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Unforgiven by I_trusted_Snape13
Chapter 26 : Decisions, Decisions
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Hermione pulled back from her boyfriend's face as a smile spread on her face, "What?"

She was in love with him, no matter how crazy the idea was, or seemed to be, so how in Merlin's name was the game really still on.

Draco smirked, "This game isn't completely over."

Way to repeat.

She cocked an eyebrow, "How is that?"

"You'll see." Draco said, a lopsided smile on his face.

Then they were kissing.


Suddenly, a knock from the doorway broke them apart. They turned in unision towards the doorway, and they were immediately disappointed as to who the visitor was.

Ron Weasley was standing in the doorway, holding some papers in his hands.

Hermione rolled her eyes, "What do you need, Ronald?"

"Urrmm," he began awkwardly, making Draco stifle a laugh, "Harry needs you. Says it's urgent?"

"I'll be right there," Hermione sighed.

She kissed Draco one last time on his pale cheek, which made Ron shift awkwardly from where he stood, before silently leaving the room, her eyes narrowed when they reached Ron. If looks could kill, there would be one less Weasley in the world.

Once she was out of sight of the office window, Draco's cheeky smile fell from his pointed face, and his eyes turned colder and darker than moments before, as they fixated themselves on the only Weasley in the room.


"So, Weasley," Draco began coldly, "Let's talk for a minute."

Ron looked unsure, but replied with an attempting-to-be-uncaring-and-nonchalant "What?"

"I would just like to get one thing straight," Draco spat, closing the gap between the two extremely quick.

"And just what would that be, Malfoy?" Ron growled, trying to hide the intimidation he felt.

He'd never admit it, but the reason he 'won' the duel between him and Malfoy last time was adrenaline. Malfoy was this close to harming Lavender and his baby. Now though? He was a nervous wreck.

"I want you to stay away from Hermione, Weasel." Draco said, point blank.

Ron scoffed.

"You think this is some kind of a joke?" Draco challenged.

"I think it's funny that you think you can tell me what to do," Ron laughed.

Draco narrowed his eyes, "When it's Hermione, I can. Do not go near her."

"Good luck with that," Ron growled, "I can do whatever I please to, as can she."

Draco wasn't ready to back down just yet, "I mean it, Weasel. You are to stay away from her. You had her and you lost her, like an idiot. She's mine now, and I don't want you close enough to her that you or your grubby little hands could hurt her again."

"You think I'd hurt her?"

"Why not? You never seemed to have a problem with it before!"

Ron flinched, "But you honestly think that I'd lay my hands on her? Hurt her physically?"

"Wouldn't. Surprise. Me" Draco growled, "You don't seem to have a problem harming anyone who doesn't give you what want, which is why I'm still having to flinch every time anything or anyone touches my ribs.

"That's different!"

"I fail to see how." Draco spat.

"You'! And she's....her!"

"Brilliant logic, Weasel. Honestly, you could have been Nicholas Flamel in a past life." Draco said sarcastically.

Ron rolled his eyes, continuing the argument in another way that he hoped would make Draco look like the bad guy that he was in the situation, "She's not your property, Malfoy."

"That I know." Draco replied smoothly, "But, she's not yours either and as her boyfriend, which is me, not you. I need to look out for her and her well being. That's my job, not yours and if I think you should stay away from her, than that is just what you should do."

"She can look out for herself."

"Assistance never hurt anyone. She trusted you, and look how that turned out?"

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"For the last time, you know what it means, Weasel. She thought she could trust you. Then, you go and knock up Lavender, which was an extremely dumb move given who she is, and the laugh in her voice box, and then what you and Hermione had was gone. You threw it away, like it was nothing to you. Like she was nothing to you. Why should I just allow you to saunter over and hurt her some more? That's all you seem to be capable to doing. You keep hurting her over and over and I'm sick of it. Come near her again, I dare you, and you'll have a few less limbs to keep track of."

"That a threat, Malfoy?"

Draco, who was already starting to head for the door hollered back with a, "If that's what you think it is."

Ron was not ready to end the argument with a loss, "Like you're with her for the right reasons!"

Draco stopped in his tracks and felt his teeth clench, "What?"

"You heard me. You're not with her for her, you're just going to use her and throw her away afterwards, right? You're going to get what you want and then all she'll be is a trophy, huh? Just one of your many conquests, am I correct?"

In mere tenths of seconds, Draco had Ron pinned against a wall, with his wand to his throat.

"I love her." Draco spat, "This isn't a joke. I have more power than you could dream of having and I know how to make things look like accidents. This isn't a joke. If I catch you near Hermione, even just once, game over. You just better hope I don't see you anywhere near her again."

Draco stormed out of the room, leaving a humiliated Ron alone.

"Game on." Ron spat under his breath.



An hour later, Ron was sitting in his office chair with his head held against his palm, thinking about his conversation with Draco.

He shook the thoughts about Hermione from his brain. 'I love Lavender,' He thought.

Lavender. Lavender. Lavender.

'Speak of the devil' Ron thought when he heard a knock and saw Lavender standing in the doorway.

"Come in, Lav." Ron said, a smile spreading across his face.

She smiled giddily and sat in the chair opposite him, "You want to talk?"

Ron nodded his head.

"Lav," Ron sighed, trying to ignore the pain still in his heart, "I have a question for you."

After Draco's threats towards him moments ago and Hermione's scorned comments, he was determined to show her what she was missing.

Lav giggled, "What's that Wonipoo? "

He cringed. That was worse than Won-Won!

"Well...I was thinking that maybe you and I should start looking for a flat. Together. I mean, the baby's already half way here...."

Lavender giggled, placing a hand on her stomach, "I'd love that."

"Well...brilliant!" Ron exclaimed, half heartedly, "We'll shop this weekend."

Lavender smiled and got up from her chair to come sit in his lap, "Sounds perfect!" She squealed with a grin.

She kissed him lightly on the lips, but before either of them knew it, the kiss was already deepening. After several moments though, Lavender pulled back, a wide eyes look in her eyes, as she placed her hands lightly on her rather large stomach.

Ron automatically was sure something was wrong, "what's wrong, Lav?"

"Nothing," she whispered, "but put your hand there." She placed a hand, lightly, on her bloated stomach, her eyes gesturing for him to do the same.

Hesitantly, he placed his hand where he was instructed to, without saying a word. After a couple moment's silence, he felt something nudge his hand.

"That's unbelievable," he gasped.

He was still trying to fathom the fact that we was going to be holding his son or daughter in just a few months. In just a few short months, his new name would be 'Daddy.'

Lavender smiled, that far off look back in her eyes, "That's our baby."

He met Lavender's gaze, "I can't wait to meet her."

Lavender cocked and eyebrow, still smiling, "Her?"

"Or him." Ron added, but his money was on the baby being a girl, whether Lavender agreed or not.

"Thank you," Lavender laughed.

She looked down to their hands that were on her stomach and smiled, "I can't wait to meet this baby. I know this isn't what you planned," she looked up, "but, I really think we can make this work. This baby...he, she, it makes me so happy whenever it moves or whenever I get a reminder that they're there. I just love them so much. I never thought I could love someone I'd never met this much...but I do." She had to stop and refrain herself from crying for a moment, "My entire life, has been basically bad. Everyone I love has walked out on me or given up on me. But, not you or this baby, I can't thank you enough." A tear escaped her eye, "Not many guys would stick with me, especially not now. But you did. And I can't tell you how much that means to me."

"Lav..." Ron sighed.

"I'm serious," she continued, "I think this baby was meant to be. I know we aren't married, hell, we weren't even dating, but I just have to believe this is how it's supposed to be. So many people look down on me and say it was a mistake, but they're wrong. This baby, isn't a mistake. It's our son or daughter. And I'm just so glad, that this baby is going to be calling you Daddy someday, Ron."

Ron was near tears himself, he'd never heard Lavender that vulnerable before.


He brushed away some hairs in her face, "I'll always be here, Lav. That's what dads are for."

She smiled, "Thank you."

"So when exactly do we get to find out if that is our son or daughter, Lav?"

The biggest smile in the history of smiles spread across her face, "The next appointment. Two weeks!"

"My money's on it's a girl," Ron smirked,

Lavender extended a hand, "It's a bet."

"Ten galleons?"





"What's wrong Harry?" Hermione asked as she reached the office.

Harry pointed to where Ginny stood, eyes wide and frantic looking, beside him, "She needs you."

Hermione knitted her eyebrows together, "Gin? What's wrong?"

"What's wrong? What's wrong!"

"You shouldn't have done that," Harry muttered under his breath.

"Everything is wrong! The wedding is in two days, and there's still so much to do! I'm freaking out!"


"I still have people who haven't RSVP'd! Everyday people are calling asking me-"


"About all this stuff and we don't have time for a rehearsal dinner. And we're trying to keep the paparazzi out, And my mother's calling me every ten minutes about something. We're still trying to work out how we can get Dudley and Melanie here-"

"Dudley?" Hermione raised an eyebrow, "Your evil cousin, Dudley?"

"It was Ginny's idea..." Harry sighed.

"It was nice to ask, although I didn't expect him to say yes. And then there's the cake, the decorations-"

"Gin!" Hermione tried again to interrupt, to no avail.

"And the guests. And it's still a mystery how we're going to get that many guests here without having the entire thing filmed by paparazzi and plastered on every newspaper across the country!"

"Ginny!" Hermione screamed, finally getting the attention of the red-headed bride, "Everything's going to be alright. Your maid of honor is on the job!"

"Who said you were maid of honor?" Ginny said, her eyebrows raised.

"i just assumed that...I...uh...."

Well this is awkward.

A grin broke across Ginny's face, "I'm kidding, 'Mione. Lighten up!"

Hermione wanted to make a comment about how she really shouldn't be telling anyone to 'lighten up', but she quickly figured out that it was likely not a fantastic idea to do that. A smile was probably safer.

Which is why that is just what she did: she smiled.

"Where should I start?" Hermione asked with a sigh.

"Ill make you a list," Ginny laughed.




Outside the office, although none of the three people in the office could see, Lavender Brown was strained against the wall, a phone to her ear.

"I don't want you to come and see me, Davies!" she growled in to the muggle phone.

She listened for a few moments before frantically whispering, "Of course it's not!"


"Just stay away from us. you pig." She growled.

Her tone of voice was rather the opposite of where it was in Ron's office minutes before.

"Just stay away from us. I told you it was over and it is. Ron loves me and I love him and I won't let you get in the way of what I want. Him. I want him and he's what I'm going to get!"

More silence until Davies was done speaking.

"I didn't trick him!" She growled.


"Convincing is a better term, although I don't know what you're talking about."

More silence.

"Of course it's his baby! What kind of a person do you think I am?"

One last silence.

"Well, that's your opinion. Now, stay out of my life. Everything is coming together and you are not going to get in the way."

With that she slammed the phone closed and through it in to her tote bag before placing a hand on her forehead and letting out a long sigh.

What has she gotten herself into?

She walked out of the Ministry, her head still trying to make sense of the conversation.

Davies was planning on paying her a surprise visit, so now the only decision she had to make was clear in her brain.

Tell Ron why he was to show up or keep it a secret?

Decisions, decisions.




A/N The Davies plot line is back! Any one forget it? ;D So...Ron wants to move in with Lav...good or bad? Does he really love her or is it out of spite? Hmm....? :D Well Draco is pretty serious about Ron staying away from Hermione! But, Ron thinks he just wants to take advantage of Hermione. Opinions on that?

Well, just one more chapter until part one of the wedding! I promise, it'll live up to your expectations, at least I really hope so! I think it's what Harry and Ginny's wedding would resemble. Also, we'll also find out the gender of Lav's baby very soon! Name probably won't be revealed until she has him/her though :)

One last note: I want to give a special thank you to my new (and absolutely amazing!!!) Beta, EverMalfoy (or as you know her on here, EverDiggory). She's helped this chapter immensely and definitely deserves an applause! She jumped on it and got it back to me in a reasonable amount of time and that means a lot. Plus, she's been a loyal follower for a long time. So, Ever, thank you from me! It means a lot! :D

Well, I bet you want a preview, don't you? ;D


"Oh, Ginny," Mrs. Weasley sniffed as she saw her only daughter on her bed, "I can't believe this is the last night you'll ever sleep here."

Ginny got up from where she was reading to stand with her nearly sobbing mother, "Mum, I'm always going to be just a floo away."

"I know, sweetie," Mrs. Weasley sniffed, "It's just that, it seems like yesterday I was holding my baby girl in my arms and now she's about to be leaving."

"I'll always be your baby girl, Mum." Ginny sighed, "Besides, you love Harry."

This brought a smile to Mrs. Weasley's face, "That I do. He's a good lad. He'll be an excellent husband, I'm sure, and an extraordinary father when the time comes."

"I know he will. You don't have to doubt Harry. What you see really is what you get," Ginny laughed.

Mrs. Weasley let a smile spread across her face, "I know dear, and I am happy as long as you're happy. Now, let's go, we've got your last check dress fitting in a half hour."

Touching moment? I hope so. I really wanted that mother/daughter scene and I think the next chapter seems a good place for it. Also, it's good to get away from all the secrets, lies and drama. lol Hope you liked!

I'd love a message in the box below *Wink-Wink* ;D


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