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The Hoax by ihootanniex3
Chapter 6 : Chapter 6
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. . . . . .


Hermione dashed through the empty corridors not knowing where she could find Malfoy. She simply just charged forward. She stopped after a while to catch her breath and chewed on her bottom lips. How stupid was she to switch their wands up? They felt completely different. She mentally slapped and kicked herself to oblivion and groaned at her mistake. Her plan to make him fall in love with her was not working . . . instead they were more at each other’s throats than in love. She sighed and started to walk slowly to wherever she was going.




Hermione stopped and slowly turned around with a confused face to see Malfoy standing there. “Where did you come from?”


“The hall.” Malfoy pointed at the left hall behind him with a smirk. “What a pleasure meeting you here.” He said casually as he started to walk past her.


She quickly grabbed his arm and pulled him back. “Give me my wand and I’ll give you yours.” She told him sternly.


“Oh, our wands were switched? My, I didn’t even realize.” He said sarcastically as he glared down at Hermione.


“It was merely a mistake.” She defended herself and looked up at him. “Give it here.”


“Not until you give me mine.” He said as he held up Hermione’s wand in his hand which was too high for Hermione to reach up to get. He then stuck his other hand out, his palm waiting for his wand.


“I want my wand first.” She said as she crossed her arms across her chest.


“Now, really Granger . . . are we going to act like infantile children or act like adults about it?” Malfoy asked her as he raised an eyebrow at her.


Hermione pressed her lips together into a thin line as she sighed. “Fine.” She huffed and placed Malfoy’s wand on his palm. “Now, give me mine.”


“No, thank you.” Malfoy said with a smirk as he let out a small chuckle. “You may be an adult but I’m immature. I’m not giving you your wand back until you do something for me. Until then, your wand will be in my possession.” He said as he walked off.


“Malfoy!” She yelled helplessly as she watched him walk off. She placed a hand on her hip and the other on her forehead in frustration. “You are such an insufferable, narcissistic arse!” She yelled after him in anger and rolled her fingers into fist. She was dying to retrieve her wand and hex him to the next century! She sighed and stomped angrily on the floor. “What do you want me to do?!” She quickly yelled across the empty hall, her voice echoing throughout the whole corridor.


Malfoy smirked and turned around. “I thought you’d never ask!” He yelled over at her as he made his way towards her.


“What do you want me to do?” Hermione asked as she crossed her arms across her chest.


“Do as I say and then and only then will I give you your wand.” Draco explained as he displayed Hermione’s wand and his hand and then stuffing it in his pocket.


“Do not put my wand in your pocket.” Hermione said with a disgusted look. “At least put it in your robes.”


“I’m not as stupid as you think I am. I am, in fact, intelligent believe it or not. If I were to put it in my robes, then that would give you an easy access to get it, therefore putting it in my pocket makes it safe.”


“Oh, you don’t think I’m capable of reaching over there to retrieve my wand?” Hermione asked with a scoff as she raised an eyebrow.


“Okay, how about this, if you reach over and grab it, I’ll snog you. Personally, I have no intention of doing that and I know you don’t want to have a snogging session with me either, so don’t reach for it.” He said as he leaned in. “You’ll be doing both of us a favor.”


“Or you can just be a nice person and give it to me. Oh, wait, I’m sorry. I forgot you’re a selfish, arrogant imbecile.” Hermione snapped at him angrily. “I can’t believe that slipped my mind.”


“Hm, it is a pity you forgot. Next time, be sure to keep that in mind.” He said and slightly let out a haunting chuckle. “I’m not letting you off easily for cutting me off so much.”


Hermione rolled her light coffee bean orbs and bit the inside of her cheek. “Do you want anything from me right now?” She asked as she stared at him.




“You have something of mine.”


“Oh, do you want it back?” Malfoy asked with a smirk. “And why is that?”


“Well, I need it for my classes and so that I can hex you to oblivion.”


“Oh, that’s fancy.” Draco taunted her and leaned against the window sill with his arms crossed across his chest. “And for saying that, getting your wand back will be a bit harder.”


Hermione rolled her eyes once more and dropped arms down to her side. “Ah, forget it!” She yelled and quickly walked over to him, standing only a few centimeters away. She quickly reached over and tried to grab her wand from him.


“Whoa, you aren’t getting it.” Draco said as he grabbed both of her wrists, preventing her from getting it.


“Let go of me.” Hermione ordered as she tried to break free from his grip. She stared at him straight in the eye intently. “Let go of me now.”


“Do you remember what I told you would happen if you reach over or did your small, complicated brain already forget about it?” He asked her as he stared at her just as intensely.


“Oh, don’t be silly. We both know you aren’t going to do it.” Hermione stated with an incredulous laugh.


“Yes, and I thought you were too much of a prude but you did try to reach over and retrieve your wand, even if it’s in my pocket and that was definitely uncalled for. Now it’s my turn to surprise you.” Draco stated as he got up with a smirk, releasing his grip on her wrist and placed them on each side of her head. He started to lean in slowly as he smirked. Hermione’s eyes went wide and through instinct, quickly threw her head back and then back at his head as hard as she could.


“Ow!’ Draco yelped in pain as he removed his hands off of her as he rubbed his head when she hit him.


Hermione rubbed her own forehead with a glare as she groaned in pain. She hit him harder than she wanted to. She finally took her chance and quickly took her wand away from him. “I hope you learned your lesson. If you pull one of those dirty tricks again . . .” She said with a sigh and stared at him. “Do you want kids?”


“Pardon?” Malfoy asked with an incredulous look. She had just head butted him and now she was asking if he wanted kids?! Was she mental?! “Why are you asking me that?”


“Just answer it. Do you want kids or not?”



“Then, I suggest you keep your hands to yourself next time or . . .” Her eyes went down to his pants and smirked as she looked back up. Draco had quickly covered his private area once he saw where she was looking. “I’ll make sure you won’t be able to produce any.” She told him with a smirk and walked off.


Draco cursed under his breath and sighed. He kicked the wall next to him in frustration and then started to rub his head. He was sure he had a red mark on his forehead by now. He was so close . . . so close to kissing her. Then, his whole plan would’ve been over. She would’ve been his girlfriend by now but she just had to head butt him at the situation. She was definitely not an easy girl; Draco now understood that he underestimated Granger a lot. But then again, she had underestimated Draco as well. Draco slightly smirked as he reached into his back pocket to reveal Granger’s real wand . . . which meant the wand she took was a fake. He started to walk off to the Slytherins common room with a groan as he rubbed his forehead once more. “Damn woman . . .” He muttered under his breath angrily.


. . . . . .


Hermione cursed under her breath with a groan as she rubbed her forehead. “That hurt . . .” She mumbled under her breath and walked back into the Gryffindor common room. She was sure that she had a huge red mark on her forehead. Unfortunately, she was right. She saw Ron sitting on the couch with a frown. He was the last person she wanted to see but . . . she couldn’t avoid him forever, right? She sighed and walked over as she sat down next to him. “Where’s Lavender? I expected to see you two snogging here like usual.” She said bitterly with a small frown.


Ron stared at her with a deeper frown. “We got into a small fight. She’s just a bit upset with me right now.” He stated coldly to her.


“Oh.” Hermione sighed and looked around the room awkwardly. Ever since Ron started dating Lavender again, it was a bit awkward between them.


“What happened about the wand?” Ron asked as he cleared his throat.


“Oh, I got mine back.” Hermione said as she raised her wand with a small grin. “See?” She asked with an excited grin.


“Uh . . . Hermione, that’s a stick.” Ron said as he bent his eyebrows in confusion. “Are you feeling alright?”


Hermione furrowed her eyebrows, too, in confusion as she slightly laughed. “What are you talking about it? Sure, I guess wands can be called sticks.” She said as she laughed at Ron’s words.


“No, Hermione that’s a branch . . . from a tree?” Ron stated as he took the wand from Hermione’s hand, revealing an ordinary stick.


Hermione’s jaw dropped wide open in shock. She felt the anger rise in her as she grabbed the wand away from Ron’s hands. “He transfigured a stick into my wand?!” She yelled with an incredulous laugh. “That clever prick.” She threw the stick onto the ground angrily and got up. “Ugh! Is he even allowed to do that?!” She yelled in anger and stared at Ron as she breathed heavily. “Give me your wand.”


“What?” Ron asked as he stared at her with a bewildered look.


“Give me your wand. Let me just borrow it.” She said as she bent over, searching Ron’s pockets.


“Whoa, Hermione!” Ron yelled as he got up from his seat, staying a good few feet away from her. “Why do you want my wand?”


“I’ll use your wand for a good reason.” Hermione told him as she walked over, immediately searching him again.


“My wand’s not in my pocket, so stop touching!” Ron said as he pushed Hermione’s hands away from his jeans.


“Oh, why didn’t you say so?” Hermione asked as she reached inside his robes for his wand.


“What are you going to do with it!?”


“I told you—“


“No, tell me in detail!”


Hermione stopped searching him and crossed her arms across her chest. “I’m going to throw a few hexes at Malfoy, alright?!”


“As much as I loathe that guy, no.” Ron said as he took a few steps away from her.


“And why not?! I’ll be doing both of us a favor!”


“No, who knows what’ll happen to my wand if you have it. You got yours stolen by Malfoy, I can’t risk my wand getting stolen, too.”


“Honestly, Ronald! Do you think I’ll lose it?” Hermione asked and suddenly stopped herself. “Wait, don’t answer that.” She told him quietly.


“Look, why don’t you just calm down for a bit. Rest or sleep or do something. Just stay in here until classes start up again. I’m going to go practice for the Quidditch game today, alright?” He told Hermione and slowly walked out of the common room.


Hermione crossed her arms across her chest as she huffed and puffed. “Well, fine! I’ll find another wand to use.” She grabbed the stick back up and stared at it. She rolled her caramel orbs and broke the stick in half as she tossed it into the fireplace. She groaned and collapsed on the couch as she covered her face with her hands as she replayed her scene with Malfoy. She groaned and kicked her legs furiously everywhere at how stupid she was to pick the wrong wand. “I should’ve never gotten involved with him in the first place!” She whined in regret. She suddenly realized something and immediately stood up. “Today’s the Quidditch game?” She asked herself and ran into her room as she looked at the calendar up in her room. “It’s Friday?” She asked herself and her eyes grew wide. She looked at the time and smirked.


. . . . . .


“You guys need to win. I’m just telling you guys that you should pulverize them to the ground!” Hermione said as she smacked her fist into her palm. “Pulverise.” She repeated with a smirk as she thought of Malfoy’s face.


“Uh, are you feeling okay, Hermione?” Ron asked as he slowly backed away from her.


Hermione snapped out of her fantasy and looked at her friends who looked worried. “I’m fine. I just . . . can’t wait until you guys win.” She said with a small grin and immediately grew dark. “You guys have to win. I’m counting on all of you to do this because if you guys don’t—I’ll hex everyone on the Quidditch team.” She told them with a glare.


“I’m sorry, why are you so eager for us to win? You were never a Quidditch type of girl.” Harry stated as he stared at Hermione.


“I like it when we win.” She said quietly with a small frown. “Can’t I support my house team?” She asked innocently.


“You’re threatening us.” Harry said with a small frown.


“I’m just trying to motivate you guys. Don’t worry, I won’t actually throw hexes at you three.” She told them with a small grin. “I just want you guys to really beat those slimy, cocky, Slytherins.”


“Okay, look, we’ll do all the action and you can watch.” Ginny said as she shook her head. “Hermione, don’t worry, we’ll win for you.”


“Fantastic.” Hermione said and sighed. “Good luck out there. Don’t get hurt, guys.” She said as she walked off to the stands.


“Does she seem a bit . . . off to you?” Harry asked as the trio all stared at Hermione going towards the stands.


“She’s gone mental, mate.” Ron answered quietly as he shook his head.


“She looked like she was going to hex us right here, I wonder how scary she’ll look if we don’t win.” Harry commented as he shuddered at the scary thought.


“I think she needs a bit of sleep.” Ginny said as she furrowed her eyebrows.


“No, I don’t think that’s it. I think it has to do with her whole Malfoy business and how he still has her wand.” Harry stated and shook his head. “Come on, guys, let’s get ready.” He said as he got his broom ready.


“Alright, well, there’s nothing to worry about. We always beat the Slytherins in Quidditch and plus, we have a great captain.” Ginny said and smiled sweetly at her boyfriend.


“Good luck and remember to be careful.” Harry warned his girlfriend with a grin as he pulled her into a kiss.


Ron made a face as he faked a barf sound. “Mate, that’s my little sister you’re snogging.” He interrupted them angrily.


Harry and Ginny separated from each other with a slight blush. “Be careful.” Harry warned her once more as he left.


Ginny let out a dreamy sigh as she smiled. She quickly walked over to the rest of them.


Hermione who was ready to go up the stairs to join her house mates suddenly got stopped as someone grabbed her wrist. She stopped and turned around. “Malfoy, what do you want? Shouldn’t you be coaching your team members?”


“Don’t I get a ‘good luck’ or something along those lines?” Malfoy asked with a smirk.


“Hmm, let me think—“ Hermione stared at him as if she was thinking and immediately snapped at him, “NO.”


“Why not? As far as I know, those people up there in the stands think we’re dating.” Malfoy stated as he looked up at the girls who giggled. Hermione looked up and saw the girls.


“We’re not dating!” She yelled at them, clarifying the rumor. “We’re really not.” She told them and looked at Malfoy. She punched him in the chest, completely flustered. “You better stop this ridiculous rumor about us dating.” She told him fiercely.


“Ouch.” Malfoy rubbed his chest and smirked. “I’ll stop them after you kiss me.” He said with a small scoff, knowing Hermione wouldn’t do a thing like that.


Hermione looked at him as she shot her daggers but raised an eyebrow. “Really?”


“Sure.” Draco said sarcastically with a smirk as he rolled his eyes.


“Okay.” Hermione leaned over and kissed him on the cheek and pulled away with a fake grin. “Good luck on your game.”


Draco stood there completely shocked as his eyes grew wide. He was absolutely flabbergasted. Did Hermione Granger just kiss him on the cheek?


Hermione frowned and stared at him with her arms crossed across her chest. “Now, that I’ve kissed you, I expect the rumors to stop, but if it doesn’t . . .” She dangerously stared at him. “You said you wanted kids, am I correct?” She asked him and turned around as she walked up the stairs.


Draco continued to stay in his exact spot with his eyes wide. He was frozen.


“MALFOY!” Zabini yelled as he flew over to Draco on his broom. “What are you doing standing there like an idiot? The game is about to start in thirty seconds.” He told his friend and quickly slapped Draco upside the head.


Draco immediately got knocked back into reality and shook his head. “Thanks, mate . . .” He said as he got on his broom as well. “Let’s play a good game.” He told Blaise, still in a daze from the kiss on the cheek. He was confused as to why she would do that. It was just a kiss on the cheek. He snogged and shagged girls on a daily basis! Why was he so shocked from a little kiss on the cheek? Why? Because it was Granger . . . Draco shook his head and quickly focused on the game. “Play fair guys! If I see someone breaking a rule, I’ll call time-out and you will be out of the game.” He warned his teammates who grunted in response. “Don’t get too nervous and play your best.” He encouraged them and finally broke apart, flying to their positions. Who knew Malfoy could actually be nice to someone? The balls were released and the games had begun.


. . . . . .

Hello :) I hope it hasn't been too long since my last chapter got posted up. (It would've been posted up sooner but I've been having validation problems so I'm really sorry about that!) As always, I really want to thank everyone for their wonderful feedback/support! :) I really enjoy reading every single one of them and it makes me very happy to see what you guys all think of the story. (: Reviews/comments are always welcome here! It will be awesome if you dropped a comment down below. I'm very excited to continue writing this story and see how it'll unfold because personally, I didn't plan this out at all so I'm just as anticipating as you all. Honestly, I'm a winger at everything. (Quizzes, tests, projects) I just go with the flow so hopefully, this story will turn out the way I want it to go. :D Here's a new fact about me, I never plan anything (which is bad) and I just go with  the flow. xD

&&I have one question for all of you. I was wondering if you it bothered you whether I used the word 'snog' or 'kiss' because I switch it up in the story several times, but I'm not sure if it bothers you guys or not. I'm not sure which to use, so it'd be nice if you told me which word you preferred better or if it doesn't matter to you. xD haha Thank you for everything and I promise I will post up soon after this. :) I'm sorry for making you all read this long, boring message. x


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