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Jar of Hearts by TheHeirOfSlytherin
Chapter 2 : It Wouldn't Be Fun if it Were Easy
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September, 2025.

Hugo groaned at his reflection, took some gel from the side and ran a hand through his hair, ignoring the laugh Lily made, who was sitting on his bed. He looked at her through the mirror. "Why are you here?"

"Waiting for you, obviously," she answered with a smile. He went back to his reflection and continued to fix his hair, trying hard not to turn around and throw her out of his dorm, not liking the look he was being given. "Do you know how I know you're gay?" she finally asked. 

He rolled his eyes and didn't bother to turn around. "Because I told you." 

"No," Lily said, leaning back against the pillow. "You spend way too much time looking at yourself in the mirror than a straight boy would." 

Hugo leant on the sink and turned to face his cousin. He gave her an amused look and pretended to think. "No, I'm gonna have to go with my suggestion." 

Lily huffed. "We always go with your suggestions." 

"That's because I'm always right." She glared at his smug look and turned away. He laughed softly and ran a hand through his hair one last time, styling it so it stuck up in short spikes. Hugo fixed his tie so it hung loosely around his neck and walked back to his bed. 

Lily lifted up his jumper and handed it to him. "Have you got your plan for after Hogwarts figured out yet?" Hugo raised an eye-brow. "I assume you have," she continued. "You've known what you've wanted to do forever, but I thought I'd ask." 

"It's the second day, I have the whole school year to figure it out." He sat on the edge of his bed and pulled on his jumper. "Why would you assume I already have a plan?"

Lily laughed, though it was more patronizing than happy. She smirked. "Hugo Weasley always has a plan. The day you do something spontaneous will the day Dad runs to the Daily Prophet to talk about his personal life." 

She sat up and moved closer. "You've been acting odd all summer, cousin, and I want to know why. What are you up to?" 

Hugo placed a hand on her shoulder and pushed her back slightly, wanting his personal space. He faced her fully and gave her a grin. "You know McCarthy Advertising?" 

Lily nodded slowly, "The Muggle owned company, yeah, everyone does; they're the biggest advertising company in both the Muggle and Wizarding world.  What about it?" 

"That's my career goal," he replied. 

"In a few years after you've started out somewhere small and worked your way up?" she asked, hoping slightly that he would say yes. But Hugo was never one to start small. 

"I was thinking next September." 

Lily sighed and shook her head. "Of course. How, may I ask?" 

Hugo fixed the collar of his shirt, smiling widely. "Through his son." 

Lily stared at him for longer than he liked, hoping he was joking, then stood up and paced the room. She turned to him. "Connor McCarthy? The Irish Ravenclaw in our year? That son?"

"Do you know of any other son?" 

"You and your Irish weakness," she groaned. Hugo glared, remembering his time with Finnigan. How -" She stopped and paced, running a hand through her dark red hair, then faced him again. "How do you know he's even your type?"

He knew straight away what she meant: how do you know he's gay? Hugo stood up and pulled at his jumper, making sure it covered his shirt. "I saw him a few months ago making out with some guy."

"Please tell me you're not going to try and ruin his relationship," she murmured and shut her eyes and rubbed her temples. "Please." 

"Of course not," he said. "They broke up a couple of weeks ago. I have some morals, Lily." 

Lily scoffed and glared at her cousin. "Sure you do. Hugo, you can't use someone to get ahead. Or at all. It's not right! You work for it!"

"Dad didn't," he spat. She didn't like the look he gave her. "Mum didn't. Harry didn't." 

"They saved the world!" Lily reminded him. "They did not sleep with anyone." 

Hugo scoffed and picked up his bag. "Who said anything about sex?" He asked, making his way to the door, ready to leave for breakfast. "I was thinking more along the lines of a date or two," he continued. He opened the door and stood to the side to wait for Lily to leave. But she just glared at him and he knew she was waiting for him to finish. He smirked lightly. "Sex will just be a bonus."

Lily turned back to his bed and Hugo waited for her to say something against his plans, as she always did. She surprised him by changing the subject. "You almost forgot your cloak," she said, holding up the final part of his uniform. 

He shook his head. "I didn't forget it," he said and walked out, calling back to her, "I don't want it!"

Hugo made his way down the stairs and out of the common room. Lily caught up to him as he turned the corner and they walked down to the Great Hall together in silence. She stopped him before they entered the hall. "It's just a date, right?" She let go of his arm slowly. "And talking about your future. You won't hurt him to get this, will you?"

"Lily, you really need to learn to loosen up, have fun," he smiled softly, his first genuine smile she'd seen that day. He took her face in his hands. "I would never get this job if I hurt him; his father would never give it to me. So, no, I don't intend to hurt Connor, just... Persuade him. If he even considers the date." 

Lily removed his hands, still concerned. "But you'll still be using him. Isn't that bad?" 

"It's called fighting for what you want, Lils," he defended. "You'll never get anywhere if you don't at least talk, make yourself known. That's all I'm doing; I'm making myself known." 

He kept smiling, waiting for his cousin to smile back, and she did, reassured. Slightly. "As long as no one gets hurt." She made him pinky swear, their promise they had since childhood that they never seemed to get rid of, and he turned back to open the door. She stopped him again. "And he definitely has to be single." 

"I'm sure he is," Hugo promised and entered the hall before she could think of another reason to stop him. He sat down near the entrance and grabbed a piece of toast, his eyes searching the Ravenclaw table. He kept his bag on his shoulders and one leg rested on the bench, he wanted to be ready to leave when the Ravenclaw did. He knew from his class schedule that they both had charms first and he knew from people he had spoken to that the Irish born boy was always the first in class. It would be easy to talk to him alone. 

He caught sight of the boyfriend he saw the McCarthy heir with last year, vaguely remembering them sitting together in Charms during sixth year. Ex, he mentally added, seeing the scowl on his face. Definitely an ex. He would remember to confirm it to Lily later, that would stop her from complaining. 

Feeling eyes on him, the ex turned to Hugo, his narrowed further as he tried to figure out why he was being watched. 

Chuckling to himself and receiving a strange look from Lily, Hugo shook his head and looked down, waiting a few minutes before looking up. The ex was looking to Hugo's right now and he followed the boy's gaze until he found the one he was looking for. He had to admit, the Ravenclaw was handsome, and he wondered why he hadn't at least noticed the boy as anything other than the advertiser's son before. His hair was cut short, though there was enough to run your hands through, and black hair, darker than Hugo's. He had a round face with a slightly pointed jaw. He was surrounded by his house mates, yet completely quiet.  

Turning to his left, he saw the ex glaring at him again, only this time he knew why the youngest of the Weasely family had been staring. This time, instead of looking down, Hugo winked, pretending to be smug. The ex could form his own conclusions. 

Movement caught his eye and Hugo watched Connor grab his bag and stand up, slinging the strap over his shoulder, and said what Hugo could only assume was a good bye to the people around him. He gave himself a few minutes, putting distance between himself and the quiet Ravenclaw, before saying good bye to Lily and walking away. 

"Hey," Lily called, making him turn but not stop. "Watch it."

Nodding once, Hugo turned back, making sure to catch a glimpse of the ex before leaving. He laughed at the look on his face, full of hatred and jealousy. How he could even think there could be anything going on between him and Connor, Hugo didn't know. Everyone know they had never spoken. People had told him Connor was quiet.  

He made his way to Charms with a good few minutes before the bell was to ring and calmed himself before he walked through the open door. Connor McCarthy was all by himself at the desk at the front. Hugo stopped at the side, saw that his bag was on the chair beside him and he had his textbook open. He cleared his throat. 

Connor looked up, unfazed; either he had noticed Hugo standing there or he just wasn't easily startled. "Do you mind?" Hugo asked politely, pointing at the seat beside him. He watched Connor glance around him and assumed he was wondering why Hugo didn't just take an empty seat. "I normally sit with my cousin, but she didn't take charms and I can't take another year of people asking me questions about my family." 

Answering with a small chuckle, the boy removed his bag and placed it on the floor under his feet, gesturing for Hugo to sit down. He thanked him and took his seat, taking out his book and parchment. "I'm Hugo, by the way." Connor nodded, back to reading his book. "You're Connor, right? Connor McCarthy?" He nodded again. "It's nice to meet you." Connor raised his hand in a sort of wave for a second before grasping his book again. 

Hugo tried to resist rolling his eyes, having no idea how he was going to get the boy to go on a date with him if he wouldn't talk to him. They had said he was quiet; did he not talk to anyone?

Hugo remembered the ex and dismissed it immediately; he had had a boyfriend, obviously he talked. Reminding himself that he had all year, Hugo considered the boy letting him sit next to him today's victory and waited for class to start. He could already hear people coming their way. 

Hugo ignored the whispers that came when they saw him sitting with McCarthy, as he was sure the boy beside him was doing. He turned when he heard someone mutter about him needing to be careful and saw the ex come in, his face redder than it had been in the Great Hall, and tried not to laugh. He'd like to see the boy try and do something to him; Hugo was good with his fists and even faster with his wand. Not that he had ever needed them; people usually got the message with his sharp tongue. 

Turning back, he leaned a little closer to Connor, not caring when he shuffled a little further away from him, knowing about his own need for personal space. "Hey, who's angry Ravenclaw who doesn't seem to like me?" 

He moved back, out of Connor's way, and watched him turn his head. He faced the front a few seconds later and dropped his book onto the table. "Shane Jordan," he muttered back in a strong Irish accent, causing Hugo's stomach to do backflips. 

Damn weakness, he thought to himself. 

"I broke up with him during the summer," the Irish lad continued. "He didn't take it very well." 

"He wants you back?" Hugo asked. Connor nodded, going back to not speaking, which, right now, Hugo didn't mind. Hugo looked him up and down, taking a good look for the first time; he was way more good looking close up than he had been from far away. "I can't blame him for being heartbroken." 

With an amused smirk, Connor looked him in the eye. "Be careful, Hugo Weasley. I know all about you and your reputation. You may be able to charm even the straightest man to you bed, but it won't work on me."

Hugo let out a loud laugh, knowing exactly who he was talking about. They ignored the looks they were being given. He leaned in again, but not far enough for Connor to feel he had to move. "How can he have been the straightest man if he willing got into my bed? He must have had some doubt about his sexuality." 

The teacher entered the classroom and Connor made sure he couldn't be heard before speaking. "Just don't try it on me, not if you like the way your life is." He glanced down once, before turning back to his book and Hugo crossed his legs instinctively. 

"I'll be sure to remember that," Hugo muttered, while Connor let out a quiet laugh. Hugo spend the rest of class absently taking notes, his head in the clouds. Getting a date with Connor was already proving to be harder than he anticipating. 

But, then again, it wouldn't be fun if it were easy. 

A/N: Yay for chapter two. The reason everything goes wrong in the future is here. I hope you enjoy. Reviews are greatly appreciated.

Sam. :)

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