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A Muggle Romance by SlYtHeRiN gOdDeSs90
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1-A New Life
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I remembered my mother’s funeral better than my father’s; maybe because I don’t want to remember my father’s because it was the beginning of the end for my mother. She just let herself waste away she barely survived a year after my father. Not even when the family name was restored by my acquittal and successive ministry employment could bring her back from where she has put herself. I was nineteen with no family in the world but I had a beautiful home and more money than I could ever spend. Yet I was alone most I was associated with were dead or in Azkaban, only a memory from Dumbledore, a memory from Snape, and the testimony of Harry Potter himself had saved me from rotting with Dementors. I don’t know if Harry was grateful for mine and my mother’s help or if he felt bad for me but he had also got me my current job. I was on my way there when I saw her for the first time.

London was bitterly cold on this January morning and I was just trying to make my way to the ministry. Then she caught my eye; mostly because I nearly ran into her. She seemed lost; frantically scanning the area her black hair blowing in the wind.

“I’m s-sorry,” she stuttered.

I couldn’t say anything I just nodded as I stared into her dark brown eyes which were flecked with gold. When I realized she had spoken I pulled myself back to reality.

“No worries,” I smiled at her.

“Do you know where this is?”

She thrust a piece of paper with an address on it into my hands.

“Yeah, take the street we’re on half a block and make a left, you can’t miss the sign.”

She was looking for a muggle pub around the corner where sometimes a few of us went after work. That’s when it dawned on me she must be a muggle.

“Thanks, I uh I have to go I’m already late.”

Then she was gone into a crowd of people, I stood dumbstruck for a moment before remembering I was on my way work. I continued to the ministry.

“You’re late.” It was Harry.

“Sorry I got uh stopped on my way here.”


“By some muggle girl looking for directions to Dougall’s.”

Harry chuckled, “Just get to work.”

Harry and I had come to a truce, I had helped him and he had helped me, there were no reasons for us to be at war anymore. Harry had immediately been appointed to the head of the Auror office after the war, considering the old head had been killed. Hermione worked in Magical Law Enforcement, and Ron worked with his dad in Misuse of Muggle Artifacts. I had been working her as an Auror since shortly after I was acquitted; Harry had convinced someone that despite whatever qualms they may have with it I would be an ideal Auror because of things I had heard and seen and places I had been that no one else would tell them. It was weird at first but I had helped to catch dozens of death eaters in hiding since working here proving to Harry he had made the right decision about me. Ron and Hermione were yet to be convinced of any other then I was a death eater trying to save my ass, but what else could I expect. Today Harry had me going over files to see if I recalled any of the death eaters who were still at large; and if I knew where they might be. However, all I could think about was that pretty muggle girl; which I knew was absurd because I didn’t even know her name and I would probably never see her again.

I chuckled to myself imagining my father’s face if he knew I was infatuated with some muggle, he was rolling over in his grave right now. Well he's probably already rolled over multiple times between my working Harry and my treatment of Hermione and other muggleborns, halfbloods, and blood traitors as he would of called man. My father had never been a man I admired, and I was glad I no longer had to become him.

 I jcontinued through the files as best I could until it was time to leave. Once back in Malfoy Manor I listened to the hollow echo of my own footsteps as I entered the foyer. The cold marble seemed even more frigid tonight I was alone in this massive piece of architecture; it was haunting tonight. The only other living thing on the grounds was Kye; the only house elf who volunteered to stay when I released them. I didn’t question her, I was freeing them to make them happy; if she was happiest here then so be it she was free to leave at any time. She greeted me in the kitchen a dinner of chicken Alfredo finished and waiting for me. I picked at my food.

“Is the food alright Master?”

“Kye please call me Draco,” I had asked her this dozens of times already.

“Is the food alright Master Draco?”

I sighed, “The food is perfect I am just preoccupied.”

“Is things okay at work?”

“Work is fine Kye, I met a girl today and I can’t stop thinking about her.”

“A girl Master Malfoy? Will shes be coming for dinner?”

“No Kye I don’t even know her name.”

“Well maybe the Master should find out.”

Kye; my only confident possibly my only friend in the world did not know how difficult that could be but I nodded and continued to eat in silence. I magically did the dishes Kye stomping her foot; she was always angry when I did the housework said it gave her nothing to do when I was at work. I fell into a fit full sleep that night; the dark haired girl frequently popping into my mind.

The next morning I was on my way to work when I saw her again. She wasn’t dressed in jeans and an oversized hoodie like she was yesterday; today she had on a black skirt that stopped mid-thigh and a white button up shirt with a red tie was popping out over the top of a black leather jacket. I rushed to catch up with her but failed she was gone into the crowd of people yet again. I was elated though at least I had seen her again. I had a slight spring in my step when I entered the office that day and got through my work without problem, including double checking the files from yesterday since I knew I hadn’t really been paying attention. A few minutes before the end of my day harry came in.

“Do you want to go to Dougall’s tonight?”

“Who’s going?”

“Me, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Jason, Jeff, and Violet.”

“Uh I think I may have to pass.”

“Come on Draco.”

“Half the people you listed despise me.”

“Ginny doesn’t despise you, so two out of seven is not half.”

I shook my head knowing Harry’s persistence, “Yeah let’s go.”

The seven of us walked to the pub for the most part talking and laughing. Well Ron and Hermione weren’t talking to me but the other four were. I had to admit it was nice not to return to my lonely manor right after work. We entered the pub which was packed with mostly muggles and took a seat at a table away from the major part of the crowd. This was so we could talk without muggles hearing incase which mentioned something magical; most of the time though muggles just looked at us like we were crazy when we talked about anything they were sure was just a part of fairy tales. The waitress arrived to our table quickly to take our order; but when I looked up from my menu I was speechless it was her.

“Oi mate you gonna order or just gawk at the girl?”

Gee thanks Harry, the girl blushed scarlet, and I stuttered out my order for a beer and a burger.

“That’s the girl!”

“What girl?” Harry asked.

“The one who made me late yesterday.”

“You fancy her don’t you?” Jason chuckled.

“How can I fancy someone I don’t know?” I defended.

“By staring at her like you suddenly became mute.” Jeff was cracking up.

I had no rebuttal for the guys who just kept laughing. She returned with our drinks and I was able to read her name badge, Gillian. I said nothing just took a gulp of my beer; as I was swallowing the owner/manager walked over. He was nice muggle fellow large with red hair, a red mustache, and green eyes; and he spoke with an Irish accent. We always chatted with him when we were in here and he knew us all by name.

“How is the service tonight guys, and Violet?”

We all nodded and assured him it was the same as always.

“Good to hear, I just hired that lass Gillian yesterday. She needed the job pretty badly so I figured I’d give her shot; doesn’t hurt her name is Irish for ‘youthful’ and her middle name Erin is Irish for ‘Ireland.’” He chuckled. “Well back to the bar I go got thirsty customers.”

The man walked back to the bar and was immediately making drinks for his other customers. Gillian brought our food and checked several times to make sure everything was okay. She seemed flustered and nervous, but everyone was their first day at a new job. We all paid and began to leave; I told the others I’d meet them outside and I walked back over to her and handed her a few pounds.

“T-t-thank you.”

“Thank you,” I smiled and went to join the others.

They razzed me some more about the girl before we all went our separate ways. Kye greeted me at the door, and followed me to the kitchen where I got myself a glass of pumpkin juice and sat at the island on a bar stool.

“Did Master Draco see the girl again?”

Yes Kye her name is Gillian.”

“Master Draco seems very happy.”

I smiled at the little elf, “Don’t cook dinner for me for the next few nights; I’ll be eating out Kye.”

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