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Never Fade by padfootandprongs25
Chapter 15 : Chapter 15
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Disclaimer: all rights go to J.K she’s the genius, im just borrowing her amazing ideas and creating my own story line with them:) and a few new characters:).


Pushing in a book, Madam Pince shouted at her again, cursing her saying that that book didn’t got there, Alex cursed under her breath. It was a Saturday and whilst everyone else was out watching Slytherin v Ravenclaw Alex had detention in the library, she looked up at the clock she had been here for hours.

She was in a bad mood too, she and Daniel had had an argument and she felt tired as Madam Pince was the worst person to have to do your detention with. About an hour later, Madam Pince finally said she could go, Alex sighed in relief, she was almost hoping to catch the end of the match but walking out of the library and past the staircase which led up to the Ravenclaw common room she heard cheering and loud noises, assuming they had won she continued to walk.

The castle was empty, most people would be in their common rooms celebrating or commiserating. Slytherin would be commiserating together. Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Gryffindor would all be celebrating the fact that Slytherin lost.

Alex decided to take the long route back, walking along the third floor corridor she saw muddy footprints leading round the corner, curiosity winning her over she followed them. Walking round the corner she bumped straight into Sirius Black.

Falling on the floor banging her head, she cursed under her breath. She rubbed her head and pulled herself to a sitting position, Sirius was stood over her, smirking. She raised her eyebrows as he leant his arm down to pull her up, she sighed and grabbed it.

“Fancy seeing you here” he grinned, she glanced down at his shoes which were covered in mud, obviously seeing her looking at him she answered her curious expression, “I had a fly around on my broomstick after the match, Slytherin and Ravenclaw aren’t the only houses who get to fly today” he shrugged, Alex smiled.

“Anyway why aren’t you in the common room celebrating the fact that Ravenclaw won” Alex asked him, he shrugged.

“I celebrated differently” he said mischievously.

“And how would that be?” she sighed.

“I chucked Dungbombs in the Slytherin changing rooms” Sirius grinned, Alex snorted and smiled at him.

“Haven’t seen you around in a while” he added, she shrugged, “why weren’t you at the match?”

“Detention with Madam Pince” she said grumpily.

“Ha, what for?” Sirius chuckled.

“Shouting in the library and throwing a book at Rosie” Alex said with a small smile, Sirius grinned at her. Not his normal smirk, a genuine grin which he hadn’t given her since they were together, her heart skipped a beat.

“I haven’t properly spoken to you since you had that dream” he said quietly, she frowned.

“It was just a dream” she shrugged.

“Alex it was horrible for us” he told her firmly.

“For you too?” she asked, biting her lip, he nodded, she sat down on a bench in the corridor, “it was horrible to have, I just kept seeing you die and then I couldn’t find you and then I started panicking and when you woke me up I imagined what it would be like if you actually died and I just couldn’t handle it” she said shaking slightly, he slipped his arm around her, she didn’t shrug him off, there was nobody around, no more rumors.

“Imagine how I would feel if you died?” he told her, “I’d avenge anyone who murdered you” he said fiercely, she gave a nervous chuckle and looked at him.

His grey eyes melting into her green ones, she bit her lip nervously, she rarely felt nervous around Sirius but she couldn’t deny she had butterflies. He took his arm off her shoulders and slipped his fingers into hers and leant forward and kissed her furiously, gently but deeply. She smiled in between his soft kisses and kissed him back, he pulled her up from the bench.

“Sirius” she whispered, he groaned.

“Don’t talk” he murmured, kissing her neck.

“Sirius” she said again a little louder.

“What?” he groaned, pulling himself away from her, looking pissed off, she smirked at him.

“Sirius, should we?” she said gesturing her head to the broom cupboard they were next to, he grinned mischievously at her, and her heart skipped a beat.

He kicked the door open and continued to kiss her, she followed him inside kicking the door close behind her, she kissed him deeply.

She fiddled with the zipper on his navy hoodie, pulling it down and ripping it off him he fumbled with the zip on his jeans whilst still kissing her. He was stood in his V-necked white t-shirt, and his unzipped jeans. She pulled off her zip up maroon hoodie she was officially freezing in her jeans and strappy navy top, but she continued to kiss him.

She ran her hands through his hair, he slipped his round her waist. She moved her to his back and under his t-shirt, pulling it off over his head, he must’ve been freezing but he didn’t seem to mind, he started kissing her neck and she gaped at his chest, she had seen it before but not in months. He was much more buff, he now had a fully formed six back and his muscles seemed to of gotten bigger. He stopped kissing her neck and pulled back to look at her, he saw her gaping at his chest a winked at her.

She poked her tongue out at him and flung her arms around his neck, kissing her deeply on the mouth, she opened her mouth letting his tongue find hers. He kissed her sweetly, as the kisses got deeper and more tender, guilt started to sink in.

She never felt this with anyone other than Sirius, why couldn’t she just stay with Sirius, she loved him. No she didn’t she loved Daniel, she had a funny way of showing it. She pulled back from Sirius and looked him in the eye and gave him a sad smile, he chuckled nervously.

“I think, we got carried away” he mumbled, she nodded.

“What are we doing?” she sighed slipping down to sit on the floor, he shrugged.

“Sexual tension” he grinned, pulling his shirt over his head, she had one last gape at his body but sadly he noticed, “want me to keep it off Al?” he winked, she poked her tongue out.

“We’re both with people, but this always ends up happening?” she murmured, he sat down next to her his shirt still off, putting a comforting arm around her.

“It never goes further, every teenager does this, it happens, nobody is perfect, stop beating yourself up over it” he whispered in her ear.

“I sure give you a lot of stick over something I’ve done too, im such a hypocrite” she sighed, he snorted.

“You’re no way near as bad as me, and you know it, plus I don’t think you could ever bring yourself to cheat on Daniel fully, it would kill you, you’re not a bad person, you’d never be as bad as me, you just got carried away, you wouldn’t sleep with someone else, it’s not you” he told her, she sighed resting her head on his shoulder whilst he stroked her hair.

“You know…” she mumbled not wanting to be any louder, lifting her head up to look at him.

“What?” he whispered back.

“I think I’ll always love you” she barely whispered, he tightened his arm around her and kissed her softly on the cheek.

“Same here” he sighed, “I do love you” he muttered, she rested her head on his shoulder. Both comfortable just being next to each other, they didn’t move for what felt like hours.


Alex walked up to the dorm wondering what Sirius had got Alisha, probably nothing yet. Last year Sirius had gotten Alex a beautiful golden heart shaped necklace, which engraved on it changed from Alexandra McCord to I love you. Alex loved it, she hadn’t worn it in a while, she would wear it to the Christmas feast tonight, and Professor Dumbledore had told everyone to wear their pajamas and Santa hats. It would be hilarious.

She tried to forget about how guilty she felt, her and Sirius had decided to forget about this as they had been getting along so well.

About two hours later Alex pulled on her pajamas, Lily and Rosie had just gotten back from the library, Alex saw Lily slip a book into her bag called something like ‘It’s a Full Moon’. She was probably studying Remus’ lycanthropy Yes Alex knew about that, she figured it out in fifth year, the same time as Louise and Lily but hadn’t told anyone and Remus had told her just before he was about to ask Louise out. Alex didn’t care he was still Remus, kind, sweet and little shy.

“Alexandra McCord, we haven’t seen that jewelry in about eight months, is it a special occasion?” Rosie shouted sarcastically from the doorway, pretending she had never seen it before.

Louise gasped and Lily snickered.

“Sirius’ necklace eh?” Louise said with a wink.

“Shut up, he asked me the other night at the ball, if I ever wore it and that’s the second time he’s asked and he hoped I did because it looked nice on me” Alex blushed, deciding not to mention earlier to her friends.

“Alex is in loooooooooooooooooooooooooove” Rosie giggled.

“I have a boyfriend remember and he has a girlfriend!” Alex said quickly.

“But honestly do you wish he didn’t?” Lily laughed.

Alex blushed and ignored them; she would not discuss Sirius anymore. She pulled on her checked pajama bottoms and her strappy maroon top, whilst Lily pulled on her long black bottoms and her white strappy top, Louise pulled on a long-sleeved green top and white three quarter length bottom and Rosie chucked on a short sleeved purple top with grey strippey bottoms. The girls made their way down the stairs only to bump into James, Sirius and Remus. Peter was in bed with a cold.

Remus was wearing long pajama bottoms with a grey baggy short sleeved top and James and Sirius were wearing long bottoms Sirius’ brown and James’ Dark blue and they were both topless. Alex came over a bit red and was aware her mouth was open, Lily who had also gone red hit Alex on the back of her head. James and Sirius were both fit boys, they had six packs and muscle. Alex had seen Sirius shirtless earlier but seeing him again made her blush thoughts from earlier coming back to mind. Alex thought she’d faint; obviously she had gone red as Louise was staring at her giggling, as they made their way down the stairs.

“What were you staring at Al?” Louise whispered.

“I wasn’t” Alex snapped. Remus chuckled and Alex went even redder.

When they got down to the feast Lily sat facing James, Louise faced Remus, Rosie sat next Alex and to Alex’s embarrassment she was facing Sirius. She tried not to look at him because every time she did she ended up staring at his body, so she looked at her plate and fiddled with her necklace.

“Nice necklace” Sirius grinned cheekily at her, she looked up and blushed, it was odd, she never bushed around Sirius, and she had never felt embarrassed around him before.

“I like it” was all she said, Sirius grinned at her she didn’t know why but Sirius made her feel special, he made her feel like she was the only girl in the world. Suddenly she felt a tap on her shoulder she turned around and Harry was beaming at her, she flung the necklace behind her neck only showing the chain.

“Hi” she grinned at him, pushing the guilt out of her stomach.

“Hey I just want to give you your Christmas present, but I don’t want you to open it until Christmas day ok?” he grinned at her, she nodded a smile planted on her lips, she leaned up and kissed him very lightly on the lips, trying to forget about Sirius even though she was pretty sure he was watching them.

“Merry Christmas” she shouted at him as he walked back to his place further down the table.

She turned back around only to see Alisha sat in Sirius’ lap, they were practically eating each other. Alex could feel jealousy rising in her, the feast was over, and she ripped off the necklace and chucked it at Sirius. She got up from the table and ran to the common room, curling up in an arm chair she burst into tears. He had no respect for her whatsoever.


“LESS GOOD LOOKING MARAUDERS WAKE UP” James shouted to his friends.

“Shut up Prongs and go back to sleep” Sirius practically screamed at him.

“No can do Paddy, the Hogwarts express leaves in 2 hours and we need to be up and ready and so do the girls, so Sirius if you get up now you can have the pleasure of coming with me to wake up the girls who will be in their pajamas” James said with a wink. Sirius sat up.

“Coming” he shouted running out of the dorm followed by James, when they got to the door, Sirius cast a few spells and the door opened and in they walked.


Alisha woke up at the sound of her boyfriend in the room. She looked up and saw James and rushed over to him, James groaned as he knew what she would say.

“James, please, please, please can me and Jazz stay at yours this winter. I want to spend Christmas with Siri” she begged.

“Sorry Alisha but I think it would be weird you being my ex and Sirius being Jasmines and frankly these four don’t like you” he said gesturing to Lily, Rosie and Louise who were up and to Alex who Sirius was trying to drag out of bed, Alex still wasn’t speaking to him after yesterday and Sirius was a little confused to what he had done.

“Oh James call me Al, it’s a new nickname im trying out” Alisha said nonchalantly. Alex sat straight up at this, looking ready to kill and slaughter her prey.

“Pardon? Call you what?” Alex asked Alisha.

“Call me Al” Alisha smirked.

“Um you’re kidding right?” Louise scoffed, Alisha shook her head and Alex lost it.

“ARE YOU TRYING TO STEAL MY LIFE OR SOMETHING?” Alex screamed waking up Jasmine.

“What are you on about?” Alisha pretended to play the fool.

“OH MY GOD I HATE YOU” Alex screamed at her, she lunged for Alisha luckily Sirius caught her and held her back.

“Alex calm down ok, go have a shower or something” Sirius told.

Alex glared at him for a second but eventually walked into the bathroom.

“Right, Lily, Rosie, Lou and Alex who is not here right now, we will meet you in the Great Hall in an hour do not be late, Sirius will cry if he misses breakfast” James announced.


“Al? Are you ready to go meet the boys for the train?” Lily shouted, they had finished breakfast about half an hour ago and were now getting there stuff ready. Rosie and Louise had already gone down and Lily was waiting for Alex.

“Yeah im ready” Alex grinned.

“Good, so um, are you going to talk to Sirius about what happened at the feast” she asked her curiously.

“Thanks, and I dunno it’s getting harder to be friends with him” Alex replied. Lily shook her head

“Alex? Can I talk to you about something?” Lily asked her curiously.

“Sure, do the others know?” Alex replied casually.

“Well Louise found out at the dance and I told Rosie the other day” Lily said slowly.

“Is this about your liking James?” Alex replied coolly.

“How did you know?” Lily asked her face bursting with redness, thank god they were the only two left in the dorm.

“Rosie told me” she answered nonchalantly, she didn’t even seem surprised.

“Lil, she thought I knew” she continued. “And no im not surprised because, I know you. and Louise told me about what Hannah said to you, ignore her she’s a bitch”.

“I like James and you like Sirius again wow” Lily muttered.

“Oh shut up Lil, no I don’t I love Daniel” Alex snapped, her cheeks going red this made Lily laugh. She grabbed her trunk and her owl and followed Alex down the stairs, out the common and towards the entrance hall.


They were last to arrive when they got there Hannah was giving James a huge hug and kiss before giving him his present and glaring at Lily, Lily looked away pointedly. She finally gave him one last kiss and walked away. But then ‘lucky’ Lily, Paul turned up, he handed over her present and gave her a kiss goodbye as he was apparating like Hannah back to his parents’ house from Hogsmeade, Rosie mimed being sick, Lily hit her.

Lily promised she’d owl hers to him as it was at the bottom of her trunk. Finally when Daniel and Alex had said goodbye, Rosie and Lucas (the sixth year she was with at the dance, he like Jasmine, Alisha and Daniel were going by portkey) and Sirius and Alisha had said goodbye, they made their way down to Hogsmeade station, it wasn’t a far walk, Lily was walking with James and Alex, whilst Sirius, Louise and Peter were talking and Rosie and Remus were chatting about something to do with DADA.

When they finally got on the Hogwarts Express they grabbed a compartment all to themselves. Nobody seemed to bother them, so they chucked their luggage onto the luggage racks and sat down. Everyone seemed to be in the festive mood, everyone but Alex and Lily. Alex was moping about Sirius but when asked if she was ok, she muttered something about a headache.

Lily was annoyed with herself that she had ever agreed to be with Paul again and that she thought James might’ve given up on her after the Christmas Dance, she sighed and joined in with the conversation on whether Sirius would make a good dog, she chuckled, nobody seemed to understand why he was talking about it except James, Remus and Peter.

“Ohhh come on I’d be an excellent dog” Sirius bragged. James chuckled

“Right then Sirius” Lily smirked.

“Come on I mean how good of a dog would I be? I reckon in my past life I was a dog, siriusly, pardon the pun. Like in his past life James would’ve been a stag, you know all proud and thinking he’s like royalty or something which he’s not” Sirius continued to talk as James hit him over the head and shot him a warning look

“And Pete right Pete, he would’ve of been a rat or a mouse, I mean look he can do an excellent impression of one, so why couldn’t I of been a dog” Sirius moaned as Peter stuck out his front teeth, Lily gasped, everyone looked at her.

“Sorry, feel a bit sick need air” she said on her way out of the compartment.

Peter was a rat; James was a stag and Sirius must be must be a dog. She had finally worked it out, after all this time, guessing that James and Peter were a Stag and a Rat; she had never had a clue about Sirius but of course Sirius a dog. Lost in her thoughts she didn’t realize she had walked straight into someone.

“Oops sorry” Lily muttered, looking up at them. “Oh it’s you”, she groaned, he was the last person she wanted to see now, in fact he was the last person she ever wanted to see really.

“Move out the way you filthy little Mudblood” Severus Snape spat at her.

“When we get back to school that will be 10 points from Slytherin for language” Lily retorted.

Snape glared at her and sauntered back into his compartment. Lily couldn’t help but remember in fourth year when he had gotten a little friendly with Avery and she had lost it.

“Why Avery? He’s freaky Sev!” Lily had whined at him for about the tenth time.

“Leave it out Lil” he spat.

“Hey don’t get funny with me, just because you made friends with a death eater” Lily had retorted. Snape looked at her wide eyed and mouth open.

“You can’t just accuse people of things like that Lily” He told he shocked.

“Well im sorry, but I saw him try to use dark magic on Potter the other day and im telling you, you don’t want to hang around with people like him” Lily had moaned at him.

“What’s Potter got to do with this?” Snape had snarled at her.

“Oh it’s because I am so in love with Potter it hurts and I honestly care what happens to his precious self” Lily had said sarcastically.

“I see you hang around with the mighty Marauders a lot more than before Lily” Snape hissed.

“Oh grow up Sev, Alex thinks Black is good looking plus they used to be friends, she wants to get to know him again, trust me I don’t ever choose to have contact with Potter, plus Remus is alright” Lily had reassured him.

“Remus Lupin im pretty sure he’s a...” Snape had started.

“Drop it Sev, I know your theories and I don’t believe them for a second, your just being stupid” Lily had warned him.

It was funny because from that day on Lily had started to watch Remus a bit more closely it wasn’t until fifth year until she figured it out but she had watched him and made note of when he disappeared. She pushed Severus out of her mind and made her way back to her compartment ready to join in with the Christmas festivities.

Tehe, that conversation with Sirius and Alex after they hooked up will come back later on;), im not gonna tell you how or why, but try and remember it because it’s quite important:D.

Not my best chapter I am sorry:(!

I finished the whole story a while ago and im writing another now but im back editing this one and its really weird editing this one when in my new story so much has changed and I have to write it so different. Especially Alex and Lily they’re really hard to go back and edit on this one as in the new story and in the later chapters of this they change a lot, Alex becomes much nicer I promise:)!

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