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Hopefully Forever by lizmusic45
Chapter 1 : Sometimes
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 When people see Ginny they immediately focus on her. At least, that’s how it seems to me. The thing I can’t understand about Ginny is how she does it to me. She’s got long tomato-red hair that reaches past her shoulders, soft brown eyes, uneven fingernails, perfect teeth, and I find myself madly in love with her.

 People will ask me, is she a part of my life? And every time the answer the same: “God I hope so.” Hopefully I’ll be with her forever, because she’s not only the best girl a guy could ask for, but she makes me the happiest I could possibly be.

She smiles, laughs, teases me all the time, dances around to my muggle music (which she loves to poke fun at), messes up my hair when I attempt to get it to lie flat, and plays quidditch like a goddess.

She’s one hell of a kisser, she’s the most gorgeous girl I’ll ever know, and she has a tiny addiction to white chocolate. I love her for all these reasons and so much more.

Then because of me, because of my stupid mouth, and my stupid comments, I lost her. We yelled for what felt like hours, and then she just looked at me. Her eyes were so full of  hurt and anger, d I couldn’t take it. I said I was going to clear my head and went outside. When I came back she was gone, and I hate myself for it.

 The flat looked so empty. The few of the touches she’d left on the flat, like he’s seeing her everywhere even though she was gone. Everything looked so clean, in place, and empty. Almost like it was saying I don’t have a life without her, and it’s true. I really don’t.

I sat on the floor, my head leaning against the door frame. All I could do was think of how I lost a wonderful girl like Ginny. I tried forgetting about it. I tried forgetting she was ever around, but I failed miserably.

I kept thinking of Ginny, and what she would do if she was here. She would pass me a cup of tea, sit across from me, and not say anything. She would just keep me company.

I remember how she walked on the rocks that would be pretty much covered with water. I remember when she would try to catch raindrops in her mouth, and then laugh when they hit her in the eye or bounced off her freckled nose instead.

I remember that day she lost the Quidditch game. She sat on the floor, leaning against the door frame, and it pained me to see her upset. I was clueless as to what to do, but she just pulled on my hand until I sat next to her. She rested her head on my shoulder. She didn’t cry.  I whispered that I loved her and she laughed, looking up at me smiling, saying she loved me too.

I never got the chance to clear my head. All I kept thinking about is how stupid I was, and why I wasn’t there right now. Why I wasn’t I saying I’m sorry? Why I wasn’t trying to keep her around? When I came back, I just wished I had come back earlier. Maybe then, I wouldn’t have lost her.

What the hell was wrong with me? Why did I let her get away? Why didn’t I apologize? Why didn’t I say something? I couldn’t talk to her; I knew she probably hated me.

I don’t even know why I bothered trying to think things through. Before my mind was clear again, I found myself standing outside my apartment building looking for Ginny.

 I Apparated to her Quidditch pitch, hoping that she’d come around to get some extra practice. “Hey Marcy,” I said, walking inside. “Is Ginny here?”

“No I haven’t seen her, what’s wrong?” She asked, looking rather concerned.

“Do you have any idea where she might be?” I asked hurriedly.

“She might have gone to visit Molly. You know, her goddaughter?” said Marcy, looking at me like she expected me to say something.

“Thanks,” I said quickly, Apparating away. I knocked on Percy and Audrey’s door, hoping Ginny here.

“What the hell?” asked Percy, opening up the door. “Do you know what time it is?”

“Yeah…it’s about six o’clock in the morning,” I replied, looking at my watch. “Have you seen Ginny?”

Percy gave me a very tired, exasperated look. “I don’t want to know what happened, but why exactly are you looking for her?”

“I just wanted to talk to her about something,” I muttered quickly. I didn’t really want to have that talk with Percy. Of all the brothers to talk to about this, I’d rather it not be Percy.

Percy rolled his eyes. “Audrey, did Ginny come in today?”

Audrey is the opposite of Percy. In fact a lot of people wonder how Percy got a girl like Audrey.

She poked her head out of the doorway and gave me a look. “No she didn’t come here, but come on Harry, why did you guys have to fight?”

“Thanks,” I replied, leaving before I was faced with anymore awkward questions.

The thing was, now I had no idea where to look. Ginny wouldn’t have bothered Andromeda that early in the morning. Her parents were out of town. Fleur is pure evil if you wake her up early for anything. Ron and Hermione had just begun living together, and if that’s not enough reason to stay away, I don’t know what is.

It was freezing outside, and rain clouds looked like they were coming in. I considered  writinge to her, trying to figure out where she is. I cut through the park on the way back to my flat, feeling stupid. How could I possibly get her back? She probably hated me, and I didn’t really blame her.

I blew on my hands, wishing I had taken a second to at least put on a warmer jacket. That’s when I noticed her walking across the street, and if I had not looked over there I would have missed her. I raced towards her, yelling her name. I couldn’t tell if she couldn’t hear me or was just ignoring me.

I ran up to her. Finally catching up to her, I placed my hand on her shoulder. I guess I did it rather roughly, or what happened next probably wouldn’t have happened.

“Oh my god! Harry, what the hell are you doing?” asked Ginny, trying to look at my face.

“Trying to talk to you,” I said, still holding my hand to my nose. A couple of people stopped to look, and I really just wanted to get myself cleaned up.

“Is it bleeding?” asked Ginny, trying to get me to move my hand. “It doesn’t look bad, but it is bleeding. Come on, let’s go back to your flat.”

She slipped her hand into mine, taking me back to my flat. I found myself nudged into a chair, and watched while Ginny stood in the kitchen trying to find a towel of some sorts.

“You’ve got to move your hand,” Ginny said, when she came back with a hot washcloth.

“I can do it myself,” I mutter quietly, and she handed it to me. I pressed it up to my nose. “I never knew you could be such a healer,” I remarked, not really knowing what to say.

“Not really. Charlie went through a nosebleed stage and I’ve seen Mum take care of it thousands of times,” Ginny said, shrugging. “I am sorry, though. I didn’t know it was you.”

I nodded, accepting her apology. “Guess I deserved it, huh?”  I asked, trying to make a joke, but my voice came out dry.

“I forgot about that for a moment,” she said softly, and then changed the subject. “Well, at least you’re healing.”

I nodded my head, and glanced over at her. “I’m sorry. I was really stupid last night.”

“It’s alright,” said Ginny, kissing my cheek. “You just had a bad day. It happens.”

“You know I love you?” I asked, but Ginny makes a hand motion so my head faced the ceiling again.

“I love you, too,” whispered Ginny, smiling.  “Though, I really did get you good,” she teased.

I rolled my eyes and pulled her closer. I’d gotten Ginny Weasley. I’d gotten Ginny Weasley back, and that’s all I could possibly care about.

  I'm so,so, sorry I meant to add this before! Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please,please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please,please, please,  please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please review.

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Hopefully Forever : Sometimes


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