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Keep Breathing by Loving_Sirius_4eva
Chapter 2 : Friends and Family
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Chapter 2- Friends and Family

One a normal morning, the birds or the sunshine would wake me up but no, here I get a heavy shake and a scream.

“Wake up Lindy. You have ten minutes to get dressed.” I groaned and forced myself out of bed. “Morning sunshine how was your sleep?” she asked in a cheery mood.

“Excellent.” I took a nice warm shower and changed into my school robes. I met Lily and the girls downstairs and followed them to breakfast.

I still was intrigued by the size of Hogwarts. Lily kept laughing at me the whole way to the Great Hall. When we reached, the Marauders were there too.

“Why don’t you lovely girls join us today?” Remus asked as we were about to pass them.  Alice shrugged, Marlene smiled and Lily groaned. I really didn’t mind.

I took a seat next to Remus with Lily on my right. Alice and Marlene sat in front of us. “Hi I’m Remus Lupin” I turned to face him and smiled back.

“Hi I’m Lindy Hill” he smiled and settled back on his breakfast.

“Morning everyone. Morning Lily!” We all looked up to see James taking a seat in front of Lily.

“Kill me now!” Lily grumbled but stopped when she saw McGonagall handing out our timetables.

“Miss Hill, here you go. Make sure you don’t get lost.” I smiled back at her and took the parchment. It said that I had double potions first with the Slytherins.

“Awesome we all have the same class together” Lily laughed. I felt happy. They actually wanted me to be with them. “Alice and Marlene you two go first, Lindy needs to get a book.” I had almost forgotten.

I walked with Lily until we heard someone call behind us. “Lily dear let me walk with you!” it was James.

“Get lost Potter, I rather walk with a dead possum than walk with you.” She hissed back at him.

“But they won’t be able to walk if there dead.”

“I’m leaving!” she walked off. I sighed and found my way to my room and took my pills.

I slowly re-traced my steps and realised that I was lost. Why didn’t they have a map?

I saw James standing in the same position at the entrance of the Great Hall. I walked towards him and tapped his shoulder. “Um sorry but I don’t really know the way to our potions room.”  He turned around and smiled at me.

“Don’t worry I’ll take you. By the way I’m James Potter.” He extended his hand. “You kind of escaped before I got your name.”

“Lindy Hill” I shook his hand and smiled. He didn’t seem that bad.

James POV

Where to start with Lindy? She was an amazing girl. She seemed different from all the other girls and the way she talked was so kind and sweet and she was very attractive.

Don’t get me wrong, I still am madly in love with Lily. I just think of Lindy as more of a sister. I know I don’t know her but when I see her it seems that I do.

Remus would always tell me that I was a little too desperate for a little sister but I always wanted one. When I met Sirius I tried to make him one but it got a little weird. You should have seen his face when I started calling him sis.

Lindy POV

“Do you mind if I tell you something? You don’t have to take it“ I wanted to help him with Lily, he really loved her and I could see that.


“Well, firstly I can see that you are madly in love with Lily” he started to smirk. “And even though I have only been here for two days, I can still tell you what you are doing wrong.”

He stopped and stared at me. “Please tell me!” I smiled and nodded.

“From my view of Lily, I think that she doesn’t like the talkative side of you… yet.” I started.

“So what do I do?” he asked.

“Don’t ask her out!” he looked shocked. “Don’t say anything but a simple hi or things to do with homework. Trust me. This will make her think about it.”

“You know what? I think you’re right. Maybe I should try that method.” He smiled sadly. “Have you ever played Quiddtich?”

“What is that?” I asked.

“You’re not serious right?” I just continued to stare at him. “Ok, you need to go to the library and read every book on it. It is the best game ever.” I smiled. It must be some kind of sport.

“Ok! I will.” We walked into class. “See ya.”

“See ya.” I shook my head and took my seat next to Lily.

“I’m so sorry! I made you walk with him.” I grinned.

“It was fine Lily!” she kept on apologising until the teacher walked in.

“Welcome Miss Hill.” He greeted me. “Well” he sighed.  “A new year means new partners. Girls pick a piece of parchment to find out your partner” he walked around the classroom and let us pick.

“Potter” Lily shrieked from beside me. “No!”

“No changing Miss Evans” Slughorn called from the front.

I opened mine carefully and read the name, Sirius Black. I recognised the name but didn’t remember the face.

I could see girls glaring at me and hissing. Why though, I really didn’t know! I looked around but didn’t have any clue.

“Millions of girls would die to be in your positions.” Lily whispered at me. I laughed. No one would want to be me, especially after they find out about my condition. “It’s him” I followed Lily’s finger to a boy at the back waving his hand in the air at me.  It was the train station guy.

I said bye to Lily and went to take my seat next to my partner, Sirius Black. “Hi, I’m Sirius Black. We never got a chance to introduce each other.”

I took his hand and smiled. “Lindy Roselyn Hill”

“Now read the instructions carefully off the board then go grab all the ingredients.” Slughorn announced.

“Ready?” he asked.

“Yeah, let’s go.” We grabbed everything then walked to our table.

Sirius let me chop up the simple ingredients while he took the more disgusting ones. “Are you in Gryffindor?” I asked.

He looked up amused. “Well, I was in our common room yesterday and I’m wearing a red tie. So yes, I’m a true Gryffindor.”  He chuckled a bit then asked. “Why did you suddenly come to Hogwarts?” I paused and turned to face him.

“Well, I was always home schooled by my parents and one of my wishes was to come here and finish my education here and to make friends.”

“Wishes?” he questioned.

“I have a list of things I wish to do before I d- graduate.” Crap, I almost gave it away.

“Are you ok?”

“Yeah!” I went back to chopping the herbs.

“What do you wish to become?” Sirius started again.

“I have no time for it” I whispered to myself but sadly he heard it.

“What do you mean?” from the corner of my eye, I saw him frowning.

“I mean that, I have had no time to think of it but now that you mention it, I think I would enjoy being a healer.” It stayed like that for the rest of the lesson, just chatting about ourselves and what we like.

The girls waited for me outside of the classroom when potions finished. “Sorry.”

“It’s fine. We’re just making sure you don’t get lost or your next subject.” Marlene consoled.

“Speaking of, what do you have?” Lily asked.

“Ancient Runes.” I smiled; it was one of my favourite subjects.

“Oh, we have Herbology. I hate Runes so I had to choose Herbology. You should have gone with the Sirius. He’s the only one from the Marauders who choose Runes. Do you know where it is? “

“Yeah.” I lied. I didn’t want to bother them. “I’ll see you guys at lunch then.” They smiled and said bye. They left me thinking I knew where to go and now I was lost. 

I walked through the corridors finding the room. “Miss Hill, something told me that I’d find you lost in a corridor.” I jerked up, surprised to see Dumbledore standing in front of me.  “Come on, let’s get you to Runes.”

I walked next to him in silence until I became curious. “Professor, do you have a map of Hogwarts?”

He chuckled and looked at me. “We should invent in some, shouldn’t we?” I nodded and smiled.

“It would be useful for a student like me.”

“Here you go. Stick to a friend all the time and don’t worry about being late, teachers know that you’ll be late to some classes.”

I thanked him and walked in. I sighed when I saw that the teacher hadn’t arrived yet. I looked around and saw Sirius sitting in the second row by himself. He was drawing something on a parchment. He looks up and smiles.

“Lindy!” he waves to me. “Sit here!” I grin and walk towards him. “I didn’t know you took Ancient Runes. I taught it was just me.” 

“I love Runes. I’ve always found it so interesting. None of your friends like it?”

“James said he’d rather be eaten by a Devil’s Snare than take Runes and Remus and Peter like Herbology.”  Sirius kept on telling me all his pranks with his friends till the teacher came.

“Another year at Hogwarts and I’m still having the same students.” She smirks and picks up a pile of paper.

“We know you love us.”  Sirius yelled. She laughed and started handing out papers.

“Ok, we are going to start with a pop quiz.” Everyone started groaning. “It’s really basic. It’s the first thing you ever learnt in your first year of Runes. Come on, it’s just numbers.”  Everyone ended up sighing with relief.

Sirius and I walked down to lunch together until a girl stopped us in the middle of the corridor.

“Sirius” she purred at him. She was tall, blonde and as usual, pretty.

“Tara.” Sirius smiled kindly back. She stepped closer to him and placed her hands around his neck. “Um what are you…”

“I miss you. I regret the break up.” She winked at him and pushed me out of the way. I felt out of place, standing beside them, so I smiled and looked at Sirius.

“I’m going to find Alice.” Before he could say anything, I walked away quickly. Lily wasn’t kidding about the fan club. There were groups of girls staring at him.

I went to the Great Hall and found Alice, Lily and Marlene sitting at the table with the rest of the Marauders. “Hey Lindy.” Lily greeted.


“Where’s Sirius? We though he’d be with you.” Remus questioned.

“Um, he was but got caught up by Tara.” I was confused by my tone of disappointment.

“Tara Kirt, Sirius’s ex-girlfriend. To tell you the truth, we all hate her.” Remus smirked and explained. “She’s so bossy when she’s around.”

“Yeah, she’d be like, come on Sirius let’s do this. Sirius, follow me. Sirius I’m sad. Sirius ask me to Hogsmead.“ James interrupted in a high pitch voice, which everyone laughed at.

“Yeah, I think Sirius knew we disliked her.” Peter chimed in too.

“Of course he did. Every time she came we all stopped eating, and we’d just stare at her.’ Lily replied.

“And of course there’s the main reason.” Alice added. “She’d always say snarky comments.”

“Yep, like the time I made cookies.” Marlene clarified. “We were sitting in the common room when she walks in with Sirius. We were all eating it when she says.”

“Did you make those Marlene, and she said it like a good thing.” James impersonated Tara.

“And I’m like, yes, thank you Tara.”

“And Tara’s like, I didn’t say they were nice.” James concluded. I laughed so hard.

“How long did she date Sirius for?” I asked.

“Six month and that wasn’t the only comment. She had one every day.” James groaned.

“You should have heard the one she said at Gryffindors Quidttich practice. James was livid.” Alice cackled.

“If looks could kill, she’d be dead that day.” James hissed. Everyone started laughing.

“Hey, what’s going on?”  Everyone looked up to see Sirius taking a seat next to me.

We all tried to stop the laughter. “Nothing” James replied.

Sirius looked at me. “They’re filling you in on Tara.” I nodded and continued laughing. “She’s really not that bad once you know her.” He smirked too.

“Ok, enough about Tara or poor Lindy will choke on her lunch.” I agreed with Remus and blushed.

After lunch everyone left for their next subject. I had a free period so I decided to go to the library with… James.

“Wow I didn’t know the library was here.”

“And something tells me you have never borrowed a book.” I commented.

“Nah, I just get everything from up here.” He pointed to his head. “I mean I did come here a few times when Lily was in here but I got kicked out for singing to loud.” I chuckled and went to the Quidttich isle. “If you want to know about Quidttich then the best book wouldn’t be here.”

“What’s it called?”

“James Potter the best seeker. It’s a really good book. You’ll find everything you want to know about in it.” 


“Jokes. Here, this one is good.” He handed me a small book.


I borrowed the book and found James sitting on the table. “Hey, are you okay by yourself. I want to walk around.” He looks up and smiles.

“I’m just doing Herbology homework.” I raise my eyebrow. “I can come.”

“Are you sure?”

“I don’t want to get in trouble from Lily for losing you out of my site. Her exact words were, if you lose her Potter or if anything happens to her I will never let you walk in the corridors with ease.” He chuckled and continued. “Evans scares me so yes, I’m very sure.”

James took me around the whole. He showed me where my classes where and where the Hospital wing was. 

We then settled down at the lake to study. I was studying Quidttich and he was doing Herbology homework.

“What is a bubotuber?” James whispered.

“A bubotuber is a plant that looks like a thick, black giant slug, with many large shiny swellings on it that are filled with yellow-green pus.” I answered.

“Thanks. Hey how do you know that?” he asked.

“Well, when you are home schooled you need to learn every subject.”

“Oh. Thanks, now I’m done.” He smiled. “I’m going to get some food for us ok. Do not move from here. I’ll be back quickly.” He ordered.


James left and I continued to read. Quidttich seemed to be a very interesting.

“Learning about Quidttich?”

“Regulus, hey.” He took a seat next to me.

“So how do you like Hogwarts?”

“It’s great. The problem is that I get lost.”

He laughed and smiled. “That happens a lot to first years and they’re too scared to ask for help.” He faced the lake. “It’s peaceful out here when you’re alone.”

“Yeah, it’s beautiful.”

“Want to go on a walk. Just around.” James said not to leave but it’s just around. I’ll see him if he comes.

“Sure’ I took his offered hand and got up.

“Say something. You’re extremely quiet. Are you usual like that?”

“I guess so. Can I ask you something.” He nodded. “Why don’t you get along with Sirius?”

“I hate it that we’re like this. Always fighting and all but I have to do it. Our family only like purebloods. Sirius didn’t care and hanged out with half-bloods and mud-muggles. Each holiday he would piss my parents off and on a Christmas holiday they disowned him”

“Just because of whom he hung out with?”

“We’re the Black family. We are one of the richest purebloods. We’ve been brought up like that. We use to be really close when we were young. Until he went Hogwarts and got into Gryffindor instead of Slytherine.”

“And you?”

“I’m not Sirius. I don’t have the courage. So I stay with them.”

“It can’t be that bad, right. I mean it’s just your parents that are mean.”

“Right.” He looked down. “Well I guess it’s time to leave. “

“See ya.”

I hurried back to the lake and saw James screaming out for me. “LINDY!”  I tapped his shoulder. “Lindy, I said not to leave I’ve been worried sick about you. I thought Slytherines took you. I saw Lily and ran away. I almost went to Dumbledore!”

“I’m so sorry. I just went for a walk around the lake with a friend.” He hugged me and relaxed.

“It’s ok. I just was worried about you and then Lily will never love me because I lost you and, you know.” I laughed. We pulled away from each other. “Who was this friend?”

“Regulus.” James’s face turned from a smile to a stone cold sneer.

“You’re friends with Regulus.” He said through his gritted teeth.

“Yeah, he’s really…” I started.

“Mean, cunning, sneaky.” He finished.

“James! He’s not bad.”

“Yeah well, hope you spent a good time together because that’s the last time you’re seeing him.”

“He’s my friend James.”

“Wait til Sirius hears about this!” he groaned.

“Please. He’s my friend just like you. Please.” I stared at him.

He sighed and smiled. “Come on. Lily’s going to think I kidnapped you.”

“So you don’t mind.”

“Oh I do but I’ll drop it for now.” That was good enough for me. “Want a piggy back.” I laughed and stood on the chair.

“It’s fun.” He carried me and swung me around. “You feel like a feather. Do you eat?”

I ignored his question. “You’d be a great brother James.”

“I’ve always wanted a little sister. When I met Sirius I treated him like one until it got weird because he was a boy.” I chuckled. “Remus told me to give up, now I can tell him I found one. Lindy you’ll be my younger sister won’t you?”

I smiled and felt my eyes go watery. I like James was an only child; I also wanted an older sibling. “I’d love to have you as an older brother.”

Authors review: Sorry Guys for waiting this for long! I haven't been writing for a while but I am back now. I'm already 3/4 of the way writing chapter 3 so enjoy this one. Please review, i'd like to know if my story is lacking something or going too fast. C and loony_lovegood101, I'm continuing this story for you guys, so i hope you like it :) 

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Keep Breathing : Friends and Family


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