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Who Is She? by Alice4177
Chapter 2 : The Joys of Monday Mornings
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Don’t you just hate Monday mornings. I know I do. I suppose that’s what double transfiguration with Professor Chang does to a girl. It doesn’t help that she hates me. I mean seriously what did I ever do to her? Okay maybe I know the answer to that, but it’s not my fault that her lessons are so boring that I have to find other ways to entertain myself which includes setting fire to her desk. I swear it was an accident! So here I am running around the dormitory trying to find my tights. You probably think I’m an idiot, I mean who loses a pair of tights, but seriously I’m really forgetful. In fact I once went to quidditch practise and forgot my broom, let’s just say I was pretty embarrassed and James was pretty pissed off. It’s okay though because most of the time the girls remind me of all the things I need. What good friends I have!

Anyway back to today and the joys of Monday mornings. I suppose the shocking thing is that although today is normally my least favourite day last night Helen and I had a realisation, we have transfiguration with Slytherin which means that although we’re going to be bored at least we’ll have something to look at.

“Are you ready yet Anya, I sort of want some breakfast at some point today!” Rose likes to rush me when I’m running behind, though to be honest it doesn’t really help

“Shut up Rose! I can’t find any tights!” I squealed back at her

“They’re hanging on your four poster you banana”

“Oh, uh, I knew that” I quickly shuffled into the stupid things, they really are the worst thing about the uniform, it’s not the way they look, it’s the effort it takes to get into them.

“Okay let’s go” she said

“On m’way Rosie Posie” I replied as I slipped on my pumps and headed out of the dorm after her.


I love breakfast at Hogwarts. It’s truly immense. I probably say that word way too much. It’s true though, there are so many immense things about Hogwarts. Anyway so I couldn’t help noticing as I was helping myself to a second slice of toast that a certain group of Slytherin boys were looking this way.

“Pssst, Rose I think they’re looking at us.” I tried to discreetly say across the busy breakfast table. She looked up at the Slytherin table at the other side of the room and I found myself looking back to be caught in an awkward moment with none other than Albus Potter, we both immediately looked away and Rose gave me a funny look.

“More like Albus was looking at you” she said, I laughed nervously at her statement.

“No he’s not” How bad is it that I really don’t want her to go down this road, you see although I never told her about that kiss I also never want her to find out and on the off chance that Albus remembers that night I do not want her asking him about it!

“Whatever you say, anyway are you coming you don’t want to be late for Chang.” I could hear the sick sweetness she was using in her voice and was not impressed.

You see as I said Rose doesn’t know I ever got with Albus but the biggest problem or perhaps relief is that neither does Albus. Well I don’t think he does anyway. I was in fourth year and we’d been allowed to go to the Christmas Ball for the first time and unfortunately for us James had spiked the punch. This resulted in quite a lot of people getting absolutely hammered. Me in my innocence didn’t even realise Albus was drunk when he pushed me into a broom closet and kissed me. Well not until after he’d kissed me, when he passed out. To be honest it was a terrifying experience and although he wasn’t a bad kisser, having a Slytherin pass out on top of you is not fun. Along with the fact that I was worrying for days that he might blab to someone, until eventually I realised that he clearly couldn’t remember anything from that night, including kissing yours truly.

This doesn’t mean I didn’t feel uncomfortable about it for ages though. It was embarrassing alrite!


So here I am stuck in the worst lesson ever, transfigration. It’s not actually my worst subject, that would be defence against the dark arts, which is pretty embaressing actually. I’m a sixth year who still can’t produce a patronus, but hey at least I can turn a rabbit into a frying pan.

“Miss Parker, can you tell me the incantation we were learning last week?” Shit, I hate it when Chang just randomly decides to ask questions when I’m busy daydreaming.


“Loca Riotus, it effectively transfigures buildings.” Once again thank
Merlin for Rose Weasley, she is a saviour.

“Correct Miss Weasley, but in the future if you could refrain from interrupting and let other pupils answer questions.” Point proven, Chang is a horrible person. Apparently she once dated Rose’s Uncle Harry at Hogwarts, all I can say I poor Harry Potter. I think I’d rather date a dementor. They’d be nicer to me.

“Obviously we cannot practise this spell properly in a classroom so I have devised some miniature building which you will find on your desks which I want you to transfigure.” Marvellous, I can’t even remember the incantation. We moved from behind our desks and picked up our wands, to be honest I’m copying everyone else as I haven’t been listening.

Shit, now I’m confused. What am I going to do? I noticed Rose but she was already done and Chang would’ve realised if I went over to her.

“Pssst, Helen. What was the wand movement?” I turned to my left and asked her

“Flick it upwards” She replied whilst giving an example by turning her miniature cottage into a mansion. How very like Helen, got to go over the top.

“Right once you have completed the process you can leave but I want a foot long essay on the strengths and weaknesses of this particular spell.” Chang got up and left the class. What a bitch for giving us a foot long essay on something so boring. Oh well, I’ll just copy Rose, as bad as it sounds that’s what I normally end up doing.

“Rosie, it’s break time, yey” I smiled at her

“It’s hardly a break Anya, it’s a study period, not that you’d know what one of them is” She replied sarcastically

“Oh shut it misses. I can study when I want to … It’s just I don’t want to at the minute.” We walked to the library and sat down at the table when I realised that someone was definitely standing behind me.
As I looked around I saw none other than one Scorpius Malfoy standing over me

“Malfoy” I said, whilst looking over to Rose and realising that she seemed to be blushing. WHAT! BLUSHING! Oh Merlin. Rose is blushing and it all started when Scorpius turned up. Haha, oh this is great, Rose think Malfoy is fit. If her dad ever finds out he’ll go ape!

“Parker, can I sit there?” I was not expecting to hear those words from Malfoys mouth.

“Umm, sure if you want to” I moved my stuff out the way so he could take a seat

“Albus and I are having a party, ROR, Saturday Night, we want it to be big, it’s my birthday you see and we thought why not make it an inter-house thing. So do you fancy it?” He seemed to shuffle uncomfortably. Rose seemed to be frozen in shock so I spoke up.

“You want me and Rose to come to your party?” I asked, of course we would actually go but I wanted to make him sweat a bit, I hadn’t forgotten what he’d said about the Gryffindor quidditch team in the other day.

“Umm, yeah that’s what I said wasn’t it. You could bring some of your other friends if you like, Wood and Kingston are welcome and James and Fred are going to be there so it’s not like you’ll be the only Gryffindors. Plus we want to invite more people. So will you come?” By this point the boy poor was visibly sweating and as Rose still looked quite shocked so I decided to make the decision for her and put Malfoy out of his misery. Who doesn’t love a good party. It’ll be fun, plus we can watch fit guys, what’s not to love.

“Okay, count us in.” I said

“Cool, see you around then” He smiled and walked off back to his mates who I hadn’t even realised were watching. Him and Albus seemed deep in conversation before they turned back to look at us. Then I realised I’d forgotten all about Rose.

“Are you okay? You seemed a bit off for a second their Rosie. You don’t mind me saying yes do you?”

“I’m fine, No I don’t mind” she paused for a second and looked over to where Al and Scorpius were still whispering to each other “Just why do you think they invited us? They’ve never made an effort before.”

“How am I supposed to know? Who cares anyway, it’ll be fun, the first ROR party of the year. You can check out Scorpius even more at the party” I winked at her knowing the comment would only annoy her.

“Pffft, Shut up, you know I would never ever go there, gorgeous he might be but I still can’t get the image of him as a ferret out of my mind”

We both burst into laughter at the reminder of when James Potter, my quidditch captain had decided to turn Malfoy into a ferret after hearing how it had been done to Draco Malfoy when he was at Hogwarts. James got detention for a month but we all felt it was worth it. Madam Pince quickly shushed us and we got back to work but I couldn’t help but let my mind wander over to the other side of the library to where two good looking quidditch players were still stood talking…

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Who Is She?: The Joys of Monday Mornings


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