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Mondays by chelsizzle
Chapter 19 : So Smart...Or not?
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I do not own Harry Potter.

Ch. 19 So Smart…or not?


She has crossed the line; there is no reason she should want to be away from me.  I know we split, but she was supposed to come back.  She always comes back.  She just doesn’t see what she has when she is with me, she always wants to be mad at me and tell me what to do.  Well I’m not a child anymore, and I knew I did the right thing to ensure she would always be with me. 


Last Christmas, she was upset about some stupid thing and talking about wanting more than just us, so I got an idea.  I took her out and made sure she drank some wine, more than she normally would and then when I got her back to my place, I used a confundus charm when she went to cast the contraceptive spell.  I knew that if she were to get pregnant with my child, then my family as well as Harry would back me.  She would have to stay with me.


I hadn’t thought of my brilliant plan again until she decided that I was cheating on her with Lavender.  She left and kicked me out of her life so fast I was a little shocked as first.  I mean what really changed?  I had been seeing Lavender since the war, I assumed she knew and was fine.  Okay maybe she didn’t really know for sure, I mean I was trying to keep it quiet, but still a man has needs.  So I gave her some space, then I even went to her work to give her some flowers and found out she wasn’t working there anymore.  I asked around but nobody, not even Harry had seen her.  Finally I decided that I would just wait, she would come crawling back.


Then I saw that smutty paper, and I knew. She was trying to make me jealous, she wanted me to come crawling back to her.  Well, I’m above that, besides I did nothing wrong.  I decided that I would push her in the right direction; she would feel she needed to be protected, and then come to me.  I first off wanted to get that slimy ferret out of the way but damn her, she ruined that plan as well.  If I had had just a couple more minutes to physically beat Malfoy before she came out of her flat, I would have made excellent progress.  So I bided my time then saw the article about the dinner, and at first I wanted to throttle Charlie, but the article clearly stated he left with some other bint. There was a picture with my woman snogging that slime, and I’m not going to stand for it.


So I sent the letters so that she would know that I was not going to stand for it.  I had thought that Malfoy would be easy to scare away, what with the first letter and then the beating, but apparently he really is daft.  Once Hermione got the letter, I just knew she would come for me to help her.  Imagine my surprise when she didn’t come to me at all, but to Harry, of course Harry is her good friend, but when I saw them going to lunch together, it was too much.  I was scouring the news that say for any mention of my woman, when I saw the announcement of the grand opening; I then knew what I had to do.


I figured I could stop by her flat the morning of and some how coax her to come back, or at least see that she needed me that she couldn’t live without me.  She was still so beautiful when I saw her that morning, in her dress.  I knew I saw her look at me with desire, it wasn’t shock that flashed on her face, it was hope.  She didn’t look pregnant, so maybe that last article that was written was fact.  Maybe she wasn’t trying to get rid of me, by getting impregnated by the tosser ferret.


I talked to her and she was so close until I felt her belly, she was pregnant, but it wasn’t Malfoy’s the prophet said it wasn’t.  Then I knew it was MY kid, my flesh and blood.  The confundus charm worked and I had knocked her up.  I knew that at this point I would have her all to me, forever.  Then before I knew it she was gone, disapparated.  I was so angry I went directly to a pub and got pissed.  Later I decided I was just going to go to the shop and get her.  She is mine anyway.


Another plan that didn’t go well, her smart brain made that bloody anti-apparition charm, and then wouldn’t change it for me.  Not to mention that dim wanker knocked me out, I was so brassed off when I watched him carry my woman out the door.  Then to my surprise I was able to move so I painfully left the store, to plan my next attack, she won’t get away with this, plus with my kid in her stomach, she was mine.


I have been very smart about where to hide, ever since she went to the ministry, I knew I needed a place they wouldn’t find me.  I used Hermione to figure out the best place, Muggle London.  I found a small two bedroom flat in a dodgy area, that no wizard would every think to go.  So it was a perfect place to hide out, then when the time was right my Hermione and kid would join me there. 


I decided I was going to talk to her again, maybe she was just annoyed that I would accuse her of being with Malfoy, I know her temper is fierce.  But that all changed she I saw her sucking his face off at the store, he was groping her, his filthy hands were all over her.  No more, I knew I had to step it up and put a stop to this.


I was going to talk to his mom, after all this, and then once the family was behind him and supporting him, she would have to cave.  Give up on that dimwit Malfoy and be with me.  After gathering some liquid courage, I apparated to The Burrow, I was just about to walk up to the kitchen door, when a load of blokes comes barrelling out laughing, and seemingly half pissed.  Hermione was with them and she was huge.  Hopefully after she has the kid, she will get skinny again, I didn’t want her to get fat, which she clearly was.  All of the bloke’s apparate away, and Hermione is alone in the yard with the ferret. 


I see red, actually see red, I wants to choke the like out of the mangy sod, slowly, that is clearly enjoying his hanky panky.  Before I am able to get a hold of my limbs and command then to Avada Malfoy, he disapparates and Hermione is alone.  I finally get myself to walk to her, and then I know she will have to go with me after what I just saw.  I will keep her tucked away until I can prove I am the father, and then she will be mine, forever.  She ended up kicking me right in the bollocks, it hurt something terrible, so I had to get away so the chit couldn’t kick me while I was down, also some bint was rushing out to her since Hermione had cried out. 


No more, this time I won’t fail, I am going to succeed and she won’t be able to get away.


I used some of the tactics that Hermione had taught Harry and him, while they were still at Hogwarts.  I acquired an invisibility cloak, and then filched some polyjuice potion.  I had to get close to her, and knew the perfect way.  Then I followed Harry, under the cloak, until I figured out what I needed to know.  Tonight will be both the bachelorette, and bachelor parties for someone, and both Malfoy and Hermione would be at different pubs. This was perfect.



“Hermione, could I talk to you for a bit?”  I ask sweetly as I walk up to Hermione at the pub, I look around and there are quite a few tarts all tressed up and looking randy.  I also see quite a few of my sister-in-laws, and Hermione’s friends.


“Draco? What are you doing here?”  She asks looking pleased, although a bit confused.


“I just needed to see you, that’s all.”  I respond, leaning in so as to talk quietly and get closer to her.


“I need to go to the loo, walk with me?”  She says as she clasps her hand in mine, I smile feeling her skin against mine while we head to the back corner of the pub.


I wait outside the loo for her to come back out, and once she is out, there is no more hiding, this will work I tell myself, and I take a deep breath I let it out as she opens the door.  I can’t wait I pull her into my arms and kiss her soundly.  I can feel her tense up then relax, then tense up again.  Her lips are just as I remembered and feel heavenly, maybe I’ll even do her a favour once she becomes mine again, and not keep Lavender around, maybe.  I can feel the potion is wearing off, so I get a good grip around her and pull her close her large stomach snug against me, then once I pull back I look into her face.  I smile at her and see the confusion on her face, but she does give me a little smile.  I feel my skin bubbling as the potion starts to wear off and I watch her face as a look of horror crosses it. 


She sucks in a breath of air then on a whimper she says “Ron?” before I turn us both and apparate us to my flat.

Please let me know what you think, I know this may have been a bit confusing, but Ron is a tad deranged.

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Mondays: So Smart...Or not?


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