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Hate/Love by dramionerules
Chapter 10 : Oh Mother...
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I don't own the characters but they are fun to play with. :)



Hermione and Draco just wanted to be left alone for awhile. Couldn't they just have a chance to sit together and let themselves decide what they intend to become. It was hard enough to have everyone hate them for various reasons because of their public displays of affection but now they had to deal with Draco's parents. Mr. Malfoy was bad enough, in Hermione's opinion. She couldn't imagine his mother being any better. He let go of her hand and opened the portrait hole himself. His mother walked in with grace that Hermione wished she possessed. Mrs. Malfoy looked directly at Hermione and it gave Hermione shivers.

"So it's true then? Your father comes home to tell me that our only son has disowned us for this...girl..But I just had to come and see for myself. Draco, darling, you must think of what you are doing." her voice was high but not unpleasant. However the tone left Hermione in a state of confusion. She seemed disappointed but not angry, Hermione expected just as much anger as Lucius left her with.

"Mother, I am quite sure what I'm doing and I didn't disown you. Just him." he sighed before plopping down on the couch.

"Yes well, if you disown him then you disown me. How could you? She's a...mud...muggleborn." It was obvious that Narcissa was not calling Hermione that vile name because she knew at this point it would upset her son even more. At least she had some manners, thought Hermione.

"I know what she is. I've been the worst to her in the last seven years. But we have a chance to prove to the wizarding world that we aren't evil. That the Malfoy name didn't just fall into disgust with Voldemort. We are better than that. We should take the opportunity to be better. With Hermione, I know that I can be better because she makes me want to be. For her. If he doesn't want to be. If he wants to be hated, rejected and mistrusted then that’s his problem. I for one will make my name rise above that. People will respect me and look up to me. All they'll remember about him is the terrible things he's done." Draco closed his eyes and looked away from his mother.

Hermione felt for him. He had all these feelings that she was sure no one really got to know about him. She was proud of him in the short time they've come together. He was showing her just how much he's changed. Just how much he's been through. She took his hand in hers, his mother be damned, and linked their fingers together. She didn't think she should speak. She was sure she had said enough to his father. 


His mother eyed her gesture and narrowed her eyes at Hermione. She didn't understand how someone like Hermione could want to be with her son. She knew exactly how they were looked at now. The thoughts people had, she couldn't walk down the streets of Hogsmeade without someone whispering horrible things to her.

"What do you even want with my son? You hate him. He hates you. This just, it just doesn't make sense." Narcissa really didn't understand how these two could ever care for each other.

"I don't hate him. How can I? I know what he's been through. He knows what I've been through. That is in the past. We can't change what happened to us then. There's no point in dwelling on things like that. I know that he's a different person now. And what I want is to simply know who he really is and be able to be around him. To enjoy who he is." Hermione wasn't sure if she made any sense but Draco gave her a smile that told her at least he did. That was all that mattered.

"I see." Narcissa stood up and brushed her hands against her dress. "I will go then. Goodbye Draco. I'm sorry to say that until your father sees reason then I won't be contacting you. He is telling people he has no son. It's a mess. I will do my best to speak with him but, you know how he can be." she sighed.

"Very well. I love you Mother." he said softly before giving his mother a quick hug and walking her out of the common room. Once they were alone she grabbed his arm and looked at him.

"Be sure. Be absolutely sure that she's what you want. If you aren't sure then all you'll be doing is hurting yourself and her." she gave him a kiss on the cheek and walked away. Draco walked back inside and noticed that Hermione wasn't where he left her. He sat back down and stared into the fire. His mother’s words were ringing in his head and he sighed. He heard footsteps on the stairs and saw Hermione coming down. He gave her a smile.

"So she left then?"

Draco nodded.

"And you still want to speak to me?" Hermione wasn't sure she'd get over the small worry that he'd up and change his mind.

Draco nodded again.

Hermione walked over and sat next to him. He put his arm around her and pulled her close. Finally they had a moment alone. But now they didn't know what they were going to do. Do they start with small talk? Do they leap into serious relationship conversations? Do they just sit here in silence? It was all so confusing. Just a few days ago they hated each other.

"What are we doing?" Draco was the first to break the silence. Hermione thanked him for a moment before realizing what he asked. She cringed; this was the question that would lead up to him wanting to stop talking.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, why are we just sitting in this limbo? I like you. You like me. Why should we not just go for it?"

That was not the response she was expecting. She had to smile at him. It was a good question. They had plenty of things in common really. They were both the smartest of their year. They both enjoyed reading. They both enjoyed each other. Why not give it a go? She looked at their hands, at some point they were intertwined, she didn't know when it happened but it made her grin even more.

"Alright." was her simple answer.

"You..really? Just like that?" he laughed.

"Well you have a point. I can't argue with that. I don't see a reason why we shouldn't."


He leaned in and kissed her. He couldn't imagine how it was going to work out but he knew that he was happy that they were going to give it a shot. They spent the rest of the night talking about anything and everything. They found out so much about each other and their feelings grew deeper after. They both went to bed thinking of the other and having smiles on their faces.



"You can't be serious, Draco." Hermione was at her wits end with her boyfriend. They had only been dating for a month now. They had their moments of bickering but usually they laughed about it. This time however she didn't think they'd laugh about this. He seemed so serious about her cheering for him.

"Of course I am! I'm your boyfriend and you should be cheering for me!"

"I bloody well will not! I will cheer for my house. Like I always do. And we will beat Slytherin without question. Now let it go." she sighed. Boys and Quidditch. She really didn't understand the point of the sport but she was certainly not going to be one of those girls that cheer for her boyfriend.

Draco huffed and walked away. He couldn't understand why she wouldn't cheer for him. She was supposed to. That's how it worked. He ran into Blaise on his way out to the pitch. He had to fly off his frustration.

"Hey Draco."

Draco shook his head and ignored him. He didn't have the time to talk to anyone. Blaise simply followed knowing exactly what that look meant.

"What happened?" Blaise walked next to Draco.


"Please don't insult me. I know you. What happened?"

Draco sighed. "She won't cheer for me."

"So? She's Hermione Granger. Of course she's not going to cheer for Slytherin."

"I don't care about her cheering for my team. Just. Me." he shook his head.

"Did you specify that? Maybe she had the same thought I did. If she doesn't know you want her to support just you then she's not going to think you want her to."

"She's the smartest witch in bloody Hogwarts, how could she not know?" Draco threw his hands up before they reached the pitch.



"I don't understand why he would think I would cheer for Slytherin." Hermione had let Draco go, knowing he needed his space, and went to talk to Ginny. She would understand. The boys would just get all mad about it somehow.

"Well, I don't really know but maybe that's not what he meant." Ginny smiled at her friend. It was just so odd that Hermione was dating Malfoy but she had to admit they looked good together.

"What else could he have possibly meant?"

"Um. Well maybe he wants you to simply cheer for him. Show him that you support him in the game." Ginny just shrugged. She didn't know if she was right but it would be what she would want and being a Quidditch player herself she felt she had an idea of what he would be thinking in that regard.

"Oh. Well, that's different. Of course I support him." Hermione shook her head. Boys. They were so confusing. She didn't think she had to tell him that she did. She wanted him to do his best. She knew he would do wonderfully, but she thought he knew she knew that. "Why didn't he just say that?!" she threw her hands up in frustration before saying goodbye to Ginny and heading to the one place she knew he'd be.





"Probably because she's not into this stuff. And because she's not a mind reader, Draco. If you want her to know something you are going to have to tell her and not expect her to just know." Blaise yelled up to his friend who was flying around the pitch. Draco was silent up there but he knew that he was heard.

Hermione had heard Blaise as she approached the pitch and smiled. It was nice to see that Blaise was helping Draco understand where she was coming from. She climbed up to where Blaise was sitting and took a seat.


Blaise was surprised to see she was there but smiled. "Hello. I think I'm going to sneak off now, he's not paying me any mind. You should yell up and scare him or something." he gave her a wink and left.

"So when are you going to stop avoiding me and come talk." she yelled up to Draco. Draco was caught off guard at hearing her voice and lost control of his broom. He started falling to the ground. Hermione jumped up and yelled for him. She flew out of the stands and headed for the ground level. She planned on making sure that if he wasn't able to pull up she would cushion his fall on the ground. Once she reached the pitch floor she was too late to do the spell....


This chapter has been edited and spell checked.

Oh how i love cliffy's :) Hope you all like! And thanks to everyone who's reviewed so far!


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