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Typical Clueless Guy by PygmyPuffLover
Chapter 19 : In Hogsmeade
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"Oh Merlin, oh Merlin, oh Merlin!" Lily whined, fanning her hands in front of her face like a twat to try and calm herself down. "I have absolutely nothing to wear. And I mean nothing."

When she began to hyperventilate I decided to step in.

"What's the matter?" I asked, trying to stifle a yawn.

Would you like to know why I am yawning? Because Lily woke me up at HALF PAST FIVE so we could get ready together. She said she needed to impress Lysander, which I can almost understand, but then she said I need to dress up for my date with Hugo.

For the eight thousand seven hundred and sixty sixth time, IT IS NOT A DATE!

I feel like my head is about to fall off I'm that tired.

"I have nothing to wear. I'm going to look crappy next to Lysander, who will look gorgeous, as usual, and then he's going to call of the date because he doesn't want to be seen in public with someone who looks like a troll, and..."

She only stopped when I clapped my hand over her mouth.

"Lily, you're going to look stunning no matter what you wear, so stop fussing. Well, it's the first of December today, so the weather is going to be bloody cold..." I trailed off, muttering to myself as I pawed through her wardrobe.

"Bleeding hell Lily, are these all your clothes?" I asked in frustration.

"No, most of its under my bed, under your bed, on top of the wardrobe or in your wardrobe." Lily grinned guiltily.

"Well no wonder you can't find anything to wear, you crazy bint! Get all your clothes together and then we can pick something for you."

Shaking my head I headed back over to my bed and plopped down on it.

My arse had only just touched the duvet when Lily grabbed my arm and hauled me back to my feet.

"Oh no you don't missy. You'll go back to sleep, I know you will." She said, waggling a finger at me.

My life has reached all new levels of sad and pathetic. My best friend is waggling her finger at me because I sat down on my bed. I feel like a three year old being taught not to scribble on the walls with crayons.

I did that once, and my mum nearly started crying because the wallpaper was all brand new.

Then my dad reminded her that she could just remove it with her wand and she calmed down a bit. That reprimanding involved a lot of finger waggling and stern tones too.

I growled at her in response. I am such a young lady. I wouldn't be surprised if I'm invited to have tea with the Queen soon.

It took Lily the best part of half an hour to collect all of her clothes. Well that means it now the late old time of six o'clock in the morning. Just bloody fabulous.

I hate my life sometimes, I really do. Do I have 'hate me Merlin' tattooed on my forehead or what?

I was snapped out of my thoughts by Lily clicking her fingers in front of my face. Now I feel like a show dog in a competition being shown what to do. This day has not started out well.

I sincerely hope that the phrase 'start as you mean to go on' does not apply here, because I'm going to be with Hugo all day.

*Insert Weasley style squealing here.*

"Okay, all my clothes are on your bed. What should I wear?" She asked, the frantic expression returning to her face and making her look slightly deranged.

I rooted through the crumpled pile, ironing possible choices with my wand, and picking out an outfit that would be warm yet attractive, and would not cause Lily to have a spaz attack when I told her to wear it.

"This." I said after a couple of minutes, holding up a pair of high waisted grey skinny jeans, a white vest top, a black leather jacket covered in diamond studs and a pair of white pumps.

Lily stared at the outfit for a minute and then her face broke into an enormous smile. Phew, that's a relief.

She kissed me on the cheek quickly and then raced into the bathroom to wash. She couldn't have done that before she woke me up, I suppose.

When Lily was dressed I thought I would be able to go back to sleep for a bit, the visit wasn't until eleven after all, but nooooo. Miss Potter then decided that she had to choose my outfit.

Good grief.

I'm either going to end up in bloody hot pants and a crop top with twelve inch heels, a ball gown or a bleeding rabbit costume.

Lily had fantastic fashion sense, don't get me wrong, but she cannot choose outfits to suit the right event to save her life. She once wore jeans, a cream woolly jumper and ankle boots to go and study the beginning of July. Does that sound like a smart choice? No.

However, Lily surprised me in a good way this time, because I happened to love the outfit she chose. I know, I was shocked at first too.

A tight black skirt with black tights, red pumps and a sleeveless red silk blouse, with a black denim jacket.

But my main relief was not that I wouldn't look like a clown on my 'sort of but not really date' – or the SOBNRD – but that I might now be allowed to have a quick nap before I got dressed. I shouldn't have been so naive. Of course she wasn't going to let me do that.

I was dragged by my hair into the bathroom and then she locked the door with her wand, so I couldn't get out until I had showered, brushed my teeth and blow dried my hair.

Is it too late to exchange her for a normal best friend?

I feel sorry for Lysie more than myself though; he has to spend all day with her in this state.

Poor bloke.

He'll never know what hit him.


"Lily, I can barely feel my face." I moaned, feeling my cheeks as though I expected them to just drop off at any moment.

You would not believe the amount of crap she smeared on my face. I can barely lift my eyes up she put that much stuff on them. It didn't help that I flinched and she stuck the brush in my eye. That was not a fun experience, I'll tell you that for free.

I probably look like some sort of plastic doll that Muggle children play with. Add it with the length of the skirt (which looks a lot shorter on than it does on the hanger) and I might as well be wearing a flashing shirt that screams 'WHORE ALERT!'

Eleven o'clock came much quicker than I was expecting, so we headed down to the Common Room to meet the lads and head off to Hogsmeade.

Lily walked out the door first and walked straight up to Lysie, looking a lot less green than she had done when we were walking down the stairs.

She looked like a cucumber. It would have been funny if I wasn't the same colour.

When she reached him she froze, as though not sure what to do. I was watching from around the edge of the door.

Yes, I may be a little bit nosy.

Lysie leaned down and kissed her on the cheek, whilst Hugo glared at him with his arms crossed. At least he didn't beat him up for taking his cousin on a date.

"Should we go?" Lysie asked, and Lily nodded like a maniac. He smiled and they headed off towards the Portrait Hole.

They would have left as well, if it wasn't for a certain Albus Potter. He had just come down from his dorm at the same time Lysie kissed Lily on the cheek.

Awkward turtle...

"What the blazes is going on here?" He bellowed, glaring at Lysie as though he wished his eyes could impale him to death.

"I'm going to Hogsmeade with Lysander. Now keep your voice down, Al." Even though Lily's tone was confident, her eyes were wary as she stared at her brother's face.

"Oh no you're not! Hugo, how could you just stand there and let Lily go to Hogsmeade with a guy? No offence, Lysander mate, it's just Lily's not allowed to date until she's left Hogwarts. Try again in a couple of years."

Time for me to step and save the day.

"Albus!" I cried cheerily, as though I'd not been able to hear him shouting. I rushed forwards and swept him up into a huge hug, covering his face with my hair.

"RUN LILY!" I bellowed, just for effect, and the two of them shot out of the Portrait Hole laughing.

I released Al and he stared at me, as though not sure whether he wanted to laugh at me or shout at me. So he decided just to stand there and look constipated. Cool, whatever.

"Lily is not your property, and she's at perfect liberty to date whoever she likes." I said sternly, glaring him down when he opened his mouth to protest. "Now, you will apologise to Lysie when he gets back and tell Lily that you're happy for her."

Where did this freaky stern freaky voice come from? I like it.

Al pouted a bit and then nodded. I patted him on the head and he started to laugh, his face looking instantly more cheerful.

"Who are you going to Hogsmeade with?" I asked him, and Al gestured to the corner, where most of his dorm mates were sitting. They waved at us when they saw me looking.

"I would have gone with Scorpius, but he's off with Rose, so you know." He shrugged. "Who are you going with?"

"Me." Said a deep voice behind my head. I whirled around so fast I'm pretty sure I snapped my spinal cord.


For a moment I thought Al was going to start squealing like his cousins and sister had done, but he just beamed at the pair of us and clapped Hugo on the back.

"Oh how fabulous! I mean...yeah, cool, good for you guys." He shrugged. I waited for Hugo to tell him that it wasn't a date, but he didn't. I opened my mouth to tell Al myself but closed it again when Hugo started to speak.

"You ready to go Van?" He asked.

"Yeah." I smiled, and we headed off towards the Portrait Hole. Hugo pulled it open and stepped back to let me go first.

Sigh. He's such a gentleman.

"You look really beautiful today." He said, smiling at me. And once again I stopped remembering how to breathe. And swallow. And do anything that normal human beings take for granted like responding when somebody spoke to you.

"Thank you. You look very handsome." I said eventually. Hugo grinned at me. Okay, so it might have been a bit of an obvious give away to the fact I'm in love with the bloke, but he really did. He was wearing a blue check shirt and deep blue jeans with a pair of black trainers and a leather jacket. His hair, which normally flopped over his eyes and looked devilishly sexy, was swept into a side fringe, making his face look angular and him look older than ever.

"Thank you."

We were in Hogsmeade half past eleven, and the street was still reasonably empty. Normal people don't leave the castle the moment you're allowed to.


The first thing I noticed was that it was actually freezing cold, and the thin jacket that had looked quite warm back in the dorm was not enough to stop me from feeling like an icicle.

I rubbed my hands backwards and forwards to try and warm them up, but nothing really happened. Hugo watched me for a moment and looked a bit worried.

Before I knew what was happening he had slipped his arms out of his own jacket and was sliding it around my shoulders.

"Oh Merlin, no, Hugo you'll freeze without your jacket..." I protested, trying to shake it off. But Hugo put his hands on my shoulders and stopped it from moving.

"I'd rather you were warm." He smiled. I think I'm going to pass out.

We carried on walking down the cobbled yard, stopping occasionally to peer in shop windows, whilst we chatted about lessons and teachers and our classmates.

As we were walking Hugo took my hand.

Does he just want it to be warm, because I'm not wearing any gloves? Whatever his motivation, I'm going to milk it for all it's worth. I squeezed his palm and shuffled closer to him so my arm was touching his.

It was perfect.

{ Hugo Weasley POV }

As we were walking I had the strangest urge to take her hand, like you see in the soppy movies with the love struck idiot who gets everything wrong at first.

And although I am a manly man, and not a soppy, love struck idiot, I reached out and curled my fingers around her own.

I wondered for a moment whether she was going to pull away and ask what the hell I thought I was doing, but she didn't. She just bit her lip and smiled, before moving even closer towards me.

It was harder than you'd think, the whole romance thing. I've had one hell of a lot of girlfriends, and I've taken people to Hogsmeade before, but I've never taken a girl I love to Hogsmeade as friends. All the old romance shit that I've never had to deal with before has suddenly been introduced, and I don't know if I'm doing any of it right.

It's a lot harder than you think.

I'm so used to just snogging a girl in the Three Broomsticks and then walking back up to the castle with her, that actually doing on a date – even if the girl doesn't want it to be a date – is really weird.

As we passed by the doorway to some women's clothes shop I saw Roxy, Luce and Mol with their faces pressed up against the glass, waving frantically.

Vanessa hadn't noticed them, and thank Merlin for that, because they pointed at our twined hands and started jumping up and down, screaming. I stuck a finger up at them and hurried Vanessa into the nearest shop I could.

It happened to be the Post Office.

What utter bullshit. Like I want to take her to a fucking Post Office, it's hardly the epitome of romantic, is it?

I pretended that I needed to check the price of sending a parcel to my Aunt Glendicago – I've never been good at coming up with names on the spot – and being the clueless bint she is, she believed me. She waited, smiling as I ran my finger down some list, not really reading it but watching her out of the corner of my eye.

When I had 'found the cost but realised it was too expensive', I took her hand again and led her back outside.

"Where to next?" I asked, and she looked thoughtful for a moment. She has the sexiest habit in the world, when she thinks about something she bites her lip.

God, it's so hot. It's fucking unfair that one girl should have so much effect over me.

"How about we go and get a drink in the Three Broomsticks?" She suggested, beaming at me. Good grief. I breathed in through my nose and nodded.

"Sure." I smiled. She led the way back up the bustling street, occasionally waving to people who shouted hello to her, and glaring at the girls who walked up to us to say hello to me, glaring at our hands as though they wished they would burst into flames.

No need to worry yourselves girls, it doesn't mean the same thing to her as it does to me.

We reached the Three Broomsticks pretty soon after that, and she led the way in the door and then froze, looking at me with an adorably wondering look in her huge blue eyes.

"Where should we sit?" She asked, scanning the packed room.

I noticed an empty booth near the back of the room, near to where Lysander and Lily were sitting, but far enough away so we wouldn't be interrupted by them.

I did a quick Lily-Check, but they were only holding hands and talking, so I let it slide. I considered telling her they couldn't hold hands, but since I was holding her best friend's hand at the time, it probably wouldn't have gone down too well.

I pulled Vanessa towards the booth and sat down, pulling her down next to me instead of letting her slide in opposite.

She flushed slightly but looked pleased anyway.

Well, as long as she's not pulling away, I'm going to keep going. She's going to have to understand eventually that I'm in love with her.

I wonder whether she's noticed that I still haven't pulled my hand away from hers.

Madame Lucinda walked past and Vanessa gently touched her arm and ordered two Butterbeers. When the woman had walked away she suddenly looked worried.

"Oh Merlin, you did want a Butterbeer didn't you?" She asked. I laughed at her cuteness and nodded.

"Sure, Butterbeer is fine."

She beamed and took the bottles from the tray that was being levitated towards us. She reached for her pocket to pull out the money but I had the change on the tray before she had even looked up. I may have been raised by Ron Weasley, but Uncle Harry taught us well.

She beamed at me again and took a long sip of her drink. I watched the way her lips moulded around the mouth of the bottle, and the way she smiled as the warm liquid hit her throat.

I love you.

When she'd had a long sip she looked back at me, smiling so warmly I didn't need to drink my drink.

"So, tell me about your family. Your mum and dad, I mean. I've had the misfortune to meet all your cousins." She stared at me with warm and attentive eyes and I felt as though my insides were melting.

I'm such a soppy twat.

I need to snap out of it, like, right now.

"Well, my mum's really smart, but she's a dreadful cook. Seriously, she could burn a salad, it's ridiculous. She always wears the same perfume, and she has done for years. She wears these slippers that make the most fucking awful noise on the wooden floors when she walks, and she..." I trailed off, telling her everything she would ever need about my family.

She might as well be prepared, because if I have anything to do with it she's going to be a part of my whack job family one day.

I talked for twenty minutes, telling her all about my parents and then more about my sister, my cousins and my house. When I was done my throat felt like it had been lit on fire.

I've never really sat down and talked to someone before, not even to my best mates. I used to be too busy snogging to ever talk to a girl.

But what kept me going was the way she sat there with a fascinated look on her face, drinking in every word I said.

"So, tell me about your family." I said, after a long drink of Butterbeer.

She took a deep breath and swallowed as though there was something stuck in her throat. She seemed to be thinking very hard about something. She took a deep breath and started to talk.

"Well, I live in Manchester with my mum and dad, who are both half bloods. We live in a flat in the middle of a pretty run down estate, and we don't have a garden because we live on the top floor. I do have my own room, but it can only just fit a bed in it, so I have a bunk bed with the bottom part being a wardrobe, chest of drawers, and a bookshelf. I love books; I have a huge collection of them. I like the classics, Pride and Prejudice and Wuthering Heights and that kind of thing."

I didn't know that she liked reading classics. Though she does seem the type when you think about it.

And I listened as she told me all about her family, the colours of her bedroom walls and her favourite shades to paint her nails. She told me why she loves having curly hair, and the little sister that she always wanted but never got. She told me all about why she loves our family so much and the extensive list of foods that she doesn't like to eat.

When she was done I started a conversation about what she liked to do in the summer, and what she wanted to get for Christmas.

We talked for hours, and I didn't even realise until I noticed that it was starting to go dark outside.

I had a quick glance around the bar and realised that the only couple in there other than the two of us was Lysander and Lily, and the only other people were Roxy, Dom, Mol and Luce sitting in the corner.

When I looked around, Vanessa looked up at me and smiled sexily.

"Do you want to head back up the castle now?" She asked quietly, and I nodded.

I pulled her to her feet, still using the hand that I had never let go of, and started to head across the room.

We had only taken a couple of steps when I felt like I was walking into a solid brick wall, which I couldn't push my way past. Vanessa used her free hand to try and push her way past it, but it wouldn't let her move.

She turned around, lifting my arm above her head so she could spin like a dancer and not let go, and stepped forwards. I sighed in relief, because I thought we would able to walk around that way.

But she had only managed to take a step that way before she crashed into another invisible wall. She raised her free hand again and hammered on it, and it made a thunking echoing noise with each hit.

"Why are we trapped here?" She asked, looking at me, her huge blue eyes pulsing with worry.

"I don't know." I muttered, glancing around as though expecting to see a sign explaining why we were stuck there.

I tried to step sideways but crashed into another wall, and Vanessa did the same in the other direction. It was like we were stuck in an invisible box.

I hammered on the wall again but all that happened was the echoing noise got louder. By this point we had attracted the attention of my annoyingly nosy family who had gotten up and surrounded the pair of us in a confused looking circle.

I even let go of Vanessa's hand for the first time in six hours to try and hammer on the wall even harder.

The only thing that distracted me was when Lily started shrieking with laughter and whispering to Lysander behind her hand.

"What?" I snarled at her, and she pressed her lips together in a tight white line to try and stop herself from laughing.

Lysander looked like he couldn't decide between laughing and helping me, but eventually he gestured to something above my head. I looked up quickly, at the same time Vanessa did, which caused a large amount of her curls to fly into my face. I beat them away impatiently when I heard her gasp.

I looked up to see an enormous sprout of Mistletoe hanging down from the ceiling, covered in small white buds that seemed to be covered in a pale pink haze.

Madame Lucinda came tottering up to us, clapping her hands and looking annoyingly pleased. Her smile was practically cracking her bleeding face in two.

"Another couple caught under the Mistletoe! This is enchanted Mistletoe, you see, and you won't be able to move until you've kissed! It's been enchanted to only hold you there when a boy and a girl are trapped under it, obviously, because I don't believe in incest... Anyway! What are you waiting for boy, kiss your girlfriend!"

There was a second of silence in which Roxanne nearly peed herself laughing and Vanessa stood like she had been frozen.

"Yeah, see, that's the thing." I said, in a voice of forced calm. "Vanessa isn't my girlfriend."

Madame Lucinda looked like someone had slapped her with a wet fish.


"Oh! Well, um, oh. I'm terribly sorry but the spell won't break until you've kissed, so, you're going to have to, if you don't want to stay there for the rest of your life." She shrugged as though it was no big deal.

I mean, I haven't got an issue with it, don't get me wrong, but I don't want Vanessa to feel like I'm forcing myself on her.

When I didn't move Madame Lucinda's smile faltered and she looked a little bit embarrassed.

"Look, the girl is very attractive, so it really wouldn't hurt just to kiss her..." She said in a pleading tone, glancing at Vanessa anxiously as though she couldn't feel sorrier for her. Vanessa was the colour of a tomato.

Oh shit, she doesn't think I don't want to snog her does she!

{ Vanessa McIver POV }

"Look, the girl is very attractive, so it really wouldn't hurt just to kiss her..." She said in a pleading voice.

I have never been more mortified in my entire life, and yet Roxanne looks like she's trying not to piss herself laughing. What a charmer.

"Oh Merlin no!" Hugo said loudly, looking horrified. Oi, mate, you've snogged me before, I'm not that bad. "No, no. I agree, Vanessa is very attractive, she's downright hot, but it's not that...we're really good friends and I...It's not that I don't want to snog her, because I do! I mean, um, I wouldn't mind snogging her at all, it's just..." He trailed off and looked at me with a slightly red face.

Oh, well, at least he's not horrified because he doesn't want to snog me. And he thinks I'm good looking. This has been a fabulous day.

So I swallowed all of my embarrassment and embraced as much courage as I could.

"I don't mind, it's not like we haven't before." My tone didn't come off as comfortable or confident as I would have liked, but it got the message across.

Hugo looked sideways at me, grinning.

"You wouldn't mind?" He asked, sounding beyond happy. Huh?

"Sure." I shrugged, although my insides were dancing the conga and throwing a party with a large amount of party poppers.

Hugo gently leaned down and cupped my chin with his hand, stroking my other cheek with his fingers. And slowly, so slowly you could barely even notice him moving, he leaned down and pressed his lips to mine.

Just like last time, it was like there was a large amount of fireworks exploding in my head, and a spark flew up and down my lips like there was an electric current between the two of us. Hugo brought one of his hands down and put it on the small of my back, pulling me into his chest.

His other hand moved to the back of my head and gripped the roots of my hair, pulling my mouth more firmly against his, and holding me there.

Snort. As if I would want to pull away in the first place.

Hugo slowly slipped his tongue into my mouth and ran it along the inside of my cheek, groaning slightly against my lips. I brought my own hands from his waist and tangled them in his own hair, gripping it hard to glue his face to my own.

I heard someone clear their throat once, and then again a little louder, but neither us paid them any attention.

Hugo moaned slightly again, following my own, and lifted me up off the ground completely, wrapping my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck.

"Okay, you only needed a quick peck on the lips!" Madame Lucinda cried, and I slowly removed my face from his, putting my feet back on the floor and blushing like a tomato. Madame Lucinda pursed her lips and muttered "Oh yeah, she's soo not his girlfriend. Yeah right."


I scowled at the Weasley/Potter's and Lysander as they all started to wolf whistle and giggle, smirking at the pair of us like they knew something that I didn't. Hugo scowled even more darkly than I did.

He seized my hand again, pulling me from under the Mistletoe with an expression that clearly said he was forcing himself not to start grinning like an idiot.

I was wearing exactly the same expression, so I can't exactly reprimand him for it.

Lysie stood and smirked at the two of us for a moment and then seized Lily's hand and dragged her under the Mistletoe.

Lily blushed crimson and then stood up on her tiptoes to gently kiss him on the lips. It was light and sweet, not a proper snog like Hugo and I. I grinned for Lily; I knew how long she had waited for this kiss, but I still had no desire to watch it. I looked down at my shoes.

I only looked up again a couple of seconds later when I felt a pull on my arm and realised that Hugo was storming forwards. I slammed my feet onto the floor hard and used all of my strength to stop Hugo from slamming into them.

"Get your filthy hands of my baby cousin!" He snarled, grunting slightly under the effort of trying to pull me forwards with him.

"Hugo!" I said, trying to pull him backwards. "Hugo, leave them alone, he's your best mate and she'll kill you!"

He paid absolutely no attention to me, so I pulled my wand out with my free hand and froze him. When he had stopped solid I walked forwards and stepped in front of him, keeping my face level with his.

When he unfroze he looked like he was going to walk forwards again but saw my face only a couple of inches away from mine.

So without any warning to me on his part, he pressed his lips to mine again.

This kiss was different to our others; it was softer, like Lily and Lysie's.

His tongue gently traced along the edges of my own, softly and sweetly.

I pulled away a moment later and smiled into his smiling face. We both started to laugh, me giggling like an idiot and him chuckling in a very manly way.

Roxanne came up behind me, grinning like the bleeding Cheshire Cat and clapped me on the back. I am proud to say I stayed as mature and ever and kicked her in the leg.

Hey, that is mature by my standards!

Shut it, snide comment maker. You've been really good lately, why've you decided to be an annoying twat now?

I tucked my hair behind my ear and dragged my eyes away from Hugo's, looking down at my shoes. Hugo gently took my hand again and began to lead me out of the pub, shooting the bird at his family, including Lily and Lysie, who were all smirking and giggling at the pair of us.

We reached the Castle twenty minutes later, with me on Hugo's back and Hugo not even looking the slightest bit puffed.

He didn't even look cold, despite me still wearing his jacket and him wearing nothing but a thin shirt. I do like my men manly, and he is as manly as they get.

I tried to hop off his back and walk up to the Common Room, but Hugo was having none of it. He tightened his arms on my legs and started to walk faster, to the point where it would have been lethal for me to try and randomly leap off.

So I just tightened my arms and enjoyed the fact that I was riding on the back of Hugo Weasley.

That sounded wrong. Amazing, but wrong.

We reached the Common Room quite quickly; using a passageway that I never knew was there. I hopped off his back just outside the Portrait Hole, having no desire to be murdered in my sleep by Psycho Bitch.

So instead he just took my hand and we headed into the Common Room together.

He walked me right the way across the Common Room, and to the bottom of the girl's staircase that led to the dormitories. When we reached it I stopped and looked up at him. I nervously tucked some hair behind my ear and bit my lip.

"Thank you for a lovely day." I said shyly, and he grinned at me.

"It was my pleasure." He said back, with the same, slightly shy expression that I was wearing. Now that is extremely odd, because Hugo Weasley is never shy about anything.

"I'll see you tomorrow, yeah?" I said, and he nodded.

"Bye." He muttered, and he leaned down to kiss me lightly on the lips, just for a couple of seconds. He broke away quickly and with a slight wave of his hand he turned away and walked to his own dorm, a huge smile on his face.

Lysie ran across the Common Room and followed him, cheering and clapping him on the back.


I looked back towards the door and saw Dominique, Lily, Roxanne, Lucy and Molly standing there beaming at me. Had they been watching us this whole time?


I grinned at them and rolled my eyes, heading up into the dorm and throwing myself down on my bed.

The lot of them burst into the room a couple of seconds later, falling over each other and laughing. Lily was beaming from ear to ear.


I giggled and stepped forwards so she could give me a massive hug.

"And you; don't even try to deny that what you and Hugo went on ended up being a date." She said, sobering up slightly and folding her arms.

"It was, wasn't it?" I grinned, and she nodded.

I glanced at all of their faces and realised what was coming, but for once I wanted to join in. So when they all threw their hands in the air and started to scream, stamping on the floor and shaking their hair about, screaming like their lives depended on it, I joined in.

We are such cool beasts.

That's right, be jealous of my mad skills.


disclaimer: none of this belongs to me.

hello :) first off, sorry about how long this chapter took to get out, its been like two weeks since the last update, plus the queue time... sorry :( but i have another WIP, and ive just started a third one (yeah, sorry about that :p)

but... they went on a date! ...sort of..

anyway, tell me what you think! 

ellie :) xx

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