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Merlin, Help Me by WishesofWeasley
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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Prologue - Emma Spencer
Most people have never heard of Lucy Malfoy. Who is she? You ask? Well Lucy Thisbe Malfoy-Spencer is my mother, the other child of Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy, Draco's sister... a squib, sent away to the states to hide from Voldemort's prying eyes... a secret you may call it. Lucy, grew up and found love in America with a muggle... gasp named David Tyler Spencer (my dad), ended up marrying and having a family. I had always lived in New Hampshire up until I was ten and mom's job ended up moving us to England, I had always known that we had family in the UK, mom just never mentioned them but I had figured it out when found a box full of old letters from a guy named Draco and an old diary (yes, I did read it, I'm not one for privacy). Lucy didn't see Draco again till I was eleven, it was right after I had gotten my Hogwart's letter and mom had to explain to us about her past and our wizarding heritage... dad wasn't too happy at her keeping it a secret. I met Uncle Draco and Auntie Astoria that week, mom never had told us about her family before that since she wasn't too crazy about her father. I met Draco's kids for the first time then too. Scorpius "Scorp" Hyperion and Calypso "Callie" Phoebe. They're mom's family, her incredible, magical family (compared to them, my dad's side is pretty boring). I remember my sorting (it was Scorp's too), I was so nervous when "Malfoy, Scorpius" was called out, the hat barely touched his head when "RAVENCLAW" was called, the populants of Hogwarts were stunned into silence and I was one of the only one's clapping for him, he caught my eye and gave him a thumbs up. Pretty soon I was called "Spencer, Emilia," I nervously (and clumsily) stepped forward and sat on the stool.

"I see greatness in your future but where to put you, you could be good in Hufflepuff or Slytherin but they're not for you. No offense but your not bright enough for Ravenclaw. It must be... GRYFFINDOR!" the last word was shouted for the whole Great Hall to hear. I walked over to the table on the far left. Scorp waved to me from the Ravenclaw table and I waved back, an older student saw the exchange and gave me a questionable look.

"Your friends with Malfoy?" He asked me.

"Yeah, he's my cousin."

"He's my cousin too." Said a smiling Indian girl on my left "I'm Echo MacDougal by the way."

"My name's Emilia but you can call me Emma." I gave her a broad smile.

"Sweet accent, where are you from?" Echo asked me.

"Well I grew up in the states, New Hampshire to be exact, but my mom grew up in the UK."

"Cool, did she go here?"

"No, she's a squib, whatever that means. Oh and my dad's a muggle, whatever that means."

"A squib is a person born into a magical family but doesn't have magic and a muggle is someone without magic, I guess. I come from a magical family, my dad was a Ravenclaw and my mum was a Slytherin. I'm glad Scorp got Ravenclaw, Auntie Astoria will be glad. She and Uncle Draco had a bet going with each other about where Scorp would go, Draco said Gryffindor while Astoria said Ravenclaw. They didn't want him in Slytherin with my brother."

"You have a brother?"

"Yeah, his name's Damien, he's a third year. I also have a sister, Nike, she'll be here next year."

"I have a brother too, Chris, I'm not sure if he's magical or not, guess we'll find out." I shrugged as another first year came and sat across from us.

"Hi, I'm Rose but you can call me Rosie, mind if I join you?" Rosie a tall, pale thing with long red, strait hair, asked.

"Sure, I'm Echo and this is Emma."

"My family was starting to annoy me, so I left." Rosie explained inbetween bites of chicken.

"I only have a cousin here but he's in Ravenclaw." I told Rosie

"I have a brother in Slytherin and a cousin in Ravenclaw too." Echo said while eyeing the roast beef with something like lust in her pretty brown eyes.

"Cool almost all my family's in Gryffindor exept Vicky's a Ravenclaw, Molly, Lucy, and Teddy are/where Hufflepuffs, Teddy graduated last year, and Dom's a Slytherin." Rosie said while eating more chicken.

"My dad's family is really large too, I have about twenty or so cousins on that side but I had no clue about my mom's side of the family until I got my Hogwarts letter and mom explained that she was a squib." I told the girls when another first year joined us across the table, next to Rosie.

"I've always wondered what it would be like to be a squib." Echo said thoughtfully, that girl should've been a Ravenclaw.

"I feel like it would be terrible, thinking that you had magic only to be told that you didn't. Disappointing." The new guy said, completly oblivious to Rosie's attempts to shut up. "What Rosie?" Oh, he did notice.

"My mom happens to be a squib." I said through clentched teeth while glaring daggers at the new boy.

"Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to affend you, I'm Albus but call me Al, since Albus is a terrible name." He appologized while shaking his head at the thought of his name.

"This is all new to me, so I'm not affended and personally I don't think that my mom minds being a squib, if she wasn't then she wouldn't have met my dad so it all worked out in the end." I gave a wide smile "I'm Emma, it's actually Emilia but I prefer Emma, or Ems, or Emmy."

"I'm Echo and this food is amazing." Echo said looking up from her pudding, I didn't think that she had even noticed that Al had arrived.

"Yeah I know, my brother James aways told me that I was missing out in his letters, evil git." Al said shaking his head while Rosie nodded in agreement while eating more chicken,she was like a machine, a moving, breathing, chicken eating machine.

"I'm Al's cousin, out of all of them he's my favorite but that's a secret." Rosie said after she swallowed.

"She's my favorite too." Al said laughing at Rosie's serious face "don't tell Roxie though, she's under the allusion that she's my favorite."

"Roxie's another cousin." Rose explained to Echo and me.

"We have many." Al said with a sad look and was most likely going to say more but was interupted by Headmistress McGonagall. I honestly wasn't listening, I was so sleepy and full of delicious food, all I wanted was sleep. I got up and followed the prefects, Rosie and Al told us that the guy prefect was their cousin Louis. I was in a trance looking at all the paintings (they moved!) Until the stair case I was on moved, that scared the crap out of me. I met a few of the other Gryffindor first years, Lance Cooper, Drew Dover, Eli Graham, Jo Thomas, Maddie Armstrong, and Brennan Finnigan. They all seemed pretty nice, when us girls all got up to our dorm, we all introduced ourselves, middle names and all.

"Hi, I'm Joanne Kathleen Thomas but call me anything but Jo and your dead." Jo threatened, trust me when I say that I felt scared when she said that.

"I'm Rose Nymphadora Weasley but I prefer Rosie."

"Uh, hi, I'm Madeline Serena Armstrong, call me Maddie though." Maddie seemed a bit shy but she seemed really nice, and I had two cousins named Maddie and Serena back in the states.
"I'm Echo, Echo Danielle MacDougal. My parents are mythololigy freaks which explains my name, please don't make me take the mickey for it, I get that enough from my siblings and my cousins so I don't need it from you too."
"Hello, I'm Emilia Narcissa Spencer but feel free to call me Emma, Ems, Emmy, ect, ect as long as its not Emilia or anything to do with my middle name either." Pretty soon we all fell asleep.

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