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Mondays by chelsizzle
Chapter 18 : You are Safe
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I do not own Harry Potter.

Chapter 18 You are safe


After leaving the baby shower, all the boys go to the Manor to play poker.  They laugh and talk about the way Ginny tricked them and about how fun a baby shower could actually be.  The twins are making plans to get back at their sister; Charlie and Jake are talking about maybe doing something for Hermione at the bookstore.  Lucius is looking around happily and Draco is feeling very pleased about his last meeting with Hermione.  The others are arguing about random things and laughing loudly.   Still everybody hears the pop of apparition, and then Narcissa appears before them looking upset with tears in her eyes.  Lucius, Draco, and Harry all stand instantly looking sober and ready for anything.


“Hermione was just attacked by Ron, Draco please, you must come with me. They have taken her to St. Mungos." Narcissa says hurriedly and motions for Draco to join her.


“Is she okay, the babies, is she hurt?" Blaise asks standing up looking more than worried.


“When I left, Ginny and Angelina were apparating with her to St. Mungos, she was unconscious." Narcissa replies then looks at Lucius, “Could you and Harry and go to the ministry to alert the Aurors?" She then turns back to Draco, “Let's go."


Lucius and Harry instantly disapperate and most of the other guys apparate back to The Burrow, the Twins take the floo.


Draco's heart is beating hard; he shouldn't have left her he should have stayed to make sure she went back inside. This probably invoked a panic attack; she must calm down so as not to hurt the baby's. He continues to imagine awful things in his mind and feels a panic attack of his own coming on.  He taps down the feeling as he and Narcissa rush down the hallway to the room Hermione is in; Angelina is standing outside the door.


“The healer is with her she is having a panic attack, she keeps screaming mumbling incoherent things." Her sentence is punctuated with a horrified scream from inside the room Draco's heart leaps into his throat. “They've tried everything to get her to calm down, but nothing is working she has to calm down or the babies will be in danger."


“Mother, I need to get to her." Draco says, knowing that she needs something, or someone familiar.


Ginny rushes out of the room. “Draco, I am so glad you are here, we need you to calm her down like last time, she keeps talking about Bellatrix, she also mumbles your name every now and again."


Ginny grabs Draco's hand and pulls him into the room not pausing for any thing. Hermione is lying on the bed, on her side, with a look of terror on her face. Her eyes are blank, unseeing.


She whispers “Voldemort.” Then screams again. Draco rushes to her side and takes her hand.


"Hermione, love, please calm down. You are safe Hermione, I am here with you, and you are safe.  Hermione look at me please." Draco begs with tears in his eyes whispering fiercely to her though kindly.


“Draco?" Hermione questions on a whisper, and then finally looks in Draco’s direction.


A healer steps up next to Draco, “I have a modified calming draught with me, if you can get her calm enough that she drinks it she may have a chance, if she doesn't calm down soon the babies will be in real jeopardy."  He finishes briskly.


Draco’s heart clenches, she can’t lose the babies he can’t lose them.  Hermione turns her head and her eyes lock with Draco’s. She seems to see him and then leans in close, “Can you see them?"


“I need you to drink this, love." Draco says to her she looks at him for a minute then nods. Draco takes the potion from the healer and pours it into Hermione's mouth; she swallows, and then blinks the tears out of her eyes.


“Draco, he wants my babies." Hermione sobs, “He told me he wants his baby.”  She adds gasping then just cries.


Draco takes a deep breath closing his eyes against the fierce prickling of tears; he moves close to Hermione settles behind her and pulls her into his arms. “I am here for you, you and your babies are safe."  He whispers to her.


Draco holds Hermione in his arms and rocks her while she cries, she has calmed down enough to know that Voldemort and Bellatrix are not trying to kill her or her babies. Though she clearly fears Ron will get her.  Her cries break his heart, if he ever sees Ron again, he will kill him.


Narcissa walks up to where Draco and Hermione are on the bed, “The healers say she will be fine if she stays calm and rests, also the babies are okay." She tells Draco softly and puts a hand on her sons shoulder.  “I’m sorry I wasn’t looking out for her.”  She says and her voice breaks.  Draco says nothing just continues to rock Hermione and stroke her hair.  Hermione's cries quiet her breathing evens out and deepens.


Draco eases her onto the bed lays her back on her side and tucks her hair away from her face. He gazes down at the sleeping woman and moves his hand to her belly he gently rubs back and forth feeling the babies moving around.  He knows at that moment that he must keep her safe that he must stay with her. Draco knows that he loves her, and he loves her babies.  He knows that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. He watches as her eyelids flutter and her eyes move swiftly behind her lids.  He hopes that her dreams are quiet and calming; that she doesn't feel hunted in her sleep. Draco vows to himself that soon he will tell Hermione how he feels, and he will do anything to protect her and her babies, for the rest of their lives.



I see nothing but black, everything around me is dark, cold and quiet. I am more terrified than I have ever been in my life. Suddenly I feel pain a sharp pain pulling at my belly. Something in the back of my mind is telling me to protect my belly. Then I feel warmth. It is still dark though I can hear voices, a male voice then a female voice Bellatrix’ face flashes in front of me. I scream.  Another male voice, then I see Voldemort's face I whisper the name to myself, then I scream. A flash of Ron’s’ face. I scream again.  I feel some pressure against my hand I need to see I need to know. I hear a familiar voice, then the most beautiful site meets my eyes, molten silver swirling gray.


“Can you see them?” I whisper to the eyes I trust hoping he will make them go away.


“I need you to drink this, love." Draco says to me I look at him for a minute then nod. Draco takes a potion and pours it into my mouth; I swallow, and then blink the tears out of my eyes.


“Draco, he wants my babies." I sob, feeling helpless that Ron will try to take them from me. “He told me he wants his baby.”


Draco takes a deep breath then closes his eyes he moves closer to me and pulls me into his arms. “I am here for you, you and your babies are safe."  He whispers to me.


Draco holds me in his arms and rocks me while I cry, I hear a woman saying something, though I can’t figure out what as sleep pulls me under.


I feel the sunlight across my face as I slowly open my eyes and turn my head to the left.  I see Draco, handsome Draco, asleep. I smile to myself then frown, he looks so sad, so tired. I study his face and feel tears gather in my eyes. I remember him holding me so gently after Ron, I vaguely remember Draco whispering to me while I cried.  I feel so terrible worrying him like that. My eyes shift to the door where Narcissa walks in


Narcissa walks up to my bed being careful to be quiet, “How are you feeling?" She asks keeping her voice low so as not to wake Draco.


“I am fine." I croak then clear my throat. “I am a bit thirsty." I add looking up at Narcissa.


She smiles softly at me then moves to get me a drink of water. “Hermione, I am so sorry that I wasn't there for you." Narcissa says as she hands me the glass her voice shaking slightly.


“Narcissa, please, you couldn’t have known that he would be there.  I didn’t even think of it.”  I say to her hoping she stops blaming herself.  “I’m not sure anybody could have known.  How long have I been out?”   I ask wondering why I feel like it has been awhile.


“It has been two days.  I just walked Lucius out.  Draco has been sitting there almost since you got here, he has only left for a couple hours yesterday afternoon, but otherwise.”  She says then stops, looking like she is about to cry. 


“Honestly, I’m fine Cissa.”  I assure her,  “Come here.”  I tell her opening my arms, “I need a hug.”  She gasps and rushes to me looking more relieved than I thought she would. 


She hugs me tightly and whispers to me. “I love you, ‘Mione, I was so scared.” 


I am so shocked I just nod against her head and then a noise off to the side makes us pull back to reality, before she lets me go she meets my eyes, and smiles “You mean a lot to me, and my husband, you will always have us if you need anything.”  I nod to her and I can feel tears sliding down my face.  I wipe them away then turn to see Draco awake.


“Hey.” I say softly and smile at him.


“Hey.  How do you feel?”  He asks looking from me to his mother, then back at me.


“I feel okay.  You look like you could use some sleep.”  I say as he stands and comes to sit on the side of my bed, Narcissa leaves quietly closing the door behind her.


“Hermione, I.”  He starts and I watch as he looks down to my belly then back up at me.


“Draco.”  I say getting ready to tell him not to blame himself, and not to apologize for whatever he feels he needs to apologize for.


“Wait, first let me say something, I have been waiting for you to wake up.  I need to get this out.”  He says looking a little nervous, but mostly determined.


He stands looking down at me then kneels beside my bed and takes my hand in his.  He takes a deep breath, lets it out and looks me directly in the eyes,  “I love you Hermione, I haven’t told you that yet, but I should have.  I want to love you for the rest of our lives.  I also love your babies as if they were my own; honestly I want them to be mine.  I want to be the father of your babies, I want both of you to be mine.”  He says then reaches into his pocket and pulls a small box out.


My eyes are already wide at this point and I am barely breathing, I am so happy that he has told me he loves me and I can’t believe this is happening.


“Hermione Granger, would you do me the honour of marrying me, and making me so happy?”  He asks me opening the box, and holding it toward me showing me the ring inside.


The ring is beautiful, it is a heart shaped sapphire stone (my birthstone) surrounded by diamonds, the band is platinum and it is perfect.  I smile at him softly crying because I am so happy, I feel like my heart is going to overflow with joy.


“Yes.” I whisper softly nodding my head smiling at him.


A stunning smile complete with dimples breaks out across Draco’s face and he lets out a whoop of joy, he takes the ring from the box and slides it on my ring finger of my left hand.  Then he leans in and kisses me softly and hugs me close. 


He leans back and touches his lips to my belly, then whispers, “I’m going to be your daddy, babies.”  He is smiling and looks like the proudest father in the world.


“Lucas and Libra.”  I say softly looking at Draco who glances up at me, “If you like the names, Daddy.”  I add and watch in awe as a tear falls from his eye.


He nods and answers, “I love the names, Momma.”  Then he kisses my belly twice saying “Lucas.  Libra.” Then he kisses me again softly, sweetly.


“Lets tell your mother.”  I say as he pulls back.  He nods and heads toward the door.


He opens and laughs as he steps back.  Everybody that had been at the shower plus Mr. Weasley who was off on a mission for the ministry when we had the shower walks in, I start crying again feeling happy, “Why are you all here?”  I ask, smiling through my happy tears.


Lucius spoke up, “Once you woke up, I figured it was just a matter of time so I contacted everyone to share in the happiness.”  He looks nervous and his cheeks turn pink.


“Hey, could I have a hug from my future father-in-law?”  I ask and watch as surprise then pleasure flicker across Lucius’ face.


“Father-in-law?”  A few people question as Lucius hugs me pulls back slightly kisses my cheek then steps away, I hold up my ring.


The women squeal and the guys clap Draco on the back laughing and congratulating us.  Narcissa is openly crying as well as Molly, both looking excited about a wedding.


I clear my throat, “I have a couple announcements.”  Everyone quiets down.  “I have chosen names for my-our babies.”  I take Draco’s hand, and then continue.  “Lucas for our baby boy, and Libra for our baby girl.  I chose Lucas because it means ‘A bringer of light’, same as Lucius, I named him after you.”  I say looking at Lucius who looks completely bewildered, tears fill his eyes and he sniffles as he nods to me smiling.  “Libra, I decided on because oddly I had a dream about Draco calling her by name, it must be fate.”  I say and some people laugh and Draco leans in to whisper, “I’m honoured.”


I smile up at him then turn to continue, “I would like to be married before Lucas, and Libra join us.”  I finish, and before I can say anymore, Narcissa speaks up.


“Could I help you plan?”  She asks looking like a kid in a candy store hoping for a treat.


I smile and nod my head, “Of course, I would love your help, oh and you are all invited.”  I finish just as Healer Thomas walks in then stop in shock looking at all the people crowded into my room.


His gaze finally rests on me, “You are awake.”  He states, and I open my mouth to ask when I can leave and he beats me to it, “You are free to leave after I check the babies one more time.”  He smiles wryly at me and I nod at him laughing about how he knows me so well. 


The group of people all make there way out of the room after congratulating us and telling us all bye.  Finally Thomas finishes his examination telling me to take it easy, Draco and I leave.  We floo to my flat, as we step out of the fireplace I am shocked to see it is completely trashed.  I gasp and Draco pulls me back into the fireplace quickly throws floo powder calling out his address.  At his flat, he sets me on the couch and kneels in front of me.


“Hermione, look at me, please.”  He coaxes and I meet his eyes.  “You are safe, the stuff in your apartment can be fixed or replaced, but you are safe here with me, please keep calm.  Think of Baby Lucas and Baby Libra.”  He says quickly though succinctly.


I nod at him, “Thank you.”  I say feeling grateful he is here with me, he conjures me a glass of water and I drink as he sends a Patronus, which turned out to be a dragon.  I quirk my eyebrow at him in question.


“To Ginny, and my mother, to come here.”  He says still staring in to my eyes he rubs my belly.  “I am so happy you decided to marry me.”  He says softly.


I smile at him forgetting about my flat.  “I never told you, but I love you too Draco.”  He grins at me and leans in to kiss me, he pulls back and whispers “I love you.”


The fireplace roars green flames Narcissa and Lucius step out closely followed by Ginny.  They look at Draco kneeling in front of me and apparently my face gives something away.


“What happened?”  Ginny demands.


“First, could you call for Harry, and I will tell everyone at once.”  Draco says and Ginny sticks her head into the floo while Narcissa sits by me and refills my glass with water, Lucius leans against the wall watching.


Once Harry gets here Draco tells everyone what happened.  Narcissa and Ginny ask if I want to maybe start planning the wedding now to get my mind off things.  I decide it is a good idea and we agree that Narcissa, Ginny and I will floo to The Burrow, while Harry, Draco and Lucius go back to my apartment, then to the ministry.


“I love you ‘Mione.”  Draco whispers to me and I smile at him, “I love you, too.”  I hug him then step over to Harry.


I hug Harry and tell him sincerely, “Thank you.”


“You are my best friend, ‘Mione, I will always be here to help you.”  He hugs me back then steps away.


I walk to Lucius, and give him a hug; he seems surprised for a bit then wraps his arms around my back and hugs me. “You know, you better get used to this.”  I lean back and look up into his face, “I enjoy hugs.”  I state and grin at him when he gives me an unreadable look.


“I shall try.”  He says haltingly, while Draco snickers and Narcissa hides a grin.  I nod at him smiling then Narcissa, Ginny and I step into the fireplace in turn calling out “The Burrow.”

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