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2012 Writer's Duel: A New Kind of Love by HPFF United
Chapter 14 : His World by StEpH_M
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Nott never liked sitting around the Slytherin Common Room fire, the people that sat there weren’t the nicest people. Always talking about Muggleborns, Mudbloods as they called them. Nott found what they thought of Muggleborns to be trivial, to him there wasn’t any difference between Muggleborns and Purebloods other then their parents. They had the same magic, they learnt the same things at the same skill level, so he didn’t see why they were seen so lowly by the people seated around him.

The head of the group that dominated the fireplace was Lucius Malfoy, the pale blonde boy who liked to preach about how great purebloods were, he also delighted in torturing Muggleborn students whenever he came across them in the Halls. To him it was a sport, and it disgusted Nott. The only reason he was here, listening to all their vial talk and pretending he agreed was for the little Ravenclaw girl that Nott adored above everything else. She was the reason he went through the vigorous training and guilt that he accumulated everyday from participating in or watching Malfoy torture people. It was to protect the sweet innocent brunette that was his eleven-year-old sister Elena.

He had been so glad the day that she had been placed in Ravenclaw and not Slytherin or any of the other houses. In Ravenclaw she was safe from Slytherins snide attitudes, the kind they showed to Gryffindor’s and Hufflepuff’s. Slytherins usually left Half-bloods and Purebloods from Ravenclaw alone. With Elena in Ravenclaw, she was safely away from Slytherin influence and hatred, he never wanted his beautiful little sister to have to go through what he had, he wanted her to stay innocent and oblivious to what people in the outside world were planning. Safe in her bubble of naivety and happy for as long as possible.

The price he paid for his deal to keep her out of the line of fire was burnt into him forever. The pain that still lingered from the day that it was tattooed onto his skin still remained months after the event. Nott had a feeling it would never truly leave. It was a reminder of the servitude he promised to the one they called the Dark Lord.

To him, it was his life and misery to keep his sister in the ‘light’; he could never condemn her to the life he now had to pretend he wanted to be in. He didn’t want to condemn anyone, why someone would willingly choose to get such a shameful mark branded on their skin so that the whole world could see, was beyond is imagination. Nott knew that some people were crazy, Bellatrix Black, a pale, skinny, black haired girl that had a over the top enthusiasm for other peoples misery, was a good example of that. She had forcefully dragged her younger cousin Regulus Black, into the darkness that was the Dark Lords circle.


It was pasted 1am and still Malfoy’s voice was drowning on about the Dark Lord. Nott had gotten used to not listening to the words that spilled out of Malfoy’s oversized mouth. If it was a normal situation he would have just left and retired to his bed, but it was Malfoy, as the head of the group and they one that received the Dark Lords orders, it was disgraceful to get up and leave while he was talking. Even if it was for something as trivial as a bathroom break, you would be shunned and tortured like the Muggleborns.

“…As Christmas break is coming ever closer, I thought of a way of keeping in contact without owls. Owls can be intercepted and I don’t want those Mudblood loving Aurors to find out our plans.” Snarled Malfoy. He had been going on like this for almost half an hour, talking about Christmas break and the impending threat that was apparently the Aurors and some group called the ‘Order of the Phoenix’. It seemed strange to Nott, coming up with cryptic codes or enchanted objects that told them when the next meeting was to be held.

But to Lucius Malfoy it was all necessary and no one had the authority to say otherwise.

Nott was looking forward to Christmas break, it meant time that he could spend alone with his little sister. Somewhere safe where he could be the protective, affectionate older brother. He couldn’t wait to be back at the Nott mansion where he could forget about all the cruel things he had witnessed at school.
He was so entranced in his own thoughts that he almost missed everyone getting up from their spots around the now dying fire. He looked around, stood up swiftly and fluently and started walking towards his dorm. Ready for his warm, soft bed so that he could fall into unconsciousness and forget about this night all together.


Everyone was lining up on the stations with their owls and trunks. All that could be hear was the engine of the Scarlet train and the children talking loudly over the Hogwarts Express.

It was Christmas break and Nott and his little sister were getting ready to be on their way home. They were almost at the front of the queue, waiting for someone to help them get their trunks on the train. Nott had made sure as soon as he had finished breakfast that day, to get Elena and not let her out of his sight. He was planning to get a compartment just for the two of them, where he could chat with her and keep an eye on her.

Nott led his sister into an empty compartment and put their trunks in the racks about the chairs. Nott was just about to sit down with his sister when he heard the door open and quickly shot up to see who it was.

“Nott, may I sit in here with you and your… sister?” Bellatrix snarled, a gleeful look of hatred in her eyes. Bellatrix was the last person he wanted to let sit in his compartment, especially with his sister there. He didn’t want anything to happen to her and if they were in Bellatrix company something most defiantly would.

“No Bella, I don’t think you can. Go look for your sister and her boyfriend. Maybe even your fiancé, just leave this compartment please.” Nott replied.

The smirk that had been etched onto Bellatrix’s face faded in mere seconds. Nott was scared for what would happen next and gripped his wand tightly; ready to jump in front of his sister if the need presented itself.

“Why Nott, grown a backbone have you? You might want to watch what you say. That sort of talk will only get you in trouble now that you have pledged you’re allegiance.” Huffed Bellatrix as you stalked out of the compartment, slamming the door behind her. Nott relaxed, breathing deeply he sat down and looked around the compartment. Finally he laid his eyes on Elena, waiting to find out how much she understood from the comments Bellatrix had just given.

“Brother, are you ok? You look scared. Why are you scared?” Elena whispered as she slid across the seat. She snuggled into Nott’s side and placed his arm over her tiny shoulder. Elena looked up into Nott’s eyes and gave him a reassuring squeeze before laying her head on his chest and closing her eyes.

“Everything is fine Elena, don’t you worry about a thing.” Came Nott’s muffled voice as he placed his face on Elena’s head. He kissed it, and then reverting to his original position he began stroking his sisters hair as she lay in his arms.

The way that they were seated was just another reason why he didn’t want his little sister to change, she was perfect to him and he knew in the back of his mind; that Elena felt the same way about him. Nott only wished that he could make her proud of him and be the man that she idolized. But he knew, as soon as he had been branded with the Dark Mark that the part of him that was ‘perfect’, was a distant memory.

Elena looked back up at her brother and smiled, she got up from her seat and stood on the red cushions so that she could reach the trunks above her head. Nott was curious about what she was getting and was about to get up and help her get the trunk down when Elena jumped off the seat and moved back to her original position in his arms.

“Brother, I made a present for you, I was going to wait till Christmas but I thought you could use some cheering up.” Elena said kindly as she gave her brother the object in her hands.

Nott flipped it over and discovered that is was a photo album, one that had homemade art all over it. Love hearts and swirls of all different colours. It was beautiful and it had been made for Nott by the most precious human being that he had ever come across.

“Thank you, this is the best gift anyone has ever given me. Did you make it yourself?” Nott asked, smiling down at his gorgeous little sister. Wondering what he had done to deserve such a caring sibling.

“Yep, well Professor Flitwick helped. He taught me how to charm the photos and put a protection spell on them so that they wouldn’t fade.” Informed Elena proudly; she was playing with her hands, fidgeting. Nott knew she was waiting for him to open up the photo album.

Nott carefully pulled back the front cover and stared intently at the first page. On it was a picture of himself and Elena when she was born. He could see his smiling face as he rocked baby Elena side to side. He remembered that he had also sung to the baby girl in his arms, lulling her to sleep.

He continued to flip through the pages, watching as slowly the two siblings grew older, but in all of the photos they looked as close as best friends, not siblings. Nott and Elena had only ever had a couple fights and every time they had made up just a couple hours after the incidents.

“Elena, it’s perfect, I am so glad you made this for me. You are the best sister in the world.” Nott said, giving his sister the biggest hug he had ever given her. She was to good to be true, Nott thought and he was scared that he could loose it all in a second if he didn’t play his cards right.

Looking down at the now curled up girl in his lap, he came to one final decision. To Nott, Elena was the image of innocence, and he was determined to do anything in his power to keep her exactly how she was. He was willing to go to Azkaban, to put up with torture, to die for her a million times over. Just so she would stay innocent and out of the inevitable war. She was his world, and that is how it would always be.

It was never going to change, and even if she grew up and she turned on him realizing just what he had done to keep her safe. He would still do it again, in his heart Nott knew that what he did was the right thing, the only thing that would insure is sisters safety. No matter how his life ended, his story, as long as Elena was alive and well, it would end right. She would always be Nott’s world.

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