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SXRXRR by Sairahi
Chapter 5 : Perfect nights? ? ?
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A/N: Hey there. Here's another chapter. It's a bit on the long side, but if I cut it in half it would have been too much of a filler. So, I hope you enjoy it and please, please, please leave a review. I want this to be a great story, so if you have anything to say please do. All known things belong to J.K.R, all else is mine. Again, thank you for reading my story and to those who had already left reviews a super big thanks to you. They have been a wonderful treat to read and fuel me to write  more.



Much love,



~S @}--






Chapter 5



                                     Ron and Hermione had the perfect night together. Ron took her for a walk during sunset on the river themes, then to a proper dinner. They even kissed goodnight. Hermione knew she should have felt something from this perfect night with the man who she thought she had been in love with since fifth year. But, there was something missing from the night. She should have been happy with the perfect date, but Hermione felt like she didn’t get what she needed or wanted. Hermione felt like she wanted more. The problem was that she didn’t know what the more was that she wanted. Something was missing. She just didn’t know what.



                                     Hermione sat at her vanity looking into the mirror, taking off her earrings on by one staring emptily at her refection deep in thought. She angrily blew some hair from her face. She was pissed. She knew she had no right to, the night had been perfect. She was upset at herself for being pissed and pissed at Ron for not living up to her fantasy. She knew she was being stupid and did her best to push these thoughts out of her head. Hermione hastily pulled down her zipper of her dress letting it fall on the floor as she got into bed only wear her bra and underwears. The song, her song waved over her, calming her, and relaxing her taxing thoughts. Hermione pulled the covers over her exposed shoulder and hummed herself asleep. Thinking about the night of her 21st birthday when she saw the mystery man playing her song. She searched her brain for some detail that she may have missed, but found none. Hermione fell asleep with the image of the lone spotlight highlighting a strangely familiar, but unrecognizable tattoo.



                                     This time when she fell asleep, she didn’t dream of faceless lovers or sand dunes, she dreamt of the night she heard her song. She could see the ripped at the knee jeans of the man playing the guitar and the tattooed arm holding the neck of the guitar. In her dream she watched, transfixed on the way his fingers slipped down the neck pressing down on the strings so effortlessly. She could almost feel the vibrations from the bass matching the beat of her own heart. The words filled her body and soul, but whatever she did she couldn’t see the face of the man singing. She could only hear his words fall from his mouth and feel each one of them hit her heart one by one. They seemed to be speaking only to her. The rest of the world seemed to have melted away for those few moments between falling asleep and waking up.



                                     Hermione woke with a start. She was sweating and breathing hard as she sat straight up in her bed. A chill ran through her body and the wind howled outside her window as she sat there wondering why she woke up with such a start. There was no bad dream or anyone else in her bed. She looked to her clock on her night stand it blinked 5:40am. The alarm would be going off soon enough, she thought to herself. She laid back down doing her best to relish in the last few moments of her dream. She closed her eyes and hummed to herself, before she knew it her alarm was going off, she had fallen back asleep without knowing it, but this time she woke up with a smile on her face and still humming. 






                                     A blonde girl with waist length hair with purple streaks peeking from underneath walked into a crowed and dimming lit bar. She walked pass the doorman and with the slightest bit of a nod. She was let her in without a word. The line of people waiting to come in gave her the upmost dirty of looks as she passed them. The blonde girl zigged and zagged through the packed dance floor to find her usual seat at the bar. The bartender Eli greeted her with his warmest smile as he laid a Jameson and ginger in front of her. She took a slip, but when she put it down she slid something across the bar to Eli’s awaiting hand. Eli turned his back to her, took a short walk to the other end of the bar, and whispered into a man’s ear who was sitting at the far end of the bar. The man was dressed in a black suit with a red shirt and tie on. He looked at the blonde at the other end of the bar, his eyes following the curves of her body as he formulated an opinion of her. She met his dark eyes with her emerald green ones and smiled in his direction. He replied with a dip of his chin and a raised eyebrow.



                                     The man in the suit whispered into Eli the bartender’s ear. “Give her whatever she wants.” The man shot a nod in her direction, brought his honey colored drink to his lips with his fat hand and downed it in one.



                                     Eli disappeared behind the bar and return moments later. He smirked at the man in black as he passed and walked to where the blonde was sitting.



                                     She smiled at him as he approached her. “Can I have another?” She said holding up the now empty glass, jingling it faintly in front of the bartender’s face.



                                     The bartender grimaced as he took her empty glass, poured her another, but this time he passed an blue envelope across the bar to her as he gave her drink to her. The envelope was haft the size of a normal envelope, but twice as thick. His piggy hand lingered on it for a second, before he would let her take it.



“You’re not the ordinary type that comes in here for this” He raised both of his eyebrows as he locked eyes with her.



                                     The blonde girl placed her well-manicured hand on top of his and hissed in his ear. “There’s isn’t anything ordinary of me.” She smiled, downed her drink, and flashed her brilliantly white teeth at him, before turning around. Eli the bartender could only smile at her as he took his hand off the envelope to let her have it. He watched her bounce out of the club, before walking back to the man dressed in the black suit.



“Boss, I mean no disrespect, but was that a good idea?” Eli placed his elbow on the bar and lend on it to hear his boss more clearly.



                                     The man in black looked towards the door from where she left from. “No, it ok. I’ve worked with her father before. She knows how to play the game.”



                                     Eli looked at his boss barley understanding his words. The girl he had just seen was not the normal type of girls that they dealt with. She had an air of aristocracy about her. Eli let out a sigh knowing that wasn’t thing he could do. He knew she made her own bed and now had to sleep in it. Eli went back to taking care of his bar, hoping that this girl wouldn’t be trouble. But, something told him otherwise, though…..









                                     The pitter pattering of gentle rain woke Harry from his slumber. To his surprise he woke up alone. He called out for Ginny a few times, but heard nothing. Harry did his best not to worry. But had a hard time, since war he wasn’t one for surprises. Harry held his wand out at an arms-length away from his face as he started to check each room looking for anything out of the ordinary. His back was to the wall when he kicked in each door finding nothing, but empty untouched rooms wherever he went. When he finally made it to the kitchen he saw that the table was set for one.



                                     A white carnation was in standing alone in a milk glass vase. A maroon and gold placemat was under his white outlined black china. Harry walked to the table and noticed the delicate hand writing of his lover jumping from off the plate.






                                          Sorry to leave without saying goodbye. I had to go into work early and set up for a party. Miss you already, see you tonight!









p.s. Last night was amazing.



                                     Harry read the note letting his wand dropped to his side, but just as he went to turn on his coffee maker, a complete breakfast appeared in at his place at the table; eggs, sausage, orange juice, tea, and his beloved coffee. He was relived it was everything we was going to make for himself and now he didn’t have to. All of it was sitting there just waiting for him to tuck in. Harry pierced the nearest sausage with his fork while silently patting himself on the back for what a great choice of lover Ginny was. Harry ate up quickly, something he learned from spending so much time with Ron growing up. If you did eat fast, you didn’t eat.



                                     It wasn’t long before Harry was walking into his office with a smile on his face. His secretary Laura greeted him at the door with a stack of mail in her hand. Harry liked Laura. She wasn’t a groupie like all the other girls he had to interview. Laura was a little bit older than him with short brown wavy hair; she wore glasses, and tended to wear business suits. Harry thought she only wore her glasses to tone down her good looks, but never had the guts to ask her about it.



                                     Harry skimmed the pile of letters he was holding. None of it was anything important until he got to the third from the last envelope. It was green and blue with elegant handwriting across it. Harry placed the ones that didn’t need his immediate attention on his desk and took a seat on top it while reading the blue and green envelope.



                                     The first piece of paper was a small white one with the words “For you Cuz, thought you might be down.” written on it in thick blockish handwriting. Harry continued to open the envelope within the envelope this time it was just blue one. Inside was an invitation printed on thick blue card stock.



“Please join us at club U-Turn for “1 HourMore” record release party.



                                     Harry skimmed the details memorizing them, so he could tell Ginny and see if she wanted to go. Harry threw the invite on the corner of his desk before sitting down to start his day.






                                      Hermione went through her day mindlessly. Her thoughts were elsewhere, a feeling of detachment had taken over her ever since her date with Ron. Hermione’s thinking was if she didn’t expect anything, then she wouldn’t get disappointed. There was one snag in her train of thought. There was an air of emptiness to it all. So, Hermione did the best thing she could do and that was to throw herself in her work. She paced around her office at the Historical Magic Department. Her tiny feet carried her around her desk twenty four times, before she drained enough nervous energy to start her next case. She took a seat behind her carved wooden desk and rifled through the stack of files on her desk, before finding one that she thought would be an easy one to take her mind off of her destroyed dreams of Ron, the random song that haunted her dreams, and the sporadic thoughts of Malfoy the night of her birthday party.



                                     Hermione eyes scanned the manila folder looking for the any details that would give her a place to start. Salma Hendricks, female 48. Member of  “Oracle of Light”. She read over the rest of the personal details, before getting to the jist of the file. Salma Hendricks was claiming to be directly related to the Ravenclaw blood line. Hermione had to stifle a laugh, because at least once a week there was another person who claimed relation to one of the Hogwarts founder’s. A feeling of calm waved through her as she turned in her chair to access her file cabinet her thoughts finally on something else and not her own delusions. She began to ruffle through the folders pulling out what seemed like every other one she came across. What began as an easy job was starting to look like it was going to be long drawn out one. Hermione took a deep breath and sighed heavily as the outside world dimmed away and the files across her desk blinded her from the tornado of irrational thoughts in her head.









                                     Green and white lights blinked throughout an empty warehouse. The only thing that interrupted the open floor plan was a newly built stage standing in the middle of it.   Three men wearing jeans and t-shirts fiddled with many knobs and dials while another man was high in the rafters hanging lights. Draco was glad to be high away from his bandmates. He was just far enough that he could use magic and not be seen adjusting the lights from his precarious perch. With only a slight hop from rafter to rafter and a flick of his wands the lights could be placed anywhere he wanted. His bandmates never questioned his willingness to put his life in danger, just to have set perfect lights. When Draco was convinced that the lights were perfect, he climbed down a pipe with a little too much finesse than he should have. Lucky for him his bandmates were too into themselves to notice how easy it was for him to climb down the random pillar. Draco distractedly walked towards the sound and light board that was set up just against the back wall of the warehouse turned club, turned music venue.



                                     Cooper looked up from deciphering the cascade of nobs and dials with a sly smile creeping on his lips as Draco approached him.



“I have a feeling that tonight will be something special.” He said



                                     Draco jumped the divider separating the sound board to the rest of the floor, his eyes shown with glee at the anticipation of the up and coming show, as he took his place in-between Ben, Cooper, and Devo at the sound board. The four of them looked at the empty stage imagining what it might look like tonight after all of their equipment was set up and the lights on them. A shared sigh ran through them as the excitement began to build for the night ahead of them.



“One more load and we should be done and set up.” Ben let his arm fall to his side from the shoulder of Devo where it was just resting on.  The four bandmates smiled knowing that soon all of their hard work would be paying off.



                                     It was all done and set up for the show quicker than Draco would have liked it. The band spit up going went their own ways to get ready for the show. Draco was the only one left in the now empty venue. Draco paced the stage doing his best not to let his anxieties get the better of him. This show was the biggest one he had ever played and it had to go well. His entire music career depended on it. If the show flops, then his album is sure to fail. Draco didn’t want to dwell on the negative. He mindlessly strummed his guitar while it stood on its stand. The note lofted through the air through the empty rafters seemly bouncing off the high ceilings and far away walls. Draco seemed to follow the invisible notes through the air with his steely gray eyes, his eyes were about to give up when they caught the sight of something stirring by the door. He couldn’t see anything, but a shadow, since the spot light was shone directly on him and was doing it best to blind him at the moment. The movement in the shadows disturbed him for some reason. He jumped off the stage and was about to reach for his wand when he saw it was Sari. She stepped out from the shadows wearing a smirk that could rival his owns.



“Hiya” she said not avoiding his gaze, but looking directly into his eyes, smirking still.



“Hey” was Draco could think of saying. He wanted to punch himself for saying something so benign.



                                     Sari smiled softly at him as she took his hand. “You have time, right?”



Draco replied with a smirk of his own, making butterflies dance a jig in her stomach. “Why what are you thinking?” he stated matter-of-factly



                                      Sari smiled widely, led him out of the venue by his hand, and into her car. They drove for only a minute or two in silence. The only sounds that could be heard were coming from her stereo. Draco was surprised at the hard rock, almost metal music that came from her speakers. Girls to him didn’t listen to music like that. They listened to top 40 or random hip hop. Not dark and heavy lyric’s with intense guitar riffs. He made a mental note to ask her what was playing at another time. Sari kept her eyes on the road, but put her shifting hand on Draco’s knee. The warmth of her hand sent shivers up Draco’s leg, waking up something that Draco hoped she wouldn’t notice. When she moved her hand to shift, he adjusted himself so he wouldn’t get embarrassed. The corner of Sari’s mouth curled up slightly catching his adjustment to himself, as she pulled in front of a yellow and tan brick building. She got out of the car without saying anything. Draco followed suit. Sari locked her car and walked up to a glass door in-front of a set of stairs. Sari opened the door and walked up the darken stairwell.  Draco couldn’t help to stare at her as she swung her hips with each step she took.



                                     Sari opened another glass door that led into a light hardwood floored loft. There was a desk on one corner, a treadmill opposite, an easel next to a window with a haft finished drawing of a tree on it. The roots and limbs were intertwined snakes hidden in-between the branches and leaves. In the last corner of the room sat an off white leather sofa and matching chase lounge in-front of a large glass coffee table. Sari slumped her purse over the nearest object, before turning to Draco to ask.



“Can I tempt you for a drink?”



                                     Draco nodded and took a seat on the sofa. He was beginning to wonder if coming here was a good idea with the biggest show of his life hanging over his head. Sari felt the change of his mood. She laid a whiskey in front of him while she took the seat next to him. She wrapped her long legs around him and placed her head on his shoulder.



“I take it you’re nervous about tonight, then?”



Draco kept his eyes fixed on the drink that he was holding. He didn’t know why, but he started to tell her his fears about the night and what could happen if he failed, but before he could get himself worked up Sari broke into his thoughts. She placed a manicured finger to his lips and shh’ed him sweetly.



“Draco, “1 hour more” is great, you know that. You guys don’t need luck, you have something better. You have talent, but if it’s nerves that has gotten to you. We can fix that, no problem.” A sly smile crept on her lips and a twinkle sparked Draco interested.



                                      Draco tried to think about what she was saying. He halfway hoped that she would pull out some anxiety elixir, knowing full well that she wouldn’t. Instead she held out two tiny blue pills lying in her delicate palm. Draco had never taken any muggle medicine, before and wasn’t sure about starting now. Sari smiled at him with the pills still in her open palm.



“Draco, do you trust me?”



                                     The answer he didn’t know. He did trust her, just couldn’t say it, nor did he know why. He felt like if he said it, he would be giving up some kind of power. Sari continued to smile at him as she took one of the pills and swallowed it while he watched. Draco watched for a second waiting for something to happen. After, about five minutes, he gained enough courage to try himself. Draco figured that if she could handle whatever that is he could too. He wasn’t got to let a girl top him, even if it was something as silly as taking a little blue pill. Draco picked up the pill with his thumb and forefinger. He lifted it in- front of his face, looked at it for second. He could see some numbers that didn’t mean anything to him. Draco looked to Sari who had gotten up to refill her drink, when the phone rang, and she went to answer it Draco popped the pill to his mouth. Draco grimaced as the pills taste was left in his mouth. He sputtered and coughed as he took a sip of his drink. The commotion got Sari’s attention. She hung up quickly, and returned her focus back to the blonde man sitting on her sofa.



“Sorry, about that. It was a client that need to be rescheduled, oh never mind. You ok?” she asked as she crossed the room to rejoin him. “Did the pill get stuck? Sorry, should have warned you, it could taste bad if you don’t swallow it quickly enough.”



                                     Draco was surprised that before no time he could feel the vice like grip loosen on his stomach and chest. A warm feeling was creeping outwards from his belly erasing the anxiety and replacing it with a new confidence. He finished his drink with a smile on his face, which made Sari smile. Draco looked a wreck when she first saw him. Now, the color returned to his face as he joked and lounged on the sofa. Now that Draco could think straight, he began to wonder about the girl he was with. He realized that he knew nothing about her; he didn’t even know her last name. He knew what she was like in bed and what she looked like without her clothes on, but knew nothing about who she was.



“What’s your story then?” He asked as a small wave of tingles started creeping down to his toes and into his fingertips.



                                     Sari gave him the short version she didn’t want to bog him down with the details nor the truth. He told him her mother lived the U.S and her father was dead. She has been living in England ever since she left school. She owned this studio loft for an office and had an apartment in Camden town. She was an only child like him and was down to try anything. Draco tried to pay attention to her story, but was finding that it was hard to consecrate on her words. Warm waves were going through his body. Draco felt his fears and worries melt away. He felt confident, alive, and happy. Sari feeling the same way knew Draco wasn’t paying attention to her. She leaned into him and pressed her lips to his. They sat there for a while sitting there tangled within each other like teenagers. Before, things got to hot Sari pulled away from him.



“If we continue this we’ll be late.” Sari let out a childlike giggle when she said this, all the while keeping her arms wrapped around Draco’s neck.



                                     Draco cocked his neck to look at the silver and white clock that hung on the cream wall. The read twenty till six the show started at seven. Draco shot up, not believing that he had lost track of the time and was supposed to be back soon for sound check. Sari seeing the distress on his face swung her leg off of him and walked across the room to look in a full length mirror. She smiled as she ran her hand down the front of her. She flattened the red button up shirt that she was wearing, fluffed her hair, before turning to the awaiting Draco.



“Let me do a touch up and I’ll bring you back. 2 sec’s I promise” She then disappeared into the bathroom and closed the door behind her.



                                     Draco watched the close door, as warm feeling started taking over his body completely. His stomach was calm, his head was now clear. Draco felt like he could take on anything that came his way at this very moment. He wondered if it was because of the pill that Sari had given to him or was the feeling of calm was from the drink he was drinking. Regardless, he was trilled, not to do taste the sick on the roof of his mouth every few minutes. Draco lend against the archway that led to Sari’s front door. His arms comfortably crossed in front of his chest and his infamous smirk displayed proudly on his face. Sari walked out in a completely different outfit. She now was wearing a black boat neck shirt and black tights tucked in to knee high boots that laced up the back. Her long blonde hair poker straight and eyes lidded with heavy black kohl pencil and her lips were painted the perfect shade of blood red. Draco was proud to be walking in with her on his arm. For the first time that night he had no fears about the show or his future. To him it felt like all the pieces were falling into their place. All he had to do was show up with this beautiful girl on his arm and do his thing.



                                      “How you feeling? Better?” she asked timidly



                Draco stepped closer towards her, placing his hand on her waist and pulled her into his chest. He kissed her forehead sweetly. “So, much. Thank you.”



Sari playfully pushed him off of her, but not without stealing a kiss first. “We must be going. Your boys will start to worry,”



                                     Draco looked down at his silver and gold watch, she was right he thought. If they didn’t leave soon he would be late to the biggest show of his life. Draco grabbed her wrist and pulled her out the door. Laughing like a school boy Draco ran down the three flights of stairs pulling Sari along the way behind him. Sari skipped across the street, fumbled slightly with her keys before unlocking the doors, and hopping in.



                                     The ride felt shorter than it did on the way to Sari’s loft. When Draco arrived a queue had formed just outside the door. Draco stifled a smile as he looked at the people waiting for his show. He was elated at the thought that all these people could be considered his fans. Draco stepped out of the car carefully. He met Sari at the boot of her car, took her hand, and pulled her behind him into the first show that really meant something. Tonight was the beginning of something real, something bigger than him, it was going to be the beginning of ‘1HourMore’ rise to the top…





A/N: Whatcha think? Let me know, leave me a review. Catch you on the flipside. Thanks again!

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