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The Prankster and The Bookworm by potterfan310
Chapter 1 : The Wedding and a daydream
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Fleur was wearing a white dress with complete with ruffles and a pair of phoenixes that face one another and not forgetting Aunt Muriel's Goblin made tiara.Bill was wearing fashionable French dress robes.

Earlier today i told George,Ron and Harry that if i ever get married i won't be bothering with any of this nonsense and that they can all wear what they like and that I'm putting a full body-bind curse on mum as she's been a nightmare when it came to planning this wedding especially as it's here at The Burrow.

Here i was dreaming that today was my day but without all the fuss, her gorgeous brown eyes staring at me as we say 'I do' and then i take her by the waist and kiss her tenderly and everyone cheers,George of course will be wolf whistling,maybe me and him could have a double wedding,that would be great and it would be even better if uncle Bilius was here, he was the life and soul of a party before he went loopy that is,i can always remember he used to down an entire bottle of firewhisky,then run on to the dance floor, hoist up his robes and start pulling bunches of flowers out of his....well you know where - mum thinks that's where me and George get our mischievousness from, good old Uncle Bilius,he was the greatest.

Coming out of my daydream about my girl and what i imagine our wedding to be like.I realised that The day had been perfect, I had never seen my family this happy before, Bill was so lucky,if you could see him now you would never have known that he's been attacked by greyback and Fleur looked even more stunning than she usually does.

I had left George chatting up some veela cousins of Fleur's, I had tried to stick it out for as long as possible until I had to excuse myself.George had found me not along after,I was stood outside the marquee by myself looking up into the sky with a vacant expression.

"what are you doing out here Fred,I reckon we might have just found ourselves a pair of girlfriends in there, they were well up for it, they were even laughing at my jokes including me being 'Saint-Like".

George stopped suddenly realising that his twin brother was not listening to him. "Freddie what's wrong?, is something bothering you?"

"No nothing's wrong, i just need to be on my own for a bit, to think things through " replied Fred

"Things what things.. Fred where are you going?" George yelled after his brother.

All I could think was "do i tell her, or do i leave it until its too late" I carried on walking and out of the corner of my eye i could see Angelina watching me,she gave me a little smile,which i returned, I felt so bad , i had only dumped her a couple of weeks ago. She was simply stunning, her soft brown eyes and that long black hair, but I just couldn't carry on in our relationship, whenever I replied to her " i love you", my mind would wander off, imagining that i was saying to the girl that had captured my heart .....

Please comment as this is my first time of writing fan fic and i would love to know what you think and do the next chapters need to be longer or shorter.

many thanks xx



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