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2012 Writer's Duel: A New Kind of Love by HPFF United
Chapter 19 : Inseparable by MagicalInk
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It was a pleasant summer day in London and the sun shone warmly, yet not suffocatingly. The voices kept talking on the other side of the door. Kayla had now lived for almost nine years on that orphanage and was finally going to leave it.

"Sshh!" she caressed her dog. "Let me listen." The dog squealed wanting attention.

She knew eavesdropping was wrong, but this was a conversation she just needed to listen to.

"She's such an adorable girl. I still can't believe someone else hasn't adopted her yet!" said the woman.

"I can't either." dreamingly responded Ms Brown, the lady who took care of the place and had lovingly raised Kayla. She had repeated that answer as naturally as possible each time they asked, though she actually knew why. Odd things tended to happen around Kayla when she got emotional. Like too exited and happy when she was going to be adopted, or when other kids angered her by teasing her dog. She had even made glasses crash once. But even with all of Ms Brown's care, she had grown independent and really smart for her age, so she had decided to control her feelings this time and not let anything go wrong.

"Maybe it's the dog." proposed the man. "What was her name by the way? Boots?"

Kayla had been with her dog since she had memory. Ms Brown told her they were found at the same time and so they grew together, never leaving each other apart. She had called her Boots because of the white spots she had on her black legs, as if she whore shoes. She was her only friend. Other children usually got adopted before the age of six, in the big city of London, leaving her there all the time.

"Well they're both really charming." stated the man. "So do we need papers for adopting the dog?"

"Oh no. Boots doesn't have any." laughed the old Brown. "You know, today's Kayla's ninth birthday, I think she's going to be really happy." she said with her sweet voice.

"Did you hear Boots? We're finally having a family!" she whispered happier than ever. The dog licked her cheek and they went downstairs gleefully tip-toeing.


"Thanks Samantha! Thanks Andrew!" she said and hugged both. She finally had a room for herself and a huge chocolate cake. She had a weakness for chocolate.

"You know you can call us mum and dad now." Kayla knew she couldn't but nodded anyways.

"What do you think of going to the park? I've been told you like them. We'll search for schools tomorrow ok?" asked Andrew.

"Yeah." she smiled. While her new parents got ready she lied on her new bed caressing Boots. "This is gonna be ok. No, this is gonna be awesome!" and then she lifted a tennis ball without her hands as they always did in secret. The ball flew from one side of the room to the other and Boots chased it jumping and skidding on the wooden floor.




"Don't worry dear. Boots is going to be ok. You know that. And you'll see her after school." she nodded as she hugged Samantha tightly. She knew she would be ok, just like last year, but what she didn't like was changing of school. The kids in the other one had been her friends at first but then got mad at her when she wasn't able to show them how to do her tricks. Objects flying, moving, disappearing. They liked it at first, and then wanted to do it. But how could she explain to them if she couldn't understand it herself? It was just as if it was magic. But nobody got it.

But she was ten now, and had learnt to be strong, from the orphanage and at school, and she would affront it. And then go to peacefully play with Boots to the flying ball again.

And who knew? Maybe this guys would be different. Maybe they'll be her friends no matter what, like real friends. Maybe in this school, they would be smarter.




Kayla threw the ball as strong as she could. She didn't want to change of school again. The only true friend she had now was Boots. Her parents didn't understand what happened and neither did she, but Boots liked it. She liked her 'weirdness' as others called it. They could play together as no one else could, and they always did. It made them special, and they were always together.

It was a day of playing together when the letter arrived. The letter that would change her life forever.

Just days before her eleventh birthday, Samantha and Andrew were cooking and she was playing with Boots when they heard a knock on the door. Nobody expected it. And nobody could have ever expected what came next.

A really big man stood in the entrance. He had long black knotted and messy hair with a matching beard and some gray hair here and there. He wore pale blue jeans, ski boots, a flashing pink flowers shirt and a little summer hat that didn't seem to fit him. And to finish, a really small and old pink umbrella with holes on it.

"Hey, er, good evening. Um, I have a letter for Kayla, from a school. But er, they asked me to come and explain because it's kinda complicated." he smiled with such a sweet smile that Andrew let him in, or maybe he was too scared to not. He had to bend to enter the house.

Kayla stood up fists prepared and turned to Boots, to see if she attacked him. But she just smelled him and then proceeded licking him. The giant's face softened at the look of the dog and his eyes didn't seem to belong to his enormous scary physics anymore.

"Well take a sit er-" started Andrew.

"Hagrid. Rubeus Hagrid. And you must be Kayla. I have a letter for you." he extended his arm to give her a small envelope. She took it without hesitating, reassured by Boots' behavior. She opened it and quickly read. At the end, she just didn't know what to say and stayed petrified with her jaw dropped.

"Yeah, people tend to have that reaction." her parents raised an eyebrow in request for a better explanation. "Kayla here is a wizard." To that, Samantha almost fainted. He smirked and tried to continue. "Her, um, her-... er her parents were too, I mean wizards. But they er, they died fighting in the blood wars against the Dark Lord, building a better world for everyone." he finally finished.

They all looked puzzled at him, trying to find sense to his words.

"They fought in the good side of the blood wars. Some magical wars. Anyways, Kayla being also a wizard needs special education to properly use her skills and that's what Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is for." he recited. "All the information is there." he pointed the letter, still in Kayla's hands.

Andrew and Samantha walked towards her to take sit besides Kayla but before they could read anything she said:

"I can't go."

"What?" asked the three.

"I can't go. Here," she showed another parchment, "it says they admit pets, but not dogs. I'm not leaving Boots, there's no chance I do."

"What do you mean sweat heart? You'll see him after class, as always!" Samantha thought.

Kayla shook her head.

"No. It's a boarding school. If I wanted to go, I'd have to leave Boots. And you." she looked at her parents. "I'm sorry Hagrid, I can not go." she gave him the letter back.

Her parents stared at each other thinking of what to do. The other two seemed to have notice it because they didn't say anything. But Kayla knew what they were thinking. They had only adopted her two years ago and she now needed to leave to a special school, returning to see them only in holidays. But she had struggled in schools and in being adopted because of the 'skills' this new school will help her control.

"You should go anyways. We won't find another school like this and we don't want that 'find a school problem' again." started Samantha.

"Is there anyway we can take her everyday to this school, Hagrid?"

"No, I'm afraid there isn't. To keep the school secret, it's far from here and you wouldn't see it anyways." he answered.

Kayla looked at her dog who was already looking at her. She then remembered all the times she had come crying back from school and she was her only consolation. She couldn't just leave her there, after all they had been through together. They were friends.

"But if the dog is the only thing that keeps you from going," Hagrid childishly smiled, "I could ask Headmaster Ravensdale to let me take care of him while you're in class. I'm the keeper of keys and grounds of Hogwarts by the way."

Kayla finally grinned and hugged her dog. Her parents sighed. Hagrid offered them the letter with puppy eyes.

"Ok." Andrew took it. "All information is here right?" as Hagrid nodded, Kayla jumped to hug them.

"Thank you! Did you hear Boots, we're going to a magical school! Together!"




Kayla wondered how many other wonderful things she will discover. First Diagon Alley, with all those magical stores. She thought that the wands, hats and robes were only tales things, but she found out with amazement that it was all real. In the joke shop she found tons of amazing objects, not to mention a potion to make her dog go flashing blue, or another one to make her float in the air.

And now the Platform 9 3/4, hidden in the King's Cross station. Now she and her dog were about to find tons of kids like her. Her parents kept telling her to be nice and other things but her attention was elsewhere.

"Yes I'll write you at least once a week." she repeated.

They were still talking when she heard the trains' whistle and ran to it with her luggage and her dog after a last goodbye.

"Jump Boots!" she ordered an tried to put her suitcase in. A boy who had also ran to catch the train helped her in and they both waved goodbye to their respective families.

"Wow! Didn't know we could have dogs! Hey, let's get a compartment." Kayla followed the boy.

"What's his name?" he asked.

"Her." she corrected. "It's Boots, and I'm Kayla. Kayla Clark."

"Teddy. Teddy Lupin." They stretched hands. "How did you get a special permission for the doggie here?" he asked.

"Well there was no way I was leaving her. We had always been together and Hagrid told me he could take care of her."

"Yeah, he's pretty cool, isn't he? So, since when do you have Bootsie?"

"The orphanage." her voice broke.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I'm an orphan too you know?" she smiled a sad smile. "My parents fought in the blood wars." he proudly announced.

"Mine too!" she said, eyes wide.


"Wait? Did you just change your hair color?" he smirked. "How?"

"I'm a metamorphmagus. I can change my appearance to my will. Just like my mom did. If I wanted to look like Boots..." he said and raven hair started to grow where his blue one was before and his eyes turned amber brown. Kayla exploded laughing and he came back to normal.

"I found a potion that changed Boots' hair color, in um..."

"Weasley's Wizard Wheezes! I love it! They now have tons of stuff for animals! But tell me, how is it that you two got so attached?"

"Oh it's a long story. Well it's actually my whole life's story." Teddy raised an eyebrow telling her to go on. "But I can tell you some little adventures we had..." he leaned forward as a sign of full attention and his eye turned dark green. She looked down at her dog remembering hundreds of adventures they had had as she caressed her.

"Well they once took us to a pool. The orphanage I mean. We were having fun at first, competing swimming, until I-" she still couldn't believe it, "magically appeared a bubble around my mouth and nose so I didn't need to go out to breathe. But the other kids were jealous of me being," she didn't know when she would get used to it, "well of me being a wizard. It was like cheating. So when everyone turned their backs, they pulled me deep in the pool and struck my bubble without anyone noticing. Or they thought so. Boots always watched me, so she jumped and kicked everybody, and saved me from drowning."

"Wow. What a little super doggie you have there! I wish I had a friend like that! Uncle Harry, well he's actually my godfather, anyways he also has a dog but he's too old. I bet yours is magical to have lived so long and still be energetic." he caressed her as she shook her tale. "She must be one of those who scent danger."

Kayla smiled at the idea of her dog being special, like her.

"But I bet that's not the only story you have, is it?" he smirked.

The rest of the trip, Kayla told him how they found weird dazzling rocks in a forest excursion that got them out of a tree maze, an how they played jokes to children who teased them. As the day went on, Teddy changed his hair with the sky color to see Kayla smile. Boots will bark at him and they would laugh.

"I hope he doesn't get bored at school." she sighed.

Teddy grinned as an idea flew through his mind.

"I know a place where we could take her and we would never get bored. The Forbidden Forest." Kayla jumped to the 'forbidden' part but Teddy continued, "Oh come on! With her special nose, we could go and discover magical creatures without risking anything!" She really wanted to discover new things. "After all she has lived, you don't want her to stay in Hagrid's house forever. She's an adventurer, we are adventurers and can't just stay there doing nothing."

Kayla thought for a moment. They sure were adventurers. And she couldn't stand the idea of Boots lying down doing nothing while she learned magic. They had always had fun together, escaping from others and, more important, from troubles. They had made an unspoken promise to never let the other be alone. She just loved her more than anything. She smiled thinking of what else they could discover together. And Teddy seemed like a nice boy. He knew about magic.

"Mission accepted." she laughed shaking his hand as his hair turned back to his normal short and tealish blue hair and his eyes to indigo. She turned to Boots, who kept shaking her tale in excitement, as if she understood they were ready for new adventures.

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