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Let's Say by ariellem
Chapter 1 : Let's Say
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I do not own Star Wars, HP, or Dr. Who.

  Let’s say, once upon a time that there was a boy and a girl. Let’s also say that both the boy and the girl were in fifth year.

(And let’s throw in the fact that they might have fancied each other.)

Let’s say the girl made the first move because clearly the boy was too much of a wuss to do it himself, let’s add that she started their conversation by asking him if he knew who Spock was.

(He didn’t but he said otherwise.)

Let’s say that she being a very talkative girl (and also nervous) then went on a rant that the boy didn’t understand, but at the same time didn’t care because he was too busy noticing how pretty she was.

(Later that night, that same boy interrogated his muggle-born friend about facts on Spock).

Let’s say the boy and girl became friends, let’s add that both of them read the same books and once were late to prefect duties because of their relentless babbling.

(If you ask them about this now, they will deny it).

Let’s say that one time they were studying together, and that every so often their hands would brush against each other, causing them both to turn a bright and obvious shade of red.

(Which showed up quite vividly, considering both of them were the color of milk).

Let’s say that after they were done studying for the night, the girl decided to show her gratitude by giving the boy a hug.

We don’t need to point it out, it was quite obvious his face turned even redder and his arms were all stiff as he stared at the ceiling and wondered if it the world got any better than this.

(He guessed that it didn’t).

Let’s say that the day after the study session he went up to her and asked her if she’d like to go to Hogsmede with him. She said yes, and both of them left with red faces and anxious feelings. Let’s add that that weekend they both ended up spending their entire date at the bookstore, reading each other bits and pieces.

(She was a big sci-fi person, that’s one the few things he still remembers about her).

Let’s include the fact that they didn’t kiss after their first date, the goodbye was filled with awkward handshakes and disappointment on both sides.

(I’m not going to tell you whether or not they ever kissed, that would be spoilers).

Let’s say that he forgot that the next Hogsmede weekend was over a month away and he asked her out again, she accepted but pointed out the obvious. He blushed and asked her if she was available for studying.

(Studying was code for talking incessantly about different things that may or may not have been real).

Let’s throw in a little detail and say that it was that night they were studying astronomy and she told him all about a man in a TARDIS from the planet Gallifrey, who saved people and was called the Doctor. Let’s say they just sat on the wet grass on the grounds looking at the stars.

Let’s say he leaned forward to kiss her, but she moved to side and he hit her cheek and a got some of her hair in his mouth.

(That was clearly an epic fail).

Let’s say that five minutes later she leaned forward and this time he leaned forward and was able to meet her lips with his.

(It was awkward, but cute).

Let me add that they spent the rest of the night kissing awkwardly and went back to their dorms so happy they could barely walk.

Let’s say that after that talking was thrown out the window something that according to them was even better. Kissing.

They were discreet though, mostly just empty classrooms. They didn’t think that their private life was everyone’s business, and honestly I don’t think anyone wanted to know.

Let’s say that they dated all through their sixth year, that summer, and going on seventh year. Let’s add that they had their arguments (mostly about silly things, like whether or not Spock could ever find love).

(Let’s say they loved each other.)

Let’s say that she decided to become a writer and he decided on a desk job in the Ministry, let’s say that when she couldn’t pay her went he’d slip the money to her landlord (after all he still lived with his mother), let’s add that she actually pretended to show interest in some of his dullest work.

(They played Dragons and Dungeons every Saturday night though).

Let’s say that something happened, let’s say a boy died. Let’s say that the boy with him blamed a dark wizard from the past, let’s say the girl believed him, but the boy thought it could have been a post-traumatic disorder thing.

Let’s say words were said, words that couldn’t be taken back, words that were hurtful and would forever bruise them and come up in their worst nightmares.

Let’s say that they spilt and didn’t hear from each other again for a year. Let’s say that the girl was right, and this dark wizard took over.

Let’s say that the dark wizard put on an edict on every one of the girl’s kind of people, let’s say that the boy read the newspaper every day, just to make sure that her name wasn’t among the list.

Let’s say that one day she brought in for questioning, on the exact same day he was serving as witness (there was no coincidence), let’s say she was convicted and sobbed as she begged for her life. Let’s say that there was nothing for the boy to do.

Let’s say as she was dragged from the courtroom their eyes met, her’s were filled with disgust and revulsion, while his were just sad. Let’s add that that was the last time they saw each other for a very long time.

(Let’s leave the boy for a while and go with the girl).

Let’s say that three weeks after the girl was imprisoned there was a break-out, let’s say that one of boys that was in charge of this break-out saved the girl’s life.

(Let’s add that he had kind eyes).

Let’s say that the girl and this boy started a friendship, they didn’t have much in common, but that’s why they got along.

(Let’s include the fact that when it came to the girl the boy wasn’t interested in friendship).

Let’s say a war happened, let’s say that the boy came back to join his family, let’s add that that same night one of the boy’s brothers died.

(But the boy and his father killed the murder, just thought you should know).

Let’s say the rest survived the war, let’s say the boy tried to find the girl but couldn’t. Let’s say that a year later he met someone else. Another girl.

(This girl was lovely; she was the medicine to his wounds).

Let’s say he and the girl got married.

Let’s say that thirteen years later he saw the girl again, in the same train station platform that he had met her. Let’s add that she was also married, and had her own little girl.

(More importantly she had her own husband).

Let’s say that caught each other’s eye when saying goodbye to their kids, let’s say the girl’s eyes were full of forgiveness, while the boy could barely look at her without crying.

Let’s say that they never saw each other again, except for maybe a couple of brief moments. Let’s say that they still held a small candle for each other.

(Let’s say they still loved each other, deep in their hearts.)


Author’s Note: Hello all! *hides behind desk chair*, alright I know I haven’t been updating lately but don’t blame me. Blame Hetalia and The Guild, and then blame Magic the Gathering, and the guy I’m crushing on and writer’s block.

In short blame RL, not me, I’m innocent. :)



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