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Unplanned by ohmymerlin
Chapter 2 : Reactions
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It was 6:38 am and I was absolutely frozen. I jabbed my wand at the white stick again and it faded and then the equals sign came up again. I did this three more times with the same result. Fuck.

I incinerated the god damn thing and poured water over it so it couldn’t ever be procured again. I then vanished it to God knows where and repeated the process with the packaging.

This couldn’t be happening to me. Maybe I’d wake up and this would all be a dream. I just have to pinch myself so I could tell if it’s a dream.



This wasn’t a dream.

It was real.

I was pregnant.

I was carrying James Potter’s baby.

There was an embryo growing in my uterus.

I would have to go through labour and then push it out. Painfully.


After twenty minutes of silent panicking I left the bathroom and got back in bed, gripping the quilt tightly between my hands. I was terrified.

Thank goodness it was a Saturday so I could sleep in and forget all about the life inside of me for a few hours.

I fell asleep at about seven with my arms around my still-flat belly.


I felt the familiar lurch in my stomach and sprinted to the bathroom, clapping a hand to my mouth. Roxy was sitting on the floor of the dorm and opened her mouth to say something but I slammed the door and fell to my knees to empty the contents of my stomach.

Roxy rushed in and held my hair for me. She asked, “Woah! Why are you throwing your guts up?!”

Did it look like I could fucking talk?!

Didn’t you understand my retching and spluttering? It was morning sickness.

Silly duffer!

After I finished, I brushed my teeth and saw Roxy folding her arms and looking at me with a stern expression. I shrugged my shoulders innocently, but she said, “Don't give me that shit, Reese. Tell me.”

I couldn’t really tell her that I was pregnant with her cousin’s baby, now could I? I replied in a poor attempt at a nonchalant tone, “Oh, I think I ate something funny. It’s nothing don't worry.”

She cocked an eyebrow and said sarcastically, “Yes, at two in the afternoon, it only just caught up with you?”

I slept seven hours?!

“Well… um... I ate some Bertie Bott’s beans that I had in my trunk... Maybe I ate one that was off?” I floundered, wringing my hands together. It started to hit me again, I was pregnant.

Roxy cocked her eyebrow again and stared at me for a bit but then she shrugged. “Ah, well at least you should be fine now. Right?” My shoulders slumped in relief.

I smiled weakly at her and said, “Right. Yeah. Thanks for holding my hair.”

“Well, we wouldn’t want to get that curly hair covered in vomit would we?” she said, winking and walking out of the bathroom to leave me alone for a moment. I washed my face with cold water and took a minute to compose myself before following Roxy out back to the dorm where Rose was storming in.

“Rose, what’s wrong?” Roxy asked, not looking up from where she was throwing clothes around the dorm. She twitched at Roxy making a lot of mess.

She started to tell us that she was worrying about not passing her exams and when she kept complaining about that, as a joke, I found a broom and said to her loudly, “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!”

I was the only one laughing. She nearly smacked me though.

So, her rants about her going nowhere in life were starting to really get wearisome. Halfway through her rant, I flicked my wand at her, silencing her.

She held a hand to her throat and then glared at me.

Okay people, I’m about to give you a heads up. When Rose glared at you, you run in the opposite direction holding your wand for dear life.

I’ll give you an example of someone who didn’t run away.

There was this Ravenclaw prick, Kennedy McLaggen – how he got into Ravenclaw I have no idea – was taunting Rose because she had untameable red hair, was tall and was a nerd. Now listen up, Rose was not a nerd. She studied – and yes sometimes it was borderline obsessive – but mostly she was the mastermind of the pranks. But of course, no one suspected her due to her ‘angelic reputation’.

Normally it was Louis and Rose making all the pranks up because they were the cleverest of all the Weasleys. But now that Louis had gone, Rose was on her own but we still had pretty good pranks.

I had no idea how the others would survive without them, but Lily had surprised me with her mischievousness.

So anyway, McLaggen was being a tosser to Rose and she gave him the glare. Of course, he wasn’t aware that when Rose gave you a glare, you cower in a corner hoping she’d never find you.

So he kept going on that no one will ever want to be with a know-it-all. Which was stupid because everyone knows Rose has had a boyfriend for about two years. And his name: Scorpius Malfoy. Oh the shame! But everyone was surprisingly cool with it. Well, aside from Ron and Draco. But they got over it and get along in their own weird way.

Anyways, McLaggen also started insulting all the Weasleys and saying things like they lived like pigs and other crude things. So Scorpius, being the faithful boyfriend, was about to step in to punch McLaggen’s fat nose off but Rose beat him to it. She clocked him with a right hook and he staggered backwards. She kicked him in the crotch so he was bending over. Then she left-hooked his gut and kept punching, kicking, slapping whatever surface she could touch. The result? McLaggen had a broken nose (making his fat nose even fatter mind you), his right arm was broken and he sprained an ankle when he fell to the ground. Rose only got one detention because she told the teachers what he said and may or may have not made up a little lie that he tried to hit her. And I was sure being Head Girl and shedding a few tears didn’t do any harm either.

So, now little children, when Rose sent you a glare, you shut up and run for your life.

So that’s exactly what I did. Not caring that I was in my pyjamas which let my arse hang out and my basically transparent shirt. I sprinted down the stairs and SMACK! Straight into Scorpius.

“Oh hello Scorpius, Rose gave me the glare so now I’m going to leave. Toodles!” I said hurriedly, wanting to get out of her way

I started running again but Scorpius caught me around the waist and pulled me towards him. He asked in a dramatic whisper, “Did you say, Rose... glared?”

I nodded with my eyes wide and we ran up to the boys’ dorm together. Sadly, Rose was on the Quidditch team as keeper and when James was captain, he made them all run thousands of laps, so Rose was very fast. But luckily so was Scorpius. He piggy-backed me up and threw me on to Al’s bed.

Fortunately, Al was there so, again with his Quidditch reflexes, he caught me before I crumpled in a heap on his bed. I didn’t think that this would be very good for the foetus that was currently growing inside me so I sank on to Al’s bed and lay down next to him trying to calm my heart rate. After a few minutes, he looked at me and said, “Um... Reese, you're sitting on my notes.” It was odd, he didn’t even bat an eyelid to the image of Scorpius throwing me on his bed.

Ah, yes that would explain why I felt something crunching. I got off his notes, muttered an apology and started to get up. But Al grabbed my arm and with his voice laced with concern, he asked, “What’s wrong? You look like shit.”

Gee thanks.

I looked at Al and saw the double of James. I burst into tears and he immediately enveloped me into a hug. Scorpius came over and asked, “What's wrong?”

I shook my head and tried to blame it on N.E.W.T’s. Scorpius seemed to believe it because he shrugged and told us he was going to meet Rose to try and calm her down. Richard Ward was staring at me like I had grown three heads but Al shooed him away.

After he left, Al let go of me and looked me directly in the eye. “Reese. What's wrong? And tell me the truth,” he said sternly.

Fat chance Al.

Imagine me telling him. Okay, I had no secrets from Al (well aside from me fancying James and consequently sleeping with him but there are some things you just don’t say to your friends) and he had nothing about himself that I didn’t know. (Well, maybe there were some things but basically I knew everything about him).

Al was like my gay best friend. But completely straight. My gay-straight best friend. Did that make any sense?

I wiped the tears off my face and said in a pathetic voice, “I can’t tell you Al. Not yet. I’ll tell you as soon as I can though.” Al just nodded in response and hugged me again.

“You know I’ll be here for you don't you?” I nodded and hugged him back.

I prayed James would say the same.


Oh God. I feel like I was about to be sick.

N.E.W.T’s were tomorrow and I was so unprepared. Seriously, all I had been doing is sitting, eating, throwing up and thinking about how my life would change.

And James’ life. His life would change as well. James had always been in the media. Harry Potter’s first-born, Chudley Cannons Chaser, and just being James. If they found out I was carrying his baby – the famous Harry Potter’s first grandchild – they were going to hound him. And if I put the baby up for adoption, we’d cop so much flack.

But I didn’t want to take this baby because I felt obligated. But I didn’t want to dump the kid at an orphanage either. But it would be so hard to take care of, the rest of my life would change completely and I wouldn’t get to go wild at the end of school because I’d be pregnant. And then, when the kid actually arrived, I’d be constantly tired for my whole life.

But nothing replaced a baby. I wouldn’t be able to fill that emptiness within me if I gave the kid up for adoption.

I had no idea what to do.

I moved the mushrooms on my plate around, as if moving them will unveil the secrets of the universe.


Mushrooms: Eat us!

Me: I would but every time I smell you, I want to throw up. Seriously you stink.

Mushrooms: We’re hurt, Reese. You usually love us! What happened?

Me: Pregnancy happened.

Mushrooms: Oh right… Forgot about that... Anyway, you know what would make you feel better?

Me: What?

Mushrooms: If you ea—

Me: No.

Great, now I’m having conversations in my head with mushrooms.

I’d finally gone insane.

“Reese. Pass the potatoes,” Scorpius grunted. Humph.

“Scorp, you didn’t say the magical, wondrous, ever-pleasing word that will allow me to hand you the potatoes in a manner in which—”

“Reese! Please pass the potatoes!” he cut off my rant looking exasperated.

I pouted. “You ruined my smart-sounding rant Scorpy. I’m hurt.”

He rolled his eyes and said, “Reese, my wonderful, most bestest friend—”

“HEY!” Al said indignantly. Rose had her fork halfway to her mouth and reading her Potions textbook, not noticing the sauce dripping down and spilling on her other textbook.

Scorpius ignored Al and continued, “—in the whole wide world, would you please pass me the potatoes as I am very hungry and stressed out. Pretty please with a phoenix on top?”

I grinned and passed him the potatoes. I moved my mushrooms to the other side of my plate and started eating some celery. Al frowned and said, “Reese, why aren’t you eating your mushrooms? You love them?”

I made a face and said, “They're making me feel sick today. Don't know why.” BIG FAT LIE. BIG FAT LIE.

I looked away from him where Roxy and Colleen Finnigan were sitting with the other guys. They seemed to be levitating the Slytherin’s goblets.

Al looked at me curiously and felt my forehead. I pulled away and he narrowed his eyes. “What’s wrong?”

I shrugged and said, “It’s probably just N.E.W.T’s, don’t freak out.”

Perhaps I should follow my own advice.

Thanks for reading and the 'YOU SHALL NOT PASS' thing is not mine. It comes from the one and only.. LORD OF THE RINGS by J. R. R. Tolkien! Please review on your thoughts :D
edited: 26/07/13

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Unplanned: Reactions


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