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The Torns on the Rose by the minister for magic
Chapter 14 : Dancing
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The sun danced in the windows, through the small gap in the scarlet drapes around the bed in which Rose slowly began to wake in. When the morning sun reached her eyes, she groaned and rolled over, hoping for just a mere five more minutes sleep.

An unknown "OW, Ahh, crap, shit" broke her peaceful slumber, followed by a loud tear as one of the drapes surrounding her bed was ripped from its hangings.

Rose sat up to find her best friend fallen to the floor in front of her bed after failing to regain her balance. As she was still wearing her clothes from last night it was evident that Tonks was only just returning to her bed, although her trademark bubblegum pink hair was now a limp mousey brown.

"And good morning to you" Rose declared, getting out of bed to find her wand and fix the broken drapes.

"Shhh" the fallen figure mumbled "your voice is too loud for this time of the morning, I'm going to bed" she slowly began to peel herself from floor.

"Well it’s nearly eleven and by the looks of it all the others have gone to breakfast, have this" she threw her a small vial "it will help with the headache, I'm going for a shower"

The warm water was exactly what she needed its soothed her body, helped her worries melt away. After washing her hair she turned off the shower put on a towel and came out of the bathroom, knowing that the hangover potion she gave Tonks would put her back into her normally cheerful mood and she'd be waiting to use the bathroom.

As predicted as soon as she came out Tonks seemed to run in and Rose heard the shower being turned on.

After getting dry Rose found a pair of jeans and her old Holyhead Harpies jumper to wear. And by the time she found her wand and began to magically dry her hair, Tonks was out of the bathroom.

"So are you going to tell me what happened last night that kept you out all night?"

“I just got talking to Tom Briggs, you the seventh year quite tall with short black hair?”

“Yeah I know him, so-”

“So, what?” Tonks intently stared at her friend

“Are you going to see him again?”

“I dunno he’s nice and everything but I’m not sure he’s my type, if you get me? He’s too normal”

“Normal?” Rose laughed rising her eyebrows

“There’s nothing about him that make’s him different, I need someone unique, that’s perfect for me not for everyone else”

“Awhh Tonksie that’s so moving, never knew you where so deep”

“Oi! Stop making fun of me being such a lone wolf. I don’t get off with people in the middle of the quidditch pitch and forget to tell her best friend”

“I would have told you! …Eventually” she laughed as she got a towel thrown at her face.

“I did see you two wonder off into the night yesterday, and you did not return! So where did you go? For a romantic kiss by the lake? Or a quick shag in the forest?”

“We did no such thing; we left and were caught by Snape like five minutes later”

“Caught by Snape?” Tonks began to laugh as she turned her hair back to its traditional bubblegum pink “Poor guys probably scarred, who knows what he caught you up to”

“He caught me up to nothing and you know it. Anyway are you ready? We defiantly missed breakfast so I’m up for an early lunch. You coming?”

“Definitely! I’m starving”

The two girls walked down out of the dormitories and into the common, where they found Amanda, studying in the corner, who came with them to the great hall. As lunch was only just starting the hall was quite empty, the girls found their usual place on the Gryffindor table.

Amanda broke the silence, asking the others “So how was you night, I didn’t see you much?”

“Okay” mumbled Tonks her mouth full of ham sandwiches “Although Rose’s was better until Snape caught her shagging Charlie Weasley in Hagrids hut”

“What!?” Amanda shouted at Rose, however Rose wasn’t looking, she was staring with a deathly glare at the girl sitting next to her.

“Your so funny aren’t you” she turned back to her other friend “don’t worry no such thing happened we were talking and that, okay we may have kissed again, but it was really just talking then Snape found us, we must have walked too far from the party”

After the Girls had finished their lunch, Tonks and Amanda went to the library to find Jasmine and Penelope but Rose decided that she needed to start her homework as she had an transfiguration essay for McGonagall due for tomorrow.

She walked into the almost deserted common room and managed to find somewhere to sit down and attempt to do McGonagall’s essay. But her mind wouldn't focus on transfiguration it kept on thinking about last night and Charlie. What was going on between them? Before she'd always felt so comfortable and at ease with him not that he made her uncomfortable but when she felt herself alone with him these past couple of times she could feel butterflies in her stomach and when their skin came into contact her heart would race. And now as she sat faced with a potions essay to complete she couldn't help but think what he meant last night did he want to go on a date? She knew she wanted to, but part of her was afraid, sure she’d been on dates before, but this was different. All her previous boyfriends, had just been boyfriends to her, Charlie was a friend, a close friend, what if everything got ruined.

Roses head was spinning, the common room now too hot from the roaring fires in it and she had started to feel slightly dizzy, she needed air. The outside air was slightly chilly but it was a welcomed breeze that helped her begin to relax.

She walked across the green grass and down by the lake where she stood watching its calmness she sat down and breathed it the fresh air letting herself think for a moment. She would go on a date with Charlie if he asked her, they were getting close and she knew that she had feelings for him, however strange they felt. Besides she was a Gryffindor and it was time to be brave even if she did eventually royally fuck things up.

Rose got up of the cool grass and began walking back to the castle, when she saw a familiar red headed figure walking towards her. She felt her butterflies return to her stomach but this time they felt more like demented dragons as they approached each other.

“Hey Rose” he grinned causing the dragons in her stomach to flap around crazily. “I’m just on my way to Hagrids he wanted to show me a dragon” he said at such a pace that Rose believed that he must have been nervous for some reason “I’m mean he um wanted to show me a book he had on dragons, not a real dragon, that would be silly and illegal, besides it wouldn’t fit in Hagrid’s hut and even if it did, it would probably burn the whole place down. But I love dragons they’re the best, I mean um err they’re really quite interesting” By the time Charlie had finished his long speech he was out of breath and Rose was really quite confused.

“Yeah I guess they are” she returned trying to give him a reassuring smile after his face began to change to the same colour as his red hair.

After he had regained his breath he looked at her jumper “Oh you’re a harpies fan?”

“Yeah, have been since I was a little girl was a Puddlemere United fan until I was about three and was persuaded by my um a family friend to change away, he had a thing for the all women quidditch team, my dad was pretty torn up about it, he thought I was destined to fallow in his footsteps. How about you?”

“Chudleys Cannons! They’re the best; I’ve even managed to get my little brother into them”

“Haven’t they been at the bottom of the league for the last five years?” She laughed at his apparent eagerness to celebrate his favorite team.

“You wait next year they’ll be top. I better be going Hagrid will wonder were I am. Oh Rose about last night didyouwannago onadatewithme”

“What?” she was starting to get really confused

“You know” she stared back at his worried face “maybe next week the Hogsmeade weekend we could go to er Hogsmeade… together”

“Yeah that sounds nice” she felt her cheeks go red but kept on reminding herself to remain calm.

“Good!” he beamed “brilliant!”

“Okay” she laughed at his growing weirdness “I should go now I said I’d meet the others”

“Yeah bye” Charlie mumbled before what it looked liked ran to Hagrids cabin

After realizing she had been standing alone for a while, with a huge smile across her face, she began walking back to the castle dancing as she walked. She didn’t realize that she seemed to run into the girls’ dormitories, until her fellow roommates started to look at her with puzzled expressions across their faces.

“What’s up with you?” Tonks called to her across the room

“What makes you think there is anything up with me”

“Maybe the fact that you’re dancing round the room? Have you taken something?” she asked again

“Nope, but I have a date this weekend” she said calmly although the reality of it shocked her.

“AHHH WITH WHO?” Tonks jumped up and shouted at her “oh yeah” she said realizing what she had just said.

“He just asked me”

“And you said yes?” she was questioned again

“Well if I said no I wouldn’t be going on a date with him would I”

“True that” Tonks nodded going back to her quidditch magazine

After a late night Rose found she was quite tired and decided to take a nap she climbed into her warm scarlet duvet and began to close her eyes. But sleep never came to her, she laid their, just thinking. About the Holyhead Harpies jumper she was wearing, and before she new it memories filled her dreams in her sleep.


“Hey Rosie whose looking beautiful as ever” the figure of Sirius Black called as he walked into the lounge followed by James Potter “Uncle Sirius is here to see his favorite girl”

As soon as the young girl saw the man she let out a huge squeal and ran over to him as fast as her little legs could carry her but before she got there he walked over to her and picked her up in her arms.

Her father who was standing by the door had now been joined by her mother, from his black suit and her green dress they where obviously going out.

“We wont be gone long only a couple of hours” the woman soft voice filled the room

“Take as long you like, do what ever you like, I’ll look after Rosie” Sirius answered giving the other man a wink.

“Sirius” The womans previously soft tone had now taken a sharper edge

“Sorry” he shrugged defensively “you’d better go I thought you booked your table for eight”

“Yeah” James took his wife hand as they prepared to apparate, gave his daughter a kiss on her forehead and added to her “look after Sirius for me please”
“Hay I’m perfectly capable of looking after myself and a small child, we are just going to have a night in with a couple of beers” he joked although, Lily raised her eyebrows and gave him an intense glare “okay okay” he pleaded “once again not funny”

“Just try not to break anything Sirius” Lily replied before she and her husband apparated to the restaurant they where going to have dinner at.

“Okay Rosie what are we going to do then” he asked looking at the little girl in her arms before he noticed her t-shirt “what’s this” he said as he sat on the couch placing Rose down next to him.

“Puddle” the girl replied

“Oh dear what has that man done to you, bad taste and he’s inflicting it onto such a young child, here” He took out his wand and her previously navy blue top turned to a dark green with an small emblem of a golden talon in the corner “That’s better” he laughed. To answer the small girls confused gaze he laughed “Holyhead Harpies, my team, and weirdly enough it’s an all women team to, how peculiar”

“Harpee”she giggled “Harpee, Harpee, Harpee!”

“Haha your dads going to love this”

The next morning Sirius awoke from a loud pecking noise on the window of the bedroom of his flat, after rescuing the eager owl from nearly breaking his beak on the window, he took the letter from its leg. A howler? Sirius couldn’t believe he hadn’t received one of these in years, who sent it? As the corners where starting to catch he opened the letter only to find the room filled with the shouting of his best mate.


A/N: Okay and all I can say is that I’m so sorry for not updating this earlier it has literally been months, I hope there is still someone out their who reads this fic! Anyway any suggestions your reviews and comments are of course always brilliant to hear, hope everyone had a good Christmas :D

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