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I hate that I love you by Harry and Ginny
Chapter 8 : The thing about Quidditch is...
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Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter... that’s the sad truth. Kidding! Enjoy another chapter of this story please! ^_^


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Harry and Ginny couldn’t believe what had just happened. Had they heard about being partners? They looked at each other briefly before they looked at their professor, begging with their eyes to switch them to another partner.



“Professor, isn’t there a way to switch partners?” Harry asked.



“Why do you ask Harry? Is there a problem with being Miss Weasley’s partner?”

“Yes Professor, there is a problem with me being Potter’s partner!” Ginny replied before Harry had the chance, “I’m sure you have heard about our rivalry and how we get into duels,” she said as she tried to avoid sending a glare at Harry.


“Miss Weasley, I’m sorry to say that I’m not going to change partners. And since you two are so adamant against being each other’s partners, I would like to see you two duel. And you’ll be the first ones today,” Remus said.



With a sigh, Harry and Ginny walked to the middle of the classroom. Everyone was eager to see this duel between the two rivals of Gryffindor and Remus made sure the classroom had the necessary protection.



“Wands ready!” exclaimed Remus.



With her wand ready, Ginny sent a small glare to Harry and mouthed, “Scared Potter?”



He replied with his look, “You wish”. And then, there was silence. Harry, Ginny and the remaining students waited for the Professor to say that they could start duelling.



Remus looked at them and said, “You may start the duel!”



Ginny was the first one to shout a spell, but Harry was quick and managed to deflect it without any trouble. Everyone in the classroom could feel the tension as Ginny and Harry duelled, but as they were fighting each other neither Harry nor Ginny admitted seeing the fire in each other’s eyes. They had been duelling for twenty minutes and both were tired, but neither wanted to be the first one to lose. Out of the blue, Ginny decided to attack Harry with two simple spells. She sent a disarming spell which sent Harry’s wand to the floor and Harry could see that the duel was about to end. Ginny saw that Harry wasn’t focused, so she shouted another spell, which sent him against the wall due to the strength of the spell. Remus, Ron and Hermione ran towards Harry’s direction and saw that he was unconscious and bleeding from his head.



“Harry! Will he be alright Professor?” Hermione asked worriedly.



Remus looked at both Ron and Hermione’s worried faces and answered, “He will be but he needs to be taken to the Hospital Wing. Class’s dismissed!”



After dismissing the class, he picked Harry up and took him to the Hospital Wing, in which he was followed by Ron and Hermione, who funnily enough, was dragging Ginny with them. Right after they arrived, he informed the school nurse of what had happened in the classroom and naturally, Madam Pomfrey started running around, looking for potions to ease Harry’s pain for when he was going to awake from his state of unconsciousness. The nurse tried in vain to dismiss his friends, but Ron and Hermione were extremely stubborn and so Madam Pomfrey let the three students stay as they waited for Harry to wake up.



Later at night Harry finally woke up, “Ugh... where am I?”



Hermione quickly replied, “Harry, you’re in the Hospital Wing. Are you okay? Does your head hurt?” she asked worriedly.



“Hermione I’m fine! Don’t worry about me, alright?” he smiled apologetically, “what happened anyway? I don’t remember much...” he inquired.




“Harry, don’t you remember what happened earlier?” Hermione asked shocked at this. She saw Harry shaking his head and replying that he didn’t remember everything so she quickly explained what had happened in the DADA classroom and how he had been taken by Professor Lupin so he could be taken care of.



After this, Harry finally looked at the remaining occupants of the Hospital Wing, Ron and Ginny.



“Hey mate, how are you feeling?” Ron asked with a small smile.



“I’m alright, I guess... I feel like my head crashed against a pair of bludgers or something...” Harry replied.



Ron continued, “Well, you didn’t crash against a pair of bludgers, but it was against a wall,” he replied cheekily as he received a mockingly glare from his best mate. Finally Harry sent his gaze to the last remaining occupant of the room and strangely enough, he didn’t glare at her. A serious look was what locked these two as if Ron and Hermione weren’t there with them and both of them stayed like this, looking at each other’s eyes and without noticing the look shared between Hermione and her boyfriend. Ginny, on the other hand, as she kept staring at his eyes, she felt her heart giving a little leap and she noticed how that happened every time she looked at those green eyes. She couldn’t start liking him, could she? She didn’t want to think of that anymore and she thought that these crazy “feelings” could be the inhaled smokes from Potions and just like that, she broke the eye contact between her and Harry.






Funnily enough Hermione saw her friend breaking eye contact with Harry, but not without seeing a faint blush on her cheekbones.



Meanwhile Madam Pomfrey appeared before them with potions for Harry, “Drink these potions now Mr. Potter! And for you three,” she said as she pointed for the three Gryffindors,” you need to leave now! Mr. Potter will take these potions and afterwards will rest!” stated the school nurse.



“Wait Madam Pomfrey! I just need to tell them something!” Harry exclaimed nervously. The school nurse huffed as if this was something constantly happening and left them speaking for only a few moments.

“So Harry, now that you’re staying here, and hopefully it will be just tonight, who is taking care of tomorrow’s quidditch practise?” Ron asked in a worried tone.

“That’s what I wanted to talk to you guys about. Hopefully she’ll let me leave tomorrow but if not, I wanted tomorrow’s quidditch practise to be taken care of you... Ginny,” Harry stated and the way he said her name was in a disgusted way, as if her name was toxic. Ginny was extremely shocked to say the least, as Ron and Hermione were too.



“I know we don’t exactly get along but I trust your quidditch abilities to keep the rest of the team in line,” Harry stated in his quidditch-mode. Ginny was extremely suspicious with this; was Potter trying to set her up a trap or something?




“What are you trying to do Potter? Is this some way of you telling me that I’m not responsible, is it?” Ginny asked furiously.



Harry groaned, “No, I already told you! You are a great chaser and I know you can do this!” Harry replied, in which he realised what he had just said and showed a shocked expression.



He wasn’t the only one with a shocked look expressed on his face; Ron, Hermione and also Ginny were shocked at hearing this. Harry didn’t usually pay any compliments to Ginny since they both liked to show their hate to one another, so it was a strange thing for Harry to say... Meanwhile Hermione looked again at Ginny and then she looked at Harry and she noticed two things in common. Both Harry and Ginny were blushing like mad and both were avoiding each other’s gaze.



‘What does this mean? What is he thinking? And I really need to talk to Ginny real soon about Romilda Vane and what can we do to break her and Harry up. I can’t allow him being cheated this way! I won’t allow it!’ Hermione thought with a somewhat serious expression on her face.



In the mean time the school nurse showed up, breaking everyone’s thoughts. If Ginny didn’t know better, she thought she felt a hint of disappointment for being asked by the nurse to leave the Hospital Wing so that Harry could sleep through the night. Ron and Hermione bid their friend goodnight and left with Ginny to their common room.



Even though Harry asked to leave the Hospital Wing, because according to him, he felt fine, Madam Pomfrey insisted on him staying overnight, just to be sure his head wasn’t damaged. At this he rolled his eyes at the nurse for worrying so much when he was feeling alright for the moment. Then Madam Pomfrey gave him a dreamless sleeping potion and soon his eyes felt heavier and then he fell asleep peacefully.

The next morning Ginny woke up slightly nervous. Today was the Gryffindor’s quidditch team practice and even though, she thought it was silly of her to be nervous she wanted today to be a good day. After all the quidditch captain couldn’t go to practice because she sent him against the wall in their DADA class and Madam Pomfrey had insisted that he would stay overnight, just to be sure that nothing was wrong with him. He would probably leave today the Hospital Wing but no one knew when that would be.


Ginny sighed and quickly dressed her quidditch uniform and headed to the common room, just in case there was a member from the team there. As she arrived to the common room, she saw her friends Katie Bell and Demelza Robins sitting in front of the fireplace as they were waiting for the rest of the team to arrive so they could go to practise. The two girls looked at Ginny, with their faces showing how sleepy they were, mumbling that it was too soon to have a morning practise; of course, anyone who had quidditch practise at 6am, would say that!

The three girls waited ten minutes before the rest of the team showed up, but they all showed a surprised look when they didn’t see their captain. Ginny told them that due to Madam Pomfrey’s insistence, Harry had spent the night in the Hospital Wing therefore he couldn’t come to the quidditch practise.

“So, what are we going to do now? We don’t have the captain here with us,” one of them asked and before Ginny could reply, Ron answered that Harry had asked Ginny if she could do today’s practise and as soon as Ron told this little information to the team, they all had shock present in their faces. Everyone knew that Harry and Ginny had a history of rivalry between them so for Harry to ask Ginny this favour was something huge!

“Come on then! We have a game coming up and we need to go now! Let’s go!” Ginny shouted to the team. They all walked down to the pitch and trained as if it was their last training and despite everyone being tired, everyone enjoyed Ginny training them.

Meanwhile in the Hospital Wing, Harry had just woken up. He looked at the bedside table and looked at his watch and they showed that it was just 7h30am, then he looked outside to try to see his quidditch team, but in that precise moment, the school nurse appeared. “Good morning, Mr. Potter. How are you feeling this morning?”

Harry looked at Madam Pomfrey and replied, “I’m feeling alright. My head hurts a bit but other than that, I’m fine!”




“Of course your head hurts, Potter! You were thrown against a wall so your head will be hurting for a few more days. You have to drink this potion here before I can let you go. You must rest for a couple of days before you can do any physical exercise, so if I discover you are flying, I will ask for a temporary suspension of the team! Is that clear?” Madam Pomfrey asked, although she had a feeling that Harry would ignore this since he was a regular customer at the Hospital Wing. She shook her head and sighed; she had a soft spot for the young boy and just wished he would be more careful but she knew it would be too much to ask for that.



Harry did what Madam Pomfrey asked him to, but it happened because Hermione had insisted so much, and she did threatened him with a jinx, so Harry had no choice left but to rest for two days.



A few days later, Harry was sitting on a couch of the Gryffindor common room writing new quidditch strategies so when he returned to the team, he could apply said strategies. He felt someone sitting next to him but he was so focused on his notebook that he didn’t hear the owner’s voice.



“Harry!” someone cried. He looked up startled and saw Hermione trying to talk to him.



“Sorry Hermione! I wasn’t listening,” he said.



Hermione rolled her eyes at him, “I know that! I needed to talk to you about something...” she said as she looked to the opposite direction.



Harry looked confused with Hermione; she looked worried about something, “Hermione, is something going on? You know you can always tell me everything, you know?”



With a sigh, Hermione replied, “I know Harry, but what I have to tell you isn’t a good thing. First of all, I want to ask you something about Romilda.”



“What about Romilda? Is something wrong with her?” Harry asked curiously.



“Well, have you noticed how Romilda has been acting these past few weeks?” Hermione asked carefully.



“What do you mean Hermione? Has she done something to you? Is there anything that I should know?”



“Well, she hasn’t done anything to me but I found out something about her. She err... well, she has err...” Hermione said showing how nervous she was.



“Hermione, please tell me! You’re making me nervous!”



“Here goes nothing,” she mumbled before saying the words that would change Harry’s life from that moment on, “Harry, Romilda is cheating on you.”



“WHAT?” Harry exclaimed, drawing everyone’s attention to him, including Ginny Weasley. Harry couldn’t believe what Hermione was telling him. Romilda was cheating on him? That was impossible because they loved each other!



“Who told you that Hermione? Tell me now!” Harry asked angrily and before Hermione told him more things about this, she grabbed his hand and led him outside the common room while making a quick eye contact with Ginny. The young Weasley gave a short nod and waited a few seconds after Hermione and Harry left. She stood up and quietly exited the common room and as she opened the portrait, she could hear Harry’s voice shouting “CALM DOWN HERMIONE? HOW CAN I CALM DOWN AFTER YOU TOLD ME THAT MY GIRLFRIEND HAS BEEN CHEATING ON ME?”



Ginny didn’t know whether or not she should help Hermione. It wasn’t as if she didn’t want to help, but she was hesitant about this matter.



“Harry, if you calm down, you’ll hear the whole story! So, unless you want me to hex you into next week, I would be quiet if I were you,” Hermione warned with a sigh. This was a very hard thing to say to her best friend, but she couldn’t let Romilda get away with this! Deep down, she always knew that Romilda was no good and although she looked like a dumb girl, she tricked them all, especially Harry!



Hermione looked behind her and saw her female friend Ginny Weasley coming in her direction, and she only hoped that Harry would believe in her. Though, that was something she could only hope.



Harry saw Ginny Weasley coming in his and Hermione’s direction and as if his anger wasn’t enough, it seemed to him that she wanted to rub his misery on his face and with an angry growl he asked, “What are you doing here Weasley?”



Ginny resisted sending him a remark, but for everyone’s sake, she needed to tell everything she knew.



“Take it easy Potter! I didn’t come here to do anything to you,” she stated.



The girls looked at each other doing silent conversation and with a frustrated sigh, Hermione let Ginny keep talking and with great difficulty, she said, “Harry, the other day when I was wandering in the castle, I passed through a broom cupboard and I heard a couple having sex. I found their voices to be familiar and imagine my surprise when I heard Romilda’s voice and Cormac McLaggen’s voice too. They were leaving the broom cupboard and-“



Harry interrupted her as he shook his head in disbelief, “I don’t believe you!”



Both Hermione and Ginny were shocked at hearing this, but Hermione decided to speak again, “Why Harry? Why don’t you believe Ginny? She isn’t lying to you Harry!”



“No, that can’t be true! SHE IS LYING TO YOU HERMIONE! CAN’T YOU SEE THAT?” Harry shouted angrily. He thought that this was just another game, another lie that Ginny was telling him and before he could think anything else, Ginny spoke once again.



“Excuse me Potter? I don’t like being called a liar and that’s one thing I hate, do you hear me?!”



Hermione tried calming them both down, but Ginny asked her gently to leave the two of them alone so they could talk. Hermione was afraid of what could happen if she left them alone, but if something bad happened between them, she would have to take drastic measures! This ridiculous fight they were on, since that prank happened on Second Year, was absolutely ludicrous! This fight had to stop some day!



Meanwhile, Harry and Ginny were glaring at each other as they had been left alone by Hermione. Harry was exploding with rage. How was this possible? How could she, Ginny Weasley spread an ugly lie about his girlfriend?



“Why are you doing this to me Weasley? Why don’t you allow me to be happy for once?” Harry asked as he stared at Ginny.



“Excuse me? I’m not a liar Potter! And what I told you about her is true!”



He laughed coldly at her and before he turned around, he said, “Weasley, stop meddling into my life and stop spreading lies! It doesn’t look good on you.”



And right before he turned around, he felt something making contact with his cheek. She had slapped him. Ginny Weasley had snapped and slapped Harry on his face. Harry put his hand to the cheek and looked at Ginny in shock because during all the years they had known each other, this had never happened. And Harry noticed one more thing.


Ginny was trying hard not to cry in front of him. She couldn’t believe what she had done and even though she didn’t want to admit, she knew that deep down their arguments did have an effect on her. She backed away slowly and avoided looking at him and as soon he couldn’t see her, she started running away towards the common room, where she could go to her dorm. She managed not to cry as she ran through the common room, not stopping to see if Hermione was here. Luckily, Hermione was there with Ron and once she saw the sad look on her friend’s face, she knew something had happened. As usually, Ron didn’t notice anything special with Ginny and after a quick kiss that Hermione gave, she went to see what was wrong with her friend and once she arrived at the 7th Year girls’ dorm, Ginny was the only one there and Hermione saw how she looked. Ginny looked broken and sad and so she told Hermione the entire argument she had with Harry and how she had slapped him and ran afterwards. This was it for Hermione! She knew something had to be done because Ginny wasn’t one to cry over boys. She was one of the strongest person she knew and for Ginny to cry, she had to be quite affected!



Meanwhile, Harry was still standing with a hand on his cheek wearing a shocked expression. Even he had to admit that this did hurt, but he couldn’t do anything else about it! He turned around and kept walking with no direction, thinking about what both Hermione and Ginny had told him. Was Romilda really cheating on him? And why would she do that? He kept thinking over the information he had received from the girls and then he stopped. He suddenly remembered looking at Ginny’s and Hermione’s faces and thinking they knew more than what they had told.



Harry decided to focus and looked at his surroundings. He was currently on the fourth floor and before he decided to go to the Heads Common Room, a sound caught his attention. He was already confused about the Romilda subject, but he had to check this sound. As he kept coming closer to the sound behind the broom cupboard, he had a bad feeling about this. He grabbed the doorknob silently and once he opened the door very quickly, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.



He was looking at his girlfriend, Romilda Vane and the person she was with, Cormac McLaggen. He couldn’t believe that his girlfriend was having sex with Cormac McLaggen.


A/N: I’m so sorry I only updated now! So much has happened to me since the last update and I know I’m a terrible person to you guys, leaving you here waiting for the next update.

Finally Harry knows the truth about Romilda Vane! Though now, he might feel sorry for not believing Ginny in what she said about his girlfriend. But that remains to be discovered in the next chapter! I have to thank all the reads and reviews this story has received so far and you guys are awesome!

I know I shouldn’t be asking this to all of you but, I would like to know whether or not you guys are enjoying this fic so far; despite the slow progress on updates, I’m trying to improve my writing and I hope I’m doing well so far! Please review everyone! It would mean a lot to me! Thanks guys and stay tuned for the next chapter! I’ll try to have it done maybe in the next month or so, but I will have it done for you guys to read more adventures of Ginny and Harry. ^_^

Harry and Ginny

Also, the 'Scared, Potter?' and 'You wish' lines are from Chamber of Secrets, page 160, the portuguese version. And please review!!! I'm a bit sad that this chapter isn't getting so many reviews!


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