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Rest in Pieces by BrittJade
Chapter 12 : Heartbeat
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Author's Note: Hello every one. Here is the next chapter. Also please review, they mean so much to me :)


“Mummy, mummy, look at me,” The little blonde haired girl yelled from where she played in the fallen leaves. It was a younger version of Luna; she must have been about nine years old.

       “Not now my Luna,” her mother said smiling. She was standing in our large back yard experimenting with her magic. Suddenly a loud bang interrupted Luna’s playing. She looked up startled to see her mother lying on the floor covered in blood.

       “Mummy!” the little girl screamed racing over to her mother’s side. Luna shook her mother but she did not wake. Her father soon came running out of the house and collapsed at his wife’s side.

       “Erin, Erin, sweetie, please, wake up… No please don’t leave me.” But she did not wake. Luna started crying as her father threw himself across his wife’s lifeless body, sobbing heavily.


       “Luna,” a sharp voice pulled me out of my nightmare. “Luna, wake up.” There was a tugging on my hair and I opened my eyes to see Ginny standing over me.

       “What time is it?” I asked blearily. The room was dark; the only source of light came from Ginny’s lit wand.

       “Just after four in the morning, you were screaming and crying in your sleep. Do you want to talk about it?” I shook my head. I had, had this type of nightmare before. It was always the same scene.

       “Oh, and by the way George is awake. Mum and Dad are with him now.” Ginny added before walking over to where I guessed Harry was lying and curling up next to him. I felt my heart skip a beat. He was awake? What if he didn’t want to see me? I got us slowly and headed in the direction of George’s room.


I arrived outside George’s room to hear soft voices talking. One of them was much hoarser than the other. I guessed this was George’s voice. Taking a deep breath I pushed the door open. Arthur was asleep in the armchair in the corner of the room. Molly was sitting in the chair next to George’s bed. She looked tired and her eyes were swollen, I guess she must have been crying. And then there was George. Oh, George. He was still bandaged up pretty heavily and he looked like he had been crying as well. I cleared my throat and Molly looked up at me.

       “Oh Luna dear,” she smiled. “Arthur and I will leave now.” She got up, shook Arthur awake and they both left the room.


       “Luna,” George croaked, looking up at me. I felt tears prick my eyes. I nodded and took a seat next to George.  “Mum told me everything.” I looked down. George’s eyes were sparkling with tears again. “I’m so sorry.”

       “Don’t be silly George, this isn’t your fault.” I scolded him. He looked so fragile just lying there unmoving. “I missed you so much.” I put my hand in his. He squeezed my hand as if I was the one that needed comforting, as if I was the one who nearly died.

       “Do you know why you are awake,” I asked George. He shook his head the tiniest bit and then winced in pain.

       “Hermione told me about it. It is called the power of love or something like that. She said it is where one’s true love’s DNA touches their soul mate’s wounds they will start to heal themselves. When I was in here earlier today, you looked about ready to die. I was crying and my tears hit your wounds. They started to heal slowly, and now you are awake.”

George didn’t speak the whole time I was explaining. When I got to the part about soul mates his eyes widened.

        “Does that mean…” he trained off looking sheepish. I nodded, knowing exactly what he was going to ask.  George swallowed and shut his eyes.

       “Get some rest George, you need it. Also think about what I just told you.” George’s soft snores soon filled the room. I smiled slightly before taking a seat in the big armchair in the corner of the room.


George’s P.O.V

I awoke to a sharp pain in my leg. The room was dark but I could clearly see Luna’s bright blonde hair. Luna. Sigh. I felt so stupid for believing she could do that to me and the extreme lengths I went to , to try and escape the pain. I am so glad that I failed my task. Of course she couldn’t cheat on me. She’s Luna. My Luna. Not Neville’s mine. And she was the reason I was healing so well. Her words kept swirling around in my head. Soul mates. Luna and I together, forever. It had a nice ring to it. Mrs Luna Weasley and Mr George Weasley. I felt myself smiling in spite myself. Luna, my wife. I thought she was the one, now I know for sure. Of course she would have to finish school before we could get married, but there was no harm in planning. I had my heart set on it now. As soon as I got out of this place I would go shopping for an engagement ring. With this thought planted firmly in my mind I was able to forget my pain and fall back asleep.


Hours later, I awoke again. There was no pain to wake me this time, only the most beautiful girl I had ever seen sitting next to me. Luna smiled down at me, as she took my hand.

       “Hey, gorgeous,” I smiled. My injuries were fading faster now that Luna and I were touching, I could move my arm again and I could feel my leg healing itself. It didn’t hurt, but it was a weird feeling. Luna didn’t say anything, but she leaned down and kissed my forehead. My heart sped up at the contact of her lips. I wasn’t the only one that noticed. Luna looked up at my heart monitor, which had increased rapidly and let out a small giggle. I felt the heat growing in my cheeks.

       “It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, George.” She said, still smiling.

       “Luna?” I asked. She looked back down at me expectantly. I looked into her deep blue eyes. “I love you.” There was a moment of silence, before she replied.

       “I love you too you silly boy,” she replied, smiling as she leaned down and kissed me on the lips this time. Neither of us payed much attention when my heart monitor started going wild.

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