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The Abundance of Potters by Phoenix_Feather49
Chapter 12 : Midnight Chats, Hairbrushes and Absolute Genius'
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 “Rose. Wake up, Rose.”

“No. Eff off.”


“Go away.”


“Leave me alone!”


“GODDAMMIT, KAT! I’m sleeping!”

“I know, but I can’t.”


“I want to talk to someone.”

Rose sighs. She sits up and reaches for her wand. “Fine. You’ve woke me up now.”

I smile at her. “Thanks.”

Lumos!” she murmurs. “Have you put the muffliato charm around us?” she asks me.

“No, no-one’s here. They all left hours ago.” I shake my head at her in the eerie glow of her wand.

“Oh. Skanks.”

“You’re one to talk, Rose.”


I flash her a grin.

“Down to business, Rose.” I take a deep breath. “Have you told your parents yet?”

“No.” She answers quickly.

“Why not?” I blink at her.

She sighs sadly. “I don’t know how. They’ll be mad.”

“The longer you leave it, the madder they’ll be.” I grimace. “I know your parents, they’ll be mad you waited so long before you told them. You have to Rose.”

“You don’t get how hard it is being pregnant! You just get to tell me what to do!” She cries angrily.

I see some sort of movement in the corner of the room, by the door. I frown and crane my neck at it. I’m sure the door was completely closed before... No, just my imagination. Rose hasn’t noticed anything.

I hold up my hands in a sort of defensive way. “Calm it, girl. I get you. I didn’t mean anything by that. I’m your best friend, just thought I’d give you some friendly advice. And, no I don’t know how it feels, and hopefully I never will.”

I seem to have caught Rose off guard.

She frowns slightly at me. “You don’t want kids?”

I shudder slightly. “Ew, no. Noisy, messy pooping machines. No freaking way. I’d make a lame mother. I can stand other people’s babies, obviously. But I couldn’t cope. Not the 24/7 worrying, changing nappies, wiping arses, burping them, waking up in the middle of the night...” I trail off when I notice how pale Rose has gone.

“Oh Merlin. What have I done?” she whispers. I laugh at her frightened expression.

“You’ll be able to cope. You’re all motherly and organised and shit. That’s... That’s you. That’s just not me.” I smile encouragingly. She nods slowly.

“I suppose.”

“Good.” I chortle.



“What time is it?”


“In the morning?”


“Fuck you.”




“Rosie Pose.” I whisper, quietly but urgently

“What?” she snaps at me. I blink at her. She’s glaring at me ferociously. “What?” she repeats angrily.

She’s still a bit pissed off with me for waking her up at 3am this morning.

“Never mind...” I reply airily, waving my hand casually. She huffs and stalks off. A few people turn and stare at her.

I suppose I won’t tell her that her hairbrush is still tangled in her messy locks.

A strangled cry is sounded from the Hall, and a fuming Rose charges out of it, running into me. Grabbing my hand, she drags me off to the bathroom. There, I try to calm her down a little- get her to breathe and all that muggle yoga shit whilst wrestling the brush out of messy tangles.

“This-heave- is -heave-not-heave-fucking-heave- coming-heave-out!” I yelp loudly as I pull on it. She screams loudly as I pull a knot of her hair out.

“Ow, OW, OW!” she yells shrilly. With one final pull, I yank the brush out (with a large chunk of hair to go with it).

I hand it to her and smile weakly. “You might want to use it.”

She glares at me. “Thanks.” She says in a cold voice.

“Merlin Rose! I’ve been nice to you all morning, I even helped you pull a brush out of your hair! What’s got your wand in a knot?” I gape at her. She sighs heavily, and leans against me, her tangles mat of hair goes up my nose and tickles my chin.

“Just... Well, I’ve got to have my 10week scan soon. I’m a bit late doing it- it’s a lot more than 10weeks. I’ll have to tell people when I have it done...” she sighs gustily. “And the fact I’m having a scan, makes it all so real, you know?”

I nod slowly. “Yeah... But if it makes it easier, you’re not doing this alone. I’m there for you, as is the rest of your family. We’re all good.”

“Except Bus.” She points out.

“Yeah, except Albus.” I bite my lip. “But... He’ll come around. Sometime soon. Ish.”

She smiles weakly. “Hopefully. I know you miss him.”

“Meh.” I shrug it off, even though my heart is breaking inside. “It’ll be okay.”

“Come one,” she stands up and reaches for me. Her hair isn’t a birds’ nest any longer- more of a sort of hairdo you’d get it you went flying for several hours, fell off your broom, went through some bushes and fell off the Astronomy Tower.

So, Rose’s normal hair basically.

We head back to Great Hall- I’m starving. We wade through the crowds and sit ourselves down next to James and Lily. James leans over and gives me a quick peck on the cheek. Albus scowls from further down the table.

I’ve only eaten one helping of Cheerio’s and bacon before it happens.

“Rose Weasley!” a voice booms from down the Hall. I look up in shock, Rose leaping up next to me.

It’s Scorpius.

He’s dyed his hair ginger and is wearing a Weasley jumper that Nana Molly knitted for him several years ago and Gryffindor robes over the top.

He looks like a Weasley.

“That little bastard...” James snarls. He’s about to leap up and punch Scorpius. I put a reassuring hand on his, and shush him. He gapes at me, but sits down.

I admit, I’m intrigued. I want to see where this goes.

Is this his plan to win Rose back?

“Rose Weasley!” Scorpius repeats as he walks up to our table. Various people burst out laughing, but most are staring in awe. Rose just gawps at him.

“I’m a stupid, idiotic twat! I messed up and I said stuff I didn’t mean.” he yells, for everyone to hear. “That’s why I wanted to make a public apology! To show you how much I care.” he gestures around the Hall. “I’m putting myself in your hands, I’m at your mercy. So, if you reject me, I’ll be publicly embarrassed! I want to show how much I want your forgiveness- I’m willing to make a fool of myself!”

Rose opens her mouth to say something but Scorpius holds up his hand and silences her. The whole Hall is silent, watching the scene play out. I can see Professor Longbottom and Professor Chang by the door, watching with interest. Some Professors they are…

“Let me have my say before you make your decision!” Malfoy continues loudly. “My family and your family have hated each other for centuries! And I think it’s time that was changed. My family have said things about your family, and now I would like to, on behalf on my entire Malfoy bloodline, apologise for being complete bastards!”

Professor Chang frowns at his words, but doesn’t interrupt.

“We’ve laughed at your stereotypical Weasley features! Your red hair-” he gestures to his newly dyed ginger hair, “Your freckles-” and to the painted on freckles, “Your goodness and braveness!” he points to his Gryffindor robes.

Where’d he get them anyway?

I peer at them closely, and spot a stain on the left shoulder that means...

They’re mine!

He nicked my robes! No wonder they’re so short!

Wait. How the bloody hell did he get them?

“And today, I have come not to mock those features! But to rejoice in them!” he yells, gazing around the Hall. Not one person is looking elsewhere- everyone is focusing on Malfoy.

Yet he shows no sign of fear or worry.

Rose carries on blinking in shock at Scorpius.

Scorpius gulps and then takes a deep breath. “I love you Rose Weasley!”

A collective gasp sounds around the Hall.

“I love you!” he repeats. “And I want to be with you!”

With those words, Scorpius leans over and kisses Rose.

On the lips.

In front of the Wotters, the teachers and the general Hogwarts population.

Well, holy shit.

Another gasp rings loud and clear.

I feel James’ grip on my hand tighten dramatically. I look away from the kissing Rose and Scorpius to see James obviously struggling to refrain himself from running at Scorpius. Al is half sitting, half standing, evidently torn between killing Scorpius and watching to see where this goes. Lily looks thrilled and Dom is just blinking in shock while her Ravenclaw buddies laugh quietly.

They break apart. Scorpius is grinning happily. But the cheeky smirk slides off his face when he sees Rose’s expression.

She looks like she’s been slapped or punched. Her face is a mixture of fury, happiness and overwhelming confusion. Each emotion battles it out across her face. Her eyes flicker from each emotion quickly, each flitting across her face as fast as I can blink.


“You stupid poetic prick.” She whispers, laughing lightly. She wraps her hands round his neck, pulling him closer before planting her lips on his.

The whole Hall cheer loudly, people jump up and clap.

Scorpius blinks in surprise, but then closes his eyes and slides his hands around her waist.

Al sits down heavily, looking lost. Dom is laughing now, leaping up and down with them. Lily is cheering and head-banging for some reason. Hugo however, is looking furious. He is staring coldly at the embracing couple. But fortunately, before he can do anything, Professor Chang strides up to the couples and taps Scorp lightly on the shoulder so they break apart.

“Come, Mr Malfoy. Let’s get you cleared up and then perhaps have a chat about your language and your... Spectacular... show...” she says, her voice tight, evidently desperately trying not to laugh.

He gives Rose another peck on the lips and whispers in her ear- whatever he said makes her flush bright pink. He bows to the audience- which they love- before letting Professor Chang lead him to her office.

Scorpius strides out of the Hall behind Chang. He passes Professor Longbottom (who’s still laughing) and holds up his hand, which Longbottom slaps lightly. Professor Chang shakes her head disapprovingly but carries on walking.


That worked well.

Scorpius a fucking genius.

A/N  Hello guys! I know, I know, I’ve been such a bad author :( Sorry I have taken so long to update! I pride myself on updating quite quickly, but some personal things have happened and have stopped me from writing.

I’ve also re-wrote the next few chapter completely, having changed the initial plot and made it all different. The original upcoming plot was too unbelievable, so I’ve changed it around!

So yeah.

Just thought you ought to know.

ANYWAYS, thank you so much for reading! Please, Please, PLEASE review! :)

Phoenix_Feather49 <3

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The Abundance of Potters: Midnight Chats, Hairbrushes and Absolute Genius'


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