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The Other Reality by FeltonLewis
Chapter 3 : Discoveries
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chapter image by the lovely aim.moon @tda :)


Hey you guys! Sorry it took me a while to upload this one because I had loads of school work still pending and stuff. Anyway, firstly I find it necessary to respond to a review I received. I would like to assure my readers and the staff that this story's plot is my own original and if it seems like any other story you have read,it's entirely coincidental. As you read the next chapters, you'll see that the storyline is very different from that of "Playing House With Malfoy" (which was mentioned to me). I would like to say that I am an honest author and I do NOT plagiarize. Yes, you WILL find "Playing House With Malfoy" in my favorite stories section and yes, it did inspire me to write something for the future but the storyline is NOT the same in the later chapters. That's all I wanted to assure you guys

Anyway, without further ado- here's Chapter 3! Enjoy xx

Edited 12/4/12

Hermione climbed up the stairs and entered the first room to her right. She pushed the door open and sighed. There was a single bed with blue and green covers and beside that was a little bed-side table with a lamp and books stacked upon it. There was a cupboard across the bed with a mirror next to the window lining the wall adjacent to the bed. It was a very typical children's room. The floor was carpeted and blue drapes hung across the window. Photos of Aaron, Hermione and Draco were displayed all around the room and one of them on the bedside table beside the lamp.

She went up to the cupboard and opened it. The top half of the cupboard were filled with clothes and the bottom half consisted of drawers stretching across the width of the cupboard. She knelt down and opened the first drawer.

She smiled upon finding about a dozen trophies, a stack of certificates and a few medals. She picked out one of the trophies and read what it said. "Excellence in Quidditch for Youngsters" She smiled further- looks like he had gotten Draco's quidditch abilities. But he was, what? Four?! And he had already begun playing? Wasn't that a bit extreme?

She was slightly worried but all her worries seemed to disappear as soon as she read the tag on another trophy- " For Excelling In Communication Skills" and another saying "For A Perfect Vocabulary in the English Language". She grinned-looks like he had gotten her excessive need to know everything from a young age. But still...four?

She shut the first drawer and opened the second. There were folders in one pile and notebooks in another. She took out the first folder at the top and opened it. It was a set of report cards. Taking a deep breathe, she began skimming through her son's grades. She gasped, seeing that he had perfect A's in every one of them. She pulled out an envelope that had been tucked in between two reports and pulled out the letter inside. She read through the letter. By the time she was done, her eyes were wide with shock and her hands were shaking.

"Malfoy!" She called loudly, "Get over here this instant!"

Draco appeared a few seconds later and came over to her, annoyed, "What Granger? I dont like being ordered around."

Hermione pulled at his arm and made him sit down beside her. She handed him the sheets and reports. He went through them silently, his eyes widening at the special reports.

"Our son is a genius", Hermione whispered, "He's only four and can speak in full sentences with vocabulary a normal four year old doesnt know,he can walk and perform activites perfectly, he can read astonishingly well and he's...he's a prodigy."

"Wow..." was all Draco could manage to say. These reports were....phenomenal.

"He's practically perfect", Hermione said, smiling and looking into the paper Draco was reading currently.

"He IS perfect", Draco said, "Wow...I cant believe this."

"We have so much to learn about our own son..." Hermione sighed, "Granted we're not in the most fun position, but just knowing that we created something feels so good- we brought such a talented soul into this world."

"Well we ARE two of the smartest wizards in Hogwarts", Draco smirked.

"Were, Malfoy, we WERE two of the smartest", Hermione said, her eyes sad.

"We'll get back...let's just try our best in this world for now", Draco said.

"OKay,see this one", Hermione said, passing him the letter she had been reading. He took the letter from her shaking hands and read through it.

"Bloody hell", He muttered.

"He's four and next year he's getting a double bloody promotion to second grade because he's way too smart for his age. They would put him in third but that would be pushing it a bit so they couldn't", Hermione said, "Oh! And you're going to LOVE this."

She re-opened the first drawer and passed Draco one of the Quidditch trophies. And for the first time in her life, Hermione Granger saw Draco Malfoy smile. No, not smirk- actually Smile.

"He's got my talent", He said, "But I have to say, even I didn't start at such a bloody young age."

"Like we said earlier, he's a prodigy..." Hermione said, placing the trophy back into the drawer along with the other folders and things. She shut the drawers and stood up, dusting her shorts. She held out a hand which Draco ignored and stood up by himself. She rolled her eyes and began to walk out when she stopped and turned around.

"Did you find anything by the way?" She asked.

"Well, I know that you've written about five books- saw them in the bookshelf but they're dated five years before so you probably do something else now", Draco responded, "I was just going through some photo books when you called me. Oh, and Aaron's birthday is on the 9th of october-I went through the calender and you've marked a party on the 10th. According to the dates, it's the second of September today."

"Okay", Hermione nodded, "Keep searching. I'll check my room."

Just before she left, Draco stopped her again by saying "Granger?"

She turned around and gave him a questioning look.

"If we're married, why did we wake up in different rooms today morning?" He asked.

She gave it a thought and said, "Ginny said that we'd been fighting and all so maybe that's why. I don't know. I know as much as you do." With that, she left and went to her room.

Draco took one last look around, shut the cupboard door and went downstairs once again. He picked up the first photo album in the pile he had picked out and flopped down on to the sofa. He lifted his glass of water and sipped it, opening the album. The first photo was of him in a black suit standing with Hermione, who was dressed in a long yellow gown that flowed down to the floor. Her hair cascaded down to her lower back and she was smiling.

He flipped the page to the next and his eyes widened at the photograph. There, walking elegantly down a ramp was Hermione Granger in a strapless green dress, her hair tied up into a knot behind her head, a few strands framing her face. That wasn't the only one he found her walking down a ramp in. He flipped through page after page and in every single one, she was wearing a different styled dress posing in front of the camera and smiling.

He took another sip of water to calm himself and looked down at the label below the photograph. He choked on his water and put the glass aside and tried to calm himself, but he was finding that extremely difficult. He had just discovered what Hermione Granger did for a living.He flipped to the next page and then the other. Holy Merlin...

"GRANGER!" He yelled.

He heard footsteps and she emerged from the stairs.

"What?" She asked.

"Come look at this-I just found out what you do", He said, moving over on the couch so she could sit too. Curious to know, she sat down quickly and looked at the photographs he showed her.

"Mother of Merlin! I'm a freaking MODEL?" Hermione spluttered, "How the hell did that happen?"

"How the hell do I know?! Im more surprised than you are! I almost choked on my water!"

"Almost? Only almost? What a pity..."

"Wait, you being a model isn't the most shocking part- look at this", He said, ignoring her comment. He pointed to the label and flipping the page, the other labels too.

"What am I supposed to be looking at?" She asked, reading the labels. One said "Louisans", another said "Jeremy&Fins" and then there was "Radeels" and "DestinyDivided".

"What're you supposed to be LOOKING AT?" He asked. He poked the labels with his finger repeatedly, "Do you not READ this?"

"I can read fine", Hermione said," There's Louisans right there."

"It's not even pronounced that way! It's pronounced Loo-ee-ans. The S is silent! Merlin, Granger! You've never heard of Louisans?" She shook her head. "Radeels?" She shook her head again.

"Kill me now", Draco said, disbelievingly,"I cannot believe you do not know these fashion labels."

"Well I'm not very aware of the wizard world brands."

"Okay then", Draco said,thinking hard, "Jeremy&Fins is like the muggle, uh...Louis Vuitton. And Radeels is like the muggle...Prada, and Louisans is like the muggle Gucci. I would name other brands if I knew them. Just know that these labels are better than the best known Muggle brands."

"Oh my..." Hermione's eyes were wide with shock as she stared at the labels, "you mean... you mean I modeled for the equivalent of Louis Vuitton?!"

"Pretty much, yeah", Draco nodded.

"Oh wow...Im impressed with myself", Hermione said, grinning.

"As much as I HATE to admit it- Im pretty impressed too", Draco said.

Hermione picked up another album and flipped through it, "hey look, you're in these with me."

Draco leaned over and looked into the book with her. Sure enough, he was walking down the ramp with Hermione by his side- their arms linked.

"Oh, I LOVE this one!" Hermione said, grinning and flipping the page to a particular photograph. It was of her in a black floor-length dress whose straps connected behind her neck,leaving her shoulders bare. Her hair was extremely straight and pinned up so her face was clearly visible. She wore silver eatings and back and silver heels and was holding on to Draco's arm, who was dressed in a black shirt and black pants with a silver tie. Normally, she would never have though she could carry off such a look but she surprised herself greatly.

"It's pretty damn awesome", Draco agreed, studying the photo himself.

"I think you're a model too", Hermione said, picking up another book with solos of Draco walking down a ramp.

"Why am I not surprised? " Draco smirked, "dashingly good Looks and money usually get you far in the fashion industry."

Hermione rolled her eyes, "this is pretty wicked. We're both models for the biggest brands in the Wizarding world."

"Hey, remember she-Weasley said something about a Mcenzee? I think she meant this woman", Draco said, his eyebrows furrowing together. He passed her another album he had opened. It consisted of photos of him and another blonde woman with green eyes. Hermione had to admit, the woman was gorgeous. And she looke very good with Draco. Below the first photo in the album was the label "Draco Malfoy and Ritch Mcenzee-Radeels Fall Collection" .

"Oh between four and a half years ago and two years ago, I stopped modeling- probably because of Aaron", Hermione said, once they were done going through most of the albums, "This Mcenzee woman seems to have a lot of shots with you. From what Ginny said and what I can see here- I infer that you and Ritch have something going on which is why you and I are not exactly properly- together or something like that."

"Well then." Draco said, "As cool as it is that you're a model and all- I don't blame me for going after someone whose not you." He smirked, got up and left the room.

Hermione took a deep breathe. Wow. She was a model for brands that were the highest in the Wizarding world. A model. Who would have ever thought?! But this whole deal with Draco...? They still needed to figure out how they ended up from enemies to a married couple with a kid... Everything was so damn unreal that it was hard to digest. It was like a bad yet pleasantly good dream at the same time.

She was yanked out of her thoughts by the doorbell ringing. Now who?! She panicked. She got up and checked through the eye-hole in the door. A mailman?

She opened the door and the man stood holding a package.

"Package for Hermione Malfoy from Mr.Draco Malfoy's lawyer", The guy said,reading the label.

"Uh...thanks", She said. She signed for the package and closed the door. Curious to know what Draco's lawyer could be sending, she opened the package and there was a thick envelope inside. She pulled out the first few sheets from inside and read through it. Her heart stopped beating for a moment as she read the words on the sheet infront of her. The other surprises she had gotten through the discoveries of the day were pleasant ones...this one was just...

Looks like Draco's wish truly HAD come true. She had a husband who hated her...

On the sheet, a line that she couldn't stop reading said, "My client Draco Malfoy, against his wife Hermione Granger Malfoy, has filed for divorce."

She dropped the envelope on the floor as she felt tears spring to her eyes. She ran to the bathroom on that floor and slammed the door shut and leaned over the sink and stared into the mirror.

Why was is happening to HER?! She didn't deserve this! Hating someone was one thing,filing for a freaking divorce against them is another! She hated Malfoy! She hated every fibre of his being! Her husband hated her in the future. What had she done wrong?! her hands began shaking and soon she felt anger rise through herself.

She watched as her reflection split as the mirror Shattered into pieces and fell into the sink.

It cut into her arms and she stepped back. Goddamit!

She turned tot he glass cabinet and before she knew what she was doing, she raised her fist and punched the glass. Her knuckles bleeding, she collapsed against the wall and began sobbing.

This could not be happening to her....

There was a loud knock on the door, "Granger?" She heard him call out. Him. The reason she was in this mess in the first place!

"Granger?!" She didn't respond. She simply sniffed and looked at her bloody knuckle.

Nothing happened for a few seconds and then finally, the door opened and Draco looked inside. His eyes widened at the mess and he flicked his wand and repaired the mirror and glass cabinet. He then looked down to Hermione and took the sight of her in.

"Get a grip of yourself", He growled.

Her head snapped up and she looked absolutely furious.

"What?" She snapped.

"I said get a grip of yourself!" He repeated," Honestly, breaking mirrors and hurting yourself isn't going to end this stupid situation. You just have to make the best out of it."

"You don't care do you?! That our entire life has been swapped around?!" She yelled,"I just received bloody divorce papers-FROM YOU!"

"I do care but there's not a shit I can do about it. And yes, I saw the papers- they're on the coffee table. Again, there's not a shit you can do about it. I probably filed for a divorce for a reason. I mean-look at you-psychotic woman. On a better note- I was thinking of heading out to see where we are and things and we can have lunch out. If you want to come, get a grip and get ready otherwise stay here and sob all you want", He said and walked away.

That's it?! She wanted to scream! He didnt say anything else about the divorce! He walled her a psychotic woman! He didn't even help her up or ask her if she was okay! She was going to show him that she was strong! That she didn't need his stupid orders to get a freaking grip! That-that insensitive prat!

She stood up and messily fixed the cuts on her arms and vanished the blood from her knuckles. She left the room and went upstairs to her bedroom. She saw Draco standing in front of a walk-in closet. She stood beside him and muttered, "Bloody hell." One half of the closet contained only gowns and dresses and the other half contained tuxedos. Draco stepped around and went to the other door beside the wardrobe and opened it.

"The casuals are here", He said.

Hermione sighed and went to stand, once again, beside Draco. She stepped into the closet and moved the hangers around and groaned.

"Why is it that there are more dresses her than ANYTHING else?" She said, through gritted teeth.

"Well I dunno, maybe 'cause you're a model?" Draco said, sarcastically.

"I know", She said quietly," But I've never been the dress type... how much could have happened in seven years? And look", she said, pointing to the shoes, " There's literally nothing other than heels here!"

"Merlin, Granger-stop whining!" Draco exclaimed, stepping inside with her.

He shuffled through the hangers and pulled out a black top with 3/4 sleeves and a white knee-length skirt and handed them to her. He then bent down and picked up a pair of black pumps.

"Here", He said,handing them to her, "These should be okay for today."

Hermione groaned but took them and went to the bathroom.

Draco watched her leave and then took out a black t-shirt and a pair of black jeans with converse. This would do for the time being.

"Don't come out, I'm changing", He called to Hermione who responded with a grunt.

He slipped on his clothes and shoes and told her he was ready. A few seconds later, she came out looking thoroughly annoyed.

Draco looked her up and down and realized she didn't look too bad. The top was nicely fitting and showed off her slim figure and the skirt fell loosely to her knees, showing off her perfect long legs. That and the pumps made her look quite neat.

"How the hell am I going to do my hair?" She asked,stepping in front of the mirror and turning to the side. Her hair was much longer and fell to her lower back with soft waves and the top bit being quite straight. She combed through it quickly and instead of bothering to tie it up, she just slipped a hairband through the top, holding her hair out of her face.

"Great, let's go", Draco said, leaving the room. Taking a deep breathe and one last look at herself in the mirror, she turned and left after him.

Hermione noticed a pair of keys on the side table and inspected it. One key, she guessed was probably the house ones and the other, upon closer inspection, had a sign on it. There was a circle with three lines inside.

"Oh wow", she smirked.

"What?" Draco asked, holding the front door open and turning around.

"We've got a bloody Mercedes", She grinned, "I'm actually beginning to like my future minus the whole dresses and well, you." She picked up the keys and strutted past Draco, who smirked to himself. The only things about the muggle world happened to be the best brands. Sure, he wasn't too sure how to work a "car" but he knew what they were.

Hermione found herself in a green carpeted white corridor with large windows lining the entire way so sunlight was pouring in. She locked the front door after Draco stepped in with her and began walking across with him following close behind.In a few seconds, the corridor split into two.

"Now what?" Hermione asked.

"Lets try the right side and if that's not right, we'll come back and take the other one", Draco said. Hermione nodded and began walking down the one he picked.

The reached the end of the corridor and pushed open the oak door and were met with a pleasant sight. There was a forest-like area right across them and they were at a side gate leading to the sidewalk of the road in front. Looking to the left, they guessed that the other corridor probably lead to a garage with the car that then went out to the main road through the main gates.

Wow, that was confusing.

They kept walking in silence down one of the paths.

"Where do you think we are?"

"My guess would be London", Draco said, studying the area they had just entered. There were rows of red-bricked semi-detached housing and mothers rushing about with children.

Just as they passed that area and were about to enter a garden like area, a phone started ringing.

"Is that yours?" Hermione asked Draco, who took out the device in his pocket.

"No idea how to use this but if you're referring to the noise, then yes- it is this", Draco said. Hermione snatched the phone from him and flipped it open.

"Hello?" She said.

"Hey 'Mione!" A voice said. She immediately recognized the voice as Ron's.

"Uh hey Ron!"

"Just called because to remind you about tonight's program", He said.

"Uh...tonight's program? " She asked, warily. Shit!

"Yes, Hermione- today's party! At the burrow of course. It's fine though- Ginny told us how shaken you were about the thing with Draco- is he coming?"

"Yeah, Draco's coming too. Burrow at what time again? Sorry, Ron! I've just lost track of A LOT of things", Hermione said. Draco looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

"At seven", Ron said, "Aaron will be there with Ginny so don't worry about him."

"Who else is coming?" She asked. Better to be prepared than surprised out of their wits.

"You, Draco, Harry, Gin, Me, Hayley, Pansy, Blaise", Ron answered," and the rest of the Weasleys. Luna and Neville couldn't make it. They said that they had a St.Mungo's appointment or something."

"Oh sure, okay then! We'll see you tonight then! Bye!"

"Bye!" Ron said and hung up.

"What was that? What did Weasley say?" Draco asked.

"Remember not to call any of them by the last names in front of them. And we're invited for dinner tonight at the Burrow with Harry, Ginny, Blaise, Pansy and someone called Hayley", Hermione said, remembering the name, "Oh and the other Weasleys."

"Hayley? That's Pansy's little sister- she didn't got to Hogwarts because of everything with the war", Draco said," She was a sweet kid. Oh, I wonder if Pansy's married to Blaise!"

"Right. I would totally discuss what you're talking about except well- I don't want to", Hermione said, tossing the phone back to Draco who caught it with reflexes only possessed by a seeker and pocketed it.

"Now let's go see if we can make our way around here and all", Hermione said, beginning to walk again. Draco followed close behind.

Dinner with the Weasleys and Potter, oh joy! He thought, this just CANT get any better,can it?!


Okay, so I know that this chapter was A LITTLE crazy :P What with the whole model thing, child prodigy and then the Mercedes and big house and to top it off the divorce- BUT i really wanted it to be a different story from the usual you know? So yeah. And didn't you just HATE the moment where all Draco does is say "get a grip of yourself" and walks away? But I loved how easily he picked out an outfit for Hermione ^^ anyway, this is just a beginner. And for those who read Everything Happens... my other story-you'll see that I once again have Hayley, Pansy's sister- because I have a part for her in this one too (: I hope you guys enjoyed reading this. It was supposed to stop where the divorce section is announced but I couldn't leave such a short chapter so there :D

Anyway PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Review! School work is taking up so much time and the reviews are the things that keep me writing so please do!

FeltonLewis xx

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The Other Reality: Discoveries


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