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The Potter Boys and the Enchantment of Redheads by Everlasting Faerie Light
Chapter 23 : Chapter Twenty Two: Two Months Later and No Action
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So I guess you’re wondering what the hell happened.

Well, nothing.

Two months have  passed and nothing mind blowing occurred. It was perfectly normal, relaxing, and uneventful (Okay, not really, but still.) There were no crazy Gryffindor raves involving heated make out sessions or overuse of certain substances. There were no fucked up betrayals or extreme catfights or unnecessary injuries.

 There were no tears.

Well…for the most part.

Al dumped Ella Mirkwood and she threw this huge hissy bitch fit involving some exploding tears that could rival Moaning Myrtle’s, but it was short lived. Plus, I found it sort of entertaining. I think Albus did as well. He said that Ella was an annoying shallow bitch, but the snogging was good while it lasted.

Elisha took the whole school by a freaking storm. Now that she’s dropped the gentle and kind façade and is now confidently showing her true self, which involves a defiant and fiery personality, one hell of a temper, bluntness and ruthlessness, and an attraction to both sexes, she is the huge talk of the damn school. In the span of one and a half months, she has kissed about five girls, probably screwed about seven boys, and now has settled down to date…Derrick Finnigan. Go figure. Sloppy seconds much? I actually really shouldn’t be talking.

Even though she and I will never be besties, I’m still proud of her. I’ll talk to her once and a while, but I can only handle Elisha Garrett in small doses.

Rose and Lily are completely fine now. Well…mostly.

The two naturally just have conflicting personalities, so they do drive each other over the edge. Lily still hangs with Malfoy who seems to be doing a lot better in the confidence and friend department, but he’s also been reduced to basically stalking Rose, popping up in random places, and basically publicly courting  the redhead in ways that are cringe-worthy.

The poor girl is definitely over the edge.

As for James and I….


We’re not together.

We’re just friends. Almost best friends again. In fact, scratch the almost. Everything is pretty much back to the way it was before I started to like him.

But there’s still a tension there.

Whenever he touches me, I still feel my body ignite with fire. Whenever he looks at me, my heart pounds and I remember the liquid of his brown eyes before he freaking pinned me against a wall…and a bookcase.

There’s also the fact that I had confessed my love to him.

He hasn’t said anything. Not one little thing.

But it’s still hanging over my head like a freaking piano supported by a rope over a cliff. But there are moments where I can just…you know…forget.

“So, where did you hide the redcaps?” Louis asked Finn, who was scribbling on a clipboard with determination on her face.

She looked up and smirked as she answered with a twinkle in her brown eyes, “I can’t say. It would take away the secrecy.”

Hugo just rolled his eyes as he collapsed on his back and started making a snow angel.

Yes, it was snowing. I really really love snow. Just saying.

It made everything look really pretty.

I really love December. Speaking of December… Christmas vacation would be starting next week and I just remembered my mom’s offer to take me and a couple of my friends to Oregon. I mailed her asking how many I was allowed to bring, and she answered that up to four would be the maximum.

So I planned on bringing James (obviously), Rose, and Albus. But I needed to take a fourth. I could bring Sarah, but she already mentioned that she and her parents were going to Bora Bora for Christmas. Seriously! Bora Bora! NOT FAIR!!!

I don’t really want to take Ellie or Hannah because they’d clash with the other Weasley-Potters. Melody is staying with Jeremy for Christmas (oh ho!!!! Wink, wink!), and Mary is required to go home in order to watch over her baby cousins. That sucks big time.

So, that leaves me with asking one of the other Weasley-Potters to go. Which means that I’ll bring Lily.

Now…I just have to ask them if they’re actually interested in going…

I collapsed against the ground and started making a snow angel, smiling up at the bright white sky and the gently falling snow flakes. I yawned as my stomach growled. Lunch is calling my name!!! Only a few more minutes….only a few more minutes!!!

In case you’re wondering, yes. I’m skipping class. It’s me, Hugo, Finn, Louis, and Fred. Sometimes I like hanging with a few munchkins. If Rose saw me now, she’d call me out on being a bad influence on the youngins, but whatever. We have some major pranking to plan! And we have to carry out this prank before Christmas break. So suck on that, Potions!!!

“Elaquay! Focus! We’re counting on you and James to prepare the Quidditch pitch! And that means casting anti-detection enchantments and smuggling the fairies and the redcaps into the pitch at midnight!” Louis yelled.

I immediately sat up and started to whine. “Why the hell are we the one who have the greatest responsibility?”

Finn rolled her eyes. “Because you two are the oldest. Duh.”

“Okay. Fine. So when is this shit going down?” I asked, collapsing back onto the snow.

“We’ll start getting ready tomorrow night. The red caps are still a bit frightened,” Hugo stated with a defiant tone, despite the fact that he was still making his snow angel.

Alright. So…James and I need to get to the Quidditch pitch at midnight and get the deed done. Enchantments, smuggling red caps and sexually confused fairies in, making sure that they are sedated properly so they won’t throw a ruckus, and then arrive early in the morning to get them prepared for the arrival of the Slytherins at the pitch.

I love pranking, but sometimes, I want to be a lazy ass. I don’t remember any of my old pranks taking this much work, and they were still damn good pranks.

After a little while, the bell rang out, signaling the end of classes and the beginnings of lunch. I immediately jumped up and started to bolt toward the castle…well…as fast as I could go wearing a freaking huge marshmellow of a coat with three layers of sweats, huge fluffy boots bigger than my body, and a thick fuzzy red and gold beanie hat. Plus, the snow just naturally slows you down.

But despite that, I was going pretty damn fast.

To my fury, I saw both Hugo and Louis pass me easily. The two both threw grins back at me as they slipped through the castle doors. I nearly collapsed once I reached the doors, panting. Oh shit…I am going to die…I am going to die…

I heard more panting behind me. I blindly turned my head to see Finn in the same condition as me, her long messy brown hair falling out of her beanie.

“Not…fair…can’t…run…for…shit…” she choked out, clutching her knees as she bent down.

Once I caught my breath, I let out a string of cuss words, cursing my damn winter clothes and the natural speed and strength of males before slipping into the castle.

I immediately started to sweat at how freaking toasty and warm it was inside. I tore off my beanie hat and ran a hand through my tangled red hair. I needed to get rid of this extra baggage on my poor frail leprechaun body. I grumbled as I headed toward the Gryffindor common room. My stomach was growling, I was sweating profusely, and the huge fluffy boots did NOT help my coordination whatsoever as I climbed up the marble staircase.

Oh shit.


Fucking trick step.

Why the hell don’t these freaking professors do anything about these quirks?

Are they supposed to make this school unique? Are they there for a good laugh?

Yeah…haha…no. I’m not laughing.

Come on Hogwarts! Think about the welfare of the children! IT’S ALWAYS ABOUT THE CHILDREN!


I managed to reach the portrait of the Fat Lady, who was already indulging on some holiday wine. She raised her glass up to me, her eyes half closed and a sloppy smile on her face.

“Mistletoe Forest,” I stated.

Seriously. Only Gryffindor would come up with something as lame as Mistletoe Forest for a password.

The Fat Lady giggled a bit before swinging open. I climbed in through the portrait hole and headed straight for the dormitory. To my relief, Rose was in there. She seemed to be changing into a new pair of robes with an expression of pure unadulterated fury on her face. I could see why too. On her bed lay her other set of robes, which was stained with a slimy puke green liquid. My nose crinkled at the smell of rotten eggs.

“Jesus, Rose. What the hell happened?” I questioned as I immediately tore  off my huge jacket and two pairs of sweats, leaving me in only a really tacky button up Christmas sweater over a another less tacky green sweater, a pair of sweats, and socks.

Rose turned to look at me, her eyes burning with intense fury and her face beet red. Her hair looked awful, as I noticed that it was covered in green shit as well.

I backed up a few steps at her expression and held my hands up.

“Okay, okay…don’t murder me with your eyes. You don’t have to te-“


I jumped up about a trillion feet. Holy shit, that girl can scream. I seriously felt the castle vibrate. Really.

If the foundation of this school crumbles, Rose Weasley is to blame.

After a few more seconds of listening to her pant and fume and seethe and utter cuss words I have sincerely never heard before (and that’s saying something...), I asked in a tentative voice, “What did he do?”

Rose screeched as she tugged at her hair.

She sounded like a dying dolphin. On some sort of stimulant.

“I’m so FUCKING sick of him!!! Bloody arse-hole won’t leave me ALONE! Thinks he can just come prancing up to me in the potions classroom and kiss me…”

Oh boy. This oughta be good.

In Rose’s world, any sort of romantic contact with Scorpius Malfoy results in some sort of disaster that involves long term repercussions and permanent damage. I guess it’s sort of true.

“So…he kissed you…”


Yup. Of course that would happen.

It’s been happening a lot lately. Malfoy really needs to choose better places to make a move.

I mean, seriously. First the black lake, then Hagrid’s Hut (long story), now the potions classroom?

Just pull her into a freaking broom cupboard. You can’t go wrong with those. She can’t escape and you can get your point across.

And I bet you a trillion galleons that Rose actually secretly enjoys it all. It’s a known fact that she likes his kisses. Obviously.

She’s just a stubborn bitch.

“…AND BLUTSHRACK’S SOLUTION LEAVES PERMANENT STAINS! I CAN’T WEAR THESE ROBES ANYMORE…AND MY HAIR! OH MERLIN, MY HAIR!” She shrieked, her eyes tearing up with despair as she grappled at her nasty ass hair.

I rolled my eyes.

“Take a chill pill, Rose. Knowing you, you’ll find a way to get the shit out of your hair.”

“There IS a way. But it involves a gallon of doxy piss mixed with acromantula venom, and I am NOT in the FUCKING mood to go and acquire some…” she hissed, her blue eyes narrowing into vicious slits, her crusted red and green hair resembling lethal wires around her scalp.

“Just go to Madam Pomfrey, Rose. The woman has everything,” I responded, cutting her off.

“I can’t go out into public looking like THIS!” she shrieked again, looking fit for murder as she glared at me.

“Just use the invisibility cloak,” I shrugged.

Rose’s mouth opened and closed like a fish before she grumbled something incoherent (although it sounded a lot like prayers for eternal damnation for Malfoy).

Yup, I had won.

“Oh yeah, Rose…before you go to get the cloak, I need to ask you something. This may not be the best time, but…” I started.

Rose just crossed her arms irritably and tapped her foot impatiently.

“So, my mom wants me to go to Oregon for the first half of Christmas break. So I’ll be there for a week. But she says that I’m allowed to bring four friends with me. Do you want to come?” I asked in a nonchalant manner, even though I felt slightly nervous inside. I’m not sure if it’s even natural for a Weasley-Potter to abandon the burrow during Christmas.

This will be the first Christmas I’ve spent in Oregon with my mom in like six years. In fact, this will be the first time I’ve been to Oregon in six years.

Rose’s eyes went wide as she stared at me. She seemed to momentarily forget about her God-awful hair.

“Y-You mean…go to Oregon? As in America? Muggle America?” she asked, her voice full of shaking awe.

I nodded and bit my lip in anticipation.

She squealed. Yes. Squealed.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! YES!! I’d love to go to Oregon! Holy shit! America!! I’ve always wanted to go…” she ranted.

“Of course I’ll have to owl mum and tell her. I am one hundred percent sure that she’d let me go. So…you say that we’ll be back for the second part of the break?” she asked with wide eyes.

“Yeah. We’ll be at the burrow for New Years,” I answered, amused at her reaction.

“Perfect! Oh Merlin! I’ll owl mum right after I go to Madam Pomfrey! Elaquay, you’re the best!” she jumped a bit, hugged me tightly, and then shot out of the room as quickly as she could.

Fuck the invisibility cloak, then.

 I smiled at Rose’s excitement. It just heightened my eagerness to ask the others to come with me to Oregon. I can see it now.

Rose oohing and ahhing at the American (hippie) muggle culture, Albus running around freaking Valley River Mall just to annoy people, Lily seducing every Oregonian (girls and boys) between the ages of 14 and 20, and James being a loud annoying idiot while freaking out about his surroundings, and attracting a whole bunch of cute American girls who will ooh and ahh over his foreign accent and his awesome bod.

Shit. I winced at the last part.

Maybe I’ll just pretend to be his girlfriend while we’re over there.

Wait…would that be awkward?

I shook my head and headed out of the dormitory and back down toward the common room. It was empty due to the fact that everyone was probably eating lunch. My stomach growled to enforce the point that I should be down there right now, stuffing my face.

And I’m not.

What the fuck?

I hurriedly made my way down toward the great hall. (I didn’t run. That always ends bad.)

The smells of the food made my mouth water as I saw everyone stuffing their faces. I walked down the aisles between the long four house tables before I found my usual spot at the Gryffie table. I squeezed in between Al and Mary. Across the table were Sarah, Lily, and Hannah.

“Where’s Ellie?” I asked Hannah.

Hannah rolled her eyes in response. “She left with some seventh year Hufflepuff right after class. Haven’t seen her since. The Puffer wasn’t even that great looking. She’s losing her taste.”

I just nodded to show any sort of interest.

“Hey Al, you’re hanging out with us, girls, a lot. It’s starting to worry me to be honest,” I stated, crinkling my eyebrows at him.

He turned to glare at me, but then his face contorted in fear as he looked over my shoulder. I spun around to see none other than Ella Mirkwood standing there with a twisted expression on her face.

When I say twisted, I mean twisted. Horrifying. Gut wrenching.

I think her eyes just flashed red.

 I gulped and turned back to look at Al, fingering my wand in my pocket just in case the bitch decides to attack. 

Sarah looked at me from across the table, her face pale. Mary started to fork her food violently, obviously making the statement that she did NOT want to be involved in this whatsoever.

Lily stood up, her face frighteningly defiant.

“I’ll handle this,” she stated in an authoritative voice.

I watched with a wide mouth as she sauntered over toward a steaming Ella.

“Al! Aren’t you going to do something? Protect your baby sister?” Hannah exclaimed with an annoyed expression on her face. She’s one of those girls who absolutely hates guys who depend on others for support. I think it’s bullshit. I mean, doesn’t everyone need support once and a while?

Al didn’t respond. He just stared at his sister with wide eyes.

Lily had a small smirk on her lips as she approached Ella. I watched as she bent toward Ella’s ear with a slightly sultry expression on her face. She was whispering something.

Elaquay equals confused.

Ella’s facial expression changed from twisted and angry to shocked, and then to afraid. Her eyes widened to the size of saucer plates as Lily withdrew, and then…

Planted a quick kiss on Ella’s cheek.

A kiss. On the bitch’s cheek.

My mouth dropped.

What the hell?

I will never understand the mind of Lily Luna Potter.

She’s absolutely insane.

I heard that Ginny Weasley was fiery and defiant, but I doubt she was anything like this. Where the FUCK did she get her Slytherin-like sultry sex/dictatorship genes?

Ella squealed, spun on her heel, and then started to flee as if her life depended on it. Lily’s smirk widened as she tossed her red hair over her shoulder, and sauntered back toward us, swinging her hips.

We were speechless. Once she sat back down, Al exploded.

“What the bloody hell, Lily?”

His eye was twitching and he looked a bit scarred to be honest. I mean, Al and James both knew that their sister was sort of a slutty bitch, but I don’t believe that they understand the extent. Being big brothers, they like to hold on to the pathetic belief that there is some sort of innocence remaining in their baby sister.

Yeah. Uh-huh.

“What did you say?” Sarah asked with wide eyes.

Lily just shrugged and responded, her brown eyes glinting, “That’s better left unsaid.”

Al was glaring menacingly at his sister. After a little while, he spat out, “What the hell are you wearing?”

Ahh, now he decides to comment on her choice of dress.

Lily wore this sort of loose sweater thingy that was slit at random (non-convenient) places. I don’t understand it. It would be a perfectly nice and warm winter sweater if the damn thing wasn’t cut at certain places.  It was cut off at one of the shoulders so that the sleeves started right at the top of her arm.

Lily ignored her brother and stood up from the table, her red hair swinging. She was wearing a pair of black tights with some fluffy boots. Hey, at least she wasn’t wearing the fish net stockings.

Wait a minute…it’s a school day.

How the hell is she getting away with this?

“I’m gonna go find Dom. See you guys later. Stop staring at me, dearest brother. It’s creeping me out in all honesty and incest really isn’t my thing,” she stated before winking at her Al.

Albus  looked like he wanted nothing more than to throttle his sister as his face became red.

“That little bitch…” he fumed as she started to walk away.

I shot up from my seat as I remembered that I was supposed to ask Lily if she wanted to come to Oregon for Christmas. I hurried after her, careful not to go to fast in case I tripped and caused the food to go flying everywhere.

“Lily, hold up,” I panted. I reached her side. She didn’t even look at me.

Wasn’t she supposed to say something to me? I kept my mouth shut as I looked expectantly at her.

“Well, spit it out, then,” she said nonchalantly. She still kept her glittering brown eyes focused forward. She seriously creeps me out sometimes.

“O-Oh. Well, my mom said that I could come to Oregon for the first half of Christmas break and that I could bring four people. Rose is coming, and I haven’t asked James or Al yet. Do you want to come?” I asked in a rush, looking at the redhead expectantly.

She paused and then turned to look at me with an unreadable expression on her face. Finally, her lips crept up into a smirk as she answered, “I would love to. I’ll just wait until you tell Al and James before I owl my mum and tell her.”

With that, she tossed her hair back over her shoulder and kept on walking ahead of me.

I shook my head slightly. Well, that makes two of the four people I plan to ask. Speaking of which, I should probably go ask Al right now. I scampered back to the Gryffindor table and collapsed next to Al again, who was still grumbling about his “slag” of a sister.

“Albus, I need to ask you something,” I panted. I seriously hate walking. Why am I so freaking unfit right now?

His facial expression turned from angered to hesitant. “You aren’t going to ask me out are you?”

Sarah started wagging her eyebrows suggestively while Mary laughed.

“Wh-NO! That’s like…INCEST!” I yelled.

“Didn’t stop you from kissing me before,” he said with a smirk. Damn it. Gotta hand it to Al though; he is pretty damn sexy. If only I could be in love with him instead of his idiot brother.

I sighed and rolled my eyes. “I was in a bad place, dude. BAD PLACE. Don’t bring it up,” I stated with a defiant tone.

“Okay, so what do you need to ask me?” he questioned.

“So I’m going to Oregon for the first part of Christmas break, but I’ll be back at the burrow for the second part. My mom says I can bring people with me so I was wondering-“

“OH MY GOSH! I THOUGHT YOU WEREN’T INTO HIM!” yelled Hannah with wide eyes.

“What?” I asked, getting freaking frustrated.

“You are TOTALLY asking him to go to Oregon with you over Christmas! You are pulling a Melody-Jeremy!” she continued.

I groaned and smacked my head against the table. These people are hopeless.

“No,” I said, lifting my head back up.

I turned to look at Al, who was still smirking at me. “As good looking as you are, be assured that I don’t want to screw you or shag you or whatever. What I’m trying to say is that my mom is allowing me to take four people with me to Oregon for the first half of Christmas. Yes, I’m asking you, but Rose and Lily are going as well.”

His nose crinkled. “Rose? Lily?”

“Hey! Rose is your cousin and Lily is your sister!” I scolded.

“But they’re both pain in the arse bitches,” he stated.

“You know, I could always bring Molly and Lucy.”

He shut his mouth.

“Thought so. So…you going?” I asked with a huge grin. I batted my eyelashes at him.

He sighed and answered in a mock let down voice, “Oh, I guess I have no choice.”

He then flashed a grin at me.

“Wait, who’s the fourth person?” Mary asked as she put another forkful of potatoes in her mouth.

“Huh?” I asked as I started to shovel huge amounts of garlic mashed potatoes onto my plate.

“You said that you’re allowed to bring four people with you. Who’s the fourth?”

Immediately, my face flushed. My face shouldn’t be flushing. It’s just James for God’s sake. James Sirius Potter! My best friend, dammit! It’s NOT that big of a deal! IT’S NOT!!!

“Um…James,” I answered.

“Oooooohhhhhh,” chimed Hannah and Sarah at the same time.

“Some shit’s going to go down!” Mary announced through a mouthful of potatoes.

“You sound really American when you say that,” Sarah pointed out.

“If you two shag, PLEASE put silencing charms on the bloody room. I don’t want to hear you two going at it all night,” Al said with a look of disgust on his face.

Ugh, shit. My face was now a burning tomato.

I really miss the days where I could tell everyone that I was going to take a nap in James’s bed and no one would bat an eyelash.

“Al, shut up,” I snapped.

“You know you want to,” he reprimanded casually.

Oh God. Seriously? Do you see how I am treated around here? What the fuck?

After I had shoveled down my food, I sprinted to the Gryffindor common room to grab my crap for…um…what class did I have again? Uh…

Oh yeah! Herbology!

I grumbled angrily at the thought of trudging through the snow again to get to the greenhouses. I wasn’t necessarily in the mood to walk through a torrential storm just to stick my hand down a venomous tentacular’s throat to reach for its pods or whatever. Wait…I don’t think venomous tentaculars even have pods…

I shook m head as I grudgingly slipped on my copious layers of clothes again. I placed my beanie on my head so that it covered my ears and gathered all of my books together in a bag. I gazed out the window and saw the white sky and the snow fall. The window was frosted over and I immediately wanted to just curl up in my bed (that looks rather comforting) and sleep.

But alas, if I skip another class, Professor Longbottom would bite my head off and then feed it to the snargulpuff pods…or whatever they’re called.

I really don’t know how I managed to get into the NEWT herbology class, but I really shouldn’t have. I can’t even scrape an A on my papers without Rose’s help.

I felt like a walking marshmellow as I waddled out of the portrait hole and down toward the Entrance hall. I pushed the door open and felt the immediate cold bite at my cheeks.  My feet sunk into the huge piles of snow and I trudged along at snail pace.

Once I reached the greenhouse three, I took my usual spot next to Rose, who seemed to be green goo free. I examined the long table and found rows of pots filled with fresh looking soil. The smell of wet earth filled my nostrils and due to the warmth of the inside of the greenhouse, I started to sweat up a storm. I immediately tore off my hat and jacket and threw them at my feet.

“So Madame Pomfrey managed to get that shit off of you?” I questioned Rose.

She grimaced and answered, “Yeah. But it was sort of painful. She gave me this weird tonic that made me feel like every inch of my skin was on fire…”

“Ouch. That sucks,” I answered.

She shook her head slightly as if to rid herself of the memory. She then exclaimed in a whisper, with sparkling eyes, “I owled my mum and she already responded! It was super quick!!! She must be working somewhere close by. She thinks that it would be wonderful for me to go to Oregon with you!”

I smiled in response. “That’s awesome, Rose.”

“Miss Smithson, Miss Weasley. Is there something you’d like to share with the rest of the class?” Professor Longbottom asked in an attempt at a stern voice.

“Erm…no, Professor. Excuse us,” Rose answered, her face going slightly red.

“Very well. So….” He started.

And class began.

I don’t remember much. I never remember anything from Herbology class. I sort of mentally doze off to be honest.

However, I did notice that Rose’s red hair was frizzier than usual and her face was smeared with dirt. I looked at what she was doing and realized that she was wrestling with a slimy red tentacle that was poking out of the potted soil.

“Ummm….” I started.

“It would be convenient,” Rose spat at me. “If you would help me.”

“Oh…right,” I answered, realizing that the other students were also doing the same thing, only both partners were involved.

“What am I supposed to do?” I asked.

“Help me squeeze it.”


“We’re supposed to get the four liters of pus out. It should come out of the tip of the tentacle.”

“Eiw!!!” I screeched. I hate plants. Especially ones that bite, growl, eat, or move. Or…you know…secrete pus if squeezed.

“Elaquay!” she yelled.

I groaned and grimaced as my hands grappled the slimy tentacle. I squeezed and internally gagged at the weird squelching noise it made.

Immediately, greenish pus started to spout from its tip.

“Keep squeezing, Els! I’ll collect it,” Rose announced as she let go of the tentacle and grappled around for a jar.

I seriously hate this class. Really.

Just when my hands felt like they were going to fall off, the door of the greenhouse burst open, letting in the cold snowy air leak in, causing a shiver to run through the students.

I turned my head around to see none other than James Sirius Potter standing there. His hair was more tousled than usual, his cheeks were slightly pink from the cold, and I must say that he looked absolutely adorable in his winter outfit. I inwardly sniggered at the thought, but my heart caught in my throat at the sight of him and the familiar stomach fluttering and dizziness ensued.

Great. I’ll never get over him.

But that wasn’t all. His brown eyes were widened in alarm as he yelled, “Professor! Professor! Tetra needs Elaquay Smithson! It’s urgent!”

Everyone’s eyes fell on me and my stomach seemed to drop about ten feet. What the hell is going on? The look on James’s face made my nervousness peak.

What’s going on? What’s so urgent? Did something bad happen? Did I do something?

“Very well. Miss Smithson, you may go,” Professor Longbottom said with a shocked facial expression.

I let go of the slimy red tentacle, shakily grabbed my jacket and hat from the floor (not caring that I was getting weird goop on them), and ran toward James without looking back.

What the fuck is happening?

Why does James look so scared?

Once I had exited the warmth of the greenhouse and into the cold white outside, James closed the greenhouse door behind me, grabbed my arm defiantly and marched forward, a determined expression on his face.

His hand around my arm made me gulp subconsciously and despite the cold, my whole body warmed up.


I really need to get over him.

“J-James? What the fuck is going on?” I asked, shakily.

He paused, looked one way, then the other, and then relaxed his grip on my arm. He took a deep breath and then whirled around to face me with a huge ass smile on his lips.

“I think that played out quite nicely, don’t you think?” he asked, his brown eyes twinkling mischievously.

I gaped at him.


He…scared the shit out of me just to get me out of class?

I’m not sure whether I should be pissed as hell, or thankful.

However, I do find it kind of sweet.

Hehehe….wait NO!!!

“James!” I yelled, smacking him.

“Ow! What was that for?” he asked as he rubbed his arm. Pshhh…wimp.

“You scared the living hell out of me just so you can get me out of class?” I asked irritably. I don’t know why I’m being all pissy about it. I hate herbology.

“Erm…yeah?” he asked, running his hand through his hair. My lips twitched slightly at the movement, but I ignored it.

“You know I’m like…failing herbology, right?” I asked, crossing my arms.

“Since when have you cared?” he asked, cocking his head slightly to the side.

He’s right. Since when have I cared?

Why am I freaking out? Maybe I’m panicking. Sure, James may be my best friend again, but it’s still not quite the same. I’m never really alone with him anymore. Whenever I am, it gets uncomfortable really fast. Rose and Lily call it sexual tension.

And they’re actually probably right.

So, I’m panicking because I’m afraid to be alone with him.

Ugh. I seriously need to get over this. Things will never gloss over if I keep acting like a goddamn priss about it.

I just sighed and shook my head, keeping my eyes away from face so that I wouldn’t have to look at his eyes or lips. I am going to ask him to go to Oregon with me! So I can’t act like a touchy schoolgirl with a crush.

Even though I am in love with him. Still. And I admitted it to him in a trophy room about two months ago.

And he hasn’t said one thing since then. Nothing to hint at what went on. Nothing to hint at the fact that we kissed three times. Absolutely nothing.

I don’t know how I feel about that.

I shook my head slightly and answered, “You’re right. I think Rose is influencing me too much. It’s not healthy to hang around that girl so often.”

He smirked and responded, “At least it’s not Molly or Lucy.”

We both exchanged looks and shuddered.

“So why’d you pull me out of class?” I asked as we both walked forward, not really knowing where we were heading.

“Hugo told me too. He said that we had to talk strategy about getting the fairies and redcaps into the quidditch stadium,” he answered with a nonchalant shrug.

I rolled my eyes. “Aren’t we just going to cast some enchantments around the damn place and then dump them in there?”

“Yeah, pretty much. But it’ll take a while. I realized that we miscalculated and that we’ll actually have to start the enchantments tonight,” he answered.

“But, isn’t there going to be Quidditch practice and crap?” I asked.

He smirked mischievously, looked down at me, and answered, “I took care of that. I assure you that no team is going to be booking the pitch anytime tomorrow.”

I rose an eyebrow at him and he said, “Long story.”

I nodded.

There was a beat of silence.

Shit. There can’t be silence.

I can’t have uncomfortable silence!

It makes me reflect! No! I can’t have that.

Oh great, I already feel the sexual tension building up. I glanced quickly at James, who seemed to be frowning at the ground, his eyebrows furrowed and his brown eyes shimmering.

I gulped.

Okay, I have to say something. Anything.

“James…” I started in a weak voice.

He snapped out of his trance and looked at me with wide eyes.

“Um…I forgot to ask you earlier, but I’m going to Oregon for the first half of Christmas break. My mom said that I could bring people and…um…well…Rose, Al, and Lily are going…and I was wondering if you…”

Wow. I’m so eloquent right now. I felt my cheeks heat up and my heart started to pound against my chest. I could feel James looking at me.

“Um…wanted to come along?” I finished with a weak voice. Dammit. What the hell is wrong with me? I can’t even ask him to come with me to Oregon for the holidays in an OBVIOUSLY PLATONIC way?

I shuffled my feet and stared at the ground, gritting my teeth. I seriously hate my life right now.

“Go to America?”

I looked up at James.

“Bloody hell! Of course I’ll come!” he exclaimed with a huge smile. His eyes twinkled at me and I couldn’t help but smile back.

“Great, I’ll just owl my mom and tell her that I have four people coming with me,” I responded.

“Will we eat at an actual…erm…what are those called? Those places that give you really good food…but it’s really bad for you? I always wanted to eat at one of those just to say that I did…” he trailed off.

I laughed. “Dude, you need to fucking pay attention in muggle studies. You’re talking about a fast food restaurant and if you really want to eat at one, we will.”

“Awesome!” he exclaimed, his face lighting up.

Wow, I didn’t think that the prospect of eating fast food could make someone so happy…but okay.

“We’ll be staying with my aunt out in the country, but we’ll definitely spend a lot of time in Eugene. It’s sort of a small city, but it has its highlights. Downtown is freaking fun, especially at night and Alton Baker Park is also nice. Also, be prepared to be fawned upon by a whole bunch of American girls since you’re freaking good looking… American girls can be really annoying…”

I trailed off, realizing what I was saying.

I mentally slapped myself. I’m such an idiot. I glanced at James, who was just staring at me.


I subconsciously rubbed my arm and shuffled my feet.

We had both stopped walking.

Then, he moved so that he was right in front of me, facing me. There was only a few inches between us and he was smirking. Freaking sexy smirk. Seriously.

His eyes glowed as he said, “I sort of have a thing for American girls.”

My mouth nearly dropped open.

Um…what do I say? Uhhhhh….uhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..mind black out.

My brain just melted.

Dysfunction alert!!!! Shit!!!!!

“Oh? Do you?” I squeaked.

He let out a small laugh as he backed up a few steps.

“Yeah. I don’t know what it is. It’s probably the accents. They turn me on.”


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