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Saving James by ACx
Chapter 10 : Nightmares, Dates and Fights
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CI=AtomicPanda@tda :D

“Jenny. Jenny.”

I opened my eyes and looked around, searching for both the source of the shouting and my wand.

James was shaking me lightly, his face white and his eyes filled with worry.

“Are you okay?” He asked, his voice full of concern.

I thought back to the dream I had had. It was nothing different to the ones I had been having before, but it was somehow more vivid. It was like the event was coming closer and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

I was covered in a cold sweat and I was shaking violently. I didn’t even care that James was so close. Tears spilled down my cheeks and I was disgusted at myself.

Totally ignoring my startled outburst, James crawled into the bed next to me and wrapped his arm around my shaking shoulders.

Slowly, my heart beat slowed and the shaking stopped.

“Better now?” He asked smiling gently at me.

I nodded weakly, then opened my mouth to thank him.

“Don’t say anything,” he said, placing a finger over my lips. So I didn’t. Stretching my luck to the limit, I leant my head against James chest and closed my eyes. The rhythm of his heartbeat was soothing and it helped me wipe the dream from my mind.

Slowly, I felt myself slipping back to sleep. Forgetting James was there, I let my eyes close and darkness take over…


“AAAHHH!!!” I screamed, realising someone was in the bed next to me. In my fright, I rolled off the bed and opposite from me I heard a similar thud that told me the other person had also fallen from the bed.

I jumped up, searching for my wand, then realised it was on the other side of the bed.

“Jen, calm down! Its just me, James!”

If he thought that would calm me down he was wrong. Very wrong.

“What. The. Hell. Are. You. Doing. Here?” I said, my voice shaking as I walked round the bed towards James, the bed sheets wrapped tightly around me.

James held up his hands, and stared at me.

“Don’t you remember?”

Oh please, Merlin, don’t let me have slept with him, I thought weakly.

I shook my head and wondered why I couldn’t remember anything. I shuddered, hoping to Merlin I hadn’t done anything last night I’d live to regret.

“You were having a nightmare. You started screaming. I came through to make sure you were okay, we hugged a bit and you fell asleep. Nothing happened.”

I breathed a sigh of relief. Then I became suddenly aware of the situation and went bright red.

I let the sheet fall to the ground, guessing it was safe.

James grin let me know it was definitely not safe.

I was only wearing my underwear. As in a bra and a pair of shorts.

James’ eyes flitted down my body and I felt my blush deepen.

“Out. Now!” I said to him, opening the door.

He stumbled away grinning widely to himself.

I slammed the door shut and flopped back onto the bed. Friday. It was Friday and I had classes in less than half an hour by the looks of things.

I sighed and walked into the bathroom, jumping straight into a warm shower.

It had been a week since our project had been set. After perfecting the Patronus Charm, me and James were now ready to start on the hard work. I was particularly looking forward to Transfiguration, where me and James were experimenting on the similarities between a wizard’s patronus and their animagus form.

Slowly, all of my worry melted away into the shower and down the drain. I had no idea what had happened last night, but I knew that it must have been a pretty horrific nightmare to make me scream so much that James thought it necessary to comfort me.

I climbed out of the shower and dragged on my school uniform. Not caring if I bumped into James or not, I grabbed my bag and ran from my bedroom, aware that I was on the verge of being late Charms.

Bang. I seemed to hit a wall just outside the Gryffindor portrait hole.


I looked up and met the gentle eyes of Albus Potter. He stretched out a hand and helped me to my feet.

“Sorry, Albus! I thought I was going to be late to Charms,” I grinned at him and began walking down the corridor, Albus keeping pace with me.

“It’s fine! I was rushing as well. Rose and Dom are at each others necks. Again.”

I thought of the two Weaslys. They were both so different, it wasn’t hard to imagine them clashing. What, with Rose being the intelligent red head and Dom the slightly slutty blonde, it was no surprise they tried to murder each other every other day.

“So, I heard you and my darling brother are getting along swimmingly,” Albus joked as we entered the Charms corridor.

“Of course! I’ve only tried to murder him three times in the last week!” I laughed back.

It was so easy talking to the shy, handsome sixth year. I let myself wonder what it would be like to see Albus every day instead of James. I quite liked were that idea led.

My grin widened as I said my goodbye to Albus. I walked into Charms wondering what had changed to make me like the Potters so much lately.

I took my usual seat and waited expectantly for James. Five minutes after the bell, James sauntered in, a wide grin plastered on his face.

Everyone else had started their work, so I pulled out a quill and some parchment and began writing down notes on the Patronus Charm and how to cast it.

“So, I liked my little show this morning,” James said arrogantly, throwing his bag down onto the desk.

“I’m glad, because it’s the last time you’ll ever see that show,” I replied without looking at him. I covered my face with my hair as I slowly turned bright red.

He grinned evilly at me, so I quickly changed the subject.

“Lets just get on with the work!” I said, pulling out my wand.

“Expecto Patronum!” I said, watching as the phoenix burst out the end of my wand. James and me had decided that whatever your patronus was reflected your personality, but also could come from a parent patronus. Mine’s had obviously come from my name and the fact (according to James) that I was unique and rare. I took that as an insult!

The day passed by quickly, James and me continued to banter all day about what had happened that morning, by the end of the day though, I was actually starting to enjoy it.

Throughout dinner, James and me chatted away. We didn’t notice the strange looks the others were giving us, or the dirty looks April and Fred were giving each other.

That night, after patrols, I slipped into bed and began to think about how things were changing between me and James. We had been back at Hogwarts for more than a month now and it seemed that as everyday passed, I understood James more- and liked him more.

It didn’t take me long to slip into a sleep, my dreams filled with James’ face and patronuses.


I ran as fast as my legs could carry me, my arms being scraped by the branches on the trees. Around me I could sense the presence of others and I had no idea if they were friends or foes.

My breath came in gasps but I new I had to keep going. Keep running.

Suddenly I burst out into a clearing. All around me, tall hooded figures stood, clustered around a lifeless shape.

I took a step back and the figures parted, revealing a body lying face down on the ground.

I turned to run, but I stepped on a twig. The crack sounded like a gunshot and the figures turned to face me.

One raised his wand and a flash of green light hurtled towards me…

I was covered in a cold sweat. My body shook and despite having slept for hours, I felt like I hadn’t slept for days.

Every night, the same vision interrupted my dreams. And every night, I got closer to discovering who the body on the forest floor was.

I glanced at my alarm clock and realised it was nearly nine o’clock. Being a Saturday, it didn’t really matter, but I had a lot to do today.

Quickly pulling on a pair of jeans and an oversized jumper, I ran out the door.

I started walking towards Gryffindor Tower, planning on waking Paige and April. Half way there however, I was stopped by a grinning Potter.

“Hey, Albus!” I smiled at him. We got on well and after our chat yesterday, I had a feeling our ‘long-distance’ friendship was about to became a lot closer.

“Hi, I was just looking for you!” I said, his grin vanishing to be replaced by a look of anticipation.

“Cool, well I need to go to the Common Room, do you want to walk with me?” I asked, curious about what Albus could look so nervous about.

“Yeah, Yeah Okay!” he said brightly, falling into step beside me.

“So, what did you want?” I asked politely, trying to hide my curiosity.

“What? Oh, em…” He stuttered over his words, which was odd for the usually very articulate Albus.

“C’mon, Al, I won’t bite!”

“I was wondering, if maybe, I mean you don’t have to and that would be cool, but it would be good if you wanted to…”

“If I wanted to what?” I laughed.

“Do you, would you like to, go tothefirstHogsmeadetripwithme?” he said the last part so quickly, it sounded like one word.

“Sorry?” I asked as politely as I could.

“Do you want to go to the first Hogsmeade trip with me?” he said, blushing and looking at his feet.

I felt my own cheeks burn and I looked away.

“You don’t have to, I just thought it would be nice, I’ll just go now.”

He was clearly embarrassed and it had taken him a lot of courage to ask me in the first place. I instantly felt bad for not replying straight away.

“Albus, I’d love to go with you!” I grinned.


“Sure, it will be fun!”

“Okay, I’ll see you around then!” he walked off, a wide grin plastered on his face.

I walked the rest of the distance to Gryffindor Tower feeling lighter than I had before. I really liked Albus and it would be great to spend some time with him.

“What are you grinning for?” April asked from the bathroom door as I walked into the seventh year girls dormitory.

“I just got a date for the Hogsmeade trip!” I said, my voice full of joy.

“Who, who, who?!” Paige said, appearing from under her duvet.

“Albus Potter,” I said sweetly, laughing as Paige fell of the bed.

“Albus Potter asked you to Hogsmeade? The Albus Potter? One of the most fancied and elusive boy in Hogwarts! How the hell did you manage that one?!”

I grinned and through myself down on my old bed as April came through wearing an old pair of red jeans and a striped blue and white vest.

“Very nautical,” I nodded at her, but she barley managed a smile. Her eyes were red but the look on her face said please don’t ask me about it. So, I didn’t. instead I answered Paige’s question.

“We’re friends. He asked me because he wants us to spend more time together, not because he wants us to date!”

Paige rolled her eyes at me and climbed out of bed, pulling out a denim skirt from her wardrobe.

“Of course, you’re just friends,” she muttered. I chose to ignore her and instead chose to ask what we’d be doing for the rest of our Saturday.

“Well, I suggest we go and catch up on our delightful stack of homework in the library,” April said, sarcastically but picking up her bag anyway.

“I’ve done all mine,” I said, disappointed. If she wanted to do homework then she would probably go for it.

“I should probably do mines as well,” Paige said, appearing from the bathroom wearing her skirt and a light blue shirt.

“We could always meet up at lunch?” she said, smiling at me apologetically.

“Yeah, sounds good!” I grinned falsely, trying to hide my disappointment.

“See you later!” I said as I walked down the stairs.

I decided I’d have breakfast and then head to the owlery.

Breakfast passed quickly and I was one of the last students left there.

The walk to the owlery was uneventful and I was a bit depressed when I eventually reached the owls.

“Oh look its Phoenix,” a voice sneered from one of the windows.

“Piss off, Wood. I really cant be arsed today.”

“Ooh, feisty. But then, you are supposed to be one of Hogwarts best duellers.”

He took a step towards me, his sharp features, covered by a shadow of malice. He grabbed my arm and pulled me closer, so my face was next to his.

“Mess up my plans and I swear, I will make you disappear.” he whispered in my ear, his voice filled with hate.

“I don’t give a shit what your plans are,” I said, trying to yank my arm from his tight grip.

He let go an I stumbled back, crashing into the wall. He was gone in a flash, but he left behind his horrible vibe.

I shook my head and tried to rid myself of the look in his eyes when he had looked at me. Like somehow he knew that I would ruin his plans, despite the fact I didn’t have a clue what his plans were.

I stayed in the owlery for a while, until I was shivering from the cold breeze coming in the windows.

I decided to head to the library and join my friends there.

As I neared the library, I heard shouts coming from a classroom.

I turned and decided that as Head Girl, it was my job to at least try and work out what was going on.

I opened the door and stopped at the sight in front of me.

In the centre of the room, Fred and April were screaming at each other and attempting to fire spells through the shield charm cast by James.

Around the edges of the room, stood James, Liam, Ryan and Paige all looking equally concerned.

“WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME! WHAT- DID YOU THINK I’D SHOUT AT YOU, BREAK UP WITH YOU? HOW DO YOU THINK I FEEL NOW!” April screamed at Fred, tears streaming down her face.

“WHAT- WAS SHE PRETTIER THAN ME? OR CAN YOU EVEN REMEMBER?” She tried to throw a spell round James’ charm but it just rebounded and hit the wall behind her.

“April, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean-” Fred tried to speak calmly, but his voice shook.

“FORGET IT! JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!” And with that April turned and ran straight out of the room. Paige followed her, sparing me a worried glance.

Fred tried to pass me as well, but I laid a hand on his chest.

“What the hell just happened here!”

A/N- Hi! So this is the first chapter in a while, but I have lots more written so be expecting lots of updates over the next few weeks!
so- James and Jenny are getting closer, what do you think will happen there?
Albus has asked Jenny out- will things go any further?
April and Fred are fighting- What will happen next?
I'd love to know what you think, so please leave a review! x

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