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March 10th... by Looney4Lupin
Chapter 1 : March 10th 1960
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March 10th...


March 10th 1960


“Just one more push!” I heard Honey say to me, easy for her SHE wasn't the one giving birth. But finally after horrific 48 hour labour, which has put me off EVER being pregnant again, my beautiful baby boy was brought into the world.


After recovering and having Remus handed back to me I just starred at him, not believing he was part of me. I kept starring at him until the midwife came over and asked me, “Any names in mind?”

“Remus John Lupin,” I'd already discussed it with everyone and they thought it was a brilliant name.

“Lupin? I thought you were Thompson?”

“I am,” I replied.

“Boyfriend's name?” she said as if she now knew everything about the situation, but of course she didn't.

“No,” I said as I felt my voice choke and tears fall from my eyes, I had promised myself this wouldn't happen I wouldn't cry because I already knew what would happen when he was born, “It's his adoptive parents name.

"Oh I'm so sorry," she said with sympathy, "I'll leave you with him."

And then I went back to not believing he was mine, I suppose it's better that way because he isn't really.




I had always been a smart girl, or at least that's what everyone's told me, but like most smart girls I made stupid mistakes. One of these stupid mistakes was getting pregnant with I guy I had known for 6 months. I know what it was that was attractive about him, it was the fact that he was a wizard, a real magic wizard and back then I believed being magic fixed all of life's problems. Of course once I told him he ran, as fast as he could actually. If she could have she would have took care of the baby on her own but that meant no Cambridge and her sisters and brothers were at Cambridge, so she decided to look for adoptive parents from the wizarding world. She soon found what she was looking for, the head of Magical Creature Regulations wife had just had her 5th miscarriage in the last 8 years and before that they only had one daughter, who was stillborn, so she contacted them and they agreed to adopt her Remus, though he hadn't been called that back then.

When Honey and Romulus came to collect Remus a few hours later, Honey asked me if I wanted to say goodbye, I do know why Honey knows what it's like to be a mother and not properly say goodbye to your child.

So I'm going to say the only thing I can; I will always love you Remmy.” And then I told them they could take him home.


We had all agreed that it would be best was it not an open but not a completely closed adoption, I would get pictures but he wouldn't know I even existed until his 17th birthday. As I look up into the big full moon tonight I wish you luck Remmy.



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March 10th...: March 10th 1960


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