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Picture Perfect by katekat
Chapter 3 : As We Sit In Wooden Chairs
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Chapter 3

    Sitting in potions all by myself is miserable, it being the last class of the day didnt help either. Of course Harry was here but he was sitting with Neville. Ronald, being himself, didn’t make it into advanced potions. So now, here I am trying desperately to pay attention to our new teacher. Professor Slughorn was back, which was great because I am pretty sure he likes me about the same amount I like him. Which was a small insignificant amount.

    To make matters even better, Malfoy was in my class. Heck, I'm almost positive he’s in all of my classes except Magic of History. In the corner of my eye, I see him staring at me. Making no attempt to cover it up too. As always he knows every answer and constantly gets points for Slytherin. Then there’s also the fact that, whenever Slughorn asks a question and I don't put up my hand, everyone looks at me like the most constant thing in their life was taken away. Honestly people, I wasn't that much of a know-it all. Was I? Oh dear Merlin, I’d have to be for them to look at me like that. Now at least I know why people only talked to me about homework. I was such a, well, nerd.

    I suppose everyone expects me to at least be a girly-girl now. Maybe I should go running around in the flowers outside or maybe! I can do what I’ve been dreaming of doing all along.. Finally, now I’ve changed I can go gossip with Lavender about all the dirty little things shes been doing with Ronald! KIDDING! I hate that good for nothing too faced-

    “Ms.Granger, are you feeling alright today? You have been acting peculiar lately and I'm worried something is wrong..” Professor Slughorn burst my bubble with that annoying comment of his.

    “Why of course I’m fine Professor, I was simply just allowing the other kids to learn what you are teaching, since I already know” I stated simply even though it was a complete lie. I had no clue what he was even talking about, but it seemed to be an acceptable answer as he and several students nodded their heads trying to comfort themselves on the fact that I was supposedly still a bookworm. Honestly, was half the class stupid? I mean, come on. This is even the advanced placement class..

    I glance desperately at my watch. Tick tick tick. Seriously? Another ten boring minutes left. I try to pay attention I really do, my eye starts to twitch I’m staring so hard at Slughorn. Concentrate, you can do this Hermione. Something about a..potion? Merlin, this was going no where. I collapse back into my seat, having given up the relief is instantaneous. I was just not meant to be a good student obviously, I sigh and look at my watch. Then of course I groan so loud everyone turns to look at me. Nine minutes to go. Tick tick tick..

    After all while the students turn back around except, you guessed it, Malfoy. What does he want? Well, i guess it was me but still, that just doesn't make sense. I recline in my seat and write a quick note, then casually flick in Malfoys direction. What are you staring at, ferret? No need to say whom it was from obviously. With a fast glance I can see hes looking at it with a slight frown. Ha! Probably thought I couldn't see him. Stupid ferr..

   Ouch! The heck just hit my head? I look into my lap and see the rolled parchment. Bloody hell, he actually responded to that? I unroll it and scan it. Feisty aren't we Granger? If you must know, I'm looking for something for tell whether or not your an impersonator. P.S. That’s Mr. Ferret to you.

   Impersonator?! Wow, is he really that dim-minded? And I do believe he was flirting with me in the end.. What in Merlin's baggy underpants has this world come to? I turned and shot a WTF? look at Malfoy. I don’t he got it though, stupid pure-blood.

Riiiiing ring ring.

   Oh thank heavens this class is finished. My lips molded into a sarcastic grin, isn’t this just going to be the best class, like ever? I quietly giggle even in my mind I sounded like Brown for a moment there. I rush to pack all my stuff hoping to dodge my friends and slip into my dorm alone. I basically run out of the class and right when I'm tasting freedom I crash into a hard solid body. Of course I happen to fall down like a house of cards in a thunder storm, so I’m on the floor when Malfoys voice is heard.

   “Clumsy as ever I see. Well get up Granger, don't just sit there like a lump.” I’m in a bit of shock though so before I can comprehend anything I’m lifted to my feet and my stuff is thrust into my hands.

   “Be careful next time, Hermione.” He says while our eyes make contact. OhMyGosh his eyes spark with silver. Why have I never been this close to him before? Its so nice.. My insides shiver before I shake my head and forget the previous thoughts. “Whatever Malfoy,” I say as a brush past him and onto the Gryffindor stairs never sparing a glance back. I will never think of that ferret that way again. Ever! I nodded with resolve and quickly found my way to the portrait and in a matter of minutes I was snuggled up in my covers for a brief moment of peace.

   Later that night though, he was all I could think about. How hard his chest was and how easily he picked up and of course, the minor fact he called me HER-FREAKING-MIONE! ..but no, I promised myself, I will not fall for his Slytherin charm. There is just simply no way. Right?

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Picture Perfect: As We Sit In Wooden Chairs


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