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Rest in Pieces by BrittJade
Chapter 11 : Sincerity
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 Luna’s P.O.V



The train ride back to King’s Cross was quiet and uneventful. I felt more alone than ever and couldn’t wait to be back in George’s arms.

Ginny was asleep in Harry’s arms. Lavender and Ron were together somewhere, talking about everything that had happened between them. Draco and Hermione were staying at Hogwarts together as both Draco’s parents were dead and Hermione’s were still in Australia.

And Neville, well Neville had been acting strangely ever since he kissed me. He looked smug whenever he saw me, like he wanted to jump my skin at any second. He was always getting into trouble now; spending most of his time in detention.

It was like I didn’t even know him anymore. I hadn’t heard from George since that night either, but I had told him not to reply. I sank into a doze, wishing the train ride would go faster.


Finally the train pulled up at the station. I took my time getting off the train. I didn’t want to be caught in the rush and loose George.

 Families were reuniting all around me as I pushed over to a group of red heads. I looked around at everyone’s faces, but George was not there. Suddenly a pair of arms came down on me, knocking me backwards. They let go and I looked up to see Arthur weeping down at me.

       “Luna, it’s George,” he said before grabbing my hand. I felt sick. What had happened? I felt my heart lurch as Arthur and I disapparated.


We landed outside St. Mungo’s Hospital. I looked up at the massive building and knew that George would be in there. Whether or not he was alive I did not know. Arthur grabbed my hand and pulled me in the sliding doors. At the desk sat a pretty receptionist.

       “George Weasley?” Arthur asked in a fearful voice. The receptionist nodded.

       “Floor seven, corridor 3, room 129,” she said pointing us towards the lift. This place really was massive.


We finally arrived at the waiting room near where we were told George was. I felt numb inside, like this wasn’t real. Like it was my worst nightmare and I couldn’t wake up. I still didn’t know whether he was alive or not and from the look on Molly’s face neither did she. As soon as she reached her she fell sobbing into Arthur’s arms.

       “Molly dear, what happened?” Arthur asked, pulling away from Molly slightly to look into her eyes.

       “Oh Arthur, my poor baby,” she sobbed. I knew this must have been hard for her, she had lost one twin already and now she was in danger of losing another.

       “He…jumped off a cliff. He’s in surgery. It turns out some things can’t be fixed by magic,” she whispered. I collapsed to the floor. What? But he seemed to be coping well in his letters.


  “YOU!” Molly suddenly yelled, pointing a wobbling finger in my direction. “This is YOUR fault! If it wasn't for you my little boy wouldn't be in this situation!” I felt so confused. How was this, my fault? It suddenly struck me; Neville. George must have found out that he had tried to kiss me.

       “Molly, what are you talking about? Luna has done nothing wrong. In fact she has been helping George through.”

       “HELPING?!” Molly was in a rage suddenly. She pulled a letter out of her dress pocket and shoved it in Arthur’s face. “How is THIS helping?!!” Arthur quickly skimmed the letter before handing it to me.

       “Luna is this true?” his voice was calm. I took the letter with shaking hands. As I read the letter my heart dropped. Neville had sent George a letter claiming we had a love affair. I shook my head and dropped the letter to the floor. I then began the long story of what had happened at Hogwarts these past few months, leaving out the part about Ron and Lavender.


Molly, Arthur and I sat for what seemed like hours in the waiting room. We were soon joined by Ron, Ginny and Harry. They too sat in silence, waiting for something to happen. Finally a nurse came out of the room.

       “I don’t know if he will make it or not,” she said gravely to Molly. She started sobbing into Arthur’s shoulder again. “You can go and see him if you like, one at a time to say your goodbyes if you think they are necessary.” With that she left us sitting there in shock. Arthur was the first one to speak. “Luna, you go first. I’ll stay here with Molly until she is ready to go in.” I nodded thanks at him before lifting myself off the chair and walking towards George’s room.


I entered George’s room and nearly ran right back out. There he lay in the middle of a cold hospital bed, with wires hooked from him to heart monitors and other unidentifiable things. His face was severely bruised, his lips were swollen and there was a deep cut running down his jaw bone. I moved my eyes down his body and saw both his arms bandaged up as well as his left ankle in a cast. He looked awful. I felt so guilty that it was my fault that this had happened to my angel. I lowered myself down onto the edge of his bed and began to talk.

       “George, my love. I am so sorry that this had to happen to you. I love you and no one else. There is something not right about Neville. He has been acting so strangely for the past month. I missed you so much and could not wait until today. And look where we are. This is my entire fault. I never should have left you. Thanks to me now you are on your death bed. Please don’t leave me, George. I don’t know what I would do without you.”


 I took his hand between both of my own. They were ice cold. I began rubbing it between my fingers, watching his face for any signs of change. His eyes were closed, yet his still looked like he was in a lot of pain. I leant over and pressed my lips to his forehead.

       “I love you,” I whispered, my eyes brimming with tears. I squeezed them shut, trying to contain them, but they overflowed from my eyes, onto George’s swollen skin. I leant back again, still holding onto George’s hand and was amazed at what I saw. The wounds my tears and lips had touched were disappearing.

       “The power of love.” A voice said from the door. I looked up to see Hermione standing in the doorway, watching us. “When one’s true love DNA touches the others wounds, if they are in a fatal condition, it will start to heal most of their injuries. Of course not everything will be healed, but this is the best we can ask for. The process takes about three hours.” I looked down at George again and began pressing my lips to any part of him I can reach. Hermione smiled. “That won’t help. It will take all the time it needs. Now come here.” She whispered, taking me in her arms. Molly sent for you. She is anxious to see her little boy.” We left the room almost immediately. I threw one final glance over my shoulder at George. Already he looked better than he had before.


Hermione let go of me to alert the nurse of the change in George’s healing process and I went to get Molly. After she left I sank into one of the plastic chairs. It wasn’t long before I was bombarded with questions from Ron, Ginny, Harry, Arthur and even Draco looked worried. I suppose he never was bad. He just had the wrong upbringing.

I assured them that he would survive and that Hermione would explain everything in more detail. When she entered everyone started asking her what had happened. She jumped into a full on discussion on what had occurred in the hospital room. She sounded like a bloody text book. If the current situation wasn’t so serious I may have laughed and told her so. Instead I closed my eyes for a second and felt myself drifting into a plagued sleep, full of nightmares.

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