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When Life Takes Over. by carellio
Chapter 4 : iv.
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Perfect Chapter Image by: calypso @ TDA!


“GET UP!” The undeniable voice of Rose screeches through the dorm room.


My god, I think my eardrums just burst into oblivion. Must she be this irritating in the mornings?


I mumble a whole load of insane jibberish that I don’t even understand and roll over on my side and pull my pillow over my head as she opens the damn curtains and lets the sun streak over us.


Girl has a death wish. I’ll go all ninja on her, I swear.


“BELLA, UP!” She yells beside my head and snatches the pillow away from sleep dazed eyes.


I groan and make an “Ack” sound as I make a feeble attempt to snatch it back without opening my eyes but, of course, have no such luck.


“No,” I groan and lift my blanket over my head to block out the light, and Rose’s voice.


“Honestly, Bella,” She says exasperated. I can imagine she has her hands firmly planted on her hips, “Chloe and Shay have already left and if I leave before you get up, you’ll never make it out of bed.”


Well, that’s quite true.


To say I’m not a morning person, would be a colossal understatement. I barely made it to breakfast on school days because I slept in ‘til atleast half an hour before classes.


Rose kinda made it her mission to get me up in the mornings. She was fed up with me being late to class so much.


Damn organised Nazi.


I hear her sigh loudly and suddenly my blanket is ripped away from my weak hands and I am drenched in water.


What the fuck?



“Ahh!” I yell and sit up in my, now, saturated bed coughing and spluttering water out of my mouth, “I’m up! I’m up!” I choke out while giving Rose the stink eye.


She just stands there in front of me, her wand stretched out towards me and wearing the trademark Weasley smirk.


Crazy bitch.


I scowl at her and dry myself and my bed off with my own wand.


“I put your clothes in the bathroom,” She says as I start to forage around for something to wear. “Hurry up and take a shower then I’ll just magically do your hair and everything else. We’ve already wasted enough time.” She narrows her eyes.



I roll my eyes at her and stick my tongue out for good measure while storming off towards the bathroom without another word to her.



Please try and refrain the urge to be as awesome as me.



I strip off my clothes and climb in the running shower, letting the steam and hot water pelt down on my back, loosening my muscles. I breathe in the familiar scent of strawberry shampoo and lavender soap, letting it relax me.



When I am done, I slowly head back out to Rose, who is sitting on her bed staring at an entirely blank wall with an emotionless face that definitely freaks me out.

...And she always takes the time to call me crazy.


“Rose?” I ask hesitantly, incase she’s in some kind of weird trance and starts going apeshit on me.


I don’t really need to see that happen again. Once in my life time is enough for me.


She whips her head back to me and gives me a wide smile that slightly creeps me out. I mean, she’s my bestfriend and all, but I have never seen her give me such a loving smile.



She awkwardly stumbles off the side of her bed, tripping over a stray shoe and hugging me enthusiastically, “Bella, we have to do your hair!” She screeches in my ear.


Well Rose, I would be doing my hair if you weren’t trying to squeeze my lungs out of my body.


“Are you feeling okay?” I ask worriedly and feel her forehead for a temperature mockingly which she slaps away with a scowl.


Jeez, she’s having some insane mood swings this morning.


Yes,” She spits, “I’m just in a good mood today,” She smiles widely, showing all her teeth.


“Okay...” I eye her suspiciously, “can we head downstairs now?”


She waves her wand at me, fixing my hair, adding makeup to my face and leaving my mouth feeling fresh and minted. “Yes!” She exclaims like she just realised we were meant to be at breakfast. She then grabs a bag and runs out the door without waiting for me.




I roll my eyes, sigh loudly at the roof and try to follow her. For someone who doesn’t participate in sports the little bitch runs fast.


Although I’ve showered and been up far atleast half an hour, my brain is still in ultimate sleep mode.


I stumble and almost fall down the last couple of stairs of the dorm-room staircase, especially when I notice who Rose is standing with.


My heart stops and I curse under my breath.


Well balls...


It’s freaking Matt and Albus.


I hesitate on the last step, contemplating whether I could run out the Portrait Hole before Rose caught me or hexed me.


But considering how fast she can run and how clumsy I can get, those chances were dropping significantly.



I start to make my way back up the stairs, thinking they may have not seen me yet and I can just go back to bed for awhile and then I’ll –


“Bella! Over here!” Rose waves at me.


I freeze on my first step. Shit.


I’m going to murder her.


With no other way to get out of this, I trudge over to where they are standing, my shoulders sagging and my eyes on the floor.


“We’re all going to breakfast together!” She exclaims as I stand next to her. She says it like it’s the best idea in the world and I try to ignore the flips in my stomach at the idea of sitting near Albus at breakfast. “Isn’t that great!”


I look back up at her and she is practically glowing, “Oh yeah,” I mutter sarcastically and Rose scowls. I can’t help but think how good it would be to be back in bed.


Matt laughs and I hit him across the stomach to shut him up for a change.


“Can’t I just go back to bed,” I whine. With my sleep induced brain it takes me a couple moments to realise I just spoke in front of Albus, “I never eat breakfast anyway.”


She narrows her eyes and hits me over my head, because that’s just how loving our friendship is. “No,” She says through her teeth, “Now let’s go.”


I make a face and follow the three (who are so full of energy it makes me feel like a sluggish elephant) out of the portrait hole.


Being the super coordinated person that I am, I trip over an uneven layer in the floor and when unable to catch my footing, I start to fall, heading straight towards the ground at an awkward angle. I was going to land head first.


And it was going to hurt. A lot.


I brace myself for pain. Only it doesn’t come.


Just as fast as I had fallen, someone snakes there hand around my arm and holds me upright. My heart rate accelerates and I immediately know who it is.




I stare up into his undeniably beautiful green eyes, only now noticing that there are flecks of brown mixed in them. I can no longer breathe.



He looks at me a little worriedly, “Are you okay?” He says as he steadies me, holding me close to him like he’s anxious that I might fall over again.


I have to admit, that’s a pretty reasonable possibility. If he doesn’t move away soon, I’m afraid I might faint.



I give a shaky nod and he lets go of me. In my haste to move away from him before I start hyperventilating, I trip over his foot and stumble my way towards Matt and Rose.


Jeez, Bella, no need to make him jealous of your absolute coolness.


Matt is laughing his arse of at me. “Shutup.” I mutter and glare at him.


“Ow,” He exclaims and rubs his knuckle imprinted arm, “There was no need to punch me.”


I snort and roll me eyes while continuing to walk passed him, expecting them to follow.


Albus had caught up to us by now and has taken the liberty to walk beside me.


Cheers mate.


I would have been more ecstatic if I wasn’t on the verge of collapsing from his proximity or the fact that I can still feel the burning sensation from where he had touched me.


And because this day is turning out to be just spectacular, Aiden decides to grace us with his presence. He steps in front of me, blocking my path and gives me a smile which I don’t return because I’m starting to have a panic attack.


“Hi Bella,” He says and his eyes twinkle.


“Um...hi,” I say weakly as he stands on my other side and faces the group.


“What the hell do you want Clarke?” Matt hisses at him and takes a step closer to me, protectively.



Aiden ignores him, not at all intimidated, “You haven’t told them yet?” He addresses me with mock hurt, but amusement sparks in his eyes. He obviously know the answer.


Shit. “No, I haven’t,” I say with dread and my stomach sinks down to my feet. I had honestly forgotten about our arrangement.


Shutup! It’s been a week okay, and I haven’t even spoken to him until now. I forget stuff easily!


Aiden’s face contorts into full blown amusement, “Well, are you going to tell them? Or shall I?” He says it like it’s a gentleman act. I inwardly scoff.


Like hell, would he tell them! He’d probably make up a story, that we shagged in a broom cupboard and instantly realised we were in love at the mere first sight of each other or some shit like that.


“No, I’ll tell them!” I say hastily.


I turn around to face Rose, Matt and Albus. All of their faces absorbed with concern and curiosity. Matt steps back to stand next to Rose, their arms almost touching.


I clear my throat, “Uh well... uh...” My heart’s beating so fast I can’t get my words out, they’re caught half way down my throat.


“Ohmygod, you’re not pregnant are you?” Rose says quickly and runs to put her hands on my stomach feeling for a pretend baby. I can’t really tell if she’s teasing or being completely serious.


Aiden snorts unattractively, hiding a laugh. The pig’s enjoying this way too much.


I shove her hands away, “No Dickhead,” I say quickly as I see Matt about ready to burst, his face as red as a tomato. Incontestable relief passes over all their faces.


Matt relaxes slightly but Albus continues to glare at Aiden, his fists clenched and his jaw strained.


“Bloody hell, you scared me shitless for a second there Bells, I was thinking I would have to kick this one’s,” He motions to Aiden’s, “bloody arse. Not that I won’t anyway if he –”


“We’re dating,” I burst out and watch as Matt chokes on what I expect to be spit or his tongue and Aiden takes that moment to wrap his arm around my shoulders. Also because I’m on such a high fucking roll, I entwine my fingers with Aiden’s hand, hanging over my shoulder.


I pray no punches or hexes let fly.


“What!?” Albus splutters and I flinch at his outburst. His face has gone completely red and I can’t help but notice that it clashes with his eyes. Matt looks like he’s having a stroke, while Rose has gone white and has her mouth hanging open.


Quite charming...



Is Aiden really that bad? I honestly don’t think so. I mean, I can talk to the guy. That’s good enough for me.


“When?” Rose asks disbelieving, regaining some composure. She’s frowning, and her eyes are telling me that I;m going to get hammered with questions later, but she looks a lot more supportive than Albus and Matt.

I guess that’s something...



“Um...” When was it again? My mind comes up with a blank. No surprises there.


“Like last week,” Aiden puts in, not even caring about to death glares he’s receiving from both boys in front of us.


Okay then. Last week.


“Yep,” I say while popping the ‘p’ like an idiot.


The awkwardness just got cranked up about ten times more (way to go me), and I resist the urge to punch Matt again as he sizes up Aiden and puffs up his chest.


Sorry to inform you otherwise Mathew, but this isn’t kindergarten.


I notice Albus doing the same thing, and normally, say when I wasn’t pretend dating someone, I would have found that absolutely sexy but really I wanted to punch him too.


I know, I think I need to go back to bed.


But seriously, I’m not a little kid anymore, I’m nearly of age! They don’t need to get all protective of me.


“Okay then, well, we’ll be leaving now,” I say abruptly, no longer in the mood to see Matt and Al act like freakin’ monkeys on steroids.


I grab Aiden’s hand from around my shoulders and entwine our hands again. I push my way between Matt and Albus muttering, “fucking idiots,” as I pass, loud enough that they can both hear.


I don’t wait for them to respond though and beeline it back around the corner we had rounded previously, no longer in the mood for breakfast. Not that I was in the first place.


“Are you okay?” Aiden says as we walk down an empty corridor. It’s probably empty because everyone’s either at breakfast or in bed. Like I should be.


“Yes,” I say through gritted teeth.


“You know,” He says after a moment of thoughtful silence, “for someone who claims to be in love with Albus, you kinda looked like you were going to murder him with your eyes.” He chuckles.


I clench my hands, but then realise I’m still holding Aiden’s hand and relax slightly. “Yeah, well I hate when people get protective of me.”


Which is completely true. Matt should know that by now, he’s earned a few hexes from it.


He scratches his head and looks considerate for a moment, “Well, remind me never to get protective of you, okay? I would like to live to see my eighteenth birthday.” He says seriously.


I laugh.


With my free hand I grab Aiden’s arm, that is entwined with my other hand, pulling him closer to me so I can rest my head on his shoulder. He stiffens slightly at first and I’m scared I may have crossed some line (it’s not like I know the rules for these sorts of things) but then he relaxes.


I take comfort in him, considering he is the only guy I have been able to talk to beside Matt, my Dad and male Professors, in about six years.


“Hey,” I say after a moment of silence, lifting my head up to look him in the face, “I was thinking –“


He cuts me off with a gasp, steps in front of me and places both his hands on the sides of my face, “Are you hurt?” He says with concern.


I narrow my eyes at him, “Very funny.” I say flatly.


He laughs, “I thought it was,” He entwines our hands again.


Anyway,” I emphasise and slap his arm so he doesn’t make a snarky comment, “I was thinking that we should probably get to know each other, considering we’ll be spending a lot of time together. I don’t really know anything about you, except you’re a seventh year Slytherin.” I say truthfully.


“We’ll be spending a lot of time together?” He says with a surprise but there’s a small smile playing on his lips.


Really? That’s what he took from that?


I sigh loudly, “Yes. We’re meant to be dating, remember?” I say as we round another corner.


The ends of his lips twitch, “I remember.” He faces me, still holding my hand, “Okay, what’s your favourite colour?”


Of all the questions in the world he has to ask the most boring one...


Typical guy.


I sigh loudly, “Aqua blue.”


He frowns, “Really?”


“Um...yeah.” There is nothing wrong with aqua blue, it’s a pretty colour, reminds me of summer for some reason.


“I just thought you favourite colour would be...I don’t know, red. Or gold.” He admits.


I snort, “You thought my favourite colour would be my house colour?” He nods, “Come on, you can’t tell me your favourite colour is that ugly Slytherin green.”


He ducks his head guiltily, then opens his mouth in outrage, “Hey, there is nothing wrong with Slytherin green, it’s a nice colour,” I can’t help but laugh again, “And no bashing on my house, you’re my girlfriend now.”


I hold up a hand, “Whoa hey, let’s not use the ‘girlfriend’, ‘boyfriend’ terms just yet.”


He scrunches his face slightly, “Yeah, that felt wrong.” He says truthfully.


I chuckle.


I open my mouth to ask him another question, “What do you want to be when y–“


“Aiden!” Someone yells enthusiastically from behind us.


I can’t help but feel annoyed at the interruption.


Aiden looks over his shoulder and shudders, “Oh shit,” He mutters and squeezes my hand so hard I think it might turn blue and drop off.


I turn around to see who the voice belongs to and why Aiden has completely tensed up.


Oh shit.


It’s Kathryn Penn.


This isn’t going to end well. I knew we would have to come by her soon. I just didn’t know it was going to be this soon.


I start to panic with my heart beating so ferociously I’m scared it might jump out of my chest. I take a step to move away but Aiden holds me in place.


I scowl up at him which he ignores because he’s looking at Kathryn, with an extremely pale face I might add.


He looks like a constipated ghost.



Who knew someone could lose all the colour from their face in less than a second?


“Hi Aiden,” Kathryn says brightly as she bounces her way up to us with a creepy grin that reminds me of the one Rose used this morning, and then she notices me, “Isabella.” She gives me a nod of acknowledgment before she turns back to Aiden to begin the admiration process.


Jeez, I hope that’s not how I look towards Albus. If it is, someone may have to shoot me so I don’t use that look ever again. It’s disturbing.


“Bella,” I correct instantly, hating on the full name greeting. I don’t think she heard me though; she’s too busy drooling over Aiden.


I can literally see spit gathering at the side of her mouth.





“So Aiden, I thought that maybe...” She starts off brightly but then her eyes travel down and land on our hands. Her smile drops.


Oh hell. This is beyond awkward.


Her eyes snap back up to Aiden’s, filled with rage. Oh shit.


Why did I agree to this again?


“What is this Aiden? Are you trying to joke with me? Because it’s not funny!” She screeches the last part sounding a little hysterical.


I honestly feel a little scared. I’m praying she doesn’t go all apeshit on my arse for stealing her man.


Aiden seems to have found his voice, “This isn’t a joke Kate,” It takes me a moment to realise ‘Kate’ is short for ‘Kathryn’. “We are...well, we are dating.” He emphasises the last word, for her benefit I guess.


Kathryn places her hands on her hips and gives us a defiant look, “I don’t believe you.”


I snort.


This chick’s persistent, I’ll give her that. If I had seen Albus holding some other girls hand, I would have run away crying by now.


“You don’t believe me?” Aiden’s says, matching Kathryn’s stance.


What, is he five?


“No.” She says with a smirk.


Aiden shrugs and gives a small laugh, “Okay,” He says and I suddenly feel nervous.



I give a small squeak of surprise as he gently grabs the sides of my face, leans forward with a smirk and kisses me...



Author Note: I hope this chapter was a bit more exciting than the last chapter! How you liking the characters so far? Like them? Hate them? What do you think of Aiden and Bella’s relationship? Are you hoping for them to stick it out or breakup? Let me know in a review!

Again, sorry if there are any tense mistakes! :(

Thanks a million for reading!



[Edited: 3/February/2012]


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