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Harry Potter and the Time After The War by rebeccanna
Chapter 5 : Repairs
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The next day, all of the Weasley’s went to The Burrow to start repairing their home. Ministry officials sent to the Burrow by Interim Minister, Kingsley Shacklebolt, reported that there was substantial spell damage to the property and it would need to be repaired before the Weasley’s moved back in. The Weasley’s had set up a large tent on the lawn to live in while the Burrow was undergoing repairs. The repairs had begun straight away, and were scheduled to finish in a month.


The Minister had also sent Ministry officials to Number Twelve Grimmauld Place, and they reported that it was not dangerous, but that it appeared the place had been turned upside-down in the Death Eaters’ search for information. Before Harry left for Grimmauld Place, he went down to Professor Dumbledore’s burial site and returned the Elder Wand. He then left for Grimmauld Place and started to clean up – a process that was considerably shortened by magic. It was clean by the end of the day. Kreacher cooked a meal for him, and he went to Sirius’ room to sleep in. He was considering going to the Burrow the next day and helping but changed his mind, because he didn’t want to smother them, most of all Ginny. He didn’t want to pressure her into being ready.


Hermione went to see the Minister and he arranged a portkey to take her to where she had hidden her parents. Ron offered to accompany her but she declined. She returned with them by the end of the day, and had a Ministry professional remove the Memory charm. Hermione was worried that they would be angry, but they weren’t. They were just happy that their daughter cared.


Hermione arrived at the Burrow the next day with her parents and they talked with Ron, Molly and Arthur. When they exited, they all appeared happy and Hermione took her parents back to the Ministry provided location they had stayed the previous night. Ginny threw herself into repairs for the Burrow to distract herself from the fact that Harry had not came by to stay or even visit. She only had herself to blame for his absence. She had been the one to tell him she needed time.




Ron stopped by the next day at Grimmauld Place.


“HARRY?” he yelled from the fireplace, having just flooed over.


Harry came running into the room with his wand pointing at Ron. “What did Ginny put her elbow into the first summer I spent at the Burrow?” he asked, as a safety question.


Ron laughed, not surprised by Harry’s questioning. “A butter dish.”


Harry laughed too and grabbed Ron in a hug. “Hey mate, what are you doing here? Is everyone okay?”


“Everyone’s fine. I just wanted to let you know that, umm… Fred’s funeral is on Thursday morning, and Remus and Tonks’ is on Thursday afternoon.”


The smile dropped from Harry’s face. “Oh. I’ll be there. Where are they being buried?”


“Godric’s Hollow cemetery.”


Harry nodded. He couldn’t stop the question from slipping out. “How’s Ginny doing?”


Ron replied, “Why don’t you come over and see for yourself?”


Harry shook his head. “I don’t wanna force her to be ready.”




Harry avoided everyone but Ron and Hermione at the funerals. He felt it was his fault that Fred, Remus, Tonks and so many others had lost their lives, and felt incredibly guilty that he was attending their funerals. He felt even worse when others tried to congratulate or thank him. He caused their loved ones’ deaths. He didn’t deserve their thanks, he thought. Ginny tried to find him but every time she’d find him, she’d get called over by another relative and be unable to talk to him, then she’d lose him again. Harry didn’t want to pressure her, so he avoided her.

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