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2012 Writer's Duel: A New Kind of Love by HPFF United
Chapter 13 : Together by XxJinxxedxX
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Just after the war ended Andromeda Tonks refused to visit any grave but her daughter’s. She went every other day and would spend hours just talking to her, apologizing to her, sharing memories with her, telling her every detail of her son’s, Teddy, life, and just anything that could pop into her mind.

It took a long while, but Andromeda was slowly visiting all of her loved one’s graves. Nearly five years after the war she only had one last grave she had yet to visit, Bellatrix Lestrange. Andromeda did not want to go, but she knew that it was the only way she could ever find closure for what happened to her near perfect family.

Andromeda walked slowly through the graveyard. As she passed by the tombstones she read off the names, “Alastor Moody,” “Fred Weasley,” “Collin Creavey.” She paused knowing that her daughter’s would be the next name to be seen. Kneeling down Andromeda looked at the tombstone that marked where her daughter and son-in-law lay. A tear dripped down her cheek as she stood up once again and continued through the rows of graves.

When she found the stone she had been searching for she stopped and scowled at it. Memories of the night she received news of her sister’s death flooded back into Andromeda’s head. Andromeda had never even shed a tear for her lost sister, she had only cried for her daughter and the people who had died fighting for their side of the war.

Taking a deep breathe Andromeda began to speak to her sister, Bella, “I am sorry; it’s as simple as that. I’m sorry it ended like this Bella. We used to be so close to each other, just like sisters should be. When we were younger it was always you, Cissa, and me. What happened to that? What happened to the days when nothing was ‘evil’ in our lives? Why did you join the Dark Lord? Why did you have to die while we hated each other? Why did you have to kill my only child, your only niece? What made you so cold hearted? I’m sorry that I have to have those questions running through my head. Though, most of all I’m sorry that I am glad that you are dead.

“I know it is awful for me to think in such a manner about my eldest sister, but unfortunately it’s true, I’m glad Molly killed you. I am glad she put an end to your crimes. Do not take that as I am happy you are dead, that is not the case at all. I would have preferred you did not go as far as you did on your dark path and had to die. Maybe then my baby girl would be alive and have had a loving Aunt Bella,” Andromeda paused as her tears ran down her cheeks.

Once she had regained her composure Andromeda continued to speak, “I have hated you for what you did for nearly five years now. I have wished that you were still alive so that I could torture you until you begged me for death and then I could kill you myself. I had always found a way to forgive for your crimes, after all you were my sister and I loved you, but you went too far when you killed my daughter, my baby girl, my Dora. You took nearly everything from me and I want to always hate you for that, but I won’t, because I need to move on with my life, for both my sake and Teddy’s. I will never forgive you for what happened that night, but I will not let the rest of my life be spent on my hatred towards you.”

Andromeda wanted nothing more than to destroy the tombstone in front of her, but she controlled her anger and decided to finish her talk with her sister so she could leave, “You will always be my sister and that is what I have decided to remember you as. I will remember you as my elder sister who always looked after me when I was young, not as the psychopath that joined the dark Lord and killed my daughter. My sister truly died when she was seventeen years old, not in the Final Battle of Hogwarts.”

She paused for a moment, but managed to push herself on, “Goodbye Bella. I hope that you can manage to find peace with yourself and that you will one day finish paying for your sins.” With those final words Andromeda Tonks walked out of the graveyard and away from her sister.

Andromeda walked back to her home where five year old Teddy Lupin was waiting for her.

“Grammy, you’re back!” Teddy squealed as he ran to his grandmother. Andromeda smiled and scooped the small boy into her arms. Teddy gave her an odd look when he noticed the tear stains on his ‘Grammy’s’ face, “What wrong Grammy? Why were you crying? Did something make you sad?”

Andromeda shook her head, “No, no, Teddy I’m not sad, at least not anymore.”

“Then why is your face all wet?” Teddy accused.

“I was crying because I had to say goodbye to someone for good today, but I am okay now. As long as I have you Teddy Bear I can never stay sad,” Andromeda smiled as Teddy’s hair color turned from bubblegum pink to baby blue.

Teddy let out a yawn as his grandmother ruffled his hair. “How about we go get you into bed, Teddy Bear?” Andromeda said.

The blue haired boy nodded as he yawned again. Andromeda carried him into his room that was covered in pictures of wolves. She tucked him into bed and kissed his forehead. “Good night, Teddy Bear,” Andromeda smiled at her grandson.

“Nighty night Grammy,” the blue haired five year old yawned and fell asleep.

Andromeda got back up and walked out of the room, closing the door behind her. Going into her room she pulled out a small box from underneath her bed. She opened the small box to reveal a group of photographs and other memorabilia.

Taking out the first photo Andromeda found herself staring at the faces of her and her sisters at her fifth birthday party. The three girls where laughing happily with one another as if no evil could ever harm them. Andromeda smiled sadly at the young trio.

Reaching in the box again she felt her had touch a cold metal. Andromeda pulled the object out of the box to see that it as the locket she had received from her sister Bella at the birthday party from the picture. Turning the locket around in her hand Andromeda fond the engraving, “Dromeda, I promise we will always be together, Bella.” Andromeda felt the familiar feeling of a tear running down her cheek.

“Why did this have to happen to us? What happened to always being together? Was our love stored in the part of your heart that turned to stone? What happened to us, Bella?” Andromeda choked through her tears.

“Grammy, what’s wrong? Why are you all sad again?” Teddy Lupin whispered as he walked into his grandmother’s room while rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

“I’m only sad when you are not with me, so come over here and give your grandma a huge hug, Teddy Bear,” Andromeda attempted to smile at her only grandchild.

“You know that I don’t believe that Grammy,” Teddy smirked while climbing onto Andromeda’s lap and crossing his arms in a pouting fashion.

“Oh, I know you don’t, Teddy,” she sighed

“Can we go visit Mummy and Daddy today?” the five year old asked.

Andromeda let out another sigh, “Alright, if you really want to, Teddy Bear.”

Teddy’s face lit up with a smile as he jumped out of Andromeda’s lap and scuttled out of the room to find his jacket. Andromeda slowly gathered the photos and locket back up, set them into the box and placed it under her bed.

Andromeda walked out of her room to find Teddy standing by the front door with his coat on and hers clutched in his small hands. “Come on Grammy, hurry up!” Teddy squeaked. Grabbing her coat from Teddy’s hands Andromeda took Teddy’s hand in hers and apparated them to the cemetery.

After they arrived Teddy slipped out of his grandmother’s fingers and rushed to his parents’ final resting place. Kneeling down, he started to talk all about his week, “- and then I fell and scrapped my knee, but don’t worry, Grammy fixed it right back up. See?” Teddy rolled up his pant leg to reveal his knee was indeed fine.

Andromeda looked around the graveyard seeing rows and rows of those who had fallen in the final battle against the Dark Lord Voldemort. Her eyes stopped as she saw a woman with blonde hair kneeling before Belatrix Lestrange’s grave. It was Narcissa Malfoy, the youngest of the three Black sisters.

Sighing deeply Andromeda decided to go and talk to her sister. Andromeda had not talked to Narcissa since a few days after the war ended; in fact the sisters had not even seen one another since they parted ways for, what they thought would be, forever.

“Cissa, how have you been? It feels like it has been forever since we last spoke,” Andromeda said hesitantly.”

“Dromeda! I wasn’t expecting to see you here, what a pleasant surprise. I have been fine. How about you and… oh what was his name? Todd? No, that can’t be it. Toddy? No, that’s not it either,” Narcissa trailed off in thought as an attempt to remember her great nephew’s name.

“Teddy, his name is Teddy,” Andromeda replied. “We have been fine, thank you. Now, may I ask, who’s grave are you visiting?” Andromeda asked, even though she already knew the answer.

Narcissa looked taken aback for a moment, “I was replacing the flowers at Bella’s grave. Who might you be visiting, seeing as though it is clearly not our sister?”

“Teddy wanted to come and visit his parents, my daughter, you know, the one that Bellatrix killed,” Andromeda said through gritted teeth.

“Dromeda, I know you must hate her for what she did, and I’m sorry that it had to drive us even farther apart,” Narcissa did indeed seam sorrowful about it. “Do you remember when the three of us were inseparable? It was nearly impossible for someone to see one of us without the other two,” Narcissa smiled sadly at the thought of when their lives were near perfect.

“I guess that all good things must eventually end,” Andromeda replied.

“Do you think we could try to regain the relationship we once had?” Narcissa asked hopefully.

“I’d like that Cissa, it might not be the same as it was then, but I’d like to still be able to have you in my life,” Andromeda smiled and looked up to Teddy running towards her.

“Grammy, who is she?” he asked pointing at Narcissa.

“She is my sister, Cissa, your mum’s aunt,” Andromeda said while pulling Teddy into her lap.

Teddy’s face lit up, “Does that mean at Christmas you’re gonna give me presents too?”

Narcissa smiled, “Of course I will, Teddy,” she then turned back to Andromeda, “You’re right, it may not be like it once was, but together I’m sure we can move on.”

Andromeda nodded, “Together.” With that the two sisters hugged and in the process squished Teddy in between them.

“Um, Grammy, you and Auntie Cissa are squashing me!”

The aging women laughed and released each other from their embrace. They walked out of the cemetery, each holding one of Teddy’s small hands, together. 

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