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Witness by Hermionniny9
Chapter 4 : Chapter four
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 If someone was watching her then someone was after her, and she had to make herself scarce as soon as possible. Anna had done it before, in the great exodus of muggle-borns; but that time she wasn’t on her own.

Quickly she gathered her things into a bag, which she had magically enlarged inside. She threw in her old school books; Advance Defence against the Dark Arts, Advance Potions and several over books which she thought might come in handy and then she added her potions kit; which she had thankfully stocked only a few weeks ago. Anna then pulled her sleeping bag out of the wardrobe in the spare bedroom and pulled out the wizarding tent from behind it. She shoved these in the bag as well. She grabbed clothes from the main bedroom and flicked her wand so that she was instantly in more appropriate clothing for a trek. From the airing cupboard she grabbed several blankets and some towels.  Frantically she pulled boxes of cereal from the cupboard and then tins from the draws, pasta and other foods that would last also went into the bag.

Anna walked into the lounge and noticed the sneakescope. It was strange the sneakerscope hadn’t gone off when the thing had been outside. Anna assumed at whatever it was not registered by the device, which she picked up and added to her bag.

She made the backpack lighter and placed it on her shoulders. Surveying her bedroom for the last time she grabbed the photo of her mother and father and placed it in her bag.

Anna walked into the bathroom and destroyed the sheets and her soiled clothing, which she had transferred earlier to the bath tub.

“Accio broom.” She whispered.

Anna had never been one for flying a broom, but she had always kept one in the house just in case the need arose. Her mother had also bought it for her and it felt like part of her mother with her.

She placed her wand in its holster and strapped her rucksack on her back tightly.

Reaching across, Anna opened the cabinet above the sink and pulled out the long thin box that rested on the bottom shelf. It was the spare, but so much more important than any other in the world.


The garden was deathly silent, but Anna could tell that something had been there. The air had a slight copper tang to it, the same one that magic leaves behind.

Quickly she mounted her broom and up she went.

Before hand she had magicly sent a letter to Milly to explain that she should keep the shop open and that she had gone off on a holiday for a while because she felt that she needed time to herself.

Anna was sure that Milly would buy her letter; after all she had lost her mother a year ago and had not taken any holiday since then.



“Master Draco she has left, she burnt something in a bin and took off on a broom with a large backpack.” Yves said before disappearing again.

“Right,” Draco mused, frowning.

Miss Waterson was obviously fearful of something; it was as if she felt guilt by association. The Ministry never looked upon those who ran from a crime scene well.

From now onwards there was nothing he could do, she was gone into the night and would not leave a trail. Though, Draco had a strange feeling that they would somehow meet one day very soon.


The air rushed through her hair, casting several strands off into the dark abyss. Anna felt slightly more at ease now that she was on her way. Below her she could see a motorway; there were a few cars on it, most were heading away from London.

She followed this small flow of traffic all the way out of Hertfordshire and on to Salisbury, where she slowed a little. Anna’s legs were beginning to stiffen and her hands had long since lost their feeling.

Then from nowhere four figures appeared in mid air, brooms between their legs and their bark blue robes billowing out behind them.

Anna instantly forgot the cramp and her numb hands and sped off. The Ministry had obviously not bought her lie and decided to keep track of her. They knew that she wasn’t very good on a broom because behind her flew four very skilled flyers.

She knew what she had to do, but she dreaded it. Never before had she had to put so much trust in her magic, but now wasn’t the time to question her ability.

Quickly she pulled her wand out of its holster and closed her eyes. Carefully she let the broom stall and then she began to free fall. Forcing herself to turn mid air, Anna apparated as smoothly as possible.


Draco went in to work for the last day before his ‘holiday’ which was more like Harry telling him that he looked terrible and should take time off.

“She did what?” asked one of the women who was crowded round the pin board. There was a small group of people chatting to one of the Hit Wizards who was looking rather impressed with the attention he was receiving.

“She jumped from her broom and disapperated mid air.” He said looking round,

This struck Draco as odd, Why would anyone do that?

“What did you say her name was?” one of the men asked who was fully engrossed in the story.

“Janet or Jenny Waterson.” Draco snapped his head up at these words.

“We were over this huge field in Salisbury and she just dropped.”

“Hum this unremarkable woman just got more interesting.” Draco muttered as he got up and moved towards the Office In-tray.

On top was the Waterson report.

A quick duplication spell and Draco was ready for his holiday.

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Witness : Chapter four


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