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Harry and Ginny's Happily Ever After by Scuterbug
Chapter 1 : A Question and an Announcement
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So, of course, I own nothing except the plot. I take critisizm well and I will post another chapter if you guys like it. So, on with the story.


"Ginny, hurry up!" her mother shouted from downstairs. "Harry is going to be here any minute!"

"Coming, mum!" she called back, as she ran around her room, franctically looking for her pair of silver heels. It had been about two years since Voldemort's death and Harry and Ginny couldn't have been happier. Neither could Ron and Hermione. Ron had proposed to Hermione about six months earlier and they had been married for about three. Harry and Ginny, on the other hand, were still dating. "Ginerva Molly Weasley, get down here!" her mother yelled. "Alright, I'm coming," she replied, in an annoyed tone.

She grabbed another pair of shoes that complimented her dress nicely and hurried down stairs. Waiting for her, was Harry. "Hello, are you ready?"

"Yeah, let's go," she said, after giving him a soft kiss on the cheek. Just after walking outside, they apperated to The Three Broomsticks. They slid into a booth, Harry sitting across from Ginny. The waitress came over and they each ordered a butterbeer. "So, I hear Charlie is moving close by," Harry said, trying to start a conversation.

"Yeah, we're all really excited," she replied, her grin spreading from ear to ear.

"Alright, this isn't working," Harry burst, after a few moments of silence.

With a worried look on her face, Ginny replied, "What isn't working, Harry? What's going on?"

Harry slowly stood up. Ginny, as puzzled as ever, kept her gaze on him as he got down on one knee and asked, "Ginny, will you marry me?"

She couldn't believe what she was hearing! With tears running down her cheeks, she happily replied, "Of course!"

Harry quickly stood back up and the two shared a passionate kiss. Suddenly, realizing that someone was standing behind them, Harry turned around to find Luna and Neville. "Hi, Neville," Harry said, giving him a hug. Luna and Ginny exchanged hellos and hugged too. "So, how has married life been?" Harry asked.

"It's been great," Neville replied, as he intertwined his fingers with Luna's. "So, did we hear right?" Neville asked. "Are you two engaged?"

With a large smile on her face, Ginny nodded excitedly. "Congratulations," they said together. "Well, we have to go. We have a healer coming to the house and we need to get back."

"Is everything alright?" Harry asked, worriedly.

"I think everything is just fine," Ginny said to him. Luna quickly glanced at Neville with huge grin and then looked at Ginny. The two seemed to say something to each other, but Harry never did understand those unspoken conversations that girls had.

"Well, we'll see you two later. Hope everything goes well," Harry called as the two left. "So, what was that about?" he asked, Ginny.

"Oh, I'm sure they'll tell us when they are ready," Ginny replied, knowing how much that bothered him.

"Well, I guess we should tell your family," Harry said, a bit nervously.

"Yeah, I suppose so," Ginny replied, seeming just as nervous. Harry took his hand in hers and after laying some money on the table for the waitress, and sliding a small ring on Ginny's finger, they apperated back to the Burrow. "Mum, dad, I'm home," Ginny called.

"Well, that didn't take long," her mother replied, as she came in from the kitchen. "I hope you two didn't get too full, because I decided to have a family dinner tonight. That means you too, Harry."

"Yes, ma'am," Harry replied, giving a look to Ginny, as Mrs. Weasley walked away. "Harry, no," Ginny whispered, sternly. "We were supposed to tell my parents, not everyone all at once."

"But Ginny, it will be over quicker this way. Please," he begged. Ginny sighed, knowing she wasn't going to win this fight. "Alright, but you are going to tell them."

"Thanks, Gin."

The two went and sat down on the couch, until the first of the guests arrived. Ron and Hermione entered the house and immediatly went over to talk to Harry and Ginny.

"I can't wait for everyone to get here. We have an announcement for everyone," Hermione explained.

"Yeah, we have one too," Harry replied, happily.

Just then, George arrived with with his very pregnant wife, Angelina. Behind them, came Bill and Fluer. "Hey everyone," Ginny called. Everyone exchanged hugs and hellos.

"Where's Percy?" Ron asked.

"He won't be able to make it," Bill answered. "Audrey has had a nasty flu bug and isn't up to going anywhere."

"Alright, everyone, dinner's ready!" Mrs. Weasley interrupted. Everyone headed for the table and sat down, eager to have some of Mrs. Weasley's amazing cooking. As everyone was finishing up, Harry stood. "Can have your attention?"

He took Ginny's hand and she stood alongside him. "Ginny and I are...well, today, I proposed."

Everyone chatted excitedly while congratulating the couple. It was then, that Ron stood up and said, "Hermione and I have something to say as well."

"I'm pregnant!" she announced, excitedly. Everyone got up from the table and exchanged more hugs with the two extatic couples. Harry took Ginny by the hand and managed to sneak away from everyone. "So, are you sure you're ready for this?" he asked.

"What? Are you getting cold feet already?" Ginny asked, playfully.

"No, I was just so afraid that you would say no," he replied.

"Well, I said yes, so there is no getting rid of me now," Ginny joked.

"I love you," Harry said, pulling her close to him. "I love you too," she replied, just before their lips met.


Please review, because I won't post Chapter 2 until I have some reviews and I know that people actually like it.

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Harry and Ginny's Happily Ever After: A Question and an Announcement


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