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Cut Loose by moony_elisabeth_harry
Chapter 2 : Chapter Two: Temptation
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fantastic chapter image by cast!el@TDA <3

We arrived at the villa, it was huge it had stone pathways leading up to it with a large garden it was near the top of the mountain that the city was built on. Our villa had white walls and a blue roof just like the rest of all the buildings. We walked up the stone path and entered the villa, the inside was beautiful, the floor was made up of large squares of brown tiles, and there were brown trimmings to match the floor. The walls were a light yellow, instead of doors there were large archways. We stood in the front foyer a small fountain was in the middle. Three archways lead to the kitchen, family room, and dining room. The one door leads to the powder room. In the kitchen the walls were white instead of yellow and the counter tops were blue. The stairs were in the kitchen to the left by the arch way. The stairs were the same color as the floor but they were made out of wood. The kitchens right wall was nothing but windows and a sliding glass door that leads out to the sparkling blue pool. I walked into the dining room that had yellow walls, a huge crystal chandelier, a dark wood cabinet that held dinner dishes, and a huge dark wood table with matching chairs. At the table sat Astoria and Draco Malfoy, Astoria smiled widely at me, her dark brown eyes shined, her dark brown hair that matched her eyes made her skin look very pale but not as pale as her husband. Just like Scorp Draco was very handsome his white blonde hair grey eyes and pale skin. Dad would always tell me Draco was cruel and mean, right now he looked anything but. He was also smiling,


“Rose!” Astoria said she jumped up and gave me a big hug. I loved Astoria she was nice and sweet, somehow she managed to keep her boys in check. I had taken to her, out of all the adults (other than harry, Ginny, mom, dad, Neville and Luna) I liked her the best. She was always smiling. How Draco had gotten lucky enough to find someone like Astoria was a mystery to me.


“Astoria!” I said returning her hug. She was the only adult I called by her first name without an uncle or aunt in front of it.


“It’s been too long!” she said holding me at arm’s length taking a good look at me. I had seen her at Christmas but it felt like an eternity since then.


“I know it has!” I agreed eagerly I said hello to Draco then me Astoria, Draco, and Scorp sat down a got into a long conversation about quidditch.




We had been talking for about two hours; the house elves serving us (only while we were in Greece we didn’t have one at home because mom was against it) had brought us tea. The house elves Arnold, and Amelia were very kind and seemed to enjoy serving us.


“What! No I swear you knocked me off my broom on purpose!” I said me and Scorp were having a small argument about a game back in third year.


“I’m telling you it was an accident and I’m sorry” he said I sat there speechless. He had apologized. Just then my mom walked in


“Astoria!” she said running forwards and pulling her into a hug. My mom had also taken to Astoria.


“I have so much to tell you Mione!” Astoria said my mother exchanged a warm hug with Draco. I admired her for how forgiving she was. How she could just put the past behind and move on. My father on the other hand was a different story. My mom and Astoria launched into a full blown conversation about everything that happened from Christmas in till now. My brother walked in his red hair messy atop his head.


“Hey Hugo!” I said in a loving sister voice. Hugo scowled I laughed. I grabbed him and gave him a big kiss on the cheek


“eww get off!” he yelled I laughed again. He started talking with Scorp trying to act cool. He has always done this, he tries to impress people, and he is rude towards me and makes fun of girls if he is hanging out will a guy. My mom said it’s a phase and it will pass, but I’m not so sure. When we were kids and we went over to Uncle Harrys house Hugo tried to impress James by shoving me and kicking dirt in my face. The result was James getting mad at Hugo for being so rude. After about another hour of talking the house elves came in with our dinner. Astoria insisted we wait for my dad but after about twenty minutes of sitting with our stomachs growling we dug in. It was a good thing we did to because dad finally got home at ten o’clock. What a sight he must have walked in on. My mom deep in conversation with Astoria and Draco, me and Hugo laughing and joking around with Scorp. He stood there stunned we all looked at him. His red hair was messy and his forehead was mom stood, she had taken her hair out of the tight bun it was now flowing freely down her back. She picked up some plates then stared right at my dad “kitchen now” she said he looked scared as he followed her slowly. Hugo jumped up and walked towards the kitchen I got my wand out and pointed it at him


“Petrificus Totalus” I said my brother instantly fell to the ground “it’s bad to ease drop” I said Scorp, Astoria and Draco were all laughing. I may not be of age yet but it doesn’t matter if I use magic that one of the up sides of being Hermione and Ron’s daughter. I heard my mother’s voice coming closer, I jumped up “well good night” I said before fleeing from the dining room to my bed room. The room I was staying in had beautiful white walls; the floor was a light brown wood. The bed in the middle had light blue covers and a blue overhang. Just like in the kitchen the wall to the right was all glass windows with a sliding glass door that led to the balcony that over looked the pool. I changed quickly and got into bed, I was asleep the instant my head touched the pillow.




I groaned I made the awful mistake of forgetting to close the curtains before I went to bed. The sun streamed into the room making me temporarily blind. I could just get up and close the curtains but even then I wouldn’t be able to sleep. I could hear talking and laughter from down below. I sighed and sat up finally giving up on going back to bed. I rubbed my eyes of sleep then reached for the watch on my night stand. 8:17 I sighed during the summer I was rarely up before ten. I rolled out of bed and walked out onto the balcony, Hugo and Scorpius were splashing around in the pool and my mom and Astoria were sitting by the side. I was a bit shocked my mom was home but it was fine with me. I watched as Scorp filled his mouth with water and tried his best to make it hit me. I laughed it had barely made it out of the pool let alone the balcony.


“Breakfast is on the counter!” my mom called up to me I nodded before turning back into my room. I searched my dresser for the purple bikini Liz had given me. I dressed into it quickly and pulled my hair into a messy bun before brushing my teeth. Once done I ran down to the kitchen. On the counter were some waffles, eggs, and toast. I grabbed a piece of toast and ate it greedily. As soon as I walked outside I was bombarded by water. I was instantly soaked I wiped my face and went to stand with my mum. I knew that Hugo and Scorp wouldn’t dare try and spray me now, if they got my mom wet she would go over the top. I waited for the perfect moment, both Scorp and Hugo had their back to me I took a running start


“cannon ball!” I yelled as I jumped over their heads and into the water. The water felt cool against my hot skin, when I surfaced my brother looked thoroughly annoyed. I had accidentally splashed mom and Astoria they had gone inside. My brother huffed and stormed off. This left me and Scorp alone, this meant war. We splashed each other and wrestled in the pool for what felt like hours. Scorp grabbed my ankles and I felt my legs give out. I fell backwards into the water; I didn’t have time to cover my nose. Water filled my lungs I struggled to reach the surface once there I coughed for ages.


“Are you ok?” I looked up to see Scorpius sitting on his towel with a large bottle of sunscreen. A boy as pasty white as him needed all the sunscreen he could get. I watched him as he rubbed the sunscreen on his arms, legs and chest. I had never really looked at him until now. He had large biceps, his chest was perfectly chiselled. His stomach was flat with perfect abs. I stared at him in admiration. His beautiful grey eyes locked with mine. I blushed deeply and looked down. “Will you do my back for me?” he asked holding out the bottle. I exited the pool and grabbed the bottle before kneeling beside him. I squeezed some of the white cream into my hand. It was quite warm against my skin. I started to rub it into his back. The moment was far to intimate for my likings. When I was done he turned and looked at me. His face was close to mine; having his lips so near sent shivers down my spine. I was so tempted to kiss him at that moment but I knew it was wrong on so many levels. With everything between him and Liz, then there was my boyfriend. Jack, I sighed and laid down I closed my eyes and let the sun dry me. Pictures of jack ran in front of my eyes. His brown hair and eyes, his cute glasses. As much as I tried I couldn’t keep the images of Scorpius out of my mind. It was just too much. I jumped up “were you going?” he asked


“er- to get some bread” I said it was the worst lie I bet he saw right through it. He just smirked and closed his eyes again. I rushed to my room and pulled on some shorts and a tank top. I fixed my bun and grabbed my bag before practically running out the door. I needed to get as far away from him as possible. I needed to clear my head. My feelings were moving way to fast. I yelled bye to my mom and walked outside. The further away I got from the villa the slower I walked. I stopped at a bakery and bought some Greek bread, I hadn’t been lying about getting bread after all. I walked all the way down to the private wizard beach. The entrance was in between two very old villas. Once there I whispered “reveal” in Greek. The beach materialised before me, there were a few other people there today including a group of teen male Greek wizards. They catcalled at me as I walked by them to reach the other side of the beech. I sat on a piece of drift wood and pulled out some parchment and a pen (I preferred muggle pens better than quills. I stared at the parchment for a while before writing.

Dear Elisabeth….

Disclaimer: everything recognizable belongs to the awesome J.K. Rowling
Next chapter will start exactly where we left off let me know what you think!


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