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Fortes in Fides by The Mirror of Erised
Chapter 1 : Chapter one: Who the hell is Voldermort?!
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Chapter 1: Who the Hell is Voldemort?!

"Oh well seeing as I've lost my mind I may as well make the most of it" - Fides Williams

Okay, so I’m not sure what the hell just happened. I just ran into a friggen wall and I’m not lying on the floor unconscious….. Or maybe I am. Shit maybe I’m dead! It would begin to explain as to why I’m climbing in to an old crimson steam train heading to a school of “witchcraft and wizardry” as if it were a daily occurrence. A school of magic.  Yep, I have officially gone mad.

Oh well, seeing as I have lost my mind I may as well make the most of it, like ransacking the trolley lady for a start. I stare down at the rows of colourful tooth decaying sweets (none of which I recognise) and pick up a box with the words Chocolate frog written in gold. Mmmmmm chocolate what’s not to trust? Perhaps the “frog” part.

The trolley lady is wearing a sickly pink dress that takes all my will power not to burn. I look down at the gold badge that’s pinned to her crisp white apron that says “hello my name is Madge”. Of course she is called Madge, why wouldn’t she be. After all she is the stereotypical old lady who lives in her lavender house knitting socks for her grandchildren whilst rocking back and forth on her old oak chair. She is so sickly sweet, right down to her overpowering sugary scent, that I think I might be sick. No wonder she is the trolley lady seeing as she looks and smells like a giant walking candyfloss.

Her deep wrinkles embed her faded blue eyes suggesting she smiles a lot, and even when I’m short of money (well at least I think it’s money: Galleons, Sickles and Knuts sounds like something that should be in a tool box) she lets me have the purple and gold wrapped chocolate frog (should have known they didn’t sell Twixes) for free. Ergh, I hate nice people. They make me feel like I should confess my sins or bathe in holy water for a week (which in my case probably wouldn't be long enough). Anyhows, I’m not about to complain about free food so I nod in appreciation and slide the carriage door shut as she continues to hobble down the train. I’m not sure why she is bothering seeing as I am the only person on this train but, who am I to deny an old lady of purpose to her close to ending life. Harsh but true.

The moment she can no longer see me I yank the window open to rid the carriage of her intoxicating smell, embracing the cooling wind as it dances with my auburn hair. After a while of sticking my head out of the window whilst singing “the hills are alive with the sound of music” at the top of my voice, I slouch down into the soft leather seats. Besides the low hum of the train and the squeaks of the carriage the train is silent. Suddenly a rush of lowliness washes over me so I start to sing “I am 16 going on 17” (three guesses as to what my favourite film is) just to stop myself from crying. It feels wrong to be sitting in an empty train and I’m half tempted to run after Madge and beg her to sit with me just to fill the emptiness, but I still have a shred of dignity… I think.

When I say the train is empty I’m not being over dramatic as I am never over dramatic (and yes I don’t think convincing myself that I’m dead or mad is being over dramatic in the slightest thank you very much). I’m certain that Madge, the driver and I are the only people on the train. To be honest I don’t even think there is a driver for I wouldn’t be surprised if the train drove itself after the day, no week, I have had.  I find out I’m a witch (pretty cool I know), ran through a solid wall (that was pretty cool too) and now I’m journeying to a school of “witch craft and wizardry” (and that’s just plain scary).  Nothing can surprise me now except for maybe this…

After reaching the end of “my favourite things” I decided to finally open the chocolate I bought and I can safely say I was not expecting this. When it said chocolate frog I was not expecting an actual chocolate frog to jump from the purple and gold packet I had just opened, and I’m not going to lie I freaked out a little. I screamed every known curse to man, threw it out of the window and just for good measure ran into another empty carriage. Okay I freaked out a lot. However, in my defence I was not expecting that. I throw myself onto the seat and attempt to recover from the erm…. experience. Chocolate frog?! And here I was thinking it would be like a Fredo. They should rename it to a bloody heart attack in a box! Though I suppose their sales would significantly reduce if it was called that. Its official sweet little old Madge is trying to kill me.  Damn it I’m really hungry now.

All of a sudden I burst out laughing, the sound echoing around the empty train. I laugh and laugh until tears spill from my eyes and splash onto the soft leather. I laugh until I can no longer breathe and my voice is hoarse (as if I hadn’t already damaged my voice, and possibly ears, from my impressive rendition of the sound of music.)

Well that was weird. It’s the first time that I’m glad no one was here to witness my stupidity or my manic laughter. When at last my breathing pattern returns to its normal speed I notice that I’m still holding onto the shiny wrappings of the chocolate frog. Inside I find a small card with a picture of a man on it. Actually, it’s two pictures. One is of the man when he was younger which quickly transfers to an older version of him. The younger and older version of the man are very similar seeing as he has pretty striking features; his thick circular glasses, jet black hair, lightning bolt scar and not to mention his piercing green eyes that are so life like that it feels as though I’m looking at the real thing. His name is etched in gold beneath the picture, Harry Potter. Not going to lie but this Harry Potter bloke is hot. I turn the card over to read the short summary of handsome Harry’s life.

Harry Potter


Harry Potter, commonly known as the boy who lived after being the only known survivor of the Avada Kedavra curse, is most famous for conquering Lord Voldermort aged 17 resulting in saving both the Wizarding and Muggle worlds. Harry Potter joined the reshuffled Auror Department under Kingsley Shacklebolt at age 17, rising to become Head of said department in 2007. Harry Potter enjoys nothing more than spending time with his family and friends.

Good looking, family guy and saviour of both “the Wizarding and Muggle world” take me now Harry. Wait a second what the fuck is a Muggle? Not to mention the Avada Kedavra curse. Whats a Head Auror and who the hell is Lord Voldermort?! I’ll go ask Madge if she waddles past again, but for now I let myself listen to the rattle of the train until I drift into a light sleep, the train delving closer and closer to my new life.


Someone nudges me awake and my eyes flicker open. Shit I just screamed in Madge’s face. Well it’s her own bloody fault for leaning her face so close to mine when I was waking up but, I apologise anyway.

“The train has arrived pet” she says unfazed by the fact I just screamed in her face- probably deaf, bless.  I nod as I begin to pull down the big leather trunk I was given that is pretty much empty. Madge waddles to the side to let me out on to the platform. The wind starts to play with my hair again and I’m tempted to redo my sound of music marathon but I’m stopped by the gruff “'ello” I hear behind me. I turn to face the largest man I have ever seen (both sideways and lengthways) and without thinking I blurt “shit, someone ate their greens”. Thankfully the giant before me laughs (a laugh which actually makes the train windows rattle).

“You must be Fides Williams” yep you heard it my names my name is Fides. My parents must have really hated me. “I’m Professor Rubeus Hagrid ”  (wow someone who has a name to compete against mine - didn’t think it was possible but then again until this morning I didn’t think it was possible to run through walls) “the keeper of keys and grounds at Hogwarts and Professor of care of magical creatures  but everyone just calls me Hagrid. Right, usually new comers go on the boats to get to the school but seeing as you have arrived later on we’ve had to make an acceptation. So you’ll be taking the carriages” I just nod whilst he rambles on (it’s hard to understand what he is saying through his thick beard that devourers his face) and follow him towards the carriages. From a distance it looks like horses are pulling the carriages but as I get nearer I see that they are nothing like horses. Their dark skin is tight and thin across there skeletal body’s and their eye sockets are empty. I’m tempted to touch it just to make sure it’s real but I am distracted by their large papery wings.

“What the fuck is that horsey thing pulling the carriage” I ask Hagrid. At first I thought he was going to tell me off for swearing again but instead he just stops and looks at me with a face of utter confusion and curiosity- apparently his facial expressions are visible through his main of thick wiry hair, who’d have known! He opens his mouth as if to ask me something but then changes his mind. Another awkward moment goes by. Clearly this guy hates swearing.

Finally he mutters “they’re Thestrals” and with that he ushers me into the carriage. It’s strange he is almost looking at me sympathetically. The Thestrals come to life and the carriage begins to move and I’m left by myself once again.

After a few silent minutes I spot the first glistening turret of my new home.





A/N hello person who accidently clicked on this story thinking it was something else. This is my first ever Fan Fiction story so I really hope you enjoyed this first chapter. I know it’s really short but it’s just an introduction, the other chapters will be longer. So yeah Fides has seen death- important for the plot so please remember if you choose to continue reading this! By the way the title is Latin (yes I’m a nerd) so you might want to google translate it or something unless you’re also a nerd and can therefore translate it in your head- if so you have my approval, if not you also have my approval for still reading this. Anyhows, please leave a review and tell me if I should bother to continue with this. Thank You

Oh and if you are interested I started writing this on the train from Kings Cross station to My boarding school! *GASP* sorry to disappoint but my train was not on platform 9 ¾ but how I wish it was *sighs*.


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Fortes in Fides: Chapter one: Who the hell is Voldermort?!


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