" Scorpius said. "My fucking cousin?"

Rose glared at him. "There's nothing going on. He just gave me his jacket to wear to the game."

"Yeah and pretty soon he'll be giving you his shirts to wear after you've fucked!" Scorpius yelled. "My cousin is one of the biggest players at this school! He's probably hooked up with majority if the girls in his year!"

Oh. Well. Ryan was doing his job very, very well since Scorpius was very, very jealous.

"Oh is that where you learned how to play girls?" Rose yelled back. "Besides don't even talk to me about my choices. Must I remind you of your date last week? She's the biggest slag in the entire school! But then again you probably just wanted to get some anyway so it didn't matter!"

"Yeah well at least I'm not being stupid!" Scorpius said. "There's only one reason that Ryan would be doing this and that's because he wants to get in your pants! There's no way in hell he actually likes you!"

Rose's face fell. She looked like she was about to cry. "Are you saying it's impossible for him to like me? That the only reason he, or anyone could like me is to get into my pants?"

Scorpius looked taken aback. "No that's not at all what-"

"Well Scorpius, it's good to see that you think I'm so unbearable that no guy could ever like me. It's good to know that I don't need to worry about you ever having feelings for me beyond friendship." Rose had tears in her eyes. "Why do you even care what I do anyway? Since all I ever am and will be to you is a friend, I think there's nothing wrong with me trying to find someone to be with." She stood up. "I'm sorry I'm so intolerable Scorpius. I'll leave so you won't be in my presence any longer."

Rose rushed out of the Great Hall, but not before I saw a tear run down her face.

Scorpius put his head in his hands. "That's not what I meant," he whispered, more to himself then anyone else.

Alice rubbed his back soothingly. "We know. Cleary you fancy her so you would be jealous when your own cousin flirting with her."

"Yeah and apparently you turn into an asshole," Louis bit the meat off his fork. "I would've thought you learned from Al that pissing a girl off doesn't make her fall for you."

Okay, seriously who was this girl Albus can't seem to win over because he was a douche?

From all the information I've gathered it seems like it was me but that was dumb. Why would he like me?

We have sexual tension. That was it. Not like Rose and Scorpius where they have EXTREME amounts of sexually tension and were madly in love.

Al glared at Louis. "Girls are bitches anyway. Always teasing, even when they shouldn't be."

Well now this was a tad awkward. He seemed to think the girl in the library was me. But it wasn't. It was Candi. She was a whore.

"Alice why don't we check on Rose?" I said and got up. I looked at Scorpius, who still had his head in his hands, probably mentally beating himself up for being an idiot. I hugged him from behind, looping my arms around his neck and pressing my chest to his back (not in a weird way, we're cousins for Merlin's sake!) "She'll be okay."

"I'm such an idiot," he said into his hands.

I kissed his head. "You wouldn't be the Scorpius I love if you weren't."

Alice and I left the great hall in search of Rose.

"Scorpius is such an idiot," Alice said as we headed up the stairs.

"He was pissed off and jealous," I said. "Not a good combination for Scorp."

"He still didn't need to say that," Alice said.

"He always says dumb stuff," I said as we approach the Common Room. "Rose knows that and shouldn't have taken it to heart."

"The boy she's been in love with since first year said the only reason a boy would like her was so he could get into her pants." Alice raised her eyebrows at me. "I'm pretty sure anyone would react that way."

"Scorpius is such an idiot," I murmured.

"Hey wait," Alice said and pulled me to the side corridor. "What's up you and Al? You guys haven't been on the best terms lately."

"Nothing's going on," I said. But Alice gave me The Mum Look.

The Mum Look was scary. It made you tell the truth. Her kids (hopefully with Louis) won't get away with anything.

"Ugh..." I said. "Well...we were talking in a corner of the library about sexual tension and my slutty alter ego Candi arrived and I kissed his neck and his earlobe-well I didn't, that was Candi-and then he seemed like he really liked it and then I left. Candi is a bitch as well as a whore."

Alice shook her head. "Well that would explain it," she said quietly. But then she addressed me, in full mum mode. "Addie you can't play with people's feelings. I don't care if it was you or Candi or whoever that's not okay. Besides you have a boyfriend and if Caleb saw that then that would cause problems. Understand?"

"Yes," I said my head down. Thanks Candi. You being a bitch and slut are getting me into trouble. When I didn't do anything. "So...what's going on you and Louis?"

Alice blushed. "Don't change the subject," she said. "We should go find Rose and make sure she's okay."

"Whatever you say Mrs. Weasley," I said, linking my arms with hers and smirking.

"Merlin it's creepy how you and Scorpius have the same smirk," Alice said as we entered the Common Room and headed up to the dorms.

"It's not creepy," I said. "It's genetics."

Alice opened the door to our room and we saw Rose lying on her bed, staring at the ceiling.

"Your cousin is a jerk Ads," she said quietly. Alice and I sat on her bed and she pushed herself into a sitting position. She pulled Ryan's jacket tighter around her small frame.

"I know," I said. "But he didn't mean it."

"Scorp was in a strange mood," Alice said. "There's no way he thinks that Rose."

Rose nodded. "He was just being over protective. He's a good friend." She looked down at the word friend. "He's going to make some girl very happy someday," she said sadly.

Merlin Rose, for claiming you don't like the bloke you are doing a terrible job of showing it.

Rose wiped her tears away. "Is Ryan really just trying to get into my pants?"

"No," I said, because he wasn't. I was pretty sure getting in her pants was the last thing he wanted. He’d probably try to get into Scott Miller, the creepy kid in seventh year Slytherin’s pants before Rose’s. You know. Cause he was gay and all. "I think he's just trying to become friends with you and Scorpius sees it the other way and is jealous."

"Why would Scorpius be jealous?" Rose asked.

Alice laughed. "Rose the fact that you're supposed to be the brightest witch of our age and you don't understand why Scorpius is jealous makes me laugh."

"Why? Why is that funny?" Rose asked. Wow she really did have no idea.

"Rosie that boy is crazy about you," Alice said. "He always has been. You can tell just by the way he looks at you."

Rose thought about this for a moment. She really seemed to be taking all of this in and Alice and I looked hopefully at each other.

Maybe she would finally figure out how she feels. Maybe she would run down to the Great Hall and jump on Scorpius, kissing him and then they'd be together. And all would be well because my two best friends who have so obviously liked each other would finally be letting go of all their sexual tension and built up love for each other. There would be no more tears or random people coming in to ruin them. Rose would have Scorpius and Scorpius would have Rose.

They'd finally be happy.

Suddenly Rose smiled a small smile and shook her head. "No he's not Alice. I'm not the usual girl he goes for. He has his type and I have mine and we don't fit the molds for each other. We wouldn't work together."

"That's not true," I said but before I could continue Rose interrupted me.

"Trust me. We don't like each other and even if we did..." Rose trailed off before snapping back into reality. "But we don't. Now I'll go get cleaned up and then we'll go to the game, okay?"

I nodded as she walked into the bathroom and shut the door.

"That girl is so dumb," Alice said.

I just nodded in agreement. I only hoped that Ryan would do his job so well that Scorpius got super jealous and tell Rose exactly how he feels.

Because Rose seemed to be finding any and every excuse not to admit how she feels for Scorpius.

And it was breaking my heart almost as much as it was breaking hers.

A/N: Yay new chapter! and at a pretty quick update too! And I've already started writing the next chapter!!! Here's a little hint about what will be in's Halloween time and there's a huge party. And all of the Addie/Al, Rose/Scorpius, and Louis/Alice shippers will be very happy!

So what did you think? I rather like this chapter. The sexual tension scene in the library with Al and Addie was a lot of fun to write. And Ryan is amazing :)

So please review! tell me your favorite part, your least favorite part, your favorite quote, your favorite couple, anything really.

You can even tell me how you think I should go with this story. I'm always open for suggestions :)


Wow long author's note. :D

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