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Leave It To Astoria by Claire Evergreen
Chapter 1 : Meet Astoria
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 Alrighty, you are about to dive into the most amazing story ever written! Okay, probably not, but it'll still be extremely good (she says hopefully). Just one quick note, I changed Astoria's age from canon to make her only a year younger than Draco and Pansy. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: All I own is the plot and any OCs.


Beautiful CI by loveatfirstview @ TDA


Why do couples have to be so public about everything? Some were okay, like my sister and her boyfriend. When they with around other people, it's just hugs, hand holding, and the occasional peck on the cheek. I can be around people like that, almost everyone can. Then, there are “the others,” the kind of couples that you want to strangle or hex or both. They would randomly just stop in a corridor and start snogging for what seemed like ages, effectively slowing down the traffic of Hogwarts students.

Exhibit A. I was walking from Potions, slowly making my way up to the Slytherin common to start some homework before dinner. All of a sudden, the student ahead of me swerved to the left, leaving me to run right into the kissing couple. I stumbled back a step, trying to regain my footing.

“Watch where you're going!” the girl shrieked. I glanced up and recognized the girl right away. Pansy Parkinson was glaring down at me, like it was my fault that she chose the middle of the bloody corridor to enthusiastically snog her boyfriend. Hello! Of course someone was bound to run into them.

“Come on, Pansy, she's not worth it,” her boyfriend said, pulling on her hand. My eyes narrowed and flashed up to the boy. Once I realized who it was, I understood the annoyance and almost bitterness in his voice. Draco Malfoy and my sister, Daphne, had dated very briefly the previous year, right before she broke up with him for his best friend, Blaise Zabini. Even though I had absolutely nothing to do with it, Malfoy still seemed to treat me like I was the one who had dumped him. Go figure.

Pansy didn't really like me, either. Well, that was a stretch. It wasn't specifically me she didn't like. It was anyone who was prettier than her or had a chance of stealing Draco away from her. That was most of the female population of Hogwarts and I happened to fall under that category.

Anyway, after the two lovebirds walked away, I moved my bag farther up my shoulder, continuing on to the common room. Just as I was turning the corner, I ran straight into some other set of students kissing very passionately.

I hate couples.

*** *** ***

As soon as I sat down on the couch, Daphne appeared beside me. We may have been sisters, but we were nothing alike. Our parents friends always said that they should have stopped with her. Daphne Greengrass was the perfect pureblood daughter. She followed along with everything they said, did whatever they told her, and was always well-behaved. I, on the other hand, could care less about all the pureblood mania. I was rude, abrasive, too honest, corrupted, etc. Well, that was what my parents “friends” called me. I preferred brutally honest and not afraid to speak my mind.

“So,” Daphne started, snapping me out of my thoughts. “I heard you had a run in with Pansy earlier today.”

I groaned. “Don't remind me. She and Malfoy were parked in the middle of the corridor and I ran into them. Literally.” Daphne held back a laugh. I still don't know why everyone thinks she's so perfect. I mean, I love her, don't get me wrong. It's just weird that no one actually sees her like this.

“It's not funny, Daph,” I whined. “I thought Pansy was going to rip my head off.”

Daphne paused, confused. “Wouldn't she have hexed you? She did have her wand, right?”

It was my turn to laugh. That would be why everyone thought Daphne was great. She didn't see the stupid side to people. “Like she could've pulled off any spell. I know less spells than she does and I could probably beat her in a duel.” As I was finishing, Daphne's eyes got wide and she started shaking her head back and forth slightly. I frowned, not sure what she was doing.

“You want to bet on that, Greengrass?” a voice hissed behind me. I turned around, figuring out why Daphne was freaking out.

“Do we really have to do this, Parkinson?” I sighed. “I've never done anything to you, why do you hate me so much?”

Her face instantly turned beet red and her fists clenched. I didn't usually get scared of things easily, but I was worried. Pansy was really, really upset about something all of a sudden. I made sure to reach in my back pocket to see if my wand was there.

We had the attention of everyone in the common room. A lot of people made fun of Pansy behind her back, in fact, I'm pretty sure everyone did, but no one, besides maybe the Gryffindors, said it to her face. She may have been a complete pain in the arse, but she was a pain in the arse with influence. Aside from Daphne, her best friend Riley, my best friend Carolyn, and me, the girls in Slytherin House almost looked up to her. I still didn't understand why they would want to, but at that moment, I was regretting trying to go against her.

“Okay, I guess I've done something to make you upset with me,” I offered. “But since I have no idea what it would be, maybe we could just forget and move on?”

I was ready for her to whip out her wand and (try) to hex me into next week when Malfoy, who had been mysteriously absent from Parkinson's side, appeared. “Hey, let's just try to calm down and not curse anybody,” he prodded, pulling the wand out of Pansy's clenched hand.

I sat back in surprise. From experience, I would have expected Malfoy to just sit back and watch as his girlfriend tried to shoot whatever she has at me. I wasn't the only one who was shocked. Daphne was giving Malfoy a strange look, like she was confused as to why he would do what he did.

Parkinson glared at him before snatching her wand out of his hand and storming up to the sixth year girl dormitory. The slam of the door echoed through the silent dormitory. Absolutely no one was talking, not even whispering to their friends.

“Well,” I said, breaking the silence, “on that note, I'm going to bed.”

*** *** ***

“Is it true that Pansy Parkinson almost killed you during a duel last night and you didn't tell me?”

“Good morning to you, too, Carolyn,” I grumbled, flipping the page of my Transfiguration . The brunette frowned and bounced around her seat. I had to stifle a laugh. I had absolutely no idea how the Hat had thought that Carolyn Mesersmith was Slytherin-like in any aspect of the word. She was bubbly, bright, cheery, everything that wouldn't be used to describe a Slytherin. Carolyn was really into any gossip going around at Hogwarts. I wasn't surprised that the “little spat” Parkinson and I had was already news. Nothing was really ever a secret.

“Come on, please just tell me! Is it true or not?” she whined.

“Of course it is!” I deadpanned. “I barely managed to escape with both my hands! She tried to cut them off so I couldn't use my wand.”

“Really?” Carolyn gasped. Her eyes were huge.

“No!” I said. “Like that would really happen, Carol.” Carol looked crestfallen, like I had just ruined her whole day, even though it was only breakfast. “There was an argument, but it didn't get to any magic. Malfoy broke it up before anything happened. Pansy was really upset about something, though. She was even mad at Malfoy.”

“I know,” she said.

“Wait, how do you know?” I asked. “You weren’t there.”

Carolyn pointed about six people down from us to where Pansy and Malfoy were sitting. Once I focused on them, I could hear that Pansy was arguing with Malfoy about something. She was speaking quietly, but her arms were waving around and she kept pointing down the table. Malfoy would try and say something, but it looked like every time he tried, she would cut him off.

“Wonder what they’re talking about,” I mumbled. Carolyn just gave me a weird look, like ‘why-would-would-care?’ I shrugged and turned back to my Potions book. I got maybe four words into what the potion actually did when Pansy jumped up from the table.

“You are so infuriating!” She stomped away from Malfoy, towards where her friend Millicent Bulstrode sat. As she went by, she glared down at me. Like I had anything to do with her fight with her boyfriend. I glanced back down to where Malfoy was sitting and as I did, his eyes met mine and didn’t move. Quickly turning back to my book, I tried to busy myself with reading, telling myself that I was just being paranoid. It’s not like I was the reason that Malfoy and Pansy were fighting.


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Leave It To Astoria: Meet Astoria


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