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Teach thy Parents by Manwe Valarian
Chapter 9 : Full Moon Antics
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“What do you three think of Theofrank?” James asked his three friends.

They were all sitting at a table in the library. Each was studying a different subject. They had perfected this last year. They each wrote detailed notes about the homework then the other three would recopy it later and turn it in for a grade. Remus was working of the Defense homework, Sirius was working on Arithmency, and Peter was Charms. James was working on Transfiguration. They would trade notes before any planned tests. They could cover almost three times the amount of material in the same time span without straining each other or reducing their time to do pranks or other Marauding things. Last year it was learning to become Animagi. That had taken up so much time that they all were falling dangerously behind in all their classes. Either they would have to give up pranking, fail their classes, or find a better way to study.

Remus had stopped writing and was staring at James. “I think he is an all right bloke for being French.”

“I don’t trust him,” hissed Peter. “I think he is some type of a spy for Voldemort.”

Everyone at the table hesitated and thought about what Peter had said. James saw Remus and Sirius exchanging glances with each other.

“What are you two thinking about,” questioned James Potter.

“I don’t think he is a spy for Voldemort,” stated Sirius. “All the Death Eaters are from Slytherin. Theofrank had to have been placed in Gryffindor for the house to accept him.”

“Maybe he tricked it,” countered Peter.

“No, he would have had to trick the Headmaster, and Dumbledore isn’t that easy to trick,” said Remus.

“Maybe…,” said Peter.

“If Dumbledore is helping Voldemort place spies in the school, we are in deep trouble,” said Sirius.

“I think Theofrank is a spy,” stated James. “But he is working for Dumbledore instead of Voldemort.”

“What!” exclaimed the other three?

“I think he has been watching us and reporting to Dumbledore. The old man is desperate to catch us doing something.”

“Where did this talk of Theofrank being a spy get started,” said Remus. He ignored Sirius and James pointing their fingers at Peter. “He is an exchange student from France….”

“No, he isn’t an exchange student from France,” countered James. “He knows his way around Hogwarts too well, he has no problems in any of the classes, and he seems to be able to master spells quicker than anyone else. He is much more advanced than a sixth year student. He is definitely an older student back here to spy on us.”

“Why?” asked Remus again.

James leaned in a little closer. “Because the three of us are bloody Animagi! That is why.”

James could tell that the message had hit a nerve with his friends. If they get caught transforming, then they can go to Azkaban for five years. Tonight was a full moon; they all had made plans for the first night out Marauding around in the forbidden forest. If Theofrank was a spy, then it could be their last night out for five years.

“If we go out to keep you company, the three of us could end up in jail for a long time,” said James.

Remus leaned back in his chair. His face went ashen at the thought of his friends being arrested for being unregistered Animagi.

“We need a way of getting rid of Theofrank,” said James.

“Or to keep track of him,” said Sirius.

“I still say he is working for the Death Eaters,” stated Peter emphatically.

The other three shushed him as his statement caused people to turn their heads and look at the little group.

“Why limit ourselves to keeping track of Theofrank? Why not everyone in the school? We would stand less of a chance to get caught,” said James as an idea started to form in his mind.

“I personally enjoy watching the Professor’s ranting at us when we get detention,” stated Sirius haughtily. “Has anyone noticed the little vein that pumps on Minnie’s neck when she gets angry with us?”

The four friends all laughed at the observation. They had all heard of it, and seen it before, but it was still a source of humor to them.

James was staring at the Transfiguration textbook, but he wasn’t thinking about the homework. He was thinking about the how to makea tracking system. It would take hours or days to find the correct spells. He could start today and start researching to see if there was anything in the books that allowed people to track the movements of others.

He sat staring past his friends at the far wall of the library. He might be able to do this without everyone discovering what he was working on. So far the classes were not very difficult. He could start researching to find what type of tracking spells would be needed. He looked at the Transfiguration textbook. He had already covered today’s lesson and was about finished up with the homework.

“All right mate, what are you planning?” asked Sirius.

James smiled at his friend. “Something that could make us legends at pranking,” he stated. The other three’s eyes light up with excitement. “I will need to do some research before I say anything more.”

“Well, I always wanted to be a legend,” stated Sirius.

“You are already with the birds, mate,” laughed Remus.

“Here, here,” said Sirius with a roguesh smile.

James started writing again. He only had a few more inches of parchment before he was done with the Transfiguration homework. It took him about five minutes to complete the homework.

“There, I am done with that,” said James to the others. “I made a few mistakes on the possible problems with vertebrate to vertebrate Transfigurations. I’m sure you mates will notice. You can correct it on yours. I am off to make us legends.”

James stood up from his chair, but stopped before he could take a step. Francine Copperbottom had stood up from her chair and intercepted him. She was a fellow Gryfinndor and he had always thought she had a crush on Sirius like so many other birds. Yet, the way she was looking at him, made him think otherwise.

“Hi, James,” she practically purred. “I was wondering if you could help me with my Transfiguration homework.” She stepped up to him and laid a hand on his arm.

It took his will power not to pull away from her. This bird must be barmy; every Gryffindor in his year knows he was in love with Lily. She wasn’t a bad looking bird. She even had coppery hair, which made her name all the more interesting, because she also had a large round bottom. However, she wasn’t Lily, so he wasn’t interested.

“Sure, I’ll be right back,” he said enthusiastically.

“I’ll be right here.” She sat down at a table and patted a seat beside her.

“I need a book,” he said before taking off towards the bookshelves. He was hoping he was correct about who was standing one row away.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Teddy stood staring at a book, but his mind wasn’t thinking about the writing in the book or even about the present day. He was remembering something from when he had gone to Hogwarts. This was his and Victoire’s aisle. It was only one row from the study tables, but Madam Pince never looked here for inappropriate activity. She always looked futher back into the library.

They used to meet here. She would study with her clasmates, and he with his, until one would get up to get another book. The other would always be waiting at this spot. The memory of their secret snogging sessions came back to him.

The taste of vanilla and honey was warm on her lips. It took all of his willpower to push away from her. They couldn’t afford to get caught by that harpy of a librarian. Pulling away he could hear her moan in protest. He felt the same, but knew too many people would gossip about them if they were caught. He looked into her crystal blue eyes. Her Veela powers making his determination falter.

“Why must we stop?” she whispered.

She was only inches away from his face. When he was this close to her, he couldn’t sense anything else but her. The entire library could be exploding and burning up around them, and he wouldn’t know it.

“If we get caught, then everyone will know about us.”

“Humpf, are you ashamed to be seen with me?”

Teddy smiled at her feigned indignation. “No! Have you told your father about us?”

He saw pink blossom in her cheeks. She was afraid to tell her father about them. He was a sixth year while she was only starting her fourth. He father had told her no dating until her fifth year. They have actually been dating since last spring.

“I take that as a no.”

“I think mum knows, but she hasn’t said anything. It was when we kept disappearing during the family picnics,” she whispered.

“She probably suspects that you are using your Veela charms on me,” he teased her.

“Mum told me they won’t have any effect until I come of age,” she huffed tossing her silvery blonde hair.

Teddy reached up and pulled a book off the shelf. “Let me see if that is correct,” he said, as he opened the book.

“Is that why you meet me here, to research Veela’s charms?” Victoire’s voice was teasing and sultry at the same time. Teddy didn’t’ believe what she said about her not using her Veela charms on him.

“Always stay close to the truth. That is what Aunt Ginny always told me. If anyone asks me, I am only researching the power of a Veela’s Charms.”

“Hey, Theodore, why are you researching Veela?” asked James.

Teddy snapped the book shut and stared at James Potter. He was thinking so much about the past, or actually the future, that he didn’t hear James approach.

“Oui, in my old school there were women who were part Veela,” he said trying to get his French accent correct.

“Really, don’t tell Sirius. He will transfer there in a second,” laughed James. “I need some help. How are you at Transfiguration?”

“I am good.” Teddy was suspicious about his question. James Potter was very gifted at Transfiguration.

“Great, come along with me.” James Potter grabbed his shoulder and dragged Teddy with him.

They moved out to the study tables, but instead of going to the table with the Marauders. They moved towards another table. James pulled out a chair and sat Teddy beside a sixth year Gryffindor, Francine Copperbottom.

“Here is your help Francine. I am busy right now, but Theodore is rather good at Transfiguration.” After saying that James Potter walked out of the Library followed by the other Marauders.

Teddy looked at the shocked face of Francine. She was not expecting him to help her. It was evident that she was hoping for some one-on-one time with James.

“Well, what are you having problems with?”

She looked at him with her mouth open and her cheeks redder than her hair. It took several seconds for her to say anything, but she finally opened her book and they started to study.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

“He did what?” laughed Harry. “Oh my, he is so much like his grandson.”

“Yes, but I lost track of him. I think he might suspect me of something.” Teddy was worried. It was late September and the Marauders might be suspecting something already.

“Do you think they suspect you are not French?”

Teddy looked at his Godfather. He was being serious. “Possibly, they used Francine to give me the slip.”

“Do you want to check the Map for them?”

“Yes, if I am to follow them, I will need the Cloak also.” Teddy couldn’t imagine Harry giving him both items, but he produced them without hesitation. They spread the map out on the desk. Harry showed him how to activate and deactivate it. Teddy took his turn and activated the map. They soon found his dad in the infirmary. The rest of the Marauders were no where to be found.

“Where are they?” asked Teddy under his breath.

“I bet they already left for the Shrieking Shack. Teddy, take the map. I am going into Hogsmeade and informing Ray to join us when she is done working. You can stay under the cloak. I have planned for Ray and I to hide in the woods. If you see anyone from our time period, Patronus me, we will be there in a flash.”

Harry threw the cloak over Teddy. It was so light that Teddy could barely feel it draped over his shoulders. It wasn’t like all the other Invisibility cloaks he had used. This was by far the best made one he has ever seen.

“I am leaving now. Exit before me. Remember, doors are tricky and so is fog, snow, and rain, so be careful.” Harry walked over to the door of his office and opened it wide. Teddy slipped through it before Harry closed it behind him.

Teddy walked down the hall holding the map while under the invisibility cloak. He was looking for the other Marauders. Perhaps Harry was correct, and they had already gone to the Shrieking Shack.

“Don’t forget the silencing Charms on the Cloak,” whispered Harry as he walked past.

Teddy pulled his wand and cast silencing Charms so people could not hear the rustle of parchment under the cloak. He looked around for a good place to sit and watch for activity on the map. He decided to follow Harry out the front doors.

The entrance hall was the most difficult to negotiate. He fell behind Harry by several steps, but was glad when Harry hesitated at the doors to allow him through undetected. He walked ahead of Harry until he reached a little notch in the outer walls of the castle. Sitting down on the grass he stared at the map waiting to see what was going on inside of Hogwarts.

He followed Harry’s dot until it walked through the main gate. He was once again scanning the map for anyone he didn’t recognize. As he scanned the names, a cold chill ran through him. He will need to check with Harry to see when his father made this map. If the Marauders already have it, then they know that his name is Teddy Lupin.

His thoughts were interrupted by the sight of his father moving from the infirmary with Madam Pomfrey. They must be trying to get him to the Shreiking Shack before the moon rises. He waited until they were past him, before walking towards the Whomping Willow. He watched as his father’s dot disappeared down the tunnel leading to the Shack.

He stopped walking as Madam Pomfrey passed him on the grounds. He was not sure but it looked as if she hesitated and looked his way as she passed. Waiting until she was out of sight, he hurried over to the Whomping Willow. Deactivating its branches, he climbed down into the tunnel. It was smaller than he remembered, but that was almost eight years in his past, when he last climbed through the tunnel.

The interior was still damp and musty smelling. He walked bent over. After snagging the cloak several times on roots, he took it off. It helped his progress as he moved through the tunnel. His back was aching by the time he started climbing upward. When the floorboards of the shack appeared to him, he stopped and pulled the cloak back over him.

The voices of the Marauders sounded through the floorboards. They had not yet changed to their Animagus forms. His father had not started the painful transformation to a werewolf. Teddy had seen people transform before, but it had been under the effects of the Wolfsbane Potion. Their transformations were not as painful. At least that was what they had told him.

A scream pierced the night; it made Teddy’s skin crawl. He father was transforming. The pain in the scream was terrible. He had never heard anyone scream like that except while being tortured. Crawling closer to the hole in the floorboards, Teddy was able to see his father transform. Whether it was because it was his father or he wasn’t under the influence of Wolfsbane, it looked more horrible than Teddy had ever seen. It broke Teddy’s heart to realize that his father had gone through this every month.

The clump of hooves and the barking of a dog echoed down into the tunnel as his father screamed. Soon his father’s screams were replaced with the howls of a fully transformed werewolf. Teddy watched as the stag ran at his dad, while Sirius nipped at his heels. His father struck at them with his paws. Teddy was fearful that they would start battling each other. After several minutes of this activity, he realized they were playing not fighting. He watched as his father and his friends frolicked around the house destroying furniture as they knocked each other over. Occasionally, he saw a rat moving in the shadows joining the play while staying clear of the hooves and paws of his friends.

The frolicking and play went on for almost an hour, before he heard loud banging. It sounded like they were trying to break through the walls. A crash made him realize that they had broken through, as the sound of the hooves and paws disappeared from above.

Teddy waited for several minutes of silence to pass. He didn’t even hear the scrurrying of tiny claws. Still covered by the Invisibilty Cloak, he poked his head through the hole in the floor. There at the far end of the room the outside door was open, and they were running towards Hogsmeade.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Harry hurried through the main gate of Hogwarts. As he walked he stared up at the night sky. The moon would be rising soon. He needed to hurry and watch over his father and friends. He was afraid that this would be a perfect time for someone to strike his father down. Not only would they stop him, they would also expose the fact that the Headmaster had allowed a werewolf to attend Hogwarts. It would eliminate any possibility to stop the Dark Lord, by also ruining Dumbledore’s credibility.

Stepping through the main gate, he Apparated to the front door of the Three Broomsticks. He stepped inside looking for Ray. She had Owled him stating that she was trying to get tonight off without causing alarm. He never heard if she had tonight off work. He scanned the pub and didn’t see her. The place was almost empty. Madam Rosemerta and the bartender were talking across the bar to each other.

Harry hurried out of the pub and around the back corner to the stairs leading to Ray’s apartment. She was now living above the pub, but you could only access it from the street. Madam Rosmerta also lived above her pub and had used the same precaution with her residence.

He took the steps two at a time. The sun had completely set now and it would only be a few minutes before the moon would rise. He knocked loudly on the door. The door unlocked itself. Pushing the door open, Harry stepped inside. He couldn’t see Ray at first, but she quickly dropped the Disillusionment Charm. She was standing to his left and partially hidden by the fireplace.

“Are you being extra cautious for a reason?” he asked her.

“Some wankers have taken a fancy to me at the pub,” she said blushing slightly.

“We need to leave…,” he started to say.

“I can’t risk going tonight. Sorry, sir, my timing was off,” she apologized to him. Her cheeks became even brighter pink.

“You have to work tonight?”

“No, I – I am early.” She looked evenmore embarrassed.

“Early, with what?” Harry asked sharply.

“My time of month,” she said barely above a whisper.

Harry barely heard her and when he did he became embarrassed at the tone he took with her. If she would go out in the woods, Remus would be attracted to her in his werewolf state.

“Oh, I understand. I will go. Will you be available, if I Patronus you?”

“Yes, I am sorry sir. With tracking a werewolf…,”

“No, I need to apologize to you for taking a tone with you. You have never skived off a mission before, and – well – you are right,” Harry stammered. “Where are the brooms I left with you?”

She walked over to closet between the main room and her bedroom and opened the door. She pulled out a school broom and handed it to him. He had never seen her like this. She looked ready to cry.

“I won’t fail you again, sir,” she apologized to him.

Harry walked up to her and placed a hand on her shoulder. “You haven’t failed me, Ray; not at all, the conditions are not right. If you had gone out there to help with surveillance, it might have exposed us to my father and his friends.” He squeezed her shoulder. “Look at me, Ray.” When she raised her eyes to him, he spoke again. “You are to call me Harry. All right, you have earned my respect and I look at you as a fellow Auror not some green trainee, so call me Harry from now on.”

He smiled as her eyes brightened at his last comment.

“All right, Harry, Patronus me if you need me. I will be there in flash,” she said with renewed enthusiasm.

Harry cast a Disillusionment spell over him, before opening the door. In another second he was flying over Hogsmeade heading in the direction of the Shrieking Shack. The fresh air invigorated him. He missed not being able to fly for the past couple of months. He and Ginny would fly at least twice a week just for the joy of it. They would rarely use it as a method of transportation. It was purely for joy.

The moon’s silvery glow was peaking over the horizon as Harry found a good point above the shack. He was off to the Hogsmeade side and about fifty feet above the shack. He thought about flying circles around the building, but was afraid that his charm wouldn’t hide him well enough.

A scream of pain pierced the night. Harry was startled at first. He almost flew down to one of the windows to see what was happening. Another scream that started to mingle with a howl, convinced him that it was just Remus transforming. Soon the sound of a dog barking and the clump of what was unmistakably hooves, reassured Harry that all was going as normal below.

He had wondered what they did in the shack to preoccupy the time. It sounded like they were bouncing off the walls. The shack would occasionally shift and shudder when he heard a particularly loud bang or crash.

Harry turned his focus to his surroundings. He was looking for any deformations of shadows that would indicate someone appraoching under a Disillusionment Charm. The shadows cast by the moon made looking for these difficult. He was almost tempted to cast Homenum Revelio Charm, but the occupants inside of the shack would know they are being watched.

He was a little surprised to hear that his father had begun to suspect Teddy. Teddy had made some mistakes, but still most of those were not huge errors. At least none, Harry saw were major errors. Teddy is one of the Auror Department’s best infiltrators. He has spent months living among suspected dark wizards without being detected. Harry smiled to himself. His father was rather sharp to pick up on Teddy so quickly. It is amazing he is so thick when it comes to Lily.

The noise increased below, making Harry refocus his attention to the shack again. It looked like the walls were swaying with each loud boom. Harry started to become nervous that there was a fight inside of the shack. There were no flashes of light indicating spells being cast. If Remus had turned on his friends, then Harry couldn’t interfere without exposing himself to the Marauders.

It looked like the side of the shack exploded outward as his dad in the form of a large magnificent stag crashed through the wall and landed on the thicket outside of the building. Soon a large black dog leapt out, and a rat seemed to be scurrying through the coarse grasses and weeds that surrounded the shack. Then Remus appeared as a fully transformed werewolf. He hesitated at the doorway, before tilting his head up and howling at the moon.

With a leap Remus bound out of the shack and ran straight towards Hogsmeade, with his friends running on each side of him. Harry thought of casting a Patronus to warn Ray of them coming into town. He wasn’t sure that was good idea, because the Patronus would leave a silver trail in the air.

He lowered his flight until he was thirty feet above them. He could react quicker from this height. They were almost to Hogsmeade when they took a sharp left and headed into the Forbidden forest. As they disappeared into the woods, Harry lowered his elevation again to fly under the tree tops and follow them.

They frolicked in the forest almost like young animals during the spring thaw. Their erratic moves had Harry constantly changing directions. Several times he almost hit a tree while watching them on the ground and making the sudden changes of directions. After what felt like several hours of this Harry’s arms and legs were starting to ache. These quick and erractic turns were difficult to do for very long and he wasn’t in the greatest of shape anymore.

Harry had already lost his love of flying. It was now a chore as he flew among the trees. He was happy that they had changed their path from Hogsmeade. He did have a bit of a rest as Remus had made a kill of a rabbit that happened in his way. The pace of the three below was slowing down as if they were actually tiring.

Peter was riding on his fathers back most of the night. The thought of this repulsed Harry, but it was one of those things he could not do anything about. It was frustrating and infuriating, but if he wanted to keep his life, Ginny’s life, and his children’s life the same in the future he could not say a thing.

They seemed to be milling around below Harry. He was not sure what to think about this situation. He couldn’t hear them speaking, and as Animagi, they could not speak. They were communicating though through hoove stomps, snorts, and yipes. They suddenly turned and took off at full speed. Harry followed them, unsure what was going on, until he saw the edge of the forest appear. They broke out of the forest and ran full tilt towards Hogmeade. It had to be nearly three in the morning by now. Hoepfully, no one was on the streets.

They ran past the Hogs Head inn with Padfoot on one side and Prongs on the other of Moony. They kept the werewolf from turning and running into any of the houses or businesses. The group ran the entire length of Hogsmeade and back again. Harry was hoping that they would be able to have the run of town and leave without being seen.

“BLOODY HELL! A WEREWOLF,” a man screamed. He was standing in the open doorway of his house holding a camera.

All hell broke loose, when the man flashed a picture of the werewolf, the stag with a rat riding on its back, and the large black dog.

Moony let out a feral growl and lurched towards the man. Prongs and Padfoot were on each side of him, and could not intercept him as he bound towards the now screaming man. Harry flicked his wand and set up a Shield between the man and Moony. Concentrating on the new charm meant that he was now fully visible.

Moony collided with it giving Padfoot and Prongs enough time to divert Moony from the man. He was in a state of shock standing shivering from fear with a whiteknuckle grip on the camera. Moony was now fighting with Padfoot and Prongs. He saw this man as prey and nothing else. The fight was loud and was now in the middle of the street.

Harry kept his Sheild up between the man and the three combatants as he lowered himself down to add another barrier. He just about set his broom down, when he heard the flutter of cloth. The man suddenly slumped to the ground and his camera disappeared. The man was propelled back into his house and the front door slammed shut.

“Harry, disappear, before anyone sees you,” whispered Teddy from under the cover of the Invisibilty Cloak.

Harry did just that. Within a second, he was invisible and floating above the three fighting below. The sudden disappearance of the man on the porch was noticed by Moony, as he stopped struggling and sniffed the air.

They stood like that for several minutes Padfoot with his legs bent ready to pounce and Prongs his feet wide and antlers lowered ready to charge Moony. They all had scratches on them some were even visibly bleeding. Harry wondered how they kept from becoming werewolves.

They acted like three toddlers with the attention span of five minutes as suddenly they turned and trotted out of town. Harry followed them from above. He thought he heard the flutter of the cloak beside him at times. He was afraid of trying to communicate with Teddy. Their ears down below were much keener than human ears.

They took a meandering path back towards the Shrieking Shack. Their pace was much slower now. They even seemed to be stopping at times. As the shack was within sight, Harry noticed the steel grey of dawn approaching. About twenty feet from the shack Moony stopped and fell to the ground. He wailed out in pain as the transformation changed him back to human. His cries of pain went from that baleful howls of a wounded animal to the groans of a human.

Yet, Padfoot and Prongs didn’t change back.

Peter Pettigrew appeared and quickly cast a Scourgify Chram on himself. He went over and cast the same charm over Prongs and then Padfoot. After being cleaned they changed back to their human form. Their clothes showed rips and blood from the battles the night before. After they were all transformed, together the three of them lifted Remus from the ground and helped him into the Shreiking Shack. Someone repaired the door as Harry watched from the outside.

Watching what they did for Remus left Harry almost breathless. This was more than four out of control youths looking for fun no matter what it may be. They showed a level of loyalty and kindness that he had never expected. Even Remus talked about the Marauders as aspiring to nothing but pranking and risk taking. There was definitley a deep bond of loyalty there. He was glad he could see it in person.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Teddy stood in the Shreiking Shack trying to hold the camera that he took from the man in Hogsmeade and the broom he had stolen from the Hogwarts’ broom shed. It was an awkward load, but adding trying to keep a silvery Invisibility Cloak from sliding off his shoulders made it almost impossible. The task was difficult, but Teddy didn’t have any choice. He was sure they saw Harry tonight. Soon their secret will be revealed and quite possibly their entire mission could be compromised.

He needed to get back to the dorms, before the rest. However, he didn’t want to leave until the danger was over. He heard footsteps approaching the shack from the direction of Hogsmeade. He stepped up to the broken door and peered out of the shack. He saw the three of them approaching the shack. They were all still transformed.

He gasped as his father stumbled and fell. The Stag and dog didn’t seem to react, but acted as though this was a common occurrence. His father started to push himself up on all fours before snapping his head up and letting out a blood-curdling howl. He started to change back into a human. He screamed, howled, and moaned in agony until he was unmistakably Remus Lupin the man again.

Peter Petigrew climbed down off the back of the stag and transformed back to a human. Teddy watched as he Scourgefied everyone else. After being cleaned Sirius and James each transformed back to human form. They went to Remus and checked to see if he is all right. It was touching to see how they cared for him. They even picked him up; despite his weak attempts to protest.

They carried him into the Shack and laid him down on the floor. His dad’s eyes’ were barely open as they laid him on a blanket.

“Please tell me it was a dream,” whispered Remus

“What was a dream, mate,” asked Sirius.

“You know what I mean. We have been planning it all summer long,” replied Remus pushing up on one arm. “Did you take me into Hogsmeade?”

The other three Marauders looked at each other and said in unison a resounding: “YES!”

Remus fell back onto the floor with both hands clamped across his forehead. “Why did you do that? Do you have any idea what might have happened.”

“But it did not mate,” said James with a smirk. “We even ran through the town twice. Relax mate, you didn’t harm anyone.”

“I – I didn’t, but it tastes like I bit something.”

“Oh, that was a rabbit in the Forbidden Forest,” sniggered Peter. “Liitle bugger didn’t stand a chance.”

Teddy knew he had to leave and get back to the dorm before them, but he had his arms loaded down. If he tried moving now he might alert them to his presence. He slowly started inching towards the entrance to the tunnel.

“Hey Remus, we need to leave before Poppy comes for you,” said James. “See later today, mate.”

Teddy froze as they all headed to the tunnel. He watched as they entered the tunnel ahead of him. He was stuck now. The only thing he could possibly do to get to the dorms before them was to try to out run them.

After hiding the camera and broom, he entered the tunnel after them. He could see them just in front of him. He couldn’t light his wand because the Marauders would see the light behind them. The roots pulled on the cloak as he ran through the tunnel.

The Marauders exited the tunnel a second before him. He was able to squeeze out of the tunnel and run past them as they tossed James’ Invisibility Cloak over all three of them. Teddy knew this was his oppurtunity to get back to the dorms first.

As he ran towards the castle, another idea occurred to him. He moved off to the side and pulled off the Cloak. He stuffed it in his robes and then stepped out and started walking as if he had gone out for a morning stroll. The morning sun was almost completely above the horizon by this time. He decided to walk past the large oak doors of the castle and around the other side.

His mind was filled with the events of last night. His view of what his father had gone through had changed. It was truly more horrible than he had originally imagined. After his father had died, Harry and Kingsley had started a program which he now oversaw: The Remus Lupin’s Wolfsbane treatment center. It gave people afflicted with Lycanthropy a chance to receive the potion every full moon for free. Harry had funded it out of the money left to him by Sirius. There were over fifty participants, and they all praised Teddy, Harry, and Kingsley for doing this for them. His father survived the transformation without Wolfsbane. However, his three best friends were there for him.

Teddy felt differently about them now too. He had thought they were rather self-absorbed arrogant gits. Seeing them care for his father, showed Teddy they were caring individuals.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Harry sat bleary-eyed at the head table. He had slept a total of one hour. He ordered the House Elfs to place a pot of strong coffee in his classroom today. He looked out over the great hall. He couldn’t believe his dad, Sirius, Peter, and Teddy were sitting at the Gryffindor table looking as wide awake as they were. Seeing them looking so refreshed made him realize how old he was.

The Owls entered the great hall with the flutter of hundreds of wings delivered the post and the Daily Prophets. He noticed his dad being extremely anxious about the newspaper. He looked through it three different times before sitting back and relaxing again.

The rest of breakfast was uneventful. Harry excused himself and walked to his office. He needed to get mentally ready to face his most daunting class, his parents’. It wasn’t them as much as the other students in the class. It was one of the most volatile situations he had ever dealt with as a supervisor or a teacher. They were worse than he and Malfoy.

He had entered the classroom through his office and was walking towards the door to the hall when he heard the shouting. He heard his mother’s voice and then the unmistakable voice of Horace Travers followed by his father’s.

He hurried to the door and flung it open to be greeted by full blown wand battle Slytherins on one side of the hall and Gryffindors on the other. Of course, his father was leading the Gryffindor side while Horace Travers was leading the Slytherins.

He cast a large Shield between them reflecting many of their spells back onto the caster.

“ENOUGH,” he screamed.

“Fifty points from Gryffindor, fifty points from Slytherin, and a month’s detention to you ten,” he shouted pointing at the his dad, Sirius, Peter, Teddy and six Slytherins.

Everyone stopped fighting and stared at him. Finally, his father spoke.

“Sir, the detentions aren’t for the weekends are they? Quidditch is coming up in a month.”

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