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Mysteries and love by iamapoet
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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By the way, I do not own any of the characters written below which you recognise from the books.















Lily stepped out of the carriage with her friends and stared up at the castle with a grin.






            “This year is going to be fantastic!” she turned to the other girls and grinned widely.






            One of the girls, Sophie Proctor, smiled cheekily at her and teasingly said, “A fantastic year for you and James?” She giggled.









Lily rolled her eyes and replied, “No Sophie. You know perfectly well, that I cannot stand that self-centred arrogant jerk, and wouldn’t even go out with him in my nightmares.” She picked up her shoulder bag and slung it over her shoulder. “C’mon, let’s go get something to eat.”






            All the other girls walked on, tittering, except one. Lily’s best friend linked arms with her as they walked. “So.... any guys you have your eye on this year, Lils?”






            “No, not really, Emily. Still, the year is young – plenty of time for that.” Lily flashed a grin at the dark-haired Emily Sheridan. “How about you? Planning on finally making a move on Black?” Everyone knew that Emily had a massive crush on the dark-haired Quidditch player – well, except him of course.






            Emily blushed and shrugged. “Maybe. If I get up enough courage. I wish I was a brave as you Lily. You’re not afraid to speak your mind, or tell guys how you feel.”






            Lily hugged her best friend, and confidently said, “You are brave. You’re a Gryffindor, aren’t you? We just need to unlock it.”






            Both girls walked into the Great Hall, and took their seats at the Gryffindor table. Emily glanced over Lily’s shoulder and said with some amusement, “Snape’s looking at you.”






            Lily started, and glanced back over her shoulder towards the Slytherin table. Sure enough, her friend was staring her way. Her green eyes met his black ones, and he quickly looked away, his sallow skin flushing slightly. Lily turned back to Emily, feeling slightly awkward. They had been friends for years, ever since they were eleven, but in the past year, Severus had been acting differently around her, and she didn’t know what it meant or how to react to it.






            Emily’s eyes twinkled. “That boy likes you.” Lily stared at her, dumbfounded, but before she could reply, Dumbledore stood up to the podium at the front of the hall.






            “Good evening students, and welcome to what I am sure will be a brilliant year for all of us.” The venerable old wizard began, his bright blue eyes scanning the room, seeming to single out each student in turn, and penetrate their souls.






            “This year will be extra special, because on Halloween Night, there will be a Halloween Ball.” At this proclamation, the whole hall buzzed with excitement. There had never been a Halloween ball before! “But, this isn’t for a while yet, so it gives you plenty of time to prepare yourselves-“ The girls in the room tittered at that. “-and also practice your dancing. To help with this, the hall will be open every night from now till then, for those who wish to learn how to dance.” Dumbledore chuckled, and added, “More of that at a later date. Now enjoy.”






Later when everyone was heading to their respective dormitories, Emily was pale as a sheet. “Who could I ask to the ball?” Lily shot her a knowing glance. She squealed, “How can I ask Sirius Black to the ball? He is so... so... so hot, and a Quidditch player. I am just Emily Sheridan.”






            Lily chuckled. “Well, if you don’t try, you’ll never know. Besides, you’ve ages to ask him.” She gave the Fat Lady the password – Armando Dippet  - and climbed into the common room. “Time for bed.” She yawned widely.












 Meanwhile down in the dungeons, Severus Snape sat in the Slytherin common room. He stared into the fire, recalling the look he had shared with Lily in the Great Hall. She is beautiful, but should I ask her to the Halloween Ball?






            Just then, a group of Slytherin guys came in, rowdy as ever. One of them hollered over to Severus, “Hey Snape! Come up to the dorms!” It was Rodolphus Lestrange, a tall, over-confident boy from the year above Severus. Severus stood up and padded up to the dorm.









Up in the boy’s dormitory later that night, the talk turned to possible dates for the ball. “So, Snape, who are you going to ask? That Mudblood Evans?” One guy taunted, only to fall back onto the nearest bed with a bloody nose a few seconds later.









Severus stood over him, his fists clenched. “Don’t you ever call her that.” On that note, he turned on his heel and got into bed. The other boys quickly scattered, and the room fell quiet.






            However, Severus couldn’t sleep, and lay there thinking of Lily Evans. They had been friends for years, but over the past year, he had tried to show her how he felt about her, but to no avail. He wanted desperately to tell her outright, but he couldn’t pluck up the nerve.






            As he finally drifted into sleep, his dreams revolved around that one beautiful, green-eyed girl.

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Mysteries and love: Prologue


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