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Wall Flower by kirstenalanna
Chapter 25 : Epilogue
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I fidgeted with my hair, and bit my lip.  I suddenly realized how hard it was for guys to propose.  Having something life shattering that you need to say or ask must be hard.  In retrospect- I suppose it's fair.  Totally fair.

Guys have to propose and make the first move.

Girls have to tell their husbands/ significant others that they're going to be parents and pee on a stick.

After getting the test results, I sent James a patronus, asking him to meet me at our favourite restaurant after he got off work.  So that is how I found myself awkwardly fidgeting at a table for two.

"Sorry sweetie- I know I'm late," James said.  My head snapped up just in time to see him peck my cheek sweetly.

"Rather impromtu dinner, I like this new spontanaity you have."

I smiled.  If he only knew.

"I ordered our favourites," I said, causing James to smile.

"How was your day?  Dad told me that Lily spent the day with you?"

I bit my lip, causing James' eyebrow to perk.  "It was interesting.  We just went to the shops to cheer her up."


"Yeah, her boyfriend ended it.  Again," I said sadly. 

"Buggar," James cursed, unfolding the napkin as our meal was served.  "She okay?"

I smiled again- the kind of smile that lets everyone else know that you know something that they don't.  Because I did.  Poor Mona Lisa held nothing on me.

"What's with that smile?" James asked, taking a bite of his pasta.

"It's just that- well, it's...Okay well you see."

"Spit it out Lexie," James said with a laugh.

I sighed, and took a bite of my own meal.  I grimaced, washing the taste out of my mouth with my water.  Damn pregnancy.

"Alright?" James asked, concerned.

"No, well yes- okay- Damn," I said causing James to snicker.  I took a deep breath.  "It's about what Lexie and I did today actually."


"We bought a pregnancy test," I said bluntly.

James abruptly dropped his fork on his plate.

"Did that bastard get my sister pregnant and dump her?" he asked, standing.  Gaping I shook my head.

"No, James no- sit down!" I whisper yelled.  "James- you're making a scene!"

"Bloody well I am.  That's my sister!  I'll kill him!"

"JAMES WE DIDN'T BUY THE PREGNANCY TEST FOR HER WE BOUGHT IT FOR ME!" I shouted, squeaking when I realized what I had done.  Suddenly the entire restaurant was staring at us.  My face was beat red I'm sure (karma for once insulting the great Harry Potter's son).

James dropped into his seat, his face slack.

"I'm sorry?" he asked.

"James, we bought the test for me," I said slowly- a smile starting to grow on my face.


"James- we're going to be parents."

He looked at me- his eyes brightening and a gleeful smile breaking out on his face.

"You're sure?"


He stood, walked around the table and knelt in front of me.  Taking his hands in mine his eyes bored into mine.

"You're having my baby?  Our baby?"  I nodded, biting my lip.

Suddenly, he pulled me into his tight embrace, only pulling me back to kiss me.

"I love you."

In that moment- I rediscovered home.  I thought back to our Hogwarts years, thanks the gods for that day James Potter knocked me down on the Hogwarts Express.  If he hadn't- I never would've been able to find the one true thing in life.







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