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Who Knew?! by Dramionedrunadrinny
Chapter 4 : Chapter 4................
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Authors Note: Hello!!! It’s me again! Sorry for another late chapter, I was on vacation.







I want to thank NaeNae, KatnissMalfoy and Its Obvious for the awesome reviews you left me in the last chapter. You guys are the best.

I put in extra spaces for readibility but if you dont like it or think its annoying, please leave a coment :)






Disclaimer: Yep, no matter how much I wish it, I will never ever in a million billion years own Harry Potter or be J K Rowling ( I could dress up as her for Halloween but that’s the closest I can get)







Now without further ado...TO THE STORY








*Scarlett’s Point of View*








After the meeting with Hermione and the new girl Pansy, I went straight to my flat and flopped on the sofa to rest my aching muscles dropping all my books out of their bags onto the floor in the process. I groaned and made a mental note to clean it up later.








I shifted to a sitting position and spotted a mirror on the coffee table in front of me.











I picked it up and looked at my refection.








In an instant, I watched my appearance dramatically change from a sweet looking, short red-head girl to a petite, sleep deprived , depressed looking brunette.











I placed the mirror back to its original position and got up to clean the book mess.











After a few paper cuts and even more pain for my arms, I got ready for bed super early. I just felt tired from all that shopping, I do not know how other girls shop for hours non-stop.











Maybe their empty heads are filled with robotic parts that make them eat, sleep and shop.











It’s a good thing I’m the smart type who shops only a little bit. Wait. Is that a good thing?











Crap! I just called myself a nerd. Oh well...











I got inside my bed and tried my hardest to sleep.











After an hour of counting sheep in my head, I somehow managed to fall into a fitful doze.











Oh how I regret it...











*Hermione’s Point of View*  











I watched Scarlett and Pansy apparate away from Flourish and Blotts and sighed.











Now I had an hour to burn, what to do what to do.











I seemed to have been thinking too hard because I walked into something or someone very hard. I fell on my bottom and scowled up to a blonde man who seemed...very familiar?











“Malfoy” I said, glaring at him.











“Granger” he venomously said.











“So...What’s up?” I said to my arch nemisis. I needed to start a conversation with him so I can find out why he pulled a prank on Pansy.











“I’m not into muggle and mudblood sayings Granger, so tell me what you want!” he practically shouted the last part.











“...ok then...I...just want to know...where you got your...robes from...” I improvised.











I probably looked like an idiot right there because he started to walk away. I had to hold him back somehow.








“Malfoy, Wait!” that made him stop.











“Ugh! What do you want now Granger? I have very important business to attend to so make it quick!” he snapped.











I sighed “So why did you pull a prank on Pansy? What did she ever do to you?” I said with a fixed glare on him.











He thought for a moment then replied “She was getting freaking annoying and everything she does to me is annoying. So I pulled the prank to show her what she meant to me. Oh and I was also bored...”











“You know she isn’t really into you, right?” I said but he just gave me a confused look.






















I wasn’t supposed to tell anyone that! Oh great, Pansy is going to kill me when she find out what I told Malfoy!











“errrrm...ummm...nevermind” I quickly said and disapparated to my house before he could question any  further.

















I fell on the soft accepting carpet of my home with a small ‘oof’ as my backside slightly ached. As I got up, I noticed a bunch of letters on the kitchen countertop











I went to my bedroom and opened the letters. The first one I opened was from Ginny.












Hey Hermione!








I hope you are enjoying the holidays because I am certainly not. My idiot brother won’t stop talking about you and how smart you are and how beautiful you are. It’s getting annoying really. Harry is ignoring me and I have no idea why and whenever Ron talks about you he either zones out and looks into space or awkwardly walks out of the room. That is just not normal for him. Anyways, I hope your holiday was more eventful than mine. See you at Hogwarts.
















I put the letter down and quickly ran to get some parchment and a quill and wrote:












Hey Ginny,








Unfortunately, my holiday was not eventful but that doesn’t matter. I wonder what’s wrong with Harry. There must be something bothering him and don’t worry, he is ignoring you because he likes you. He is just a bit shy, he’ll come around believe it from a girl who has known and been stuck to him since I was 11. See you soon
















I rolled up the responce and put it on the side of my desk so I can remember to give it to my owl.








I opened up a letter that smelled faintly like bacon, had a few grease stains and a doodle of a dragon. That was obviously from Ron. Oh dear old Ron












Hi Hermione,








Hope you’re alright. I know I am. Anyways see you at Hogwarts we’ll talk about our holidays then.




















I sighed and put it on top of Ginny’s letter. It was pointless to respond to THAT. Finally I reached over to the last letter that was supposedly Harry’s letter but it turned out to be one from Scarlett and it was just her worrying about what everyone will think of her.








I told my owl to send the response to Ginny in The Burrow.








Got ready for bed and I went to sleep in a heartbeat.









*Ginny’s point of view*          








I woke up like a zombie in response to the smell of bacon cooking.








What? Everybody likes bacon!








I saw Hermione’s owl at my window and untied the letter from his foot.








I read through the letter and of course I had to agree with her. She was always right and I shouldn’t worry.
















I did as I was told and I checked my bag and when I made sure I had everything, I went to the kitchen to treat my stomach.








As I got there, I saw that Harry and Ron were already ready and that they were at the table, eating. Well, Harry was moving his eggs around the plate and Ron was burying his head in the food like he hasn’t eaten in a year.








I sighed and got my plate ready full of bacon and sat opposite ron which was the worst mistake I have make today.








“monin’ Tchinny oo you fink ‘ermione ‘s gonna be there erwwly and I wodeer ifth swhe iws head giwel cuz she deserve itth” Ron said with a mouthful of waffle. It was really disgusting because half of that food was on my shirt and on my beloved bacon.








“swallow your food before talking dear brother of mine” I said with sarcasm. He sneered and continued to shove his food in his throat. Harry stood up and went to his room as usual but came down after 5 minutes with his trunk. “Hurry up Ron! Do you want to get there early or not?” said Harry. Ron swallowed his food and put his dirty but completed plate in the sink, got out his wand and said an incantation to make the dish wash itself.








I did the same and I got my trunk in the living room with Harry and Ron and we straight away apparated to platform 9 ¾ to the strangest sight we have seen.  












Haha cliffie *evil laugh*




Any guesses on what it is?

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